Man Legally Changed Genders to Gain Custody of His Kids; Trans Groups Concerned

Man Legally Changed Genders to Gain Custody of His Kids; Trans Groups Concerned

Progressive causes like LGBTQ can have all kinds of terrible and unintended consequences, one of which is, perverted men claiming to be trans getting access to women’s bathrooms so they can sexually assault women, but then, there are other odd ball, troubling, or strange ramifications, such as this one (and why would Trans groups be upset about this? Their weird views about sex and gender are responsible for opening this can of worms in the first place)…

Also way further below, I discuss the apparent hypocrisy of conservatives, including Christian gender complementarians, about their inconsistency of when and where to support motherhood, and I also comment on conservative commentator Tucker Carlson’s sexist attitudes about women having careers.

(Link): Man Legally Changed Gender to Gain Custody of His Kids. Trans Groups Are Concerned. – via VICE:


René Salinas Ramos says the legal change is an attempt to gain full custody of his daughters, because Ecuadoran law favors mothers in custody battles.

By Nathaniel Janowitz
January 5, 2023

A cisgender man in Ecuador legally changed his gender to female in an attempt to gain custody of his two daughters. But LGBTQ groups are concerned about the man’s use of a law designed to promote transgender rights, and what effect it could have in the future.

René Salinas Ramos, 47, told local media that the change was not related to his sexuality or identity, but rather that the Ecuadorian legal system gives preferable rights to mothers over fathers when it comes to the custody of children.

… “I am very sure of my sexuality. What I have sought is that I want to be a mother, so that I can also give the love and protection of a mother.”

[He seems to claim or imply that his children – who live with their mother – are being abused by his mother, or by someone else, and she’s allowing it to occur]

But the man’s legal change from male to female has surprised and concerned LGBTQ activists who fought to have Ecuadorian laws changed in 2015 to allow the change of gender.

…But the man’s legal change from male to female has surprised and concerned LGBTQ activists who fought to have Ecuadorian laws changed in 2015 to allow the change of gender.

(Link): You can’t make it up, folks. I dare you to even try. via “Not The Bee” site:


by Daniel Payne

[Page provides excerpts from the Vice article explaining the situation – a man exploiting LGBTQ laws to get his way]

…Ohhh really? They’re [the LGBTQ groups are] afraid an opportunistic fellow might use transgender laws to pretend to be a woman in order to give himself a positional advantage of some kind?


You mean it’s possible that might happen???
— end excerpts —

Conservative Complementarian Anti-Motherhood Views? How Weird. They’re Usually Pro-Motherhood Across the Board

The author of that “Not The Bee” commentary, Payne, goes on to express some sympathy for this guy – the father (the man) in this news story is complaining that laws where he lives favors mothers over fathers.

I find any author at “Not The Bee” being anti-motherhood even in this limited scope rather strange.

Payne says on the page that if the man’s claims are true, that if the mother is abusing their kids, that the guy is just being “protective” of his children, so it’s okay that the man is claiming to be a woman.

This all sounds very “MRA” (men’s rights activists) to me in tone – American MRAs are forever complaining that women are favored above men in the USA (no, they’re not), including in family courts.

Payne isn’t being very consistent with “Not the Bee’s” takes on marriage and what it means to be a man, woman, mother, and father – I believe that one of the original creators of Babylon Bee is a guy who supports complementarianism.

I visited that guy’s site once, and he had cartoons (actual cartoons that he himself had drawn) where he was defending complementarianism.

I’m an ex-complementarian myself.

Complementarians have turned marriage and parenthood into idols that they worship; they place more importance, time, and effort on defending and promoting “the family” than even the Bible itself does
(the Bible actually says in 1 Corinthians 7 that marriage detracts from service to God, but I never see complementarians mention that. The few that do attempt to diminish it, because it, among other passages, doesn’t bolster their obsessive “Nuclear Family” position.)

In complementarianism, complementarians value women only in so far as women get married, get pregnant and have children.

If you’re a woman who doesn’t marry or become pregnant, you will either be shamed or ignored by complementarians – and sometimes both, with one moment being criticized and insulted by complementarians for not having married and procreated, while the rest of the time, they’ve forgotten all about childless, single women.

So I find it really weird that a site with pro- complementarian values undergirding it, which comes with the usual faulty complementarian position of pressuring women into thinking their only, or main, God designed purpose in life is marriage and motherhood, would have an author who would actually act disdainful of a mother in a news story having custody of her kids.

I thought all good conservative complementarians believe that it’s a woman’s God-designed duty to have full time custody of any children, while the husband is off at his 9 to 5 occupation?

Complementarians often believe in secular gender stereotypes and read them back into the Bible – such as, for instance, women are supposedly more nurturing and “better” at care taking of children and babies than men are.  However, the Bible does not teach that.  Rather, it’s a cultural stereotype women are expected to live up to.

Tucker Carlson on Women Having Careers

How many times have I seen conservative commentator Tucker Carlson mock career women on his FOX news program for having jobs outside the home? (Several, that’s how many. It’s been several times in the last two years. It’s been one of Carlson’s newer, favorite talking points.)

Starting around two years ago, Carlson semi-regularly began making this weird point on his nightly Fox television show that women should (or would?) be happier staying at home, raising children, than they would be in devoting any of their life, time, or energy to a corporation, or whatever type of employment.

In Carlson’s universe, only women should or can be fulfilled by parenthood.

But I’ve never seen Carlson state what would be the opposite conclusion: men can and will find fulfillment at a job outside of the house, not in being fathers.  And that is part and parcel of Carlson’s views, but it goes unspoken.

Someone in a marriage with children has to hold a job outside the home, because bills need to be paid.

Why does Carlson never suggest that men will not find happiness or fulfillment from being “chained to a desk” at some company? I’ve noticed Carlson only brings that point up when discussing women and motherhood.

Even more glaring is that many of Carlson’s women co-workers at Fox news are married with children!

Harris Faulkner, Kayleigh McEnany, and several others whose names I cannot recall off hand, as well as semi-regular Tucker Carlson Tonight guest, Candace Owens, let it be well known that they are married with children of their own.

Does Tucker ever call or e-mail those women co-workers  at Fox and lecture them that they should quit their jobs in journalism or political punditry to stay at home full time with their children, because they’re not going to be fulfilled working at Fox News, that they’d be happier if they quit Fox and became full time stay at home mothers?

He’d probably never do that, yet he doesn’t have a problem with shaming, guilt tripping, or questioning other women (who don’t work at Fox news) for having careers outside of motherhood.

Nobody is a winner here.

Complementarians are not willing to defend a mother in a news story if they feel doing so would detract from a “father’s rights” or a father’s feelings – they are totes fine tossing motherhood under the bus when it doesn’t suit their other views.

If working at a career is so gosh darn unfulfilling and being a stay at home parent is so awesome and meaningful, then why isn’t Tucker Carlson reminding men who watch his show, suggesting to men, that they’d be happier quitting their corporate jobs to be full time stay at home fathers? Why doesn’t Carlson quit his own job and run back home to be a full time father to his own children?

And of course, progressive Gender Ideology is garbage that stirs up all sorts of absurdities, and in some cases (like allowing men who identify as women into women’s jails), women get hurt.


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