Policy on Dissent

Policy on Dissent on this Blog

Because I use this blog as a public journal or sorts, it’s an area for me to vent.

I am not here to engage or debate people who have an opposing view to mine, regardless of the topic.

I am a moderator at other forums and blogs, where dissent is permitted.

Because I spend time debating with people at other places on the internet, I have no desire to do so here. That is why I will rarely permit dissenting posts and views to be published on this blog.

If you are extremely polite and respectful in your post, should you disagree with me on some topic, I might permit it to be published. I have already allowed about 2 or 3 such posts to be published.

I am looking more to vent at this blog and maybe talk to like-minded individuals, than I am in arguing with people who disagree with me, or who are rude jerks who just want to call me names.

So no, I will probably not publish posts by people who disagree with me, or by people who are rude to me.

(Link): I Blog For Me, Myself, And I – Not For You. Not to get your approval.

Update. May 2015.

I’ve noticed it’s become quite the point of contention or amusement among other blog owners to make fun of other bloggers, or organizations, who don’t permit comments on their blogs, or to allow any dissent.

I understand where they are coming from, but I’d like to reiterate I participate at other forums and blogs, usually under other screen names (but sometimes under the “Christian Pundit” name), where I debate back and forth with other people who disagree with me, even on some of the topics I raise on this blog, and sometimes, these people yell at me and tell me they hate my guts.

I maintain this blog first and foremost for myself, to blow off steam of just think through things.

This is not a blog where I’m seeking to fuss and fight with other people – I want one place on the internet where I can just state my views without having to constantly defend them or argue.

I get enough of that on other sites, getting yelled at or having my views challenged.

I just want a small corner or two on the internet where I can pontificate without dealing with malcontents and trolls, and this is one blog that serves that purpose.



I am not necessarily in agreement with all opinions on all blogs sites, articles, or forums I link to.

I am not into global warming or environmentalism.
I am not left wing, liberal, progressive, or Democrat. Since my teen years, I have been right wing, conservative, and a Republican, but as I grow older, I am becoming disenchanted with aspects of the right wing (but still continue to disagree with the left wing on most topics).
I do not agree with or support abortion or homosexuality or legalization of homosexual marriage.

(Jan 30, 2014 update)

Please do not use my blog to sell merchandise or services.

I’ve had more and more people lately drop by, leaving really long comments about singleness and other issues this blog covers, but they end their remark by saying,

“And oh, hey, I sell gold watches! Check out my gold watches at SuperGreatWatches .com!!,” or, “My marriage was on the rocks until I got marital counseling from Dr-Jones-Groovy-Cool-School-of-Marriage-Counseling.net!”

One lady who did this seemed genuinely nice, so I let her post be published, and I allowed the link to her online store in her post to stay up, but I don’t appreciate people using my blog to sell widgets. I will either send such posts to the trash or edit out the store URLs/Links.

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