Facebook, Instagram Will Lift Ban on Bare Breasts – But Only For Trans, Non-Binary

Facebook, Instagram Will Lift Ban on Bare Breasts – But Only For Trans, Non-Binary

Not that I think biological women should be allowed to reveal their nude breasts in public, but it seems rather… I don’t know… hypocritical for these social media companies to allow men who claim to be women to flash theirs, but not allow actual women to show theirs.

I thought part of the “validation” that these narcissistic trans kooks were aiming for were to be thought of, or viewed as, real women – well, part of being a real, honest to god woman is being TREATED LIKE ONE, which means being on the receiving end of rules, laws, and sexism that is aimed at biological women, such as natal women not being allowed in the United States of flashing one’s breasts in public or in photos on Facebook.

So why on earth are these social media companies banning NATAL women from displaying their nude chests but not the DEVIANTS who pretend to be women (transwomen)?

And if a biological woman says she’s “non binary,” are these companies going to let her flash her cleavage online? I assume that is what this means.

Progressives and their moronic, deviant views on sexuality and other topics is what leads us down this path of clownery.

(Link): Facebook, Instagram Just Updated Changed Their Policy To Allow Images Of Bare Breasts On The Platforms — But Only For ‘Trans,’ ‘Non-Binary’

Jan. 18, 2023
by Alicia Powe

Facebook and its subsidiary Instagram are modifying their regulations to allow transgender and non-binary users to post photos and videos featuring their bare breasts, according to an update published on Meta’s advisory board.

The same rules will not apply to biological females. The tech oligarchs will not permit women who identify as female to flash their bare breasts on the social media platforms.

Meta’s Oversight Board ordered Facebook and Instagram to rescind a ban on images of men with breasts who identify as transgender and anyone who identifies as “non-binary,” those who view themselves as neither male nor female.

…Cisgender women, a person who identifies as their biological sex and gender, will not be allowed to post images of their bare breast, the board underscores in the decision.

“The same image of female-presenting nipples would be prohibited if posted by a cisgender woman but permitted if posted by an individual self-identifying as non-binary,” Meta Oversight Board states in the policy which was published on its website on Jan. 17.

(Link): Facebook, Instagram will lift ban on bare breasts — but only for trans, non-binary


Jan 18, 2023
By Ariel Zilber

Facebook and Instagram will allow transgender and non-binary users to flash their bare breasts — but women who were born female and who are eager to “free the nipple” are out of luck, according to Meta’s advisory board.

Meta’s Oversight Board — an independent body of experts which Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has called the company’s “Supreme Court” for content moderation and censorship policies — ordered Facebook and Instagram to lift a ban on images of topless women for anyone who identifies as transgender or non-binary, meaning they view themselves as neither male or female.

“The same image of female-presenting nipples would be prohibited if posted by a cisgender woman but permitted if posted by an individual self-identifying as non-binary,” the board noted in its decision.

A “cisgender” person is anyone who identifies as the sex or gender that they were assigned at birth.

The board cited a recent decision to overturn a ban on two Instagram posts by a couple that describes themselves as transgender and non-binary that posed topless but covered their nipples — only to have the post flagged by other users.

…Facebook has in years past been accused of oversexualizing breasts.

In 2013, the social media site took down clips from a documentary called “Free the Nipple” about the movement to allow for female toplessness in public.


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