Texas Man Jailed for Allegedly Beating and Starving Bumble Date, Released on $50K Bond: Reports

Texas Man Jailed for Allegedly Beating and Starving Bumble Date, Released on $50K Bond: Reports

(Link): Texas man jailed for allegedly beating and starving Bumble date, released on $50K bond: reports

January 9, 2023
By MaryAnn Martinez

A Texas man accused of kidnapping, sexually assaulting and beating his Bumble date is free from jail after posting a $50,000 bond, according to local reports.

Zachery Mills’ release comes as new, horrific details about his alleged actions emerge. Court documents reveal the man assaulted his alleged victim by biting her face and striking her with a screwdriver, reports Houston’s Fox station.

The encounter between Mills and the woman began Christmas Eve, when the two matched on the dating app. He picked her up from her home and took her to his Houston apartment.

She told police he tried to have sex with her as soon as they arrived. When she refused, he starting punching her with a closed fist and biting her face and neck. The 21-year-old refused to let her leave, sexually assaulting and starving her for days.

Mills allegedly would alternate between hitting the victim with his hand and using a screwdriver handle to pummel her.

Five days later, the severely battered woman escaped Mill’s apartment when he had temporarily left it, running to a neighbor for help, authorities say.

The victim is recovering from severe bruising to her eyes, bite marks, cuts to both her throat and nose and bruising to the majority of her body, the court documents state.

Mills was arrested the day after her escape. He is charged with first degree aggravated kidnapping.


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