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As a child and to adulthood, I was a Christian (in Christianese talk, this means I once “accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior”) – but have been strongly questioning my faith in the last year or so (as in 2012, 2013), so I have been flirting with agnosticism.

(Edit, May 2016: I think I may find Deism more of a fit for me than Agnosticism. I don’t know.)

I enjoy reading about and discussing a variety of topics, and intend on posting about various things (or maybe I should keep the blog focused on singlehood, marriage, and so on, I don’t know).

One of my main reasons for creating this blog was to address the topic of being single as a Christian. When I began this blog, I was in my late 30s. I so far have never been married.

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January 2013 update:

I at first thought this would be a blog to share with, or offer encouragement to, other older single Christian ladies.

As time has progressed though, I’ve become more cynical.

I’ve discovered that many things I was taught by Christian parents and leaders and Christian material is wrong about marriage and relationships, so I’ve become a little more cynical, and the blog reflects that a little – I also lost someone very close to me a few years ago (she died), and that has shaken my Christian faith a little.

I’m a pretty nice person, but I do get annoyed or upset, particularly over a handful of specific topics, and I have been using this blog when I want to blow off steam.

I do have days when I’m in a sunny, upbeat mood but I don’t often post on those occasions, so you are getting a lop sided view of my personality on this blog.

I also view this blog as a journal to sort through my feelings. Once I made up my mind a few years ago to use this blog as more of a journal to vent and less to offer encouragement to other singles, I did not think I would attract any regular readers, but I have gotten several long the way.

(edit) December 2013 


As it says on the home page of this blog, the purpose of this blog, the reason I created it is:

  • Christian Pundit Blog
    views and thoughts on topics, especially ones pertaining to christianity – with an emphasis on how most christians either ignore or discriminate against unmarried christians – and how christians have turned marriage and parenting into IDOLS and how there is no true support for sexual purity, virginity, or celibacy among christians – this is a blog for me to vent; I seldom permit dissenting views. I don’t debate dissenters.

Despite the fact I have tossed out a few suggestions in a handful of posts of how American churches can meet the needs of unmarried adults and improve their treatment of singles, the larger purpose of this blog is for me to…

  • – point out the flaws in how singlehood and childless-ness are treated by American churches,
  • -how Christian culture discriminates against singles, singlehood,
    and how Christians
  • -make an idol out of marriage and the nuclear family.

I do not blog to

1- offer definitive solutions on anything, (including how churches can treat singles better)

2- offer life advice to singles who are…
a. lonely hearts who pine for romance, who want to have a spouse or boyfriend but don’t know how to get one
(I can give you a bit of sympathy, but I am not here to play “Dear Abby” to people who want advice or never-ending hand holding),
or who
b. want to know how to “find meaning in life” as a single, or what to do with their lives so long as they are single

3 – cheer singles up about being single

I am NOT opposed to marriage. I do not hate marriage.

I want to marry one day myself.

I am, however, opposed to being treated like a second class citizen by culture and Christians until the day arrives that I do get married.


I am not necessarily in agreement with all opinions on all blogs sites, articles, or forums I link to.

I am not into global warming or environmentalism.

I am not left wing, liberal, progressive, or Democrat.

Since my teen years, I have been right wing, conservative, and a Republican, but as I grow older, I am becoming disenchanted with aspects of the right wing (but still continue to disagree with the left wing on most topics).

I do not agree with or support abortion or homosexuality or legalization of homosexual marriage.
I do not hate homosexual people themselves. (I know this seems to be a hard distinction for many of them or their liberal, hetero supporters to make, but just because I disagree with one aspect of your life or beliefs does not mean I have to totally reject you as a human being or hate your guts.)

I am not opposed to Christians, or Non Christian social conservatives, speaking out in public and voicing their views, or running for political office. That’s all fine and good.

What bothers me, especially with Christian conservatives, is that they have become entirely too fixated with politics and trying to force the rest of society to accept Christian values (and yes, the Non Christian left is the same; progressives, Democrats and liberals are trying to cram their views down our culture’s throats, and I don’t like that, either).

Nowhere does the New Testament teach that Christians are to try to “win” culture or make it “Christian.” Seems to me that Jesus Christ died on the cross to save individuals from their sin and eternity in Hell. Jesus did not give up his life to save culture, to save society, or to defend “traditional marriage.”

I do believe Christians have a right to hold whatever views they wish and to express those views without fear of reprisal or harassment in public, but, at the same time, a lot of American Christians have put way too much faith, time, and money in to politics, and they have placed politics and concern for social issues over and above the Gospel.

Instead of loving their neighbors as themselves and helping other Christians, many conservative Christians tend to spend most of their time complaining about how American cultural morality has gone down hill, how horrible Democrats are, etc. Their priorities are out of kilt.

Even though I tend to be right wing and support traditional values, over my life (and I think this is strange), I tend to attract and be close friends with people who are left wing, atheist, agnostic, pagan, wiccan, etc., and I’ve had homosexual and lesbian acquaintances.

These friends and acquaintances knew that I differed from them on politics, religion, and social concerns (such as homosexuality, abortion, and so on), but we remained friends and on good terms. I can care about someone and respect them as person without accepting or agreeing with every last facet, lifestyle choice, or view point they hold.

I updated the look of the blog on Jan 16, 2012 from the ‘Silver is the New Black’ template to the ‘Misty Ocean’ template or whatever it’s called. I got tired of seeing the stark grey/ white color scheme.
(Jan 30, 2014 update)

Please do not use my blog to sell merchandise or services. 

I’ve had more and more people lately drop by, leaving really long comments about singleness and other issues this blog covers, but they end their remark by saying,
“And oh, hey, I sell gold watches! Check out my gold watches at SuperGreatWatches .com!!,” or, “My marriage was on the rocks until I got marital counseling from Dr-Jones-Groovy-Cool-School-of-Marriage-Counseling.net!”

One lady who did this seemed genuinely nice, so I let her post be published, and I allowed the link to her online store in her post to stay up, but I don’t appreciate people using my blog to sell widgets.