Mystery as ‘Happily Married’ Mom ‘Shoots Dead’ Her Republican-Activist Husband at Home on Christmas Day

Mystery as ‘Happily Married’ Mom ‘Shoots Dead’ Her Republican-Activist Husband at Home on Christmas Day

My fellow conservatives are really bad about over-promoting marriage, parenthood, the nuclear family – they even go so far as to mistakenly suggest that marriage makes people happier, and that the nuclear family can save a culture.

Well, the nuclear family doesn’t and cannot save a culture (the Bible teaches only individuals can be redeemed and “fixed” via saving faith in Jesus), and marriage does not guarantee happiness, safety, or great health. Here’s another example below.

(Link): Wife murdered politically-active husband on Christmas, prosecutors say

Dec 27, 2022
by C. Weil

A New Jersey woman is currently in custody after she shot and killed her husband on Christmas, police say.

Shortly after 10 p.m. on Sunday, the Township of Hamilton Police Department received a call about “an injured male” at a residence in Mays Landing, an unincorporated area of Hamilton Township, about a half-hour northwest of Atlantic City.

When police arrived, they discovered David Wigglesworth, 57, in serious medical distress after sustaining “an apparent gunshot wound,” a report from the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office states. Wigglesworth was later pronounced dead at the scene.

That same evening, police arrested Wigglesworth’s wife, Marylue Wigglesworth, 51, and charged her with his murder. She has been booked into the Atlantic County Justice Facility. It is unclear whether she has any criminal history or whether she is currently being represented by counsel.

(Link): Mystery as ‘happily married’ mom ‘shoots dead’ her Republican-activist husband at home on Christmas Day

December 27, 2022

The brother of a New Jersey woman accused of shooting dead her husband at home on Christmas night has told exclusively: ‘They could argue about anything.’

Francis Gallagher, 58, said sister Marylue Wigglesworth, 51, and politically-active spouse David were very ‘off and on’ – despite the couple posting happy pictures of themselves on social media.

Police found David, 57, at their apartment in Mays Landing at 10.19pm Sunday night suffering from a gunshot wound. He died at the scene.

Marylue was arrested and charged with his murder. She is currently being held at the Atlantic County Justice Facility.

Gallagher, also of Mays Landing, told he was mystified over the reason for Wigglesworth’s death, saying: ‘Everyone in our family is in a state of shock.’

 But asked if they were a happy couple, he replied: ‘So so. They were very on and off.

‘They could argue about anything. I have no idea what happened and I cannot comment over whether this was the result of political differences.’

The couple have a 25-year-old son, also David, who is an economist living in Philadelphia.

…Charles Faisst, 43, who knew the couple through his parents who were neighbors of the Wigglesworths told ‘To me, they always outwardly looked like they were happy and content.’

He said David Wigglesworth, who worked with International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers local 211, had retired.

The circumstances surrounding the fatal shooting remain unclear. David’s Facebook showed the couple happily spending years together, going on trips to Las Vegas, Philadelphia and Maryland and enjoying summers by the ocean.

…Officers responded to their Mays Landing apartment on Somers Point Road at around 10.19pm where they found David suffering a gunshot wound, the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office said in a press release.

He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Following an investigation, Marylue was taken into custody on suspicion of murder and remained at the Atlantic County Justice Facility on Monday.

It remains unclear why police believe she shot and killed her husband at Christmas, and has reached out to the Prosecutor’s Office for more information.

Online, the couple seemed happy — taking trips together and enjoying their time in the sun.

Photos posted to David’s Facebook showed him and Marylue smiling as they took various trips together across the country and overseas.

In September, David posted photos from a trip to Maryland, and in November, Marylue posted photos from the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade in New York City.

Together, they have an adult son, Dave, who is an economist.

David is remembered for his community service and political activism, even serving as the best man for the current Mayor of Hamilton Township.

…He was also on the planning board and regularly volunteered with the Boys and Girls Club of Atlantic City.

Online, he shared his support for local Republican candidates for town council.

But many of his posts in recent years have been denouncing the national GOP as he defended President Joe Biden against complaints about high gas prices and his failed pullout of troops from Afghanistan.

David even reposted memes supporting socialism and the Defund the Police Movement, as well as one in which he calls himself ‘woke.’

Friends online said they could not believe the tragedy.

One friend posted: ‘I cannot believe this. Our hearts are completely shattered. We’ve known Dave and Mary for years.’
— end excerpts —

Being a part of a Nuclear Family and a father and being married did not keep that guy safe! He’s very dead now.


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