The Chelsea Handler Childless Woman Upset: Other Conservatives Wrongly Conflating Married Motherhood with Womanhood or Happiness, Meaning, Purpose

The Chelsea Handler Childless Woman Upset: Other Conservatives Wrongly Conflating Married Motherhood with Womanhood or with Happiness, Meaning, or Purpose

After entertainer Chelsea Handler uploaded (Link): a Tweet with a video of herself listing the numerous ways she enjoys life due to being childless – I didn’t see anything in the video mentioning abortion – a lot of other conservatives jumped to shame and scold Handler for being happy about being childless and publicly expressing that happiness.

Others have said that Handler had two or three abortions in the past. The fact that Handler previously had abortions does not change the substance of my problems with conservative reaction to Handler’s video.

I am pro-life, not pro-choice, so I don’t agree with Handler’s actions to terminate her pregnancies.

However, again, I don’t recall Handler’s “happy to be childless” video advocating abortion or mentioning anything about abortion.

I don’t think her video criticized or shamed women for being mothers or for wanting to be mothers.

The only possible, even remotely “anti motherhood” take away one can get from her video is that mothers – assuming they are good, non-abusive mothers – invest a lot of time in child-rearing, but Handler doesn’t frame it in an anti-motherhood way.

It’s Okay For Women to Be Childless at Any Age and to be Happy About Being Childless, Just Like It’s Okay For Mothers to Be Happy About Being Mothers

Handler was just showing ways she has more free time because she doesn’t have to participate in childcare – which is not the same thing as being “anti-motherhood,” or telling other women they are wrong to be mothers.

It’s perfectly fine for a woman to be single and childless and to be happy about it.

Women can and should find meaning and purpose apart from marriage and motherhood. It’s unhealthy for any person to wrap up all their happiness, meaning, or purpose into one identity, station of life, or role.

If you are a married mother, your children will grow up, move out, and seldom visit you once they’re gone. Your husband may develop dementia, abuse you, or cheat on you, so that you will be without emotional support or you will have to divorce him.
In all these situations, you will be left with yourself, by yourself, and god help you if you never forged purpose, identity, happiness, or meaning apart from a spouse and children.

There’s no reason to criticize or shame an adult, man or woman, for being single and childless and for being happy about it and posting about it.

My fellow conservatives often push motherhood (via podcasts, tweets, magazine articles, church sermons, blog posts, etc) to a loopy, creepy, fevered pitch, about how super awesome, fulfilling, and wonderful motherhood supposedly is – but goodness forbid a childless woman lists or publicizes the ways she’s happy with being childless – and do so without criticizing motherhood or mothers. That’s a huge double standard.

I also didn’t agree with Handler’s mockery of single women who choose to remain virgins until marriage or to remain chaste (I blogged about that (Link): here a few years ago).

Unfortunately, in the midst of criticizing Handler, a lot of conservatives today were conflating “womanhood” to married motherhood. 

However, a woman remains a woman regardless if she has a child or is infertile, childless, or childfree, or whether she wants to have children or not.

I am a woman, I am in my 50s, and I have never had a child – I did not turn into a man because I never became pregnant. I’m not going to turn into a man at any point in the future because I’ve never been pregnant.

I remained never-married from circumstance, not due to choice. (I was engaged years ago but dumped my ex because he was a financially irresponsible, self absorbed, mama’s boy.)

Many conservatives often wrongly assume that any and every woman past the age of 25 who is single and/or childless did so from choice, which is incorrect – however, if a woman chooses to be childless and single, those women should not be insulted, either.

The fact is not everyone who wants to be married can find a compatible partner. Dating sites are filled with weirdos. Churches lack single men of marrying age.


At any rate, conservatives are incorrect to define woman to mean “person who becomes pregnant and gives birth to a baby and raises it” (some I’ve seen today on Twitter in discussing the Handler video have gone further by tacking on the additional, “a woman is someone who gives birth AND she is selfless AND she is happy because she had a baby”)

One accurate definition of woman is “adult human female.” A woman is not a woman because she becomes pregnant.

Only women can become pregnant, but not all women can or do or want to – and yet, they still remain women even if they never become pregnant or if they do not want to be pregnant.

A lot of trans-activists will define woman by terms and conceptions such as, “a woman is someone who wears skirts, mascara, and lipstick,” and, “a woman is any person who says they are a woman”
– all of which leads to a lot of biological men with beards running around in skirts and lip stick these days, saying they are just as much a woman as I am (I was born a woman).

Once you start mis-defining “woman” to mean:

  • “person who gets pregnant and has a baby” or
  • “person who gets pregnant and has a baby (AND is happy about having a baby and/or is Selfless because she had a baby)” or
  • “person who wears skirts and mascara,”

you end up on the slippery slope of wacko progressive gender ideology.

Again, hello there, middle-aged MEN who wear skirts, high heels, who say they too are “real” women.

Some women get married, have a baby, then proceed to abuse or neglect their baby, so they are not self-less, nor did becoming a mother make these women happy, such as:

(Link):  Baby Died of Malnutrition, Dehydration, and an E. Coli Infection Caused by Being Left by His Mother In a Maggot-Infested Diaper for Two Weeks

(Link): Mother Kills Six Year Old Son By Throwing Him Off A Bridge – Motherhood Does Not Make Women More Godly, Loving, Mature

I saw some pro-life conservatives today contest Handler’s “happy to be childless” video by assuming she’s selfish – merely because she’s happy being childless.

Some of these pro-life accounts or persons are assuming that motherhood equates to “happiness,” “meaning,” and being “self-less,” but I have plenty of examples on my blog from married mothers who murdered their own children, prostituted their five year old daughters for money, or who abused their children.

On this blog,  I have “motherhood regret” stories from women who say they may love their child, but if they had to do it over again, they wouldn’t have children.

Yet other women have said that though they are married with children, they still do not have self esteem, they are not happy, and they are depressed.

Being a married mother does not necessarily make a woman giving, loving, happy, well-adjusted, mature, self-less, responsible. Here are just a few examples on my blog:

(Link): Inside the Growing Movement of Women Who Wish They’d Never Had Kids by S. Treleaven

(Link): I Appear Successful, But Since Having Kids I Feel I’ve Lost Myself by Annalisa Barbieri (Letter from a Married Mother Who Has Depression, Low Self Esteem)

(Link): Married Couple Raped Their Own Kids During “Swinger” Sessions Where They Allowed Pedophiles To Rape Their Kids Too

Did being married or a mother make any of those women in those stories any more happy, loving, or self-less? Nope. (This does not mean I am anti-motherhood; however, I am opposed to the overly-rosy picture so many conservatives “paint” of motherhood.)


On tonight’s episode of “The Tucker Carlson” show on Fox news, Tucker Carlson (who absurdly and unfairly blames all women for the actions of male mass shooters) kept equating being childless (and happy about being childless) to being Narcissistic.

Carlson had conservative commentator Jesse Kelly on to crack a few sexist jokes (about women being bad drivers or something of that nature), Kelly put down the idea of women having careers (he made sure to drop the term “girl boss” into the discussion – Carlson also often mocks women for having careers) – this is the (Link): same Jesse Kelly who apparently believes that women should not have the right to vote.

By the way, sometimes actual pathological Narcissists become parents!

If you do a lot of reading on that topic, those Narcissistic parents either “scapegoat” their children, or turn them into “trophy children.”

Children raised by one or two Narcissists either end up becoming Narcissists themselves and go on to abuse other people (including any children they have), or they grow up to be Codependents (who end up marrying Narcissists – with all Narcissists being either emotionally or physically abusive, so these Codependents are in for an abusive and/or loveless marriage).

There is nothing about marriage, or parenthood, that makes a person less Narcissistic.

For more, see:

(Link – on this blog): Dear Abby – She Wants A Divorce From the Husband Who Hid His Vulnerable Narcissism (Emotional Abuse, Extreme Pessimism, Victim Mentality, etc) While They Were Dating

(Link – off site): 10 Signs of a Narcissistic Parent

(Link – off site): Narcissistic Parent Abuse – 5 Types of Invisible Narcissistic Abuse

From that page above:

This type of narcissistic parent abuse is related to a kind of narcissist known as ‘vulnerable narcissists.’ They are deeply insecure and emotionally fragile and have to use an extreme form of self-absorption as a way of compensating and coping.

[This type of Narcissistic parent] emotionally depend[s] on their child as their caregiver, counsellor or even parent. This role reversal is known as parentification.

If a parent does not feel fulfilled in their own marriage and uses their child as a substitute spouse or intimate partner, it is known as emotional incest. Emotional incest, also known as covert incest, is a form of abuse in which a parent seeks emotional support from their child that would typically be provided by another adult.
— end article excerpts —


Matt Walsh went so far to being ageist by mentioning Handler’s age (“pushing 50” – link to Walsh’s Tweet):

Nothing more pathetic than the coping done by a childless woman pushing 50. She could have had kids and still be doing basically whatever she wants with her life today. Kids aren’t toddlers forever. She could have her “freedom” and a family. Instead she’ll die alone.
— end Matt Walsh Tweet —

I am a pro-life conservative. I am a woman who is in her 50s who has never married or had children. Walsh’s comments are sexist and ageist.

What makes Walsh think that being a parent will exclude someone from dying alone?

I sent him a few tweets with links to news articles about married parents either dying on their own, or dying within days of one another, leaving their small children to grow up as orphans.

I also mentioned to Walsh that my own mother died alone at a nursing facility in the early hours of the morning, and my mother died alone.

The nursing facility had to phone my Dad about her passing. My siblings and Dad and I did not know that my mother would be dying that morning – but she died all alone in a hospital bed in a nursing facility.

Just because you are married with children does not mean you’ll die in a comfortable, soft, cozy bed in the middle of the day, surrounded by your spouse and loving children adoringly gazing upon you.


(Link): Even If You’re Married You Can Die Alone – Elderly Married Couple Found Dead

(Link): Couple Die of Covid, Leaving Behind Newborn and Five Children

(Link): Husband Dies of Covid-19 Only 48 Hours After Wife Gives Birth to Premature Baby

(Link): Coronavirus: Even Married People With Children Die All Alone

There is just no good reason for Matt Walsh to take pot shots at Handler for being happy about being childless, and assuming she will die “alone” or that she is “coping,” and no reason to mention  she’s “pushing 50.”

There is nothing pathetic about “pushing 50” and being childless – this only comes from the view of someone who unrealistically cherishes parenthood. I’m in my 50s, never had children, and I am fine with that. I don’t feel broken or sad (nor do I feel that I lack meaning or purpose) that I never had children.

There’s no reason for Walsh to assume that all parents die with their adult children at their bedside, gleaming with affection at them as they pass away.

Many churches honor women for being mothers, particularly at Mother’s Day services, but they never recognize or celebrate single women for being single, or for the milestones that single women accomplish, such as completing college, getting a promotion at work, buying their own home alone, etc.

I am not against motherhood, marriage, or the nuclear family, but I recognize that other conservatives, many of whom are Christians, have turned such into idols they worship, and in the process of promoting The Nuclear Family and arguing against abortion, they often disparage singleness and the state of being childless or childfree, especially for women.

The sexist double standard is something else – I rarely see “pro family” conservatives shaming, insulting, and scolding single, childless men for being single and childless;
not that it’s acceptable to shame or scold anyone of either sex over that, but you’ll notice this energy on shaming people for being single and childless or having a career is aimed squarely at women the majority of the time.

Pro-Life Sites, Such as LifeNews

A tweet put out by LifeNews, a pro-life account I follow, said this about the Handler video (link to the tweet):

When you worship self and abortion is your sacrament.
— end LifeNews tweet—

LifeNews, like Tucker Carlson and many other conservatives or pro-lifers, incorrectly conflates having healthy self esteem, and/or being happy with being childless with “worship of self.” It is not.

Not all women who are single and childless are pro-choice or have had abortions.

I’m in my 50s, never had a child, I never had an abortion (because I didn’t have sex), and I’m happy – I’m okay.

The fact that I’m happy, that I’m doing okay, though I never married or had a kid, doesn’t make me a worshipper of self or a narcissist. Abortion is sure not a sacrament of mine.

Do you other pro-life and conservative guys honestly just want women who are happy with being single and childless to instead just sit around crying all day, bemoaning and regretting that they are single and childless?

The Babylon Bee

Babylon Bee’s horrible, stereotype-filled video, where it’s assumed, I suppose, that all childless women take anxiety medications, have lots of pet cats, refer to themselves as “Girl Boss,” etc etc.

My comments below their tweet with this video (link):

Some married mothers have jobs outside the home, have anxiety disorders, find motherhood draining & write online confessionals saying they regret it. There are childless Conservative women, too.

(Link): Experts slam doctors for ‘over-prescribing’ cocktails of 13 psychiatric drugs, including Klonopin and Ambien, to midwife mom with post-partum depression who strangled her three kids

So, Other Conservatives Seem to Want Single and Childless Women to Be Depressed or Upset Over Being Single and Childless

I never much cared if I had children or not, but I accepted my singleness status by my mid-40s.

I felt sad in my late 30s and into my early 40s when I was still single because I had expected and had hoped to be married, but I went on to accept my singleness status and to enjoy my life never-the-less.

I do not sit around teary eyed, depressed, dejected, and constantly lamenting that I, a conservative woman, am not married, or that I didn’t have children.

I have no idea why other conservatives or pro-lifers apparently would prefer me to sit around crying and being upset about being single and childless.

That is pretty warped and depraved that some conservatives badly want to believe that any woman who says she is okay, happy, or enjoying her life single and childless is only “pretending” or is “pathetic” or “narcissistic,” or “worshipping self.”

That is pretty twisted stuff. If your view of The Nuclear Family and Motherhood is to that stage, you need to re-evaluate your beliefs, priorities, and prejudices.

It reminds me of So Baptist Al Mohler, who, for years, has gleefully published bogus studies showing that single adults are all supposedly depressed and unhealthy (due to being single) – he does this in his promotion of marriage.

Think of how disgusting it is for this guy, or for anyone, to worship parenthood and marriage to the point they are HAPPY when they think anyone who isn’t a parent or married may be depressed or in physical distress.

Why does it thrill you that someone who isn’t living life to your preferred terms may be suffering due to it? That is what pro-life conservatives do every time they chuckle with glee at the thought that a woman may be depressed or experiencing some kind of difficulty if she’s 30 or older and single and childless.

Many hyper-pro-Nuclear Family conservatives really resent the hell out of any woman who doesn’t live life on their terms, and especially if these women are thriving or doing okay, and if those women publicly admit to being happy or doing okay.

I’m a conservative pro-lifer, but I remain stunned and disgusted by that response (which is sadly quite common) from other conservatives.

I, too, like Handler, could also make a video about being happy to be childless and okay with singleness, because that is true of me as well.
I don’t sit around weeping into a pillow daily that I don’t have a child or a husband. And I’m no progressive. I’m not a feminist. I do not support abortion.

However, I realize that not all single and/or childless women may be okay with being single and/or childless, if they had hoped to be married or a parent; they may not have made peace yet with being single, infertile, or not finding the right guy, so…
If you are a single or childless woman who is struggling with either situation, if you are unhappy about being single or childless, you may find these posts at my blog helpful:

(Link): Acceptance (vs. Denial, Anger, or Should-ing) – Helps in Healing and Getting Through Painful Events and Dealing With Things You Cannot Change

(Link): Are You Stuck in the “I’ll Feel Better When” Cycle? by Diana Hill, phD

Various Conservative Sites 

A few conservative outlets decided to hop on the “bash Chelsea Handler for being happy about being childless and discussing it publicly” band wagon.

For example, conservative site RedState tweeted this out about Chelsea Handler:

Chelsea Handler Makes ‘Comedy’ Skit About the Life of a Childless Woman but It Reeks of Sadness
— end tweet —

If you think a childless woman stating she is happy over her childless life is a mark of “sadness,” I do believe that is called projecting.

If the person who wrote that Red State tweet is a parent, maybe to them they cannot imagine having a happy life without Snowflake Junior, but it does not follow that because YOU consider having a child a necessity to being happy that everyone else does – I do not, and I am not a pro-choice liberal.

I quoted this at RedState (link):

There are single, childless, and childfree conservative, pro-life women who exist (I am one of them). Conservatives: stop shaming women for being single / childless, whether by choice or circumstance There are married women who are infertile
— end tweet—

So some guy, Edward from Texas, left me a comment…

Handler is not infertile. She has killed three unborn babies.
— end tweet—

So I replied to him (then blocked him) – tweet here:

But I am seeing many conservatives today conflating Handler w/ childlessness/being single. That is not OK. I don’t support abortion, but mocking women for being middle-aged and w/ no children is not OK.
— end tweet–

I also note that “Ed From Texas” totally glossed over the part about the conservative take on Handler being also applied to, whether they intended or not, to pro-life conservative childless women such as myself!

Ed From Texas totally skipped over that just to focus on the “married infertile women” portion.

And yes – I can imagine pro-life, conservative, married INFERTILE women (who would like to get pregnant but cannot) seeing these cruel tweets today, where other conservatives are mocking a woman for being 50 and childless, for saying, “these pathetic women must be sad, worshipping self, and narcissistic because they are 50 years old and childless – only being a married mother can bring a woman meaning, maturity, and happiness!”
– How do you think that garbage makes THOSE women feel?

The Bible on Being Childless and Pushing 50

Jesus of Nazareth, who never married or had children of his own, was not anti-parenthood or anti-marriage, but Jesus was not as “pro family,” “pro parenthood,” and “pro marriage” as other conservatives seem to assume.


Matthew 12:46-50
Jesus’ Mother and Brothers

46 While Jesus was still talking to the crowd, his mother and brothers stood outside, wanting to speak to him.
47 Someone told him, “Your mother and brothers are standing outside, wanting to speak to you.”

48 He replied to him, “Who is my mother, and who are my brothers?”
49 Pointing to his disciples, he said, “Here are my mother and my brothers.
50 For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother.”

From Matthew 10: 36, 37 (link), Jesus of Nazareth speaking:

A man’s enemies will be the members of his own household.’
37 Anyone who loves his father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me; anyone who loves his son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me…

1 Corinthians 7 says that marriage detracts from service to God and affirms adult singleness:

(8)  Now to the unmarried and the widows I say: It is good for them to stay unmarried, as I do.

(28) … But those who marry will face many troubles in this life, and I want to spare you this.

(32) I would like you to be free from concern. An unmarried man is concerned about the Lord’s affairs—how he can please the Lord.
(33) But a married man is concerned about the affairs of this world—how he can please his wife—
(34) and his interests are divided. An unmarried woman or virgin is concerned about the Lord’s affairs: Her aim is to be devoted to the Lord in both body and spirit.
But a married woman is concerned about the affairs of this world—how she can please her husband.
(35) I am saying this for your own good, not to restrict you, but that you may live in a right way in undivided devotion to the Lord.

The Bible as a whole, and Jesus in particular, did not shame, insult, or ridicule women for being any age and being single or childless.

The Bible as a whole, and Jesus in particular, did not shame, insult, or ridicule women for being any age and being single or childless and for being happy about being single and childless, if they were happy about it. (As a matter of fact, here is one thing the Bible has to say about that).

So why do so many pro-life conservatives, who say they’re Christians, insult and mock childless, childfree, or single women for being childless, childfree, or single?

And instead of being happy for the women who are happy about being single or childless, they demonize them for it?

I’m in my 50s, never did get married, and I may never marry (never had children, either) – if you think I’m wasting the rest of my life ruminating on that daily and feeling crummy and depressed, you are very mistaken.

And I wonder why it bothers you other conservatives and pro-lifers that I don’t sit around depressed or upset about it?

That tells me you have some really messed up views about parenthood, marriage, and The Nuclear Family, and possibly some deep insecurities of your own, and maybe a few unspoken regrets regarding your choices in life, too.

So many conservatives really resent women who are single and childless (whether by choice or by circumstance), and they really want women who are single and childless to be miserable. It’s weird and creepy.

The road to happiness is not found only in marriage and in parenthood – for some, being married or a parent doesn’t end up being a Fairy Tale.

Plenty of people end up having to divorce, because their spouse is abusive; some parents are murdered by their own children, too.

I sometimes suspect that married parents see this “I’m happy to be childless” content online from childless or childfree people, and they are either triggered by it, in that they wonder deep down if they made a mistake by marrying and having children, or, they, for some weird reason, take is as an indictment on THEIR lives or THEIR life choices, when it’s not meant that way.

Let me tell you something married parents: just because some of us childless, single adults occasionally may publicly declare that we are happy or fine with being single and childless doesn’t necessarily mean we are judging you or condemning your choices or the state of your life.

If you are married with children and happy to be married with children, that is wonderful!
There’s no reason for you married parents to get all sensitive, triggered, and outraged because there are people in the world who are NOT living by your same life choices and who are happy with their different choices.

Chelsea Handler being happy about being childless does not mean you are wrong to be happy about being a parent, nor does it mean you have to insult her for her happiness over not having children of her own.

Let’s keep things in proper perspective. If an adult is married with children, that is fine; if an adult is single and childless (regardless if it’s due to circumstance or choice), that is fine too.

As a conservative, I really detest the sexist assumptions about and attacks on any woman (regardless of her views on abortion or politics) who doesn’t live the usual approved conservative life style of ‘married with three children by the age of 25.’

It’s so sexist and obnoxious to insult any and every woman who cannot, or who does not want to, live up to that.

People don’t have to life by YOUR preferences, standards, convictions and milestones on every aspect of life (including marriage and parenthood) to be mature, godly, loving, giving, and responsible.

Relevant material:

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June 25, 2011
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A man’s age when he has children is turning out to be an important factor in that child’s health, according to WSJ contributor Jennifer Vanderbes. Kelsey Hubbard talks to the author about the role a man’s biological clock plays in a child’s risk for diseases and disorders.

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(Link): Mother Suffocated Toddler Son To Death Because She “Didn’t Want Him Anymore” and apparently posted photos of his corpse on her Facebook page – so much for motherhood making women more godly, loving, and ethical!

(Link): Mother Wins Case to Kill Her Disabled Daughter

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(Link): Raped, tortured and forced to live in a wardrobe by her Family for FIVE YEARS

(Link):  Another Christian Pro-Nuclear Family Marriage Idolator Married Father Caught By Ashley Madison Hack (he’s married with children)

(Link):  Schoolgirl Drugged and Raped on Her 10th Birthday Was Chopped Up and Burned in Bathtub ‘by Own Family’  (including the girl’s biological mother)

(Link):  Mother and Daughter Arrested for Alleged Incestuous Marriage, Woman Previously Married Son

(Link):   Dog Saves Boy (Aged 9) After Kid’s Mother Tries to Drown Him In River – Parenthood Does Not Make People More Mature, Loving, or Moral

(Link): Mother Tortured Her Three Kids and Pulled Their Toe Nails Out to Impress Her New Boyfriend

(Link): Married Texas Southern Baptist Pastor Who Wanted Abortion Seekers Jailed for Getting Abortions Arrested for Sexually Abusing His Underaged Family Member

(Link): Mom Accused of Murdering Toddler Son Because He Was Interfering With Extramarital Affair by Harriet Sokmensuer

(Link): Model ‘Murdered Two Young Daughters Because They Got In The Way of Her Lifestyle Offering Sex to Men For Cash’

(Link): Mother Made Toddlers Have Sex With Each Other So Her Pedo Boyfriend Could Watch

Ran out of room on Twitter, but if I could’ve, I’d also add that Walsh defines “woman” to mean “women who meet traditional gender role expectations for them; i.e., to Walsh and sexist persons like him, a “real” woman marries, get pregnant, and has babies –
– if you’re a single or childless or childfree woman, Walsh will recognize you’re a biological female but will also still regard you as less-than, or as a “failed” woman, or not quite as “woman” as a female who marries and has children (and/or he will make unfounded assumptions – that you’re sad, unfulfilled, “pathetic,” etc, if you don’t have kids):

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