Bizarre: Women Who Are Genuinely Fine With Being Single or Childless and Who Publicly Admit It Deeply Disturb or Infuriate Sexist Incel Types and My Fellow Conservatives, Who Want Such Women to Harbor a Victim Mindset

Bizarre: Women Who Are Genuinely Fine With Being Single or Childless and Who Publicly Admit It Deeply Disturb or Infuriate Sexist Incel Types and My Fellow Conservatives, Who Want Such Women to Harbor a Victim Mindset

I have been a conservative person my entire life. I am not liberal, woke, or progressive.

I am not opposed to marriage, motherhood, the nuclear family, or parenthood. I do not support abortion on demand.

For years now, I have noticed the oddest, most disgusting behavior from other conservatives: many of them become unhinged, unsettled, or very angry about women who are truly happy with being single or childless or childfree. It didn’t cross my mind to blog about this observation until now.

The cherry on top of Conservative Outrage on this topic is that the fury seems to be particularly directed at single, childless women who mention on social media or in televised interviews that they’re enjoying life single and childless.

That is, from the angry conservative pro-family types, if you are single, childless (or childfree) and happy about it as a woman, you damn well just better keep it to yourself.

These pro-family conservatives, many of whom even profess to be Christian, further sometimes say things to or about those childless women and tell them personally on social media, how miserable they must be.

They chortle things at them things like, “You will die alone in a house full of cats,” and they say this as though they are filled with glee and happy at the thought of childless women dying alone and unhappy. How perverse.

Some of them, like Catholic Matt Walsh, even like to get ageist, and toss in comments about age at these women, saying to them, “You’re nearing 40…” or, “You’re almost 50….” (See (Link): example Tweet of his here.)

Ditto regarding “incels” or other types of men who are deeply sexist and ageist towards women. They too get very agitated and unglued if a woman publicly admits to being okay, content, or happy with being single or childless.

It’s as though these groups need and desperately want to believe that women who are and remain single or childless (or childfree) are lonely, bitter, miserable, and unhappy, or will become so in the future – and they need to believe that such women are deeply unhappy precisely because those women are single, childless, or childfree.

In the reverse situation, every once in awhile a woman celebrity may publicly say she’s sad that she was never able to have children – and what do the sexist conservatives and d-bag incels do, but immediately take screen captures of the comments, share them all over social media, as if to say,

“See? See?! Feminism has made women miserable. All women obviously want to marry and have babies! They are depressed if they don’t marry and have children, see, see, see!!!
“Women are unable to enjoy life or find contentment if they never marry or never have children, here is your proof, right here, this lady movie star saying she is lonely at 62 and regrets she never had children!!!!”

I’ve never been a feminist, but may I add: if some women are unhappy being childless or single, it may be in part precisely because conservatives and churches are constantly brainwashing women to think their only purpose in life, and their only road to happiness, resides in marrying and becoming pregnant.

If a woman grows up in a family, societal, or religious context that conditions her to think that she can be happy and have meaning only if she marries or has children, well, duh, don’t be surprised if yes, some women may get to adulthood and feel a little down that they’re not married or don’t have kids.

But that would be a result, in part, due to conservative, traditional, old school “family values” brainwashing. That would not be due to “feminism,” of all things

It’s as though many conservatives and sexist lunatics want single and childless women to be unhappy. It’s utterly bizarre to me.

Before I go on further, here is a pertinent article from the WSJ:

(Link): What’s That Ticking Sound? The Male Biological Clock

Men are also at the mercy of age when it comes to having kids

June 25, 2011
By Jennifer Vanderbes

A man’s age when he has children is turning out to be an important factor in that child’s health, according to WSJ contributor Jennifer Vanderbes. Kelsey Hubbard talks to the author about the role a man’s biological clock plays in a child’s risk for diseases and disorders.

Conservatives and the Double Standard Re: Lonely, Single Hetero Men

By the way, I’ve seen more and more articles the last several years that say more and more hetero men are single, and those hetero men either don’t want to date or marry (they’ve lost interest), or, some of them do want to date or marry women, but they can’t seem to get girlfriends and do not know how to go about getting dates or getting a girl friend.

So, I then began seeing news stories such as these about men who are single, some of whom are lonely:

(Link): Guy So Depressed Over Being Single He Cut Off His Own Penis (article)

(Link): ‘Transmaxxing’: Meet The Online Community Encouraging Gender Transitions For Sexually Frustrated (Incel) Men

(Link): Number of ‘Lonely, Single’ Men is on the Rise as Women with Higher Dating Standards Look for Partners Who are ‘Emotionally Available, Good Communicators, and Share Similar Values’, Says Psychologist

(Link): Dear Abby: I (Older, Single Man) Gave Up Dating Women, and 30 Years Later, I’m Lonely

(Link): Bitter, Frustrated 22 Year Old Male Virgin and Member of Men’s Rights / PUA Groups Kills Several Women Because He Couldn’t Get Dates – what an entitled sexist doof

Funny how I seldom see other conservatives mocking such men as the ones mentioned in those news articles for being single and lonely.

If anything, when these topics and news reports of men “falling behind” in culture are brought up, both conservative men and women rush to the men’s defense, to pity them and portray men in culture as being victims.

Often times, such conservatives who paint men as a group as being victims blame women for the men’s victim status, or else, they blame feminism or feminists, for the failings of men – it is so hypocritical and laughable.

By the way, as a conservative, I’ve also noticed that any time a new study or news story is published about men being single and lonely, that conservatives such as (but not limited to) Tucker Carlson will offer very understanding, compassionate, nuanced examinations about these shifts in culture leaving men out in the cold, and how society has supposedly let men down.

Carlson especially likes to invite on conservative women guest speakers on to his television program on Fox News who back Carlson up on this issue, and these women cluck in worry over those poor, poor, single men who are allegedly being kept down and single by a supposedly “feminized” culture of raving, men-hating feminists.

However, if women are under discussion – let’s say there’s a study or news story about women finding it difficult finding suitable marriage partners to marry, or what have you – those very same conservatives who pity men will revoke deep, thoughtful, compassionate analysis to instead snigger in contempt that, “feminism has made you women miserable, ha ha ha, look how  you’ve traded the bliss of family and marriage to being chained to a corporate desk! Ha ha, it’s so wonderful to see single and childless women suffering!”

The culture-wide problems that men face and the ones that women face are treated completely differently by such conservatives, with pity and empathy (and lots of excuses and justifications) being made for the failings or sadness of men,
while women, on the other hand, get roasted, demonized, mocked, and criticized, often for things and problems that they actually did not bring about, but are blamed for anyhow.

I see this phenomenon come up quite often by Tucker Carlson, Matt Walsh, sometimes Ben Shapiro, Candace Owens, and so on.

The men always get a pass, and always get rationalizations and lots of hugs, kisses, and reassurances, and the men’s failings get blamed on women, or on feminism, while the women, on the other hand, usually (wrongly), get blamed for problems they did not create, and they get ridiculed or criticized, too.

I never married, and I’m in my 50s now. I never had children. I broke up with the man I was engaged to around my mid-30s.

Before I resume talking about my own personal  situation, let me address the “single cat lady” insult I see pop up often when conservatives and incels are ridiculing single women…

The Sexist Cat Lady Trope – How About The Single, Lonely Men Who Will Die Alone Cuddling Their Stuffed Toy Shark or Their Sex Robot Wife?

I do not own any pet cats 😺 at this time, either.

The “you’ll die alone with cats!” or “I bet you own 35 cats!” trope aimed at single or childless women needs to die and go away already.

Speaking of the cat lady living alone trope.

I’ve noticed that a lot of single, lonely men are into video games and porn sites, so why do I never see sexist conservatives chortling at single, lonely men, and saying, “You single men will die alone with your Play Station or X-Box video game unit on, ha ha ha.”

A lot of transwomen (biological incel men who cannot get dates) buy a toy stuffed shark. They sometimes photograph themselves cuddling the toy sharks online. (Article from News Week: (Link): How the IKEA Shark [Blåhaj] Became a Trans Icon)

Why do I never see conservatives make an insult out of that, as in, “Ha ha, you pathetic Trans-maxxers, you’ll die alone, cuddling your toy shark!! How does it feel to trade Fatherhood and Marriage in for being chained to a corporate desk, sucker?”

Some single, lonely men I’ve seen discussed online, in news stories, collect or own at least one “anime” type doll that they cuddle. Some of these anime dolls are life-size.

I have news stories on this blog of men who actually bought a sex robot (or sex doll), and they consider the sex robot to be their wife or girlfriend.

Please, let’s not pretend as though this is normal:

(Link): ‘Fictosexual’ Man Married Hologram Bride, But Now Struggles to Bond With Her

Why are single women mocked by sexists and conservatives as being lonely, desperate “cat ladies,” yet never a peep is said by these same people about lonely, desperate, incel or weirdo men, who buy sex robots, sex dolls, anime dolls, or shark toys?

Why are there no snarky rejoinders and degrading stereotypes about these lonely, single men dying alone with their porn sites, shark toys, anime dolls, or sex robots?

See also (on this blog):
(Link): Police: 150 Starving Cats Discovered in NY House Where Presumably Married Couple is Found Dead – (Time To Stop With the “Single Cat Lady Will Die Alone But For the Cats” Sexist Trope, Thanks)


As I was saying above, I’ve arrived in middle age, still never having married – but no, I do not own a pet cat.

I never met the right guy after I broke off the engagement to my ex; churches I attended had more women than men, and the single men present were either far too young or far too old for me.

The dating sites I tried at the time were filled with weirdos and perverts, even the ones who claim on their dating profiles to be Christian. Most of the time, the dating sites I was a paid member of claimed that they couldn’t find me any matches.

I was very ambivalent about having children.

I decided while I was in my 20s the only way I’d get pregnant and have a kid is if I got married first, and then had a kid by the time I was age 35.

I decided that if I didn’t get married around my late 20s to early 30s, that age 35 was my own personal cut-off age for having children. (Meaning, that even had I gotten married by age say, 36, 38, or 42, no, I was not going to have children.)

Now, I’m not exactly sure what label would be applicable to me on that score, because I was not purely “childfree” over the course of my entire life.

I only determined to be childfree, you might say, if I wasn’t able to have a baby by the age of 35, so I decided that I’d became childfree at age 36.

I was brought up in the Southern Baptist church and exposed to a lot of Protestant evangelical teachings, attitudes, and materials containing standard Christian dating advice, or “how to get married” advice, in the 1980s and a bit into the 1990s.

None of that Christian advice was helpful, and the teaching didn’t come true – I wrote more about that here:

(Link): Christians Advise Singles To Follow Certain Dating Advice But Then Shame, Criticize, or Punish Singles When That Advice Does Not Work

I had really expected and had hoped to be married by my mid-30s at the latest.

When that didn’t happen, I began to panic a little and become upset. I went on to a few Christian forums or blogs around that time and took my confusion and alarm with me.

The responses I got from Christians were mostly insensitive, victim-blaming, and filled with anger at me.

I had Christians hiss at me in anger on those forums and blogs back in my mid to late 30s comments similar to the following:

“How dare you! How. dare. you. How dare you act like God OWES you! How dare you think God is obligated to send you a spouse just because you followed the rules!”

Well, as I pointed out to such insensitive ass hats and dimwits, I was taught from childhood in the Baptist churches, and in the evangelical content I was exposed to as I was growing up, that following the rules (e.g., praying, trusting God, being “good,” waiting patiently, etc) would ensure that in due time, that yes, God would send me a wonderful Christian husband.

That is how I was raised to believe; it was not “entitlement” on my part.

If you must fault someone, fault the Baptists and evangelicals who promote that dismal, inept dating and marital teaching to kids and teens, not the adults who were exposed to such teaching as kids and who are understandably confused, hurt, and bewildered when, despite following the rules they were taught to follow by their church, they’re STILL single past the age of 35.

At any rate, when marriage didn’t happen for me by my late 30s, I was sad about it at that time. I found “Valentine’s Day” painful or annoying for years afterwards.

However, by the time I got to around my mid-40s, and certainly by my late 40s, I had made peace with being single.

I accepted by that time that for whatever reason (Christians have no clue and no answers for me on this) the fact that one of my life goals and dreams did not come to pass, and it may never come to pass, even though I had prayed and trusted God for it (as Christians taught me to do) for years.

I’m now okay with that. I’m okay now with being single. I learned to accept and to enjoy my life as it is presently.

Bogus Teaching: Gift of Singleness / Gift of Celibacy

And no, I do not have the “Gift of Singleness.” I have a Libido, but for various reasons (which  I explained in older posts on this blog), I don’t act on it. And no, I do not have the “Gift of Celibacy.”

There is no such thing as the Gift of Singleness or Gift of Celibacy – not as taught by Baptists and other denominations.

If one does not do so, if one does not accept one’s reality as it is, then one expends a lot of time ruminating over past regrets, worrying about the future, which means one isn’t enjoying the present.

I don’t want to arrive at 60 or 70 years of age, look back, and say, “Wow, I didn’t enjoy life for 20+ years! I spent all those years feeling upset, sad, and disappointed over something that didn’t happen.”

Victim Mentality

I do not want to fall into, or stay in, a victim mentality, not for being single or childless, or for whatever else.

My fellow conservatives often decry liberals and progressives for having or fostering a victim mentality, and yet, hypocritically and strangely, they simultaneously seem to want women who are single and childless to think of themselves as victims who are missing out on life because they don’t have a spouse and don’t have children.

I am not going to waste each day of my life stewing in regret, pain, anger, or sadness because I never did marry or have a child.

I have come to terms that I did not marry, though I had wanted to be married, and I’ve been enjoying my life in spite of it.

I overcame the disappointment and hurt years ago. I have moved on. My happiness, meaning, identity, and inner peace are not contingent on getting married or being a mother.

Accomplished Without the Christian Faith

This is something I accomplished on my own, by the way.

I am not saying that to brag, but more out of confused amazement that the faith didn’t bring me the peace, and peace over a life goal that didn’t come to pass, that I was taught it would, should, or could.

Me eventually coming to peace about being single, though having wanted marriage for years previously, was not done suddenly, nor supernaturally by God, nor in or by the Christian faith.

I’ve not exactly rejected Jesus, but I don’t know that I fully consider myself a Christian, either; I’ve been in a faith crisis for several years now, and I don’t know how to describe my current beliefs about Christianity, though I can tell you that I am not an atheist.

I actually found Christians and the Christian faith un-helpful in my journey to accept my singleness.

There were little to no affirming voices out there on these issues.

There were only marriage- and motherhood-promoting zealots like Abby Johnson, Matt Walsh, Al Mohler, Mark Regnerus, and other conservatives, and the many marriage and motherhood promoting preachers, who shame women for being single or for being childless, who depict singleness or childless as being a second-class status.

Christians and secular conservatives acted as impediments and obstacles to me in me trying to come to terms with being single into middle-age.

They sure didn’t help me arrive at my present stage of acceptance and contentment. I had to arrive here by working on myself, and I did not do so through prayer, trusting Jesus, going to church, or reading the Bible.

I wouldn’t exactly say I had a “victim mentality” at any point of my journey, but I could see how others in a similar position could fall into that.

Marriage and Parenthood Aren’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be, As Advertised by Other Conservatives – Makes You Re-Consider

As I’ve gotten older, have obtained more life experience – and hence, more wisdom – I am now questioning if I still want marriage any more.

I’ve not entirely rejected the notion, don’t get me wrong, but I’m far more aware now of how toxic marriage can be, i.e., if you marry an abusive person, and how much better it is to be single than to marry an abusive or self absorbed individual.

(My ex fiance, who I was in a long term relationship with, was incredibly self-absorbed, so I have a small taste of what it would be like to marry a horrible person.)

Marriage (as I’ve pointed out numerous times on this blog and on Twitter) is not a guarantee of happiness, contentment, and inner peace, and neither is parenthood.

I’m not arguing that being single and childless are guarantees of non-stop happiness for every one all the time, either – but I’m not the one making a claim like that and never did.

It’s the other conservatives who are always insisting that marriage and parenthood make people and society better, that you cannot be happy or truly fulfilled or find purpose until you marry and have children, and they’re always advancing the rhetoric that singleness and the state of being childless is a miserable one.

News stories and advice columns like the following, of people who admit to being in lonely, loveless, or abusive marriages, or who regret parenthood, really opened my eyes and made me realize that I’m not missing out on anything:

(Link): Dear Abby – She Wants A Divorce From the Husband Who Hid His Vulnerable Narcissism (Emotional Abuse, Extreme Pessimism, Victim Mentality, etc) While They Were Dating

(Link): Woman Says She is Lonely in Marriage to Husband Who Ignores Her in Favor of His Job, Watching TV, etc.

(Link): Dear Abby: “My Kids Never Call or Visit Me” – Your Adult Children Do Not Owe You Friendship and Won’t Visit You When You Are Elderly: Readjust Your Expectations, Parents

(Link): Man Paid to Have His Wife Killed Over Lack of Sex: Lawyers – Husband Also Had Hitman Kill the Man’s Pet Pug Dogs, Beat Dogs to Death With a Hammer

Being single and childless as long as I have really has opened my eyes to just how much Christians have deified marriage and parenthood and placed far, far too much importance on both:

(Link):  Are Marriage and Family A Woman’s Highest Calling? by Marcia Wolf – and other links that address the Christian fallacy that a woman’s most godly or only proper role is as wife and mother

I actually began noticing by my mid-30s, when I began attending a local Baptist church for a couple of years, and I walked in still single and childless, how “nuclear family” obsessed that church was (and then later, I began noticing how nuclear- family- obsessed most all other churches, Christians, and secular conservatives are as well).

At that Baptist church I went to in my mid-30s, there were regular sermons preached about parenting and marriage. There were fliers on bulletins around the church building advertising marriage retreats, nuclear- family- related pot lucks, and so forth.

I recall thinking in my mid-30s while attending that church, “Do still-single, divorced, widowed, and childless adults like me not count? Does this church not acknowledge that people like me exist? Why is there nothing on the bulletin boards about and for single or childless adults? Why is everything for married people and parents?”

For me, the time I found it painful and tough to be single was from around my mid 30s into my mid 40s. I personally never really cared too much if I ever had a baby or not.

By the time I got to my mid 40s, with each passing year, and learning to change how I think about my life, I grew to accept and make peace with my single status.

I don’t sit around weeping or feeling empty because I don’t have a spouse (nor children). I take each day as it is, and I enjoy each day.

Other Conservatives Apparently Want Women Such As Myself to Be Endlessly Depressed Over Being Single, Childless

However, I find it disturbing that there are excessively pro-parenthood, pro-marriage conservatives out there who seemingly would prefer me to be miserable, suicidal, depressed, forlorn, about being childless and single into middle-age.

That is just abhorrent.

You have to be unnaturally, abnormally fixated on the concepts of marriage and parenthood to the degree that you actually TAKE DELIGHT in the idea that another adult who didn’t marry or have children (for whatever reason, choice or circumstance) may be unhappy in that state, or that they may die alone.

If it brings you pleasure to think that single, childless women are secretly miserable single and childless, or that we may die alone, you may be sociopathic, sadistic, narcissistic, or psychopathic, and you strongly need to re-evaluate why you have elevated marriage and parenthood to such an absurd, extreme, strange degree.

I don’t need to have a spouse or children to be happy, to have purpose,  meaning, or identity.

The Bible I was raised to believe in sure does not teach that happiness, identity, meaning and purpose is accomplished through marriage or parenthood.

Jesus of Nazareth never married or had children, and he actually stressed the importance of spiritual family above biological family (see Matthew 12:46-50 and Matthew 10:37,38 for more).

Jesus taught that there will be no marriage in the afterlife. The apostle Paul says in 1 Corinthians 7 that marriage brings many troubles in this life and that it’s a distraction from service to God.

Conservatives should be supportive of any adult realizing that her value, joy, and meaning can remain intact even if she doesn’t get married or have children – not acting incredulous, insulting, or disappointed about it.

It’s really gross, disturbing, sexist, and ageist for conservatives to insult women who are at peace with being single or childless, to taunt them by saying things like, “you will die all alone, you will only be surrounded by your pet cats, when you’re old.” 

It’s not only abhorrent, but it goes to show a weak point in your world view, if you think the only way you can convince a woman to marry or have children is to use fear-mongering and scare her into it.

My mother died alone in the early hours of the morning in a nursing facility, by the way.

My mother was meant to be at the care facility for about a week and then sent back home, but she died after only having been there for a day or two.

My Mom’s spouse (my father) and her children (myself and my siblings) were not with my Mom when she passed away. She didn’t even have any nursing staff with her when she passed.

So, news flash to Matt Walsh and other conservatives who shame women for being single and childless, and who feel grossly and weirdly down-right giddy imagining single, childless women dying alone: you can be married with children and still die all alone. 

And you know, it’s not your place to convince women, or men, to marry and have children, just as it’s not the place of progressives to dissuade women or men from marrying and having children.

Anyway, my observation from the responses of the Tucker Carlsons, Abby Johnsons, Al Mohlers, and Matt Walshes and other conservatives, is the flip side to them being outraged or upset with women being happy or fine over being single and childless is that they must want us single and childless women to be miserable and depressed instead.

Such excessively pro-Nuclear Family conservatives must want us single and childless women feeling deep despair every day, curled into a ball, weeping, and seeing a psychiatrist for a Prozac prescription, and then going on to discuss our misery over being single and childless on social media.

It really bothers these people that women such as myself are really okay with being single and childless and don’t spend our time lamenting and regretting it, but simply enjoying our lives day to day.

These super, hyper pro-Nuclear Family conservatives really need to stop insulting women for being single and childless, and for being okay and happy with being single and childless, AND for mentioning on social media that they’re okay with it.

The Double Standard

For years and years, I have seen other conservatives constantly propagandizing, promoting, discussing, and celebrating motherhood and marriage on their social media accounts, their television shows, and so forth –
– but they don’t want women who cannot or do not want children to publicly discuss their contentment at NOT being married or for NOT being mothers. It’s a disgusting double standard.

Just because a single and childless woman makes a TikTok video or tweet mentioning how she’s happy being single and childless is not an excuse to respond by shaming, demonizing, or criticizing that woman.

A woman publicly celebrating her singleness or childless life is not a judgement against your marriage, your parenthood, or your nuclear family, but so many conservatives oddly take a “pro singleness” or “pro childless” sentiment put forth by single, childless women as attacks on their conservative, married-parents life choice.

A married person with children is more than welcome to be content and thrilled with being married and having children – and goodness knows many of you conservatives constantly publicly yak about how GREAT it is to be married with kids – but this is a two way street:
single and childless adults also have a right to openly discuss how they are enjoying their lives without a spouse or children, and they should be able to do so without being insulted, shamed, or mocked for it.

Single and childless women discussing how they enjoy their single and childless life is not an automatic, de facto attack on your family, kids, or marriage, so you don’t have to interpret it as such.

Stop attacking women with ageist, sexist, “cat lady” taunts and insults – all for merely being open with their feelings about being okay with being single and childless.

The fact that so many conservatives and sexist incel men types are so outraged, cynical, and bitter over single, childless women being happy, and not being depressed, reveals way more about those persons than it does the single, childless adults they ridicule.


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Below – suitable headline for this post, based off the one below:
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(Link): Killer Dad Yanked Son’s Teeth Out With Pliers, Gave Him Coal For Christmas and Raped Him To Death With Stick

(Link): Boy, Age 2, Dies After Father Stole $150,000 Raised for Treatment and Blew It On Hookers, Liquor, Drugs and Hotels

(Link): Mom Blows $10K on Veneers, Botox While Refusing Kids’ Christmas Gifts

(Link): When Your Personal, Private Choices Enrage Others by Bella DePaulo (Regarding People Who are Single and/or Childfree)

(Link): Really, It’s Okay To Be Single – In order to protect marriage, we should be careful not to denigrate singleness – by Peter Chin

(Link): Christian Complementarian Owen Strachan Pushing “the Nuclear Family” Narrative – Unfortunately. (The Bible Does Not Prescribe The Family or Marriage as Cures for Individual or Societal Sin)

(Link): The Irrelevancy To Single or Childless or Childfree Christian Women of Biblical Gender Complementarian Roles / Biblical Womanhood Teachings

(Link):   Married Woman Says She’s Lonely Because Her Husband Works All The Time

(Link): What You Lose When You Gain a Spouse – What if marriage is not the social good that so many believe and want it to be? by M. Catron

(Link): Coronavirus: Even Married People With Children Die All Alone

(Link): Otherhood – An overlooked demographic – the Childless, Childfree Women & Singles Especially Women Who Had Hoped to Marry and Have Kids But Never Met Mr. Right (links)

(Link): Tokophobia – Too Afraid To Have A Baby by A. Lauretta

(Link): Alpha Females Part 1 – Nothing New Under the Sun. Conservative Women Keep Issuing Same Sexist, Unhelpful Dating And Marital Advice to Women

(Link): Why I Have Zero Regrets About My Childless Life by C. Zacharek

(Link): Inside the Growing Movement of Women Who Wish They’d Never Had Kids by S. Treleaven

(Link): Singles Advocate DePaulo Responds to Right Wing, Conservative Critics of Singlehood, Who Blame Singles For Breakdown of The Family

(Link): Gender Complementarianism – A General Response – from a Former Gender Complementarian Who Is Still A Conservative

(Link):  Husband-Hunting is the Worst Part of a Christian Upbringing – Christianity Made Me Obsessed with Finding a Husband – by B. Ramos

(Link): Abused Baby Boy Is Fitted With Artificial Anus ‘After His Parents Inflicted Horrific Injuries on the Six-Week-Old Child For Sexual Gratification’, German Prosecutors Claim

(Link):  Mother says in interview: ‘I wish I’d aborted the son I’ve spent 47 years caring for’

(Link): Men Become ‘Invisible’ And Lose Sex Appeal At 39 – Article from Daily Caller

(Link):  Dudes, Stop Putting Women in the Girlfriend-Zone

(Link): Online Dating: Women Want Younger Men (article)

(Link): Married South Dakota Couple (who are also Parents) Die of Cancer Hours Apart on the Same Day – Marriage Doesn’t Guarantee Happiness, Great Health

(Link):  Single Adult Christian Pressured Into Marriage by Her Church – And Regrets It

(Link): Dear Abby – She Wants A Divorce From the Husband Who Hid His Vulnerable Narcissism (Emotional Abuse, Extreme Pessimism, Victim Mentality, etc) While They Were Dating

(Link):  Seven Reasons Why It’s Hard To Be Single In The Church by Sarah The Barge

(Link): Family as “The” Backbone of Society? – It’s Not In The Bible

(Link): Is Singleness A Sin? by Camerin Courtney

(Link): My Marriage Broke Down Around Age 30 — And So Did Most of My Friends’ Relationships by E. Woods

(Link): Christians: Please Stop Telling Singles that Their Singleness is “For God’s Glory” /  Owen Strachan’s “Being Single To Bring God Glory” Essay

(Link): ‘Why Are You Single’ Lists That Do Not Pathologize Singles by Bella DePaulo  

(Link):   Pat Robertson Feigns Ignorance At Allegations He’s Been Insensitive Towards Older Single Christian Women Who Cannot Find Marriage Partners

(Link):  Celibate Christian Woman Asks Christian Host (Pat Robertson) Why God Will Not Send Her a Husband

(Link):  Consider The Source: Christians Who Give Singles Dating Advice Also Regularly Coach Wives to Stay in Abusive Marriages

(Link):  How the Dating Scene Became Stacked Against Women

(Link):  Stop Telling Your Single Friends to Try Dating Sites – Please. 

(Link):  Ever Notice That Christians Don’t Care About or Value Singleness, Unless Jesus Christ’s Singleness and Celibacy is Doubted or Called Into Question by Scholars?

(Link): The Bible Does Not Teach Christians to “Focus On The Family” – The Idolization of Family by American Christians (article)

(Link): Study: Couples Without Children Have Happier Marriages / Study: Having Kids Ruins Your Life

(Link): Sorry, but being a mother is not the most important job in the world by Catherine Deveny

(Link): Widows and Childless and Childfree Have Better Well Being Than Married Couples and Parents says new study

(Link): Salvation By Marriage Alone – The Over Emphasis Upon Marriage (and “family”) by Conservative Christians Evangelicals Southern Baptists

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