Conservatives With Blinders On: Upset Over Racism Against Whites, but Not Sexism; Criticizing the Woke for Ignoring Whites but Not Caring When Churches Ignore Singles and the Childless

Conservatives With Blinders On: Upset Over Racism Against Whites, but Not Sexism; Criticizing the Woke for Ignoring Whites but Not Caring When Churches Ignore Singles and the Childless

I’m a conservative, but I don’t see eye to eye with other conservatives on every subject.

I generally agree with conservative site “Not the Bee’s” takes on many, but not all issues, and I find a lot of material by their sister site, which is a parody site, “The Bee” to be amusing.

Conservative Matt Walsh is correct about the transgender issue but not much else.

I notice these conservatives are sometimes hypocritical or blind to their own double standards or insensitivities. Here are a few of them I’ve picked up on lately.

The same Babylon Bee (and its associated, non-parody site, Not The Bee) sometimes take pot shots at, or mock, transwomen.

These conservative sites don’t agree with biological men who identify as women being allowed on to women’s sports teams and so forth, which I agree with them on.

However, oddly, the rest of the time, these two “Bee” sites (and other similar conservatives) like to make sexist jokes about women or treat Women’s History Month like a joke, as does Matt Walsh.

These conservative groups will condemn sexism in very narrow situations, when it’s carried out by progressives, but then they spend the remainder of their time either making sexist jokes about women too, or spreading and defending sexist gender stereotypes – which is what the far left does.

Sandwiches, Racism, and Sexism

Take this Not the Bee tweet and article for example (their tweet for this was time stamped 3:25 PM · Mar 21, 2023):

(Link): Here’s a hilarious thread of 28 everyday things that have now been labeled racist– Not The Bee site, article by Jesse James, March 21, 2023

On that list is included Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches.

(Snopes will dispute that such a claim was ever made by the woke, but I read the article in which the claim first appeared, and yes, the woke were implying that PB&J sandwiches are racist. It wasn’t stated as bluntly as the dumb dumbs at Snopes would prefer, but it was in there.)

Like the Not the Bee site, I too find it laughable to classify PB&J sandwiches racist. I do think the woke go over-board with insisting we all see “white supremacy” and racism in every facet of life.

That is not where I disagree.

It’s that the writers of the non-parody site take objection to that conflation of racism and sandwiches, but their parody site, earlier that same day, made a joke  at the expense of women, using a sexist trope uttered by sexist men at women: “Make me a sammich,” or “women are only good for making sandwiches.”

(Link): 10 Iconic Milestones In Women’s History – via The Babylon Bee

(The content of that page is very patronizing, consisting of a list of photos of sandwiches, in one, a woman’s hand can be seen spreading mayo on bread, with comments below each photo saying things like, “Behold the accomplishments of women, is there anything women can’t do.”)

I’m supposed to find that funny… and I do have a sense of humor… but no, I don’t find that funny.

Their tweet for the above was time stamped 2:51 PM · Mar 21, 2023 – that’s just about 34 minutes the same day before they sent a tweet to an article on their non-parody site expressing incredulity over progressives deeming PB&J sandwiches racist.

I’m fairly sure that the non-parody Bee site ridiculed Hershey’s chocolate company for using a man as their spokeswoman for their “HERshe’s” candy bars to promote Women’s History Month. Which again says The Bee writers are fine with conservatives insulting women but not progressives.

If I can find it, I’d like to add their tweet (I think it was by “Not the Bee”) where they were criticizing the Air Force or whomever for introducing their first all-women pilot team.

I did a quote tweet where I asked them considering that women were not welcome in such fields (and certainly not combat positions) for years, why were they getting upset about acknowledging an all-female flight crew (whether it was civilian or military)?

Men often get encouraged to enter such professions, but women, usually not.

We women are often taught to stay home, get married, make a baby, and yes, make sandwiches for men – which is one reason why one sees so many corporations, companies, and the military tweeting out the accomplishments of women in the first place, duh, idiots at Babylon Bee and Not the Bee and Matt Walsh and other anti-woke conservatives.

Men and men’s interests and accomplishments and acknowledging them have been the standard going back since the founding of the nation.

That’s also why we have a “black history month.”

I’m not a woke or a progressive, but I am one conservative who can see how most of American history defaulted to “let’s acknowledge white people’s accomplishments, especially by white MEN.”

This is one area where I can see something that a lot of other conservatives miss.

I can see the need to publicize the accomplishments of blacks or women, since they were held back by racism and sexism for so long and only white males were credited, given attention, encouraged to be assertive, go after their own dreams in life, etc.

(That I see some of these issues does NOT mean I want to scrap meritocracy for equity and marxism, however. This doesn’t mean I want to read sexism and racism into absolutely everything, as so many progressives do.)

Their conservative writers are offended by progressives suggesting that PB&J sandwiches are a racist invention of white people, but they’re fine with demeaning women by insulting them using very tired sexist jokes about sandwiches.

This is just very inconsistent and hypocritical.

And I sometimes see sexist, secular men and “theo bros” complementarian dudes use those types of insults in all seriousness – they are not joking around – when lashing out against women online.

I’ve had sexist men online, when I’ve politely spoken up to disagree with them about something, retort by telling me to “go make a sammich.”

I’ve had that type of “sandwich” comment directed at me by men where they were being very serious about it; it was not intended as a cute joke for me to laugh off.

Of course, sometimes both groups of sexist men make far worse insults, like thinking it’s appropriate to tell women they disagree with online that “I hope you get raped,” or to ignore the obvious – that King David, yes, raped Bathsheba, to keep suggesting that women who wear short skirts or who are out late “asked” to be raped, etc.

So, the people who run the Babylon Bee and the Not the Bee sites and Twitter accounts object to the progressives, the far left, and the woke associating PB&J sandwiches with racism, but they’re fine (on their satire account) associating making sandwiches with sexism – and during women’s history month, no less.

But just several months ago, the guys at The Babylon Bee made this tweet ridiculing progressives for ridiculing women: (Link): Cultural Appropriation is Wrong Says Dude In A Dress.

I guess the workers at “The Bee” sites think demeaning women by using sexist jokes is a-okay, so long as it’s done from a conservative stance, not a progressive one.

A few days ago, Not The Bee and commentator Matt Walsh were upset that some woke college was refusing to acknowledge white students.

I believe Matt Walsh also tweeted about this, or something similar, and if I can find Walsh’s tweet, I’d like to add it.

If I recall correctly, Walsh and Not The Bee writers were angry or offended that this school was omitting whites, failing to acknowledge the accomplishments of white students, to only honor or recognize black or LGBTQ students.

All of which I find incredibly ironic, considering that Walsh and Not the Bee sites are fond of over-emphasizing “the nuclear family,” marriage and parenthood, to the point that Walsh made sexist and ageist jokes about childfree and television personality Chelsea Handler about a month ago
(more about that here: (Link: The Chelsea Handler Childless Woman Upset: Other Conservatives Wrongly Conflating Married Motherhood with Womanhood or with Happiness, Meaning, or Purpose).

(Link): Michigan’s Grand Valley State University to hold 5 separate graduation ceremonies segregated by race, LGBTQ identity   – via Not The Bee site


by Harris Ribby – [for Not The Bee]
March 21, 2023

Schools are now segregating their graduation ceremonies by race and sexuality because everything woke turns to… you know the rest.

Grand Valley State University up in Michigan sent out this email detailing the different ceremonies celebrating all of the GVSU graduates unless they happen to be straight and white.
— end excerpts —

Like I said, I believe that Matt Walsh also tweeted about this, and commented how it was wrong, but it was failing to acknowledge white students.

So I sent him and “Not The Bee” comments, where I pointed out that they, like many hyper- pro- nuclear family, pro- marriage churches, pastors, and denominations, only honor, celebrate and acknowledge MARRIED people who have CHILDREN.

Matt Walsh, Not the Bee writers, and many churches and denominations never acknowledge the accomplishments, milestones, let alone the mere existence of single and childless (or childfree adults),
but, they will shame childless adults for being childless, or the single for being single, and yet still demand and expect us single, childless adults to be dragged into Mandatory Celebration of Nuclear Families (and marriage and parenthood)…

It’s the same way the leftist LGBTQ groups expect everyone to participate in the Mandatory Lauding and Celebration of LGBTQ persons for being LGBTQ or black persons for being black (but never hetero sexuals or whites).

I am amazed that such anti-woke, pro-family, pro-marriage conservatives are unable to see they’re doing the very same thing that the woke do, but only in regards to other topics.

How can the Matt Walshes, and Not the Bees, and so on, criticize the Woke for demanding we all celebrate or acknowledge LGBT and POC, ignore whites and straights,
yet they themselves (the anti-woke conservatives) criticize singles for being single (or childless) and demand all us single adults, conservative or not, celebrate and acknowledge the Nuclear Family, marriage, and parenthood? It’s hypocritical.

I’m a never married, childless adult, and no, I will not participate in celebrating and acknowledging The Nuclear Family, Parenthood, and Marriage in the way and to the extent that other conservatives insist that I do.

I am not opposed to the Nuclear Family, Parenthood, and Marriage, but I sure as hell refuse to put any or all three up on a pedestal and worship them, and criticize anyone who cannot or who does not want to marry or have children, as Matt Walsh and other conservatives do.
Just as I refuse to worship or carry the “Trans Pride” flag and participate in homosexual “Pride Parades.”

God bless that hockey player who refused to put on a “LGBT” rainbow jersey the other day, due to his religious convictions. Good for him!
((Link): James Reimer: Citing Christian faith, San Jose Sharks player chooses not to wear Pride-themed jersey)

And no, I will not bow to “The Nuclear Family” or to natalism, either.

Both conservatives and progressives can get off my back, for each of their respective hobby horses they keep cramming down my throat (ie, marriage, nuclear family, LGBT celebration, CRT, etc).

And both groups can get bent when they try to shame, insult, or pressure me into bowing my knee to their respective ideologies. Not going to happen.

It’s just very disingenuous of other conservatives to see how the progressives demand society bend the knee for gays or George Floyd and they complain about that (as they should), but they also expect us all to bend the knee to marriage and baby-making.

They want the nuclear family constantly celebrated, but they ignore single, childless adults – unless one makes a video that goes viral celebrating her single and childless status, THAT gets their attention, then they go on a war path to mock single and childless adults for being single and childless – the hypocrites.

Then we have a situation where Matt Walsh (among others) was posting about this Dr. Phil clip, where a father was moved to tears and upset because his son “transitioned” to become (an ugly) woman.

Walsh said (tweet link),

Incredible narcissism. They [transgender persons] expect their loved ones to go along with the charade no matter how devastating it is for them.

So, if a single, childless adult (such as Chelsea Handler) makes a video publicly saying how content and happy she is with her single, childless life, Matt Walsh, expects her to go along with the conservative scripted charade that single, childless adults (especially women) are all supposedly sad, lonely, miserable, or will be in the future:

By the way, it was comments like the one above by Walsh and others that prompted me to later write this post a couple weeks ago:

(Link): Bizarre: Women Who Are Genuinely Fine With Being Single or Childless and Who Publicly Admit It Deeply Disturb or Infuriate Sexist Incel Types and My Fellow Conservatives, Who Want Such Women to Harbor a Victim Mindset

It looks like Walsh wants single, childless women to go along with his preconceived notions that childless, single women pushing 50 are miserable and need Prozac.

It really bugs him (and excessive pro-family conservatives like him) to think there may actually be single, childless adults who are truly enjoying their lives as single, childless adults.

I’m a never married, childless woman, and Walsh wants me to play along with his charade and stereotype that all single, childless women are just in utter, abject misery over being single and childless (I am neither sad or in misery over being single and childless).

That is Walsh’s pro-nuclear family, sexist Narcissism on display.

I’m no fan of the progressive trans activists, don’t get me wrong, because yes, most of the male ones (who play act at being women) obviously have screaming cases of pathological narcissism, and some of the women (who pretend to be men) have undiagnosed BPD.

But it’s pretty narcissistic of Walsh to expect that all women should live up to HIS ideals of what HE thinks will or can or should make women happy or fulfilled.

Ditto to Tucker Carlson and Abby Johnson, Owen Strachan, Denny Burk, Doug Wilson, etc.

If I can find them, there were a few other tweets I wanted to include. I may edit this post later to add them.

For now, I just wanted to point out how some conservatives adhere to double standards, or are blind to some of their biases.

You cannot be consistent when you complain about racism and sandwiches on the one hand but then turn around and make sexist comments aimed at women about sandwiches on the other.

You cannot complain about some woke college celebrating blacks and LGBT students but ignoring white, straight students, while you spend the rest of your tweets complaining about single, childless adults (ie, you refuse to celebrate singles, only married couples), or you complain about companies that want to celebrate or acknowledge all-female flight crews.


(Link): Critique of Federalist Editorial “There Is One Pro-Women Camp In American Politics, And It’s The Right by Elle Reynolds” – Do Federalist Magazine Members Realize There Are Single, Childless Conservative Women?

(Link): Celebrating Milestones in the Lives of Single Adults – by Anna Broadway

(Link): Tucker Carlson Has the Audacity to Blame All Women for the Actions of a Male Mass Shooter – Which is not “Based”

(Link): Men Are Actually Blaming All Women for The Misogynic Progressive ‘Transwoman’ Lunacy – and not crediting feminists who’ve been speaking out on the issue for years – Men Like Rufo and Walsh Don’t Seem to Want to Share the Credit with Women

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(Link): BreakPoint Unfortunately Pushing the False and Un-Biblical “Society Needs Marriage and the Nuclear Family” Rhetoric (and I say this as a Conservative)

(Link): Jesus Christ Removed the Stigma, Shame From Being Single and Childless – by David Instone Brewer

(Link): Why We Thought Marriage Made Us Healthier, and Why We Were Wrong by Bella DePaulo

(Link): Joy Pullman at The Federalist is At It Again: This Time, She’s Promoting ‘Bedroom Evangelism,’ Which is Not Biblical

(Link):  Muslims Use Sex Jihadis – similar strategy and view to Christian American conservatives particularly fertility cults such as Quiverfull and Reconstructionists

(Link): I’m in My 40s, Child-Free and Happy. Why Won’t Anyone Believe Me? By Glynnis MacNicol

(Link):   What Two Religions Tell Us About the Modern Dating Crisis (from TIME) (ie, Why Are Conservative Religious Women Not Marrying Even Though They Want to Be Married. Hint: It’s a Demographics Issue) 

(Link):  Husband-Hunting is the Worst Part of a Christian Upbringing – Christianity Made Me Obsessed with Finding a Husband – by B. Ramos

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(Link): Southern Baptist Al Mohler Intimates That Childless And Childfree Adults Are  Not Human (2019) – and He Thinks This is a Good and Biblical Worldview

(Link):  “Who is my mother and who are my brothers?” – one of the most excellent Christian rebuttals I have seen against the Christian idolatry of marriage and natalism, and in support of adult singleness and celibacy – from CBE’s site

(Link): Really, It’s Okay To Be Single – In order to protect marriage, we should be careful not to denigrate singleness – by Peter Chin 

(Link): Christian Patriarchy Group: God Demands You Marry and Have Babies to Defeat Paganism and Satan. Singles and the Childless Worthless (in this worldview).

(Link): What You Lose When You Gain a Spouse – What if marriage is not the social good that so many believe and want it to be? by M. Catron

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