Sexism from the Right (complementarian, traditional gender role Christians), Sexism from the Left (queer theory, trans activism) – Author Discusses Christian Women Who Rail Against Complementarianism, Yet Who Won’t Combat Sexism in Progressive Gender Ideology

Sexism from the Right (complementarian, traditional gender role Christians), Sexism from the Left (queer theory, trans activism) – Author Discusses Christian Women Who Rail Against Complementarianism, Yet Who Won’t Combat Sexism in Progressive Gender Ideology

I think the title of this piece at the Christian Post was unfortunate.

When I first saw the headline go through my Twitter feed, I assumed (prior to clicking it) that it was the usual hyper-pro-male headship, complementarian type essay lambasting any woman who dares critique the obvious sexism in Christian complementarianism or patriarchy, which is not what it’s about.

My only other possible misgiving is that the author doesn’t call liberal, squishy conservative, or progressive Christian men out on this, or hold them accountable.

It’s not just the ladies who stay silent (or who ever give vocal support) to progressive gender ideology, but Christian men as well. I see them on Twitter on a somewhat regular basis doing so, both men and women.

I have much more to say below this link with excerpts, so please keep reading, even to the portion below the excerpts here:

(Link): Apostasy and the Jezebel spirit


By Kaeley Harms
March 16, 2023

Can we talk about the term ”the Jezebel spirit” for a minute?

….The fact of the matter is that the abusive placement of this label on women who do not deserve it is so commonplace that it’s become something of a dog whistle signaling misogyny – a hot-button term like “patriarchy” or “feminism” or “racist” that puts people so immediately on the defensive that it renders necessary conversation about the topic almost impossible. We’re almost better off using different terms entirely.


The grey area surfaces for me when we contend with the reality that (whatever term you want to give it), there are, in fact, a number of influential women claiming to speak for God who are guilty of everything implied by the Jezebel label. …

… Here’s the tough part, and I say this with all fear and trembling, but it needs to be said; actual Jezebeling is still happening. There are still women claiming to speak for God while championing the bondage He hates.

… Church, if you’re following faith leaders who endorse rainbow-colored oppression, if you’re following faith leaders who pretend like the ritual child sacrifice known as abortion is sanctioned by God, I hate to tell you this, but you’ve ventured over into Jezebel territory.

We cannot afford to reject the patriarchal oppression of one camp in favor of the patriarchal oppression of another.

Gender identity hates and oppresses women. Abortion hates and oppresses women. Both movements weaponize our bodies against us; they’re an assault on what is sacred about us as image-bearers.

Could there be anything more misogynistic than telling a confused 13-year-old girl that the solution to her body image issues is to chop off her healthy breasts?

I have been so perplexed in my advocacy for women in the Church by the volume of overcorrection, so (especially female) Christian faith leaders, I say this to you: If our shared goal is to restore a healthy, truly biblical view of sexuality, then it would help a whole lot if you would (at least once in awhile) draw clear lines in the sand on things like transgender ideology, which is wreaking absolute havoc on women.

Your relative silence on this stuff is making it even easier for the theobros to distrust you. They think you tacitly support it.

I get you may feel you want to stay in your lane, but by your refusal to engage this much at all, all you’re doing is lending credence to their suspicions, particularly given how apostate some denominations have gone with women leaders. If you reject the connection, then you need to say so boldly. We all do. …
— end excerpts —

I agree with the gist of what this author wrote.

I’m a conservative who despises sexism, I used to be a complementarian (but no more), and I see the sexism in complementarianism and among some conservatives – on the other hand, progressives and Democrats, with their LGBTQ beliefs and Queer Theory, are also sexist.

Both conservative and progressive LGBTQ stances regarding biological women uphold rigid, sexist, gender stereotypes.

So far as I am concerned, it is sexist (and dangerous) for biological men to be allowed in to women’s locker rooms, women’s domestic abuse centers, on to women’s sporting teams, into women’s colleges, and for biological men to be permitted into women’s bathrooms.
And I refer here to “transwomen,” that is, natal men who say they “identify as” women.
Transwomen are men, and have no more right to enter into women’s areas (such as women’s bathrooms), than do men who do not claim to be trans.

Drag Queens don’t belong in churches, not to perform in front of the congregants (yes, this has happened before).

Churches shouldn’t be holding “celebration” services to “honor” four year old children whose mothers pushed and brainwashed them into changing gender identities -doing so is enabling child abuse.

Those are all progressive causes and beliefs.

Sexism is no less damaging and abhorrent when practiced by the left than when it’s practiced by the right.

I’ve seen time and again that the vast majority of Democrats, liberals, and  progressives like to ignore sexist persons, beliefs, or practices in their own camp but only like to point out sexism from their ideological opponents (most often Republicans, conservatives, or complementarians).

And many of those on the left refuse to see how sexist “queer theory” and progressive LGBTQ views are in the first place.

I also often see that conservatives – secular and religious – often wrongly assume that anyone (especially women) who disagrees with sexism from “their” side must be a progressive or a liberal, which is tiresome and frustrating for a conservative like myself who abhors and sometimes criticizes sexism but who doesn’t identify as a feminist, nor am I pro-choice.

Going back 20 or more years, Christian gender complementarians have usually suspected or otherwise stated outright that they believe that Christians who critique and point out the flaws with complementarianism must be liberals and/or “feminists” who have “capitulated to the culture.” (Honestly, it is complementarianism that is culture based, not feminism, but that’s another topic for another day.)

Christian gender complementarians are so blinded, they cannot and will not see how much sexism undergirds their own world view and interpretation of the Bible. They really, grossly believe that God wants men to rule over women, and that it’s God’s design or intent for women to be Codependent doormats. It’s a travesty.

But to any complementarians out there: not everyone who is pointing out how sexist your biblical interpretations and practices are is a progressive, feminist, woke, a marxist, or a Democrat. Some, such as myself, are conservatives.

But I can see how those anti-sexist, Christian women out there who tweet and blog often about complementarian sexism and complementarian church abuse cover-ups could do more for their cause if they would sharply delineate, vocally and publicly, from the progressive Gender Ideology, such as transgenderism, that’s being spewed in our culture the last few years.

If you’re an anti-sexist Christian woman, it would probably help your cause more to speak up and openly declare that no, you’re not supportive of Drag Queens being allowed to do sexual performances in front of young children, you don’t support mass scale and medical transitioning of every child and teen, you don’t support biological men who say they’re women being allowed into women’s domestic violence shelters and women’s bathrooms.

If you’re an anti-sexist Christian, it would probably be a good idea for you to start denouncing progressive gender ideology, in order to shut down the suspicions of gender complementarians that you’re just a woke, progressive, neo-Marxist.

If you do so, you may find the complementarians a little more receptive in listening to your points, and it makes it harder for them to broad brush the entire group or to create strawman arguments.

It is disheartening to me to see some otherwise very capable, good women (or the occasional men) speakers who make good points against Christian gender complementarians, only to visit their blog or twitter time line and see “preferred pronouns” in their bios, of writing that conveys they support nonsense like “transwomen are women” and so forth.

I don’t think you are fully against sexism if you support progressive gender ideology; you’re still supporting a version of sexism, but one that comes from the left, not the right.


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