Indiana Man Sentenced to 70 Years for Torturing His Four Year Old Son to Death

Indiana Man Sentenced to 70 Years for Torturing His Four Year Old Son to Death

Does parenthood make society better, or make adults into better, more ethical, loving, responsible, mature, or godly, as so many social conservatives maintain? No, no it does not.

The mother of this kid also sounds like a total piece of garbage; one of the articles says she was also a child (and animal) abuser.

(Link): LaPorte man sentenced for killing son: “One of the most tragic cases”

(Link):  Man Receives 70 Year Sentence for Death of Four Year Old Son

Nov 29, 2022

…According to the charging documents, Judah would be sent to the basement for not being potty-trained, where he would then be neglected and abused for days at a time.

At Tuesday’s sentencing, the forensic pathologist who did Judah’s autopsy says this was one of the worst cases of blunt force trauma to a child he’s seen in his almost 30 year career.

The lead investigator from the LaPorte County Sheriff’s Department testified about surveillance camera footage from Alan’s phone that captured extensive physical abuse and strangulation of Judah in the last five days of his life.

“One of the most tragic cases that I’ve had personally,” said Det. Jacob Koch. “I feel for the family and everything they’ve gone through this last year, and I’m glad that justice was served today.”

(Link): Records: Surveillance video showed Indiana mother beating son, spurred new charges in Judah Morgan’s death

The father of Judah Morgan, 4, previously pleaded guilty to murdering his son in Oct. 2021. Court records claim his wife kicked and beat another child in the home.

…Surveillance footage from inside the home captured the afternoon of October 6, 2021 showed Yoder, 27, grabbing one of her sons by the arm and throwing him onto the floor court records show.

Once the child was on the floor, Yoder was seen kicking him and grabbing his arm once again. She was then seen yanking him toward the side of the couch, at which point the child fell back onto the floor.

Yoder was seen kicking him several more times before the child got up, and ran crying to his bedroom at the end of the hall, according to court records.

House of horrors 
Court documents show Morgan and Yoder had a kitchen fridge with a cord attached to a key-style lock, “so no one could open it,” detectives said in an affidavit.

Filth, garbage and animal feces were found throughout the home. Investigators also discovered a starving dog in a cage.

More disturbing, though, was what police reportedly found in the basement.

It was cold, with no working lights. Torn-off bits of silver and camouflage duct tape were strewn about the cold room, and several pieces were taped to a wall.
In one corner, police found a small pair of training pants and an infant-style toilet.

Human waste rotted inside, not far from where a lone fluffy blanket was found, with small pieces of the same silver duct tape that was on the walls, attached.

In one corner, police found a small pair of training pants and an infant-style toilet.

Yoder told investigators that if Judah refused to go to the basement, Morgan would grab him by the neck and force him down there.

One of Yoder and Morgan’s other children told detectives Morgan would hit Judah with his hands, and bound him at his ankles and hands. The child also saw Judah being bound with his arms tied behind his back.

(Link): Indiana man sentenced to 70 years for torturing his 4-year-old son to death

IN man was seen on video punching his son at least 28 times over 2 days during potty training

Nov 30, 2022 from Associated Press

A judge sentenced a northwestern Indiana man to 70 years in prison Tuesday for the torture death of his 4-year-old son he was seen on video punching at least 28 times over two days over potty training.

The lead LaPorte County investigator in the case, Jacob Koch, described video footage from inside the family’s home that showed Alan Morgan, 29, of Hamlet, repeatedly abusing Judah Morgan in the days leading up the discovery of his dead body on Oct. 11, 2021.

The footage showed Morgan repeatedly punching his son, holding the boy up by his neck and dropping him on the floor and leaving him alone for hours in a cold, dark basement that had no furniture, Koch said. It showed Morgan punching the boy at least 13 times on Oct. 7 and at least 15 times the following day.

Forensic pathologist Dr. John Feczko testified an autopsy showed the boy weighed just 36 pounds. An X-ray showed a partially healed collarbone fracture, and the boy suffered bleeding on the brain and trauma to his abdomen and back, Feczko said.


(Link): ‘He Was the Punching Bag for His Sister and Her Wife’” Lesbian Couple Accused of Murdering and Torturing a 10-Year-Old Boy Admit They Dislocated His Vertebrae and Jaw

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