Wife Attacks Thai Sex Worker She Found Having Sex With Her Husband – Marriage Doesn’t Make People Happier or More Ethical

Wife Attacks Thai Sex Worker She Found Having Sex With Her Husband – Marriage Doesn’t Make People Happier or More Ethical

I think the wife’s anger is mostly misdirected. She needs to be kicking her husband’s ass, not the prostitute’s.

Anyway. Another example of how marriage doesn’t make people happy or more mature, godly, loving, responsible, or ethical.

(Link): Wife attacks Thai sex worker she found having sex with her husband

January 28, 2023

This is the shocking moment a furious wife attacked a naked sex worker she caught romping with her husband.

The cheated-on woman reportedly found pictures of the pair on her partner’s phone and then followed him to the massage parlor in Phuket, Thailand, on January 25.

He had already left but she discovered the petite prostitute sitting on a chair. Footage shows how she ripped a towel from the girl exposing her body then launched a volley of kicks and slaps for more than five minutes.

At one point the wife was standing on top of the shaken masseuse and grappling with her to snatch her phone, while pulling her hair, as several other women watched.

The younger woman was heard repeatedly apologizing and asking for forgiveness. She says “I didn’t know he had a wife” and “I will stop seeing him”.

There were a number of sex toys, mirrors, sex chairs, and used tissues seen around the room, with customers paying around 2,000 Baht [$65] for an hour with one of the girls.

Police are now investigating the alleged assault on the popular holiday island known for its beaches and raunchy nightlife.

Colonel Sarawut Chuprasit, the Mueang Phuket Provincial Police Station, said today that officers were investigating the incident.

He said: ‘Officers are checking where the incident occurred. Nobody recognizes that massage place.

“There have been no complaints from any of the people involved but I encourage the victim to report the incident to the police. We will investigate it urgently for them.”

Lawyer Anantarak Pathin said details of the alleged attack had been leaked to him. He said it happened at a brothel in Phuket, where the younger woman was caught having an affair with the attacker’s husband.

Anantarak said: “The assault is a criminal offense and the victim can report it to the police.

“I think the attack is extremely severe because several people were in the room and witnessed the slapping and stripping.

“It was unacceptable that the woman was stripped naked. It should be investigated fully.”


(Link):  Why We Thought Marriage Made Us Healthier, and Why We Were Wrong by Bella DePaulo

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