California Newlyweds Abandoned During Snorkeling Trip on Their Honeymoon Forced to Swim Half Mile to Shore to Write ‘SOS’ in Sand

California Newlyweds Abandoned During Snorkeling Trip on Their Honeymoon Forced to Swim Half Mile to Shore to Write ‘SOS’ in Sand

Part of me is a little empathetic that this couple went through what they went through, but, to be honest, part of me finds this a little amusing, and it makes me feel a little vindicated.

Other conservatives are always bleating on and on about how marriage is so important (including Christians, who tend to ignore that Jesus never married, and Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 7 that marriage brings one troubles in this life and detracts one’s attention from serving God), and many of these people love to paint a picture of adult singleness as though it’s a horrid, awful, second class existence.

As though marriage always and automatically brings a person bliss, joy, and happiness forever more.

But I have so many stories on this blog, taken from various news outlets, that betrays those common faulty conservative views of marriage – showing how married people end up with bungled honeymoons (like this couple), or brides or grooms who die ON their wedding day, or where one spouse ends up murdering the other.

(Link): California newlyweds ABANDONED during a snorkeling trip on their Hawaiian honeymoon forced to swim half a mile to shore and write ‘SOS’ in the sand: Tour company sued for $5M after miscounting boat passengers

by Stephen M. Lepore

A Hawaii tour company is being sued for $5million because a couple claims they were left marooned in the ocean during one of the company’s snorkeling trips.

Alexander Burckle and Elizabeth Webster, from Oakland, California, booked the experience with Maui Sail Company for Lanai, a tiny island near Maui, in September of 2021 as a honeymoon.

They went on the 10am expedition from Lahaina Harbor in Maui with 42 other passengers – and were told that the boat would anchor for an hour while they swam into the ocean.

But they soon got caught up in turbulent, ‘choppy’ water’ and were unable to make their way back to the boat – after 15 minutes of struggling against the waves. The boat then deserted them – and the pair were left to swim half a mile back to safety.

‘They feared that drowning was imminent,’ the couple claimed in their lawsuit against Maui Sail.

The couple desperately tried to stay afloat but their efforts led them into even deeper, more troubled waters.

…Burckle and Webster – both experienced at snorkeling – started to make their way back to the boat after about an hour in the water.

The suit alleges that they were facing waves up to eight feet high and realized that swimming to the island of Lanai, which tour guides had advised against, was their only way to survive.

They ‘were beginning to panic and were struggling to swim in the ocean conditions,’ they added in the litigation.

Fortunately, the couple was able to get to the shore of the island but were in bad shape, claiming in the suit they were ‘fatigued and dehydrated’.

They turned to some traditional methods of getting attention for a rescue, including writing ‘SOS’ and ‘HELP’ in the island sand.

They were later found and given water and the use of phones by local Lanai residents, identified as RJ and Shra Sanches.


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