Wife Looking for Christmas Decorations Found ‘Mummified’ Body of Her Husband in Their ‘Hoarder Home’ After He Went Missing for 8 Months

Wife Looking for Christmas Decorations Found ‘Mummified’ Body of Her Husband in Their ‘Hoarder Home’ After He Went Missing for 8 Months

Doesn’t look like marriage made this man – or I guess his wife – any happier or healthier. The articles say that the husband committed suicide and that the police do NOT suspect foul play.

(Link): Illinois woman discovers dead husband in closet months after disappearance

….Jennifer eventually found her husband’s body on December 11. She went to gather Christmas decorations in a closet and discovered his corpse.

By that point, his body advanced beyond decomposition and was mummified.

According to Rogers, mummified bodies don’t always have a strong odor, which is why it took so long to find.

(Link): Man Found Hanged in Closet 8 Months After Going Missing

Richard Maedge’s wife reported him missing in April, and found his body as she searched a hidden closet for Christmas decorations in December.

by Philippe Naughton
Published Mar. 07, 2023

An Illinois coroner has confirmed that a man reported missing last April only to be found eight months later in a hideaway closet in his own house had committed suicide.

She immediately reported him missing but a police search of the house found nothing, as did a second search after she complained about a bad smell in the building.

On Dec. 11, as she was decorating the Christmas tree, Jennifer Maedge went to look for decorations in a storage area behind a clothes cupboard under a staircase—and found her husband’s body.

“That’s when I discovered him,” she told the St. Louis Dispatch at the time. “He had committed suicide.”

That verdict was confirmed last week by the Madison County Coroner’s Office after toxicology tests and a physical examination of the mummified remains.

…One possible explanation for Maedge’s suicide was that he and Marilyn had been involved in a battle with another sister for guardianship of their dementia-stricken father, who died in August.

(Link): Illinois wife looking for Christmas decorations found ‘mummified’ body of her husband in their ‘hoarder home’ after he went missing for 8 months

by Carlos Garcia
March 8, 2023

A missing Illinois man was found by his wife “mummified” in the storage space of his “hoarder home” eight months after he went missing in 2022.

The Troy Police Department had asked for help from the public to look for 53-year-old Richard Maedge after his wife Jennifer Maedge reported him missing on the afternoon of April 27.

Police said that the man had told his wife he was leaving early for work that morning and that when he went missing, his car was at their home and his wallet and keys were left behind.

After eight months of looking for her husband, Jennifer Maedge said in December that the search was called off, and she was mourning her husband. She had gone to a storage space to look for a tote containing Christmas decorations and found his body.

A report from Madison County Coroner Steve Nonn released Thursday said that the man had died from suicide.

Kelly Rogers, the county’s chief deputy coroner, told KTVI-TV that the man’s body had decomposed to the point where it was in a state of mummification because the fluids in the body had dried up completely.

Rogers said that police had described the home as a “hoarder home” when they initially searched it looking for the missing husband.

Suicide and Crisis Lifeline is 988


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