Woman, 26, Shoots and Kills Her Missionary Parents Then Herself in Yard of their Home in Murder-Suicide They ALL Consented To – The Nuclear Family Doesn’t Improve Society or Make People Happy

Woman, 26, Shoots and Kills Her Missionary Parents Then Herself in Yard of their Home in Murder-Suicide They ALL Consented To – The Nuclear Family Doesn’t Improve Society or Make People Happy

While I am not opposed to the Nuclear Family, I say SHAME on other conservatives who continue to propagandize on behalf of it, by saying that Nuclear Families somehow are necessary for a society (they’re not), and by trying to argue that forming one will make a person happy, healthy, and whole – news stories like the one below show this is false.

(Link): Missionary parents didn’t want to live without suicidal daughter so they decided to die together 


by Leonardo Blair

A missionary couple from York County, Pennsylvania, were found dead at their home along with their 26-year-old daughter in what local police say is the result of a tragic suicide pact triggered by their daughter’s struggle with mental illness.

….In a separate PennLive report, one neighbor, who did not want to be identified, said the family had grown isolated over the years and withdrew altogether from the community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

(Link): Friend claims woman who died with parents in suicide pact was oppressed by strict religious upbringing


by Leonardo Blair
Feb 2, 2023

A childhood friend of 26-year-old Morgan E. Daub, 26, who was found dead at home along with her missionary parents in York County, Pennsylvania, last week, in what authorities claim was a suicide pact, suggested she might have been driven insane by her parents’ strict religious upbringing.

“She grew up in a very uptight Christian household. …. Her family life, according to CPS, was perfect, but the amount of control her parents had over her was crazy. She wasn’t allowed to go out with friends. She wasn’t allowed any social media. Anything fun that she liked to do she was only allowed to do it with supervision. It was kinda like she was a prisoner in her own home,” the friend, identified only as Samantha told YouTube personality Molly Golightly in an interview on Monday.

The friend also said she did not know which denomination her family followed, amid speculation from some that they were not Christian and might have been Jehovah’s Witnesses. …

…Samantha, 23, said she became friends with Morgan when she was 10 but stopped communicating regularly with her at the age of 18. She said her grandmother and Morgan’s parents were neighbors. She also said she suspects the deaths might not have been a suicide pact, but a murder-suicide because Morgan’s parents would not have believed she would actually harm them.

(Link):  Woman, 26, shoots and kills her parents then herself in yard of their home in murder-suicide they ALL consented to – as her bizarre YouTube videos are revealed

by Lewis Pinnock
Jan 26, 2023

A 26-year-old Pennsylvania woman shot dead her parents then herself in a planned suicide pact after posting a bizarre video to YouTube proclaiming to be the Antichrist.

Morgan Daub killed her mom, Deborah, 59, and father, James, 61, with gunshots to the head, before turning the weapon on herself.

The massacre in the backyard of the family home in York County on Wednesday happened two months after Daub shared an eight-minute video to YouTube in which she referred to herself as the Antichrist and said she would ‘abdicate the throne of the United Kingdom’.

Authorities in West Manchester Township said ‘the three family members had pre-planned their deaths’.

Gunshots rang out in the quiet neighborhood on Wednesday morning and cops descended on the Daub family home after a call from a concerned neighbor.

Officers put up a cordon while a white tent was placed in the garden to cover the bodies and carry out the investigation.

Detectives who analyzed ‘communications from the family members’ found at the scene discovered evidence that the killings were pre-planned and all three family members appeared to have agreed to take part in the grisly murder-suicide pact.

Daub posted a rambling video to her YouTube channel on November 26 under the username LionessArising.

She opens the video with a mock British accent before declaring: ‘I, Morgan Elizabeth Daub, York, Pennsylvania, United States of America, do you hereby abdicate the Throne of the United Kingdom.’

Several minutes later, she adds: ‘This is funny… This was the penultimate plan against me and against God. Didn’t know I was the ideal pick for Antichrist, for the devil.’

‘I was the ideal pick for Antichrist.’

…The local police department said: ‘At this stage of the investigation, we do not believe that there is any danger to the public and the surrounding community.

‘Final determination of the cause and manner of death is pending. The situation is believed to be an event within the family and officers continue to investigate and collect information surrounding this tragedy.

(Link): Cops investigating consensual murder-suicide of woman and her parents found her holding a sword

A Pennsylvania woman, 26, who encouraged her parents into a planned suicide pact was found last week holding a decorative 2.5 to 3 feet long, metal sword inscribed with the words ‘The Sword of the Lord’ on its blade.

The bodies of Morgan Daub, her mother Deborah, 59, and her father James, 62, were found behind her parents’ home on Loman Avenue in West Manchester Township where the massacre took place.

The 26-year-old was found with the sword in her left hand and an empty gun holster on the right side of her belt on the morning of Jan 25 after neighbors saw the bodies and called 911.

…Police have not confirmed who killed whom and in what order, however all three died from gunshot wounds to the head. Despite finding the knife, no cutting injuries were found.

The black and silver ‘Sword of the Lord,’ a Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm pistol, a Sig Sauer AR-15, and 9mm shell casings and bullet fragments were collected from the scene, according to the outlet.

Suicide notes, documenting important financial information as well as notes from the Bible were also found in the trash.


(Link): Pennsylvania Woman Accused of Murdering Her Elderly Parents and Dismembering Them with an Electric Chainsaw – The Nuclear Family Doesn’t Fix Society or Make People More Ethical

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