Married Couple Says They Host Christmas Dinner in the Nude And Their Family Guests Are OK With It

Married Couple Says They Host Christmas Dinner in the Nude And Their Family Guests Are OK With It

This is gross, nasty, weird, and inappropriate in so many ways.

Also: marriage doesn’t make people more mature, ethical, godly, or responsible (this is another example).

There are photos on the pages below – even though they are “tastefully” posed or blurred out so that you don’t see any genitals, the whole thing will never- the- less make you want to wash your eyeballs out with bleach:

(Link):  We’re nudists and we spend Christmas Day completely naked while our guests wear clothes – it’s not awkward but we do have to crank the heating up

A husband and wife duo have admitted to spending Christmas day completely in the nude, while their guests remain fully clothed.

Helen Berriman and her husband Simon revealed that they celebrate Christmas totally naked.

The couple from Bromley, decorate the tree and even cook their turkey while stark naked.

(Link): We host Christmas dinner in the nude — our clothed family doesn’t mind

By Andrew Court
December 23, 2022

They’re living their naked truth.

A British couple is speaking out about their plans to spend the festive season in the buff, claiming they won’t even put on clothes when their relatives call around.

Helen Berriman is set to host her mother, 75, and her daughter, 15, for lunch on Christmas Day where she will sit naked alongside her husband, Simon.

“Some people do look at us like we’re completely mad, especially when they find out that we host Christmas, but we’re all about accepting your body and everybody feeling comfortable,” Berriman told Caters.

“My teenage daughter and my mom both totally accept our lifestyle, and they really don’t think twice now when we answer the door in all our glory,” the nudist enthusiastically added.

“It’s not most people’s setup, but it works for us. We’ll exchange gifts, play some party games and raise a glass — just a completely normal Christmas day. It’s just that Simon and I won’t have any clothes on.”

Berriman began dating Simon back in 2015, and was initially confused by the fact he was a nudist. …

While Simon was always in the nude, Berriman didn’t find the courage to strip off until 2020 — when she realized her daughter and their neighbors didn’t bat an eyelid over her beau’s penchant for being in his birthday suit.




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