Mother Jailed For Leaving Her Baby to Die While She Went Shopping ‘Wished He Had Died Instead of the Family Dog’

Mother Jailed For Leaving Her Baby to Die While She Went Shopping ‘Wished He Had Died Instead of the Family Dog’

Parenthood does not make anyone more godly, ethical, mature, responsible, or loving.

(Link): Mother who left baby to die at home while she went shopping later SOLD the dead child’s clothes on Facebook: Cannabis-smoking parent abandoned son in 27C heat with a fractured skull

December 5, 2022

A cannabis-smoking mother who left her baby at home to die in 27C (80F) temperatures later sold her dead boy’s clothes and money box on Facebook.

Stacey Davis, 35, left one-year-old Ethan Davis to die in his cot while she ran errands and visited a park near her home in Melksham, Wiltshire, in June 2018.

Following Ethan’s death the shamed mother listed his possessions and clothes for sale on Facebook. She sold a ‘Little Man’s Savings’ money box for just £5.

The mother also flogged a bundle of baby clothes aged 3-6 months, tiny baby clothing and two all-in-one sleepsuits including one that was Ted Baker-branded.

The mother started to sell the dead baby boy’s clothes around November, 29, 2019.

Ethan was trapped in a warm room in which all windows were closed and no fans were in use as temperatures soared.

He suffered a fractured skull, which his mother said was sustained following a fall, though a post-mortem was unable to ascertain a cause of death.

Davis, who regularly smoked cannabis around her son, then failed to check on him for at least half an hour after returning to the property. Instead, she began texting a friend, a court heard.

When she finally did go into Ethan’s room, she found him lifeless and unresponsive in his cot.

…Simon Jones, prosecuting, earlier told a court that a post-mortem examination revealed Ethan had suffered a significant head injury – a 15-centimetre fracture to his skull – but a cause of death remained unascertained.

In police interview, Davis told detectives that her son fell to the floor and hit his head – and despite the swelling, bruising and obvious distress, she failed to take him to hospital.

…But Judge Parkes, KC, described Davis’s behaviour as ‘thoroughly selfish’ before sentencing her to two years’ imprisonment.

He told the defendant: ‘There is no evidence you or his father caused Ethan’s death, no suggestion you did so. The sad fact is that you fell very seriously short of the duty owed to Ethan as his mother.

‘He suffered a 15cm skull fracture one-to-three weeks before his death, likely to be from blunt impact of significant force.

‘You failed to seek medical attention for the injury to his head. Any normal parent would put the child’s health before anything. It is clear you abandoned him on two occasions, including the day of this death.

Daily Mail did another update to this story; here it is:

(Link): Mother jailed for leaving her baby to die while she went shopping ‘wished he had died instead of the family dog’

December 6, 2022
by Oliver Price

A mother who left her baby home alone to die was accused of previously ‘wishing he had died instead of the family dog’, a Serious Case Review has revealed – as his father slammed social services for ‘ignoring’ his claims she abused him.

Stacey Davis, 35, was jailed for child cruelty after her one-year-old son Ethan died with a fractured skull in his cot while she went shopping and visited a park near her home in Melksham, Wiltshire, in June 2018.

Ethan’s father Luke Turvey, 37, and family have now said the baby was ‘failed’ by the multiple agencies that were involved in his care.

…It says the agencies involved the case of Ethan – named ‘Child K’ – included GPs, midwives, health visitors, mental health workers, staff in accident and emergency, paediatric doctors, neonatal intensive care staff, the police, social services and the family court.

The SCR detailed how Davis’ family members alleged that she ‘had not bonded with Child K, had expressed the view that she ‘hates’ Child K’.

It also says they reported how it was alleged she had previously ‘wished he had died instead of the family dog’ – an allegation which the report says she denied.

Mr Turvey had an on-off relationship with Davis, but claims he regularly returned because she would threaten to withhold his child from him.

The review said due to the nature of their relationship he would have been unaware of the problems Ethan was experiencing with his mother.

The report found father Mr Turvey was often disregarded by officials – even after he sustained a broken nose, which social services did not speak to him about after Davis refused to engage with social workers.

…Mr Turvey said: ‘I think they failed Ethan and our family because of how we were treated and how it was assumed it was me because I’m the man.

‘It was like they assumed it was me from the off because I’m the male and it’s usually man.

‘Social services should have investigated all allegations that were made against her, rather than ignoring them.

‘They should have spoken to me more, but they did everything through her.

‘At the start, I wasn’t even involved – even with the health visitor, they almost dismiss you.

‘They were coming at me about missed doctor’s appointments but obviously everything was in her name and it was all letter form.

‘I wasn’t living there, how would I know? If she doesn’t tell me there’s an appointment, I wouldn’t know.

‘Everyone who dealt with this has said sorry – the police for example – but still no apology from social services, because they know they really messed up.’

The review found that ‘generally, there was a lack of consideration of the father as all the focus was on the mother’


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