Man Caught Up in Online Romance Scam is Robbed of $6,000 and His Cellphone

Man Caught Up in Online Romance Scam is Robbed of $6,000 and His Cellphone

(Link): Man caught up in online romance scam is robbed of $6,000 and his cellphone

Dec 27, 2022

A Los Angeles man fell victim to an online romance scam after Colombian woman he met online and traveled to meet robbed him of $6,000 and his cellphone.

Eduardo Villareal flew to the northern Caribbean coast city of Santa Marta before Christmas to meet the woman, who has not been identified, after chatting to her online for three months.

But his search for love unraveled when she and another female mugged him for his cash and cellphone at their first meeting.

‘I wanted to have a serious relationship, but I have been robbed,’ Villareal, who is originally from Mexico, told El Informador newspaper.

Villareal said that he organized the trip around the Christmas holidays with woman.

‘I met her through social media. We had been talking for months and we planned this trip to meet and start our romance, but she fooled me,’ he said.

‘There were two girls … they looked serious, decent but when I stepped foot in Santa Marta they took everything I had.’

He did not reveal any other details on how the robbery transpired.

El Tiempo newspaper reported that Villareal has filed an incident report with the local prosecutor’s office, but no arrests have been made.

…For anyone those looking to meet their future significant other on a dating site or online app, Villareal has one simple recommendation: ‘Before embarking on a journey to discover love on social media networks, take a good look at who you are talking to. That the same thing that happened to me does not happen to you because this messes up Christmas, the New Year and all the holidays.’


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