“Non-Binary Queer” Artist (who supports Progressive Causes) Arrested After Arranging to Rape A 9-Year-Old Boy, Distributing Child Abuse Material

“Non-Binary Queer” Artist (who supports Progressive Causes) Arrested After Arranging to Rape A 9-Year-Old Boy, Distributing Child Abuse Material

It’s a progressive pervert! This pervert even supports “Black Lives Matter.”

 (Link): “Non-Binary Queer” Artist Arrested After Arranging to Rape A 9-Year-Old Boy, Distributing Child Abuse Material

By Yuliah Alma
December 20, 2022

Content Warning: This article contains graphic descriptions of child sexual abuse materials as recorded in an FBI complaint. Reader discretion is appreciated.

A “non-binary queer” artist has been arrested after attempting to meet a 9-year-old child for sex. Efrem Zelony-Mindell, 35, was arrested in Manhattan, New York on December 16.

According to the Department of Justice, Zelony-Mindell had begun communicating with an undercover FBI agent earlier this year after meeting him on Scruff, a hook-up application for homosexual men. During these conversations, Zelony-Mindell slowly eased into asking the agent if he was “into taboo,” and expressed an interest in “yng incest dad son.” He then repeatedly and graphically stated his desire to sexually abuse children, and sent the undercover agent child sexual abuse material.

Approximately one month later, the undercover agent offered to introduce Zelony-Mindell to another agent posing as a father of a 9-year-old boy willing to allow him to rape his son.

The predator immediately jumped at the opportunity, and advised the second agent of his desire to sexually abuse the 9-year-old. Arrangements were then made for the two to meet after they had spoken both through an encrypted messaging service, text message, and on the phone.

…Zelony-Mindell had also sent videos and images of child pornography to the agent after admitting his interest in pedophilia …

Among the media, were “a video depicting an adult male raping an approximately 11-year-old boy by penetrating him anally,” and an image of a toddler boy being forced to perform oral sex on an adult male. There was also an image of “an adult male restraining an approximately 12-year-old boy whose penis and anus were exposed.”

Additional disturbing content included multiple images of adult men licking the anuses of boys as young as 8, media of a 10-year-old boy being forced to perform oral sex on an adult male, and images of an adult male “raping a young girl, approximately 8-years-old,” by vaginal penetration.

…Zelony-Mindell is known for being an artist and activist, and has contributed to VICE in the past.

On his website, Zelony-Mindell describes himself as a “white non-binary queer” person and states his pronouns are “they/them.”

…In January, Zelony-Mindell’s book Witness was praised in Vogue in an article which appears to have been hastily deleted following the announcement of his charges. The Vogue profile praised Witness as “a resource” on the “intricacies of BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ artists.”

Zelony-Mindell was interviewed for the article, at one point signaling to human rights, and the Black Lives Matter movement and the protests and demonstrations that rocked the United States in 2020.


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