Beware Men (especially Hetero): Men Masquerading as Women are Lying to Have Sex with You – A Few Tips on How Men Can Spot the Imposters

Beware Men (especially Hetero): Men Masquerading as Women are Lying to Have Sex with You – A Few Tips on How Men Can Spot the Imposters

 ⚠️ The following blog post contains some very vulgar language and frank discussion of sex and sex acts.  ⚠️

I follow a few social media accounts whose owners lurk at Transgender forums, Reddit areas, and so on.

Most of these Transgender spaces discussed on those social media accounts are MtF (male to female – biological males – people who were born male – who want to transition to be women, mostly by wearing dresses; these would be “transwomen”).

From what I’ve seen, there is a percentage of these men (I’m not going to call them women) who want to have relationships and sex with hetero, natal men, and most of them claim in their forums that they do not divulge upfront to the men they approach in bars or over dating apps that they too are men (transwomen).

Many of these guys seem to be homosexuals – they are men who are attracted to other men. They should’ve just stayed as regular men, skipped the mascara and skirts, and tried to date other homosexual males.

Then there is a smaller percentage of these guys who seem to be hetero – they’re normally attracted to biological women, but their desperate, pathological need for validation, to be seen as a ‘real’ woman (something they will never, ever be) runs so disturbingly deep that they think the only way they can receive validation is if a straight, biological man will have sex with them, and/or date them and view them as being the same as what they call “cis” (biological) women.

Some of these trans deviants are admitting in their online spaces to one another to already having engaged in one night stands with a lot of straight men already.

Some of them get quite descriptive with all the kinky, weird sex acts they performed on the straight, biological men they fooled into having sex with them.

The thing is, it’s hard to tell which of these guys is just writing fantasy fiction and which ones are fully telling the truth.

Some of these trans deviants do occasionally try to pressure homosexual, biological men into having sex with them – as women.

And, of course, there’s a large number of trans deviants harassing biological women who are lesbians into having sex with them.

But in the past month or so, I’ve seen what seems to be an increasing amount of threads by these freaks where, whether they usually are attracted to men or to women, claim to not divulge their transgender nature upfront, all so that they can snare what they think is the biggest validation prize: sex with hetero, biological men.

And they feel no shame or guilt about being deceptive. Some of them even feel  justified in lying and deceiving their dates.

And again, some of them have claimed to have already done so.
How many of them were being honest about that, and how many were exaggerating or falsifying, I don’t know.

By the way, here’s another reason why it’s a good idea to remain sexually abstinent until marriage: your chances of having sex with someone pretending to be a biological sex they are not would probably be pretty low.

The less sex you’re having before marriage, the less number of sex partners you have, the less chance you have of hooking up with one of these sexual con artists.

Part 1. Clues for Hetero Men Who Don’t Want to Be Duped by Deceitful Transwomen: The Majority of Actual Women Are Not Into Kinky Sex, Especially Not on a First, Second, Third Date

If I were a misandrist, I would not be offering this advice in this post. (Yes, I’ve been accused by the occasional doofus of “misandry” merely for pointing out sexism among men as a group. No, I don’t hate all men, just sexist or abusive ones, and I do not think that every man in existence is sexist or abusive.)

I will tell you – if their malformed, fake, surgically-created vaginas don’t already clue you in – that if you take a woman home to have sex with “her,” and “she” is really kinky and willing right off the bat to suck your dick, allow you to perform anal sex on “her,” etc, etc, and

“She’s” acting as though “she’s” really into it, maybe “she” even eagerly requests these sex acts of you (you don’t even raise the topic), if you’re the kind of guy who’s into this and elated you’ve found a woman who is into dirty sex… that right there is a tip off that you’re dealing with a transgender woman (a biological man).

The vast majority of actual women are NOT going to want to engage in weird, kinky, X-rated sex acts, they’re not going to be the one to bring it up (if ever), nor will most even want to give you a blow job, and certainly not soon in a relationship (first or second date, or the first or second month of dating).

A regular, honest- to- god woman would have to be heavily cajoled and begged for months and months on end by her boyfriend or husband to even consider getting into anal sex.

It’s the very rare woman who will gladly suck your dick, use sex toys, or do anything involving an anus (yours OR hers) right into a relationship (or even after months together) and without heavy pressure and guilt tripping from her male partner (which you shouldn’t be doing – respect her preferences and boundaries).

While many hetero women – contrary to Christian gender complementarian stereotypes about women and sex – do desire (normal, “vanilla”) sex with a man (ideally, their husband), most hetero, biological women do not want to have kinky, daring, weird sex with a man, not even after years of marriage, let alone after only dating a time or two.

⚠️ Side Note: Caution, Exception:

About the only group of biological women who will have sex with a man early on in a relationship and/or go along easily with kinky, weird sex (at least early on) are women with personality disorders or deep emotional disorders and problems, such as women on the Narcissism spectrum, or women with BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder). Your sociopaths and psychopaths also tend to be sexually adventurous and highly promiscuous.

These are not women you can have a normal, drama-free, healthy relationship with in the long run, but some of them may initially give you loose, wild, kinky sex very early in a relationship.

Granting a man wild, easy sex early in a relationship is part of how they “hook” men into relationships – and you’ll regret being in a relationship once you start seeing and experiencing their hectic, toxic patterns.

Normal women who have more or less normal mental health are NOT going to engage in kinky sex willingly and/or NOT on a first or second, etc, date.

The notion that a woman – a real woman – will be eager to suck your penis and let you stick your finger up her butthole (or hers up yours), or whatever bizarre, gross sex fantasies you want a woman to do on you or with you, is a biological male fantasy. Most real women are not into that dirty, bizarre garbage.

You have to step away from the porn. Stop allowing porn to inform your fantasies and what you expect actual women will want to do sexually.

Only biological women in a porn movie will apparently gleefully lick a man’s asshole, 🤮, then smile as though she’s enjoying it. That does not and will not happen in real life.

The pornography movie director was telling the lady porn actress beforehand to flash a big smile into the camera after licking her male co-star’s poop shoot, okay?

Actual women don’t want to suck, lick, or play with a guy’s butthole. (If you’re a natal woman who’s into that, you are the very, very rare one.)

So, hetero men, if you meet a “woman” through a  dating app, you take “her” back to your place, where things get hot and heavy, and “she” starts screaming and moaning in sexual turn-on about wanting to suck your cock, or wanting your dick up “her” ass (and especially if “her” language is that crass and blunt) – that is a transwoman (a biological man) you’re dealing with, honey.

If your date goes on and on about how “she” wants you to pound “her” and fantasizes about letting rows of men pound “her” (or even actually engages in group sex with you) and “she” “wants to feel your cock inside” of “her” – that’s a man you’re with, sweetie. Very few, to no, actual women engage in “pornified” talk like that.

Conversely, a woman who tells you “no” to sex the first several weeks of dating, or who flatly REFUSES, if and when you do get sexually active with each other, to suck your dick or do anything anal, is, 99.9% guaranteed a biological woman.

Very few real women will get kinky at any point and none will get kinky on a first date, for god’s sake.

Almost every one of these transwomen freaks whose sex stories I see in their trans communities usually consists of them engaging in all sorts of perverted, X-rated sex on the very first date, and they eagerly and quickly initiate half to all of it themselves, directing the biological, hetero male to “suck on this, do that, now let me lick your butthole,” etc.

If your “woman” partner is wanting sex immediately, is willing to have sex immediately, and acts very aggressively in the bedroom, is quite open to kinky sex acts right off the bat with no prodding from you, that is more than likely a man you’re dealing with, no matter how convincing his FFS (feminine facial surgery) and mascara and eye shadow is.

I did have several examples saved of screen caps taken from MtF trans communities where these men (who pretend to be women) brag about they feel quite fine with lying to hetero, biological males about their status, and how they’ve even banged several hetero men, and the men never figured it out.

I will include as many of those tweets (containing the screen caps) as I can find. As I come across more, I will edit this post to add them.

Part 2. Other Clues You’re With a Transwoman

I have one story from The Daily Mail of a transwoman – a biological man – who has had FFS, he wears a lot of make-up and dresses, and he said for months he did not divulge upfront on his dating profiles that he is a he, not until recently.

He said he would not divulge his trans status unless the guy and him got “hot and heavy,” and then, right before sex, he would inform his male date that he is a man.

Granted, a lot of biological women these days (especially Gen Z) are using filters on their social media pictures, but another clue that you’re dealing with a fake woman (transwoman) is that even the ones who at first glance are more convincing-looking look “over done.”

The more passing transwomen usually look like a walking Instagram Face Tune cartoon, with tiny, super skinny noses that are pointy on the end, the lips are so pumped up with fillers they look grotesque, etc.

Most of these more-passing transwomen I’ve seen all look alike; they look like they all were manufactured in a factory somewhere. They all (many of them) look like clones of Kim Kardashian, with the huge lips, small pointy nose, and a huge, fake-looking butt.

The secondary sex characteristics in transwomen are over-exaggerated via surgery: too- huge- breasts, comically huge butts, a very exaggerated “hour glass” shape.
Most real women are not going to have that (the exceptions to that would be super wealthy celebrities like Kim Kardashian who can afford all that surgery and who are “influencers” on social media). 

The more-passing transwomen all appear as though they’re using the same make-up artist or the same make-up filters using the “FaceTune” app. They all have the super thick, fake lashes, and their make-up looks too precise, and like it was applied with a trowel (heavily).

It’s as though these transwomen are aiming at enacting gender stereotypes about women that they see on social media, magazines, and movies (ie, how women behave – but they usually fail at that, because they don’t understand women, how women dress, how women wear make-up), or how women are portrayed in pornography. They do not look (or act) like real women.

(The less-passing ones usually cannot do a decent make-up job to save their lives.)

(Link): I’m a transgender woman who’s spent more than £100,000 on surgery – but I never feel the need to tell the men I date

by Jessica Green
February 23, 2023

A transgender woman has revealed how she spent over £100,000 to become a woman – but has never felt the need to tell people about her journey before.

Mia Costello, 22, from Manchester, knew from a young age she was born in the wrong body, and started the transitioning journey to become a woman from the age of 16.

Since then, the content creator has spent over £100,000 on perfecting her look – including breast augmentation, facial feminisation surgery and a Brazilian butt lift.

Having hidden her identity for years, Mia, who previously had no desire to tell people, decided to openly speak about being a transgender woman this year.

She now believes more people should discuss being transgender to help raise awareness and stop it being a taboo subject.

…’I’ve also had a Brazilian butt lift and I’m planning on getting another next month. I have recently just had a face lift in Turkey. I didn’t need one but I had a bit of loose skin after having my face shaved down.

‘Of course I also get my lips done, have hair extensions, my nails done and get jaw and cheek filler too.

‘I’ve spent over £100,000 now, my facial feminisation was £22,000 and my boob job was £9,000. My parents have been so supportive and have helped me out as well.

… Mia added: ‘I used to think I was a girl and when I was younger I used to play with Barbie dolls, I was never into football and my parents just thought I was going to be gay.

…Recently talking about her journey publicly, Mia has never felt the need to tell people she is transgender, but admitted opening up has helped her mental health.

She [he] added: ‘People would assume I’m a female and I wouldn’t tell them otherwise, I don’t think they deserve to know. If I’m going to have sex with them that’s when I would I tell them.

‘I don’t want people coming up to me and asking me. If you have diabetes would you go around telling them that as well? Of course not. A man is attracted to me as a woman so why would I tell him otherwise.

‘I also didn’t tell anyone on my social media either, but I was getting asked to make an OnlyFans account but I had a boyfriend at the time and no one knew about me being trans. I’ve only gone public about it this year.

‘Being open about it has helped me so much with my OnlyFans and has helped kick off my career, I only started last year and it’s done really well. And now I make very good money doing this to live comfortably.

‘A lot of guys have been shocked and I’ve also had guys block me. However I have also had a lot of support too.

‘I’m open and I won’t lie, so I wont hide who I am. I’ve spent this much money on surgery, why wouldn’t I, and for me, being open, it saves me wasting my time. I now put it on my dating profile – something I never used to do.
— end excerpts —

If you are a hetero, biological man, be cautious: some of these Trans Deviants are willing to date you or have sex with you without acknowledging that they are biological men.

Some of the Trans Perverts having a burning desire and goal to validate their fake femaleness by snaring a biological man into sex. They are admitting to this on their forums.

Part 3. Examples (and related content) – Most in Screen Caps in Tweets:

Some of these are men who have already lied to other men about being a man, or men who admit to thinking about doing it in the future:

(Link): Tweet Link

via (Link): Reddit: I do not want a man who accepts me, and I DESERVE to be treated BETTER than cis women!

(written by a transwoman, a biological man who pretends to be a woman and lies to men on dating apps, or where ever he meets them):

1. I do not want a man who accepts me. Acceptance presupposes defectiveness. I do not want a man who settles for me. I want to be his dream girl.

2. If I disclose my trans status to a man, no matter how good I look and no matter how open-minded he is, he will always see me as a cheap knockoff bought on Shein.

He will see things that are not even there. In his eyes, the ugliest and most repugnant of cis women will be more authentic and better than me. No, I won’t disclose.

… 4. I might not be a cis woman and I am very cognizant of my situation. I am a BIOLOGICAL MALE.

However, I do not deserve to be treated like a cis woman. I deserve to be treated MUCH better than any cis woman. I have worked harder than any cis woman on the planet at being a woman.

5. I keep hearing that I should date bi-men. Bi-men want cisgender people, in my experience. Just because someone identifies as bi, it doesn’t mean that they are truly bi.

In most cases, from what I have seen, bi men who are willing to date trans women are just eggs waiting to crack.

I am NOT claiming that true bisexuality doesn’t exist. I am saying that TRULY bi men usually claim to be fully heterosexual. Self-identification is useless.

6. Lots of bad advice in my previous thread. No amount of intelligence, sweetness, or social skills will erase the fact that you are trans. I see people claiming that it is our fault if men do not want us because we must have terrible personalities.

No, even if I had the best personality in the world, cis men would not want me UNLESS I do not disclose that I am trans

8. I have been able to have satisfying relationships with men ONLY when I have not disclosed.

10. I do not like lying, but I have no choice. I will continue going out with men. I deserve to see the spark in their eyes, I deserve their attention. Am I entitled? Fuck yeah!

And if God forbid, these men say something about me being trans, not only will I make a monumental scene, I will vehemently deny and I will ghost them forever.

Because, at that point, a spell would be inexorably broken. Knock on wood, since I have made certain changes, this has never happened. If it happens, I am ready to gaslight them.

11. I never approach men. I never make a move. I never flirt. I always let them do the heavy lifting.

12. And, finally, the best experience I have ever had in my life was a trip to Cameroon months ago. It is very easy to pass there because there are no trans people, plus, my ethnicity helps. I had so much fun. I have lost count of how many well-endowed studs I have slept with in 10 days.

My god, I love the men there. I was able to accommodate their very large schlongs in my vajayjay and I even had very rough sex in all imaginable positions.

Don’t believe the lies they spread online. There is no fecal matter. It just looks like a vagina externally and it contracts through the pelvic muscles. I do not menstruate, but I could not care less.

For me, my neovagina is a means to an end: being able to ride studs.

Think about it. At the end of the day A) it gives me amazing orgasms, B) men who pound it ejaculate, so that means it works.

Whether it’s fake or not, I do not give a fuck. I have a very utilitarian and pragmatic view of my neovagina. It’s a container that helps me get straight men and a container that makes them ejaculate, so it’s working.

(Link): Stealth dating isn’t easy, even when it is

Posted by u/NecessaryTomatilla
posted in 2019

I just wanted to share a recent stealth dating story (and breakup) for whatever educational value it has. It proves to me again how much the world very much hates us.

I live stealth and date that way. I pretty much only date cis guys. I’ve tried disclosing up-front, in the middle, and long-term all with crash and burn results.

Anyway, I recently met this great guy. He was tall, handsome, very intelligent, and I was able to hold a real conversation with him. He was extremely chivalrous, opening car doors, always paying for dinner, making reservations, etc. I only intended to go out with him for 1 or 2 dates, because, well.. stealth.

We dated for a month, talked every day via chat and phone, and got together several times per week. So this was a real relationship and it was developing fast. We were intimate on many occasions, although nothing overtly bad (never went all the way for obvious reasons and always remained respectable). It was going great. A total classic bf/gf situation, and it felt absolutely wonderful.

It got to the point (physically) where we kinda had to discuss something. After dating this guy for a month, I was hoping I knew him fairly well, and considering we were both intelligent upstanding adults with open minds, I was really hoping for the best. So, I made the stupid mistake of disclosing to him – in a very round-about way. He acts like it’s no big deal. I’m shocked and absolutely on top of the world! Omg, this could actually be a real relationship like I read all the time from all these girls on reddit! Maybe these guys really do exist! lol

Later that day he goes quiet in text. Yes, I know this pattern. I already know what’s going to happen. He texts me the next day that he wants to discuss something. I’m thinking its something totally different, because he seemed to be so understanding and a kind person. Turns out, he’s dumping me saying that he can’t be with “someone like me”. He has his “sexual preferences”. Wtf?

Now, you know this isn’t about having a vagina or not, because we never ever went that far, and everything was going perfect. This is about transphobia plain and simple.

What a mistake. I should have just dumped him instead. But, I was in a fantasy world where trans women can actually be treated like human beings.

(Link): (on Reddit, MtF): I Really Don’t Get It

[Posts – a conversation among and by biological men who pretend to be  women, some of them do this pretending on dating sites]

post by OkManufacturer7293

Exactly, I have men message me on dating apps who are so keen to take me out, get to know me, until they realise or I tell them I’m trans, then they disappear and ghost me – all of them. It fucking hurts so much

Reply by Better_Analyst_5065

yup and somehow people argue it’s not transphobic.

gotta love it

post by OkManufacturer7293
Exactly! If I said nothing maybe I would have a boyfriend by now 😔

Real women don’t think or talk like this:

(Link): (Post by a Transwoman): “Overwhelmed”

(Screencap of this in Males of Reddit Tweet)

I had a dream last night and I woke up with a really strong craving for… men’s thingies. I still remember the first time I used a vibrator… I felt like it OWNED me.
I felt completely overpowered by it in every way, both physically and mentally, the most overwhelming experience I’ve ever had. I felt so powerless to do anything when that thing was inside me. Please, what should I do? This isn’t a troll account. I’m 2 months on HRT and these thoughts are overwhelming me.

I just REALLY, REALLY f***ing want a man’s penis inside me. I feel humiliated by this fact. This is the sort of thing boys like to joke about that women want. As much as I feel ashamed of it, I’m a very sexually submissive person. Sexual feelings for me usually involve feeling out of control or like the guy OWNS me.

This is the c*** that guys addicted to porn wish their women were into. Like, how I’m feeling, you could make a clickbait porn advert out of.

^Again, actual women do not talk or think like that.

Again, as I come across more examples of transwomen (natal men) who claim to be fooling, lying to, regular men to have sex with regular men, I will edit this post to add those examples. I had a few other examples, but I cannot find the links at the moment.

But this is now a thing – men pretending to be women who are trying to deceive other men who are straight into having sex with them.

Be cautious on dating apps. Most of these goons do not make convincing looking women, but for the ones who have spent a small fortune on cosmetic procedures, or who use a lot of filters on their photographs, they might.

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This is what happens to men who lie to male partners about their true nature, or deceive them:
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