I Nursed My Cheating Husband Back to Health from Severe Brain Trauma – Then He Cheated Again by A. Grace

I Nursed My Cheating Husband Back to Health from Severe Brain Trauma – Then He Cheated Again by A. Grace

I have other, similar stories like this one below on this blog about other people.

I have stories about how a woman donated a kidney to her boyfriend, and then he broke up with her. I have blog posts about spouses who cheated on their spouse who were injured and in the hospital or who had dementia, etc.

It’s appalling how so many people out there have no gratitude, or will cheat on their spouse, even when their spouse is in a very vulnerable position.

There really is no point in being married if the person you’re married to would be fine and feel so comfortable repaying your kindness and fidelity with this mistreatment.

The woman who made this TikTok video says after she divorces her cheating husband that she will never re-marry.

Christians and secular conservatives should stop “over selling” marriage – marriage did not instill character or good morals into this man, he still cheated on his wife. This marriage did not heal or fix society in any way.

Let this also go to show that if God allows dirt bag cheaters like this man to marry, then obviously, (and contrary to what many Christian dating advice books and articles have said), God is not keeping spouses from Christians who are not perfect, or who have not achieved some standard or another.

God permits scum buckets like the guy in the article below to get married all the time, so there’s no reason God wouldn’t allow more or less loving, normal, “okay” people to marry, either.

(Link): I nursed my cheating husband back to health from severe brain trauma — then he cheated again 

by Asia Grace
Jan 18, 2023

She learned the hard way that her hubby is a cheater — and a phoney!

As her husband lay unconscious in a hospital bed, clinging to life after narrowly surviving a terrible car crash in January 2022, mom of two Kate Sifuentes sat weeping at his bedside, feeling overcome with guilt.

She feared he’d attempted to respond to her text messages while at the wheel, causing him to crash.

So she checked his phone — and uncovered a slew of texts, dating app profiles and social media direct messages proving that he’d been cheating on her with many other women.

Then, after spending months nursing the guy back to health — helping him relearn how to walk, talk, eat and use his phone — she found out that he’d been using his reacquired motor skills to cheat on her again.

[The article discusses how her spouse got into a car accident, she visited him at the hospital and she went over his phone]

….After rushing to his bedside, where doctors told her he’d sustained a severe traumatic brain injury and had suffered “many, many strokes,” Sifuentes decided to check her husband’s phone activity — a task she claims to have “never done before.”

“Immediately pops up a conversation with another female on a different Snapchat account and under a different name. A Snapchat I’d never seen before,” she reveals in the video.

“So, I keep looking … and there was all these women all over,” Sifuentes continues. “He was on so many dating sites under [a different] name.”

Once her husband regained consciousness after 30 days, she immediately confronted him about his apparent infidelity.

According to Sifuentes, although he could barely talk and had failed to recognize himself in the hospital mirror, her hubby begrudgingly admitted to the affairs.

“He said he was sorry, and said all the s- -t that guys say to get you back,” she groans, “so I stayed a few more months.”

In a subsequent post, Sifuentes explains that her husband was ultimately transferred out of the hospital and into an intensive therapy rehabilitation center for extended care.

While there, Sifuentes agreed to undergo marriage counseling through the facility because “I wanted to say that I fought for my marriage and I tried to make my marriage work,” she says.

But, much to her displeasure, the scorned woman says her husband “lied through the whole thing.”

“He was talking to all these women,” she says, noting that she’d begun routinely checking his phone. “He didn’t even try to hide it anymore.”

“So at that point, I was like, ‘I’m done.’”

She confessed that she did allow the cheater to return to their home for a few months until his mother was able to relocate and move in with him in a separate apartment.

“I gave him back to his mama,” she bragged with a laugh.

“We’ll be filing [for divorce] soon,” the soon-to-be singleton added. “But, he wants to take me to court because he wants everything we’ve ever owned.”

She ended the follow-up clip vowing to never remarry, saying: “The cost of a freaking divorce lawyer [is] insane.”

Astounded TikTok watchers weighed in with their thoughts on woefully wedded sorrows.

“Almost lost his life but did not lose the AUDACITY smh. He did not deserve you,” encouraged one digital cheerleader.


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