Massachusetts Man Unknowingly Hires Undercover Federal Agent to Kill Wife

Massachusetts Man Unknowingly Hires Undercover Federal Agent to Kill Wife

For the trillionth time on my blog: I am not a progressive, I do not hate The Nuclear Family or Marriage, but I do totally abhor how so many Christians and secular conservatives continue to maintain this FALSE promise or illusion that “the family” is necessary for society, to save it, or that marriage or parenthood will make a person more godly.

Can you imagine being a single woman who wanted to be married one day, and you supposed that the guy you would get married to would be a real Prince Charming who only had your best interest at heart, only to find out later he tried to hire a hitman to murder you?

I don’t think most women, when they daydream about getting married one day, fantasize about their husband- to- be getting them bumped off by a John Wick type of guy.

Did being married make this guy more loving, ethical, godly, or responsible? No, it sure did not. I think the article says that this guy is also a parent – he and the wife he was trying to kill had a few children together.

Maybe getting married makes people LESS godly, mature, responsible, loving, or ethical. 🤔

Do you think the guy in this news story reached a state of perfection and then God allowed him a wife? I’d say no.

If there is a God, I don’t think if God follows a directive of, “well, I cannot permit someone to marry unless they clean up their act and became a wonderful person,” as so many Christian dating advice books, articles, and blogs argue, then God would not have sent a woman into this man’s life for him to marry.

Obviously, since killer clowns like this guy are able to marry, it shows that one doesn’t have to meet some kind of criteria of godliness and great morals before God will allow that person to marry, or that sure is not true for every person.

(Link): Massachusetts man unknowingly hires undercover federal agent to kill wife

by Isabel Keane
March 19, 2023

A Massachusetts man who attempted to hire a contract killer to murder his wife had unknowingly asked an undercover federal agent to carry out the hit, authorities say.

Massimo Marenghi, 56, now faces up to a decade behind bars after pleading guilty Thursday to the murder-for-hire, the US Attorney’s Office for the District of Massachusetts said in a release.

The Malden man “complained about his wife seeking a restraining order against him” during a January 2021 meeting with an undercover FBI agent posing as a contract killer, officials said.

Marenghi later met with the undercover agent and asked him to help “eliminate” his problem as the pair “discussed a price of $10,000,” the feds said.

The hubby provided the agent with a photograph of his wife’s home and detailed how to evade surveillance cameras while carrying out the crime, they said.

During a second meeting, Marenghi gave the federal agent a $1,500 cash deposit for the murder and urged him to carry out the killing soon, authorities said.

Marenghi told the agent that the sooner the “demolition job” occurs, the quicker the hired gun would be able to pay the rest of what he owed, officials said.

While attempting to set up the murder, Marenghi gave the undercover agent various details about his soon-to-be ex-wife, authorities said.

He provided a photograph of his wife, the color, model, and license plate number on her car and the hours of operation of her work, the feds said.


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