Accused Pedophile Pleaded Guilty to Grooming, Devised ‘Unbelievable’ Schemes to Meet Underaged Girls by Dressing as a Teen Girl, Using Fake Social Media Profiles, Enrolling in School

Accused Pedophile Pleaded Guilty to Grooming, Devised ‘Unbelievable’ Schemes to Meet Underaged Girls by Dressing as a Teen Girl, Using Fake Social Media Profiles, Enrolling in School

Pedophiles seem to be getting more and more brazen.

This goes to show why biological men who dress up as women, or who say they identify as women, should not be permitted into girl’s- and- women’s- only spaces – because they will take advantage of such access to rape girls and women.

(Link): Accused pedophile pleaded guilty to grooming, devised ‘unbelievable’ schemes to meet underaged girls by dressing as a teen girl, using fake social media profiles, enrolling in school

January 26, 2023
by Paul Sacca

A British man devised elaborate and “unbelievable” schemes to meet underaged girls.

The accused pedophile allegedly created multiple fake social media profiles, pretended to be a schoolgirl by dressing in uniform, and attempted to enroll in the minor’s school.

Anthony Lonsdale, 21, pleaded guilty to eight counts of grooming and possession of sexually explicit images of children this week in court. Lonsdale was sentenced to seven years in jail.

Plus, a Sexual Harm Prevention Order and five-year restraining order were enacted to prevent the accused pedophile from contacting the alleged victims.

The accused pedophile who was arrested last March went to great lengths to meet underaged girls, according to court documents.

When Lonsdale was 20 years old, he reportedly created multiple social media profiles on platforms including Snapchat, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

He allegedly set up fake accounts as a teenage girl named “Tia.” Lonsdale would allegedly befriend underaged girls as Tia, then suggest that they should date a 12-year-old boy named “Sam.”

Lonsdale, from London, sent the victims sexually explicit photos after establishing a relationship with the minors. He also asked the victims to send him illicit photos.

“The sex offender also visited the Mansfield area dressed as a teenage girl to meet a 14-year-old girl in a park. He then convinced her and her mum to let him stay overnight as he had no money to get home,” the Daily Record reported. “He met up with one of the young teenage girls at McDonald’s disguised as a female friend, and tried to contact her younger sister.”

After one girl stopped talking to him, Lonsdale allegedly messaged her from a fake account and told her that Sam had attempted suicide because the minor wasn’t interested.

Lonsdale purportedly posed as a 14-year-old to enroll at a school in order to get closer to an underaged girl. He dressed up in a school uniform to reportedly prey on the teen girl.

In all, Lonsdale committed child sex crimes against at least three underaged victims.


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