Single Women Are Outpacing Men in Homeownership by A. Diaz

Single Women Are Outpacing Men in Homeownership by A. Diaz

If my fellow conservatives get a wind of this news story, they will cry tears for men.

Unlike most other conservatives, I do acknowledge that sexism exists – even in the United States – that women have had to fight for rights we do have now.

I don’t think sexism in the USA is as bad as it is in other nations, especially ones with Islamic Sharia laws and so on – but women do still fight prejudices in the USA today – ones that men do not (eg., stereotypes such as but not limited to… women are not as logical as men, American conservative men either stating outright or (Link): suggesting that American women should not have the right to vote, women are too emotional, women are not as good at math as men, etc).

But I can just see conservative Tucker Carlson or editorialists at various conservative sites, such as PJ Media or The Federalist or whatever other sites, crying and weeping that single women now own more homes on their own than single men do.

As if we should pity men. I don’t pity men.  As if men are victims. Men are not victims. Men get more advantages than women do, and/or don’t face the same sexist double standards and obstacles that women do. Which doesn’t mean I want to give the boot to meritocracy (I do not).

I can just see Tucker Carlson, or some conservative pundit like him, inviting a sell-out conservative woman on to his show to discuss this news item, to argue that men have life so, so much harder than women do – no, they don’t, and I can see Tucker and guys like him trying to make this news story out to be some some kind of proof that sexism doesn’t actually exist at all in the USA (yes, it does).

(Link): Single women are outpacing men in homeownership

January 30, 2023
By Adriana Diaz

All the single ladies … are buying property.

Indeed, a recent study found that single women are outpacing single men in homeownership.

This new trend has come as a shock to many — and is bound to have long-term effects on the financial market and generations to come.

Single women own roughly 10.7 million homes in America, compared to 8.1 million owned by single men, according to a recent analysis from LendingTree that looked at 2021 census data.

The surprising development has spread nearly all across the country, with single women being more likely to own a home in 48 of 50 states — all but North and South Dakota.

Women dominate ownership at the highest rates in southern states like Louisiana, Alabama and South Carolina, which typically have cheaper home prices.

Meanwhile, Florida, Delaware and Maryland reported the widest gender gap among single homeowners. The Sunshine State has a 4.55% gap equating to 262,000 more single women owning homes than men.

North Dakota and South Dakota, the sole states where single men own more homes than single women, are known to be homes to job markets saturated with male-dominated professions, such as oil rigging and construction.

This recent discovery has shocked many who note the (Link): financial and societal setbacks that women in America face. Research has shown that women are also more likely to be (Link): skipped over for promotions, (Link): not taken seriously at work and (Link): forced out of the workforce

(Link): Women make an average of 83.1 cents for every dollar a man makes, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

But women are continuing to make strides in other capacities. More women are enrolling and graduating from college than men — and some are defying the pay gap by out-earning men in 22 states across the country.

As women are working to catch up to (or finally surpassing) their male counterparts, they are taking measures to set themselves up for success, even amid a tumultuous housing market.

Buying a home is often touted as one of the best financial investments a person can make.

The average American homeowner who purchased a home in 2011 accumulated an average $225,000 in housing wealth by 2021, according to the National Association of Realtors in 2022.

On a more morbid note, researchers also pointed to women’s longer life expectancy explaining that the reasons for unequal homeownership vary by age group.

Despite the increasing rates of single women signing onto their dream home, the majority of owner-occupied homes in the US belong to couples

(Link): Single women own 2.64 million more homes than single men in the US despite lower salaries

Feb 6, 2023

Single women own more homes in the US than single men, despite the fact that on average a woman earns around 83 cents for every dollar earned by a man.

In the US, single women own a total of around 10.76 million homes whereas single men own 8.12 million, according to US Census data analyzed by lending marketplace LendingTree. That’s a difference of 2.64 million, and according to the National Association of Realtors, the gap is growing.

In 48 of the 50 states, single women were found to own more homes. The two exceptions were North and South Dakota.


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