Menstrual Cycle Tracking App: ‘We Aim to Support Everyone With Periods – Regardless of Gender’

Menstrual Cycle Tracking App: ‘We Aim to Support Everyone With Periods – Regardless of Gender’

Only women have periods. Men cannot and do not have periods.

(Link): Menstrual cycle tracking app: ‘We aim to support everyone with periods – regardless of gender’

January 17, 2023
by Cortney Weil

An app designed to build “a better future for female health” by helping women track their menstrual cycles now claims that menstruation is not an exclusively female experience.

When a user complained on Twitter that Flo — a tracking app that claims to help you “know your body, own your health” — permitted men into “secret chats” about topics related to menstruation, Flo replied, “We aim to support everyone with periods – regardless of gender,” followed by a pride flag and a “trans” flag emoji.

A quick scan of the Flo website reveals that the Flo organization embraces woke gender ideology, perhaps even more so than gynecological health. Flo asserts, “Our global community of women, girls and people who menstruate is growing every day,” in the same paragraph where it vows to promote the “overlooked, undervalued and underfunded” field of “female health.”

Later on that same page, it then belies the claim to focus exclusively on “female health” and instead pays homage to the woke notions of “diversity and inclusion”:

Flo is on a mission to build a better future for female health, an area of healthcare that has been underlooked and underserved. But we also want to build a better and more inclusive future for all people who menstruate.

Flo also dedicates an entire subsection of its so-called “health library” to “LGBTWQ+.” Article topics currently posted to that section of the site cover a range of issues, including lesbian sex toys, in vitro fertilization, and “trans period.” The article about “trans period” offers ways to help “trans and non-binary” people “navigate” their periods, and ostensibly to assure readers that its contents can be trusted, the article was “medically reviewed” by a “sex therapist” with a master of arts degree.

On Monday, BlazeTV host Allie Beth Stuckey took Flo to task for permitting men into spaces that ought to be reserved for women only. “‘Trans women’ don’t have periods,” Stuckey noted. After that comment, Flo blocked Stuckey. But Stuckey was undeterred. She took a screenshot of Flo’s Twitter behaviors and warned other potential Flo users, “Flo period tracker defended allowing men who identify as women on their apps, taking part in chats with women sharing intimate details about their bodies.”


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