Michigan State Shooter’s Note Released: Blames ‘Racism’, Lack of Sex, for Killings

Michigan State Shooter’s Note Released: Blames ‘Racism’, Lack of Sex, for Killings

For this guy to use “lack of sex” as an excuse is just amazing.  Sounds kind of like an Incel.

(Link): Michigan State Shooter’s Note Released: Blames ‘Racism’, Lack of Sex, for Killings

March 10, 2023
by Ben Whetmore

Today, almost a month after the fatal shooting of three Michigan State students in Lansing, Michigan and a few days after radical hard-left Democrats pass extreme gun-grabbing bills in response, (Link): the public is finally allowed to read the crazed shooter’s final thoughts.

Anthony McRae’s note that was in his pocket after shooting himself when confronted by police in Lansing, Michigan strongly goes against the official mainstream narrative about the event.

McRae had been arrested years prior on a gun charge, but the charge was pled down to a misdemeanor because, as the Soros-prosecutor Caroline Siemon has since admitted, she didn’t want to put a black man in prison. Had he been prosecuted he would not have been legally allowed to own a gun under current law. As reported by the Gateway Pundit, Anthony McRae was a left-wing progressive Democrat. …

(Link): Michigan university gunman who killed three students had threatening note in his pocket

…The gunman’s sister, Melinda McRae, expressed shock and confusion regarding her brother’s motivation for the shooting.

She told CNN that he had been socially isolated and had difficulty getting along with their parents, although they grew up in a loving household.

He had been living alone in a room in their father’s home and had a history of leaving town and struggling to keep a job, according to his sister.

…Michael McRae, aged 45, told the Detroit Free Press a day after the shooting that he had no idea what could have triggered his brother’s shooting spree.

He explained that he and his brother had grown apart over the years and did not have a close relationship.

Michael McRae, who resides in Delaware, said that the last time he spoke to his brother was at their mother’s funeral in Lansing two years ago, and the conversation was not pleasant.

…He further added that his brother had no children, spouse, or close friends. Anthony McRae worked at various warehouse jobs in Lansing and tended to keep to himself.

Michael McRae said he received news of the incident from his father on the following day.

Although the brothers had a tumultuous relationship, he said he would have never thought his brother was capable of such a violent act.

(Link): ‘People hate me’: Michigan State shooter Anthony McRae’s note highlighted other targets, mindset before crime 

March 10, 2023

EAST LANSING, Mich. (FOX 2) – Anthony McRae, the man who shot up Michigan State University last month, had a note in his pocket detailing other targets, along with a list of his emotions and mindset.

… McRae, 43, said in the letter that he was a loner and an outcast.

Police still haven’t released a motive for the shooting, but the note points to the mindset McRae was in when he decided to shoot at MSU…

(Link): MSU shooter Anthony McRae was armed thanks to Soros-aligned, far-left prosecutor

Add yet more deaths to the hideous toll inflicted by “progressives” in the law: Carol Siemon, the George Soros-aligned Ingham County prosecutor, let alleged MSU shooter Anthony McRae skate on a 2019 gun felony.

Conviction back then would’ve made it illegal for McRae to own a gun even if he wasn’t imprisoned. So Siemon has fresh blood on her hands.

The guy she released in the name of “equity” went on to terrorize an entire community with a firearm, killing at least three before taking his own life.

And these people claim to be anti-gun violence. Pathetic.


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