Police: 150 Starving Cats Discovered in NY House Where Presumably Married Couple is Found Dead – (Time To Stop With the “Single Lady Will Die Alone But For the Cats” Sexist Trope, Thanks)

Police: 150 Starving Cats Discovered in NY House Where Presumably Married Couple is Found Dead – (Time To Stop With the “Single Cat Lady Will Die Alone But For the Cats” Sexist Trope, Thanks)

Though I am a conservative and am not a feminist, I detest sexism, have been on the receiving end of it, and I notice that sexism exists in American culture – especially among some conservatives and bitter, jaded MGTOW and MRAs who are still torn up that their wives dumped them for their abuse or neglect.

It’s common for sexist idiots online to use sexist and ageist insults against single women, such as using the ageist phrase “hit the wall” (women don’t have expiration dates)  and to laugh at women who are single, and to mock those single women that they will die alone with many cats. crazyCatLadyActionFigure

Here we have a news story about a dead couple (a man and a woman), who police say they believe to be married, who died in a house filled with 100+ cats.

Hey, there married people:
You may die with your spouse along with your many cats!

How does it feel to turn that sexist anti-single slur against married men and women now? I think it feels great. Married people will die only with their spouse and their hundreds of cats, those pathetic losers, ha ha ha! See where family values gets you? Ha ha ha ha ha.

Sometimes, though, married people die alone, apart from their spouse (and not even with any pet cats near), see examples below in this post under “Related Posts.”

(Link):  150 starving cats discovered in NY house where couple is found dead

February 3, 2023
by Amanda Woods

More than 100 famished cats were discovered living in squalor inside a Westchester County hoarding house where a man and woman were found dead this week, officials said.

Police were conducting a welfare check on the residents at the request of a family member inside the Cordial Road home in Yorktown Heights Monday when they were confronted with 150 cats living in filth.

The felines were trapped in every room of the home, including the walls and ceilings, Yorktown Police and the SPCA Westchester said.

Cops were unable to clear the scene until the SPCA’s rescue team removed most of the cats from the “small dilapidated home,” according to the animal protection agency.

The deceased homeowners were not immediately identified by police, but are believed to have been husband and wife.

Police said they did not suspect foul play, but the probe into the deaths was being hindered by “the sheer volume of cats inside of the residence,” Yorktown Police Chief Robert Noble said in a statement

The cats are all Abyssinian mixes who appear to have suffered “years of neglect,” the organization said.

Many of the cats were pregnant – including one that was in such distress that she gave birth on the way to the SPCA’s rescue center.

The felines were suffering from upper respiratory, eye and skin infections, malnutrition, dehydration – and some had “more severe injuries that require immediate medical attention,” the SPCA said.

All of the cats were starving and likely hadn’t had anything to eat or drink in days.

While about 100 cats were removed from the home, the rest “remain in the home because local shelters are at capacity and the residence is the safest place for them,”t Noble said.

Volunteers are feeding them and providing water.

The SPCA Westchester is calling the rescue the largest in its history.

The cats’ veterinary care and rehabilitation is expected to cost more than $40,000 and the SPCA is asking for donations.

As for the deceased homeowners, the Westchester County Medical Examiner’s office will officially determine both causes of death.

“Collectively, we determined that the death does not appear to be the result of foul play,” the police chief added. “However, no death not of natural causes is inherently suspicious.”
—-  end —-

You too could end up dying with a partner in a loveless, horrible, emotionally abusive marriage in a house full of 150 cats! Har dee har har!


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