Newlywed Christian Husband Fatally Shot by Stray Bullet as He Slept With Wife

Newlywed Christian Husband Fatally Shot by Stray Bullet as He Slept With Wife

You can get married and still end up all alone – if your spouse dies on or shortly after your wedding (or years later) – but how about these news stories where the bride and/or groom get killed shortly before, after, or during their own wedding?

Towards the end of this news report, someone is quoted as requesting prayer for the widow, that she’s in grief. I bet she is. And I’m sorry for her loss.

However, I wonder why isn’t the church acknowledging the grief of marriage-desiring single women (or men) who remain single? Where are the church’s prayers for the singles who’d like to marry but can’t seem to meet anyone in real life or on dating sites?

Getting married is not a guarantee of happiness, good health, or a long life, as the news story below demonstrates (and I have other examples on my blog of this):

(Link): Newlywed Christian husband fatally shot by stray bullet as he slept with wife


by Leonardo Blair
January 6, 2023

An Alabama church and its extended Christian family are now grappling with grief and trauma after one of its members, who got married last February, was fatally struck by a stray bullet while in bed with his wife on Wednesday morning.

Huntsville Police Department investigators said 27-year-old Decatur Baptist Church member Andrew Gilliam was the victim of the shooting at the Sunlake at Edgewater apartments off Lakefront Drive around 3 a.m., WAAY reports.

Officials say they found Gilliam with gunshot wounds when they got to the apartment, which he shares with his wife, Robin.

He died from his injuries at Huntsville Hospital. Investigators have still not identified a suspect in the shooting but noted that two other apartments were fired upon, but no one else was injured.

Authorities urge anyone with information that can help with the investigation to call 256-722-7100.

…He further described Gilliam as a “quality individual” who was “very faithful and loyal to his wife” during an interview with WAAY.

…A wedding profile on The Knot shows that Andrew and Robin Gilliam wed on Feb. 13, 2021, and would have celebrated their second wedding anniversary next month. The couple was also planning on buying a home in Decatur, according to McKaig.

“They were looking for a home and considering buying a home here in the Decatur area,” he said.

…He also urged members to pray, especially for Gilliam’s widow.

“I encourage you tonight to certainly pray for Robin, Andrew’s wife of two years, almost two years. It would have been two years next month,” the pastor said. “She not only is suffering the incredible grief of the loss of her husband, she also has experienced and incredibly traumatic event.”


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