Teacher Manipulated 5th Grade Student Into Changing Her Gender Identity Without Parents’ Consent – Which Drove Her to Consider Suicide, Lawsuit Claims

Teacher Manipulated 5th Grade Student Into Changing Her Gender Identity Without Parents’ Consent – Which Drove Her to Consider Suicide, Lawsuit Claims

(Link): NY teacher forced girl, 9, to use male pronouns — causing suicidal thoughts: suit

(Link): Teacher Allegedly Forced Girl To Use Male Pronouns, Causing Student To Be Suicidal, Lawsuit Says

(Link): New York teacher ‘manipulated’ fifth-grade student into changing gender without parents’ consent – which drove her to consider suicide, lawsuit claims

February 28, 2023

A New York teacher is being sued for allegedly manipulating a fifth-grade girl into changing gender without her parents’ consent.

The nine-year-old child, who was taught by Debra Rosenquist at Terryville Road Elementary School in Long Island, identifies as a girl but was being called a boy’s name and given male pronouns in class.

The damning lawsuit claims that Rosenquist started calling the fifth-grader ‘Leo’ and using he/him pronouns in class in October 2021 – unbeknownst to the girl’s parents.

It was only months later in January 2022 – when the girl was caught drawing a picture of a suicidal girl with the words ‘I wanna kill myself’ – that her parents were informed that she was being called male pronouns in school.

Rosenquist also allegedly read from LGBT books that were not on the school district’s curriculum, and told her students to ‘try being gay’ even if they were not.

The child, whose identity is being protected, then met with a district psychologist – and she told her she was confused about her gender identity.

The new revelations shocked the child’s parents – who did welcome their pre-teen daughter exploring her identity – but believed she was being forced into doing so.

(Link): Teacher Secretly Transitions 5th Grade Student, Child Becomes Suicidal

March 1, 2023
by Tierin-Rose Mandelburg

 Why can’t teachers just stick to teaching?

A Long Island teacher forced her fifth-grade student to change her name and pronouns. As a result, the child began developing suicidal thoughts, a lawsuit states.

Debra Rosenquist, a teacher at Terryville Road Elementary School, supposedly started calling the female student “Leo” and was referring to her with male specific pronouns for months.

In January 2022, nearly five-months since the start of the school year when Mrs. Rosenquist began referring to the student as Leo, the school principal called the child’s parents to let them know that the student was presenting suicidal thoughts.

Supposedly the child drew a picture of a girl and wrote “I wanna kill myself” and “I feel sad like a lot,” as (Link): New York Post pointed out. The principal also told the parents that the child had met with the school psychologist and confided that she was confused about her gender identity.

I would be too if I was in fifth grade and was told I was something that I wasn’t.

The parents were also told about the child’s name change in the same call and were fine with it as long as the child initiated the change, not the teacher. However, it’s unlikely that was the case. Supposedly the teacher had numerous complaints against her online, including that she told her students to “try being gay.” She also wrote an LGBTQ book called “I Am Neither” and assigned a book called “When Aiden Becomes a Brother” to her students.


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