In Editorial about Abortion, Left Wing Site ‘Raw Story’ Author Assumes All Or Most Young People Are Having Sex – Fornication Does Not Have To Be Taken As A Given

In Editorial about Abortion, Left Wing Site ‘Raw Story’ Author Assumes All Or Most Young People Are Having Sex – Fornication Does Not Have To Be Taken As A Given 

I usually cover my fellow right wingers on this site, how they and conservative (and liberal) Christians assume sexual self control is impossible (among other topics); how the idea of anyone remaining celibate is a foreign idea to them, or one which they mock.

Here is an example from a secular, liberal site whose author seems to assume all or most young people will have pre-marital sex (I don’t really care to focus on all the other points this pro-abortion page makes):

(Link): Who to blame for high abortion rates? The religious right — they push laws that increase the killing of fetuses by George Monbiot

(please note the portion I placed in bold faced type; I shall comment briefly on some of the other comments as well below the excerpts):

  • Young people have sex, whatever their elders say – they always have, and always will.
  • Those with the least information and the least access to birth control are the most likely to suffer unintended pregnancies. And what greater incentive could there be for terminating a pregnancy than a culture in which reproduction out of wedlock is a mortal sin?

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Pro-Life Groups Pit Abortion Against Animal Cruelty – How Much People Care Outrage

Pro-Life Groups Pit Abortion Against Animal Cruelty – How Much People Care Outrage

A brief recap, if you are new to my blog:

  • I am pro-life on the abortion topic, I am right wing, pretty socially conservative, and have voted Republican my entire life. None of which is to say I always agree with how social conservatives and Republicans handle or speak about every issue.

I follow a few pro-life accounts on Twitter, because I am pro-life.

Though I am pro-life, I do not always agree with every last stance of pro-life groups, or how they choose to speak out on the topic.

Unfortunately, Pro-life organizations and individuals tend to idolize the nuclear family and shame or criticize women who are infertile, who use IVF, who are child free, or who never marry, for whatever the reason.

Some of them do this in part because they wrongly assume the Bible or God commands all, or prefer for most, to marry and have children,  and they also assume God feels that a woman’s only supreme purpose in life is to have children. I have written of these issues before (Link): here and (Link): here, among other posts.

I recently “got into it” with a pro-life Twitter account, again. More about that in a few moments.

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2015 Poll: 70% of American Women Who Have Abortions Identify As Christian

2015 Poll: 70% of American Women Who Have Abortions Identify As Christian

And 40% are regular church goers.

I’m not sure what percentage of these women are married vs. single.

Anyway, it would appear that self professing Christians are no more successful at following the Bible’s or Jesus’ teachings than Non-Christians.

If any of these women are un-married, wow, the church needs to once more re-emphasize that single adults are directed by the Bible to sexually abstain – be celibate.

If these women were celibate, they wouldn’t be having sex, and hence, obviously, would not be becoming pregnant and not feel the need to get abortions.

But too much Christians today are too afraid to speak out against sexual sin, including (Link): preachers, because doing so (Link): may upset the sensitive feelings of Delicate Debbie,  Weepy Wendy, Sensitive Steven, Fornicating Fred, or Mopey Mike.

If, as many conservative Christians believe, being a mother makes a woman more loving, godly, and mature, why do so many Christian women who become pregnant get that child aborted?

Christians really need to re-think how they measure passage into maturity, adulthood, and how they measure sanctification, because getting married or getting pregnant (ie, having a baby) does not necessarily make a person more mature, loving, or godly, as these sorts of examples on my blog continue to show.

(Link):  4 in 10 women who have had abortions are regular churchgoers

  • by Harry Farley
  • Four in ten women who have had abortions are regular churchgoers, new figures by (Link): LifeWay Research reveal.
  • The church is more likely to be a place of gossip, judgement and condemnation than care or help for women who are considering abortion, the study shows.
  • This is despite the fact that 70 per cent of women who have had abortions claim a Christian religious preference and 43 per cent were attending church at least once a month at the time of their abortion.
  • ….Perhaps because it is such a taboo, the church is becoming increasingly irrelevant for women deciding whether to have an abortion.

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Rom Com Movie on Women Allowing Themselves To Be Used By Men – And A Leading Man Disappointment

Rom Com Movie on Women Allowing Themselves To Be Used By Men – And A Leading Man Disappointment

(This post has been edited farther below, over August 8 – 10, with more observations based on some new interviews or links I saw.

This post covers several topics, including but not limited to: how feminist characters are depicted in movies, the impact of sexism on dating, to actors who publicly express their religious and political views in an obnoxious manner.)


I am normally not a fan of “Rom Com” (romantic comedy) movies.

But I heard some good things about this particular one.

I don’t know if I want to say what it is, if I want to say what its title is.

I’ll call it “Rom Com X.”

(If you have seen this movie you may be able to guess what it is, even from my vague description below.)

One reason I don’t want to just come right out and say the title of this movie is because farther in this post I have some mild criticisms of one of its actors, and I do not want any of his fans coming here and leaving me hostile posts. I am not going to name the name of the actor I discuss below.

Rom Com X has been on cable TV a few times. I’ve seen it about twice so far, maybe three times.

I find the MC (main character) sympathetic. Well, usually. There are a few scenes in the movie where she did or said things I never would have, where she unnecessarily was hostile to a person or two.

But of course, to balance that out, she was going through a very difficult time in her life, so to a degree, you do understand she is lashing out on occasion at others and being cranky because her life is in a tail spin.

This movie was interesting on several levels to me.

I related to some of the plights of the MC (main character) in a very big way.

She and I do differ on a few points, but I have some things in common with her, if not in the details, but in the overall scheme of things.

There is an actor who plays MC’s (Main Character’s) eventual love interest in the movie. I’m going to call this guy “Actor X.” I will refer to his character’s name as “Roger.”

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270 Reasons Women Choose Not To Have Children

270 Reasons Women Choose Not To Have Children

I first Tweeted a link to the following article a couple of weeks ago.

(Link): 270 Reasons Women Choose Not To Have Children

That same story was later ReTweeted by LifeSite News, which is a pro-life Twitter account. Which is fine, to a point; I myself am pro-life.

However. What bothers me about Life Site News (and other similar groups) is that they share such stories on social media not to validate childfree women, but to demonize them and scold them for their choice.

Nowhere does the Bible teach that women MUST get pregnant and have babies – the “be fruitful” line from Genesis was for the first people on earth, not something intended for everyone on every continent straight down to the year 2015 and beyond. Jesus Christ and Apostle Paul instead teach in the New Testament that remaining single and celibate, and hence, childless or childfree, are godly options.

The New Testament also does not teach that having children is mandatory for married couples.

I’m afraid Roman Catholics are in error on this point – I believe they, like a few very fringe Protestant groups – teach that sex is only permissible or morally okay if it results in the possibility of pregnancy, something that is not taught in the Bible at all.

The Bible does not demonize childless or childfree people, but certain Christian groups or pro-life groups keep doing so.

As a childless woman myself, I find this attitude deeply insulting. I have not failed God, nor have I failed at life, nor am I sinning, simply because I’ve never married and cranked out children.

The Bible simply does not teach that being single, celibate, and/or childfree are sins. I place no authority in anything any Roman Catholic council or Pope or Catholic Tradition has to say on these topics – only with what the Bible says, and the Bible, in the New Testament, removes any burdens on to people to marry and/or have children.

I have written of this troubling trend by Christian pro-life groups here:

Recall again that I am right of center – I am a conservative as well as pro-life – but the Bible does not shame or scold women who are childless or childfree. Choosing to abstain from sex and/or from having children are NOT sins.

But some of these pro-life sites continue to equate childless or childfree women to women who do give birth but murder their infants! It is absolutely vile and disgusting to equate the avoidance of getting pregnant in the first place to women (or men) who murder babies (but these Christian pro-life sites keep doing it anyway)!

Here again is the link (the page has this interactive chart thing at the bottom that I cannot reproduce here on my blog; you will have to visit their site to see it):

(Link): 270 Reasons Women Choose Not To Have Children


  • By Rebecca Adams, Hilary Fung, Alissa Scheller and Shane Shifflett
  • Far too often, women who choose to be childfree are asked to defend their (Link): “immature,” (Link): “selfish” lifestyles. They’re told that motherhood is the (Link): “most important job in the world” and face accusations of living (Link): “meaningless” lives.
  • The number of childfree women is at a record high: 48 percent of women between the ages of 18 and 44 don’t have kids, (Link): according to 2014 Census numbers.

    The Huffington Post and YouGov asked 124 women why they choose to be childfree. Their motivations ranged from preferring their current lifestyles (64 percent) to prioritizing their careers (9 percent) — a.k.a. fairly universal things that have motivated men not to have children for centuries. To give insight into the complex, layered decisions women make, HuffPost (Link): asked childfree readers to discuss the reasons they have chosen not to have kids and gathered 270 responses here.

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Abstinence Advocate Bristol Palin Announces Second Unplanned Pregnancy

Abstinence Advocate Bristol Palin Announces Second Unplanned Pregnancy

I am of two minds of this, concerning aspects of the story.

I’m pro-life and think it’s good she’s not aborting the baby, and yes, the people at Gawker were a_holes for saying Palin’s pregnancy is an argument in favor of abortion.

On the other hand, some of these sites are saying Palin is a spokesperson for an abstinence program, but this is her second child out of wedlock.

I do think there is something a little hypocritical about someone who is promoting sexual abstinence but who is having children outside of marriage.

I also continue to wonder why abstinence programs and churches keep asking fornicators to act as spokespersons to market celibacy, rather than asking honest- to- God celibates to perform this function?

(Link):  Abstinence Advocate Bristol Palin Announces Second Unplanned Pregnancy

  • Bristol Palin, the daughter of former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, announced on Thursday that she was pregnant with her second child out of wedlock.
  • “I wanted you guys to be the first to know that I am pregnant,” Palin wrote on her blog. “Honestly, I’ve been trying my hardest to keep my chin up on this one.”

    The news comes just one month after Palin suddenly called off her wedding to Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer, which had been scheduled for May 23. Palin did not comment on the identity of the father in her blog post.

    Palin announced that she was pregnant with her first child,Tripp Palin, during her mother’s campaign for the vice-presidency. Palin was 17 at the time. She was twice engaged to Tripp’s father, Levi Johnston, but both engagements were broken off. (Johnston married a different woman in 2012.)

  • “I know this has been, and will be, a huge disappointment to my family, to my close friends, and to many of you,” she wrote on Thursday. “But please respect Tripp’s and my privacy during this time. I do not want any lectures and I do not want any sympathy.”

    Since her first pregnancy, Palin has made a career out of campaigning for abstinence. In 2011, it was (Link): widely reported that she was paid $262,500 from the Candie’s Foundation, a non-profit organization that fights teen pregnancy by supporting abstinence work. Palin is also (Link): listed as an expert on abstinence on the Web site of Single Source Speakers, a booking agency.

  • Palin’s message, however, has been inconsistent. In a February 2009 interview with Fox’s Greta Van Susteren,she said that while she’s pro-abstinence, she takes a more realistic view. “I think abstinence is, like—like, the—I don’t know how to put it—like, the main—everyone should be abstinent or whatever, but it’s not realistic at all,” she said, (Link): according to a transcript of the interview.
  • Three months later, she (Link): had sharpened her message: “Regardless of what I did personally, I just think that abstinence is the only . . . 100 percent foolproof way to prevent pregnancy.”

(Link): Foundation that paid Bristol Palin $250,000 to promote abstinence after birth of son Tripp offers SUPPORT after news she is expecting another child

  • The Candie’s Foundation offered ‘support’ to Bristol Palin following her announcement that she was pregnant with her second child
  • Palin was an ambassador for the non-profit in 2010, which is focused of educating and preventing teen pregnancy
  • Palin, who had just given birth to son Tripp a few years prior, was paid $262,500 for her work with the foundation
  • No one in the Palin family has commented on the new pregnancy, and the father of the child is unknown

(Link):  Pregnant Abstinence Queen Bristol Palin Made $262K Preaching Abstinence: Baby’s Dad Is Dakota

  • Ironically, the former teen mom was previously an abstinence ambassador for the Candie’s Foundation, which had hired Bristol in 2009 to promote abstinence before marriage as part of a campaign to prevent teenage pregnancy.
  • Amazingly, Bristol was paid $262,500 for her 2009 abstinence speaking tour, Examiner reported. During her speeches, Palin urged teenage girls to not have premarital sex (like she did).
  • “I’m not going to have sex until I’m married. I can guarantee it,” Bristol vowed in 2009.

(Link): How Much Money Did Bristol Palin Earn From Abstinence Speeches? Sarah Palin’s Daughter Is Pregnant, Again

  • by Maria Vultaggio on June 26 2015 1:36 PM EDT
  • After she became a teenage mother in 2008, Bristol Palin vowed that she would not have sex again until she was married. She went on to become an abstinence advocate and made hundreds of thousands of dollars preaching to girls about not having premarital sex.

    In 2011, when she was 20, Palin made $262,000 as an abstinence ambassador for The Candie’s Foundation, the Associated Press reported, citing tax documents. A total amount earned over the years has not been revealed.

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Abortion Rate Is Falling Because Fewer Women Are Getting Pregnant (article)

Abortion Rate Is Falling Because Fewer Women Are Getting Pregnant

This is a very long article. I will only copy part of it to this post.

(Link): Abortion Rate Is Falling Because Fewer Women Are Getting Pregnant

  • June 12, 2015
  • …But there’s a final explanation: So many women are able to successfully avoid pregnancy at least partly because of the Affordable Care Act’s contraception mandate, which took effect in 2012 and minimizes the up-front costs for highly effective, long-lasting forms of birth control such as the intrauterine device (IUD) or hormonal implant.
  • The number of women using the most effective forms of birth control jumped to a high of 12 percent by the end of last year. New research shows that women who live in states with less abortion access are more likely than women who don’t to use a contraceptive like the IUD.
  • “There’s been a push to expand the IUD and implant to women who were using contraception ineffectively in the past because long-acting birth control had big up-front costs, and they couldn’t afford it,” Ananat said. Because women who use contraception incorrectly or inconsistently account for 41 percent of unintended pregnancies, even a small shift to highly effective methods of contraception could have a disproportionate effect on the abortion rate.

    What the data shows, according to Ananat, is a kind of perfect storm. “The teen pregnancy rate has been declining for a while now, and we can’t say that’s the driving force, but it’s contributing,” she said.

  • “And then you have the combination of the recession, which makes people less willing to have children, and the Affordable Care Act, which gives women better access to contraception at a time when they really want it. So you end up with a situation where there’s less of a need for abortion just because fewer women are getting pregnant.”

    The question, for her, is whether new abortion laws are affecting when women are getting the procedure.

  • Over the past decade, more and more women have opted for abortions early in their pregnancies, but as states place more barriers in their way, that trend could shift. If women have to jump through more hoops — travel to faraway clinics or encounter waiting periods that require overnight stays — they might delay the procedure until they can raise enough money or take time off work.
  • “We know that restrictive policies don’t deter most women from getting abortions, but it can delay them,” Ananat says. “The idea that women’s attitudes toward abortion are changing, though — we just don’t have evidence for that.”

The real truth about sex: What we’re not telling our kids (article advocates teaching staying a virgin until marriage)

The real truth about sex: What we’re not telling our kids

I bet ol’ John Morgan will see this story via my blog and quote it on his blog and not credit me at all.

Please see these posts to see what I mean:

The person who wrote this page I am linking to below advocates that people wait until marriage to have sex.

This does seem to be the position of the Bible, and yes, people can stay celibate for many years.

However, I had expected to marry by my mid 30s at the latest, am still single and a virgin in my 40s, and have given up on the “virgin until marriage” belief (for myself personally).

If or when I get a suitable, long term or serious boyfriend, I am willing and ready to have pre-marital sex.

I do think it is prudent for anyone under the age of 25 to hold off on sex. If you are emotionally mature and have the financial means (to pay for birth control, etc), I would say if you find someone who loves you, go ahead and have sex, even if you are not married to the person (but only if you really want to – never cave in to a man who pressures you for sex, or who threatens to leave you if you don’t put out, or not as soon as he wants  you too. He is trash.)

I don’t think people need to “marry early” to avoid fornication, as some evangelicals advocate. I am proof that a person can maintain his or her virginity beyond their 20s or 30s. It’s not impossible to remain celibate for years.

But, I’m no longer completely on board with this “keep refraining from sex even if you still find yourself single past 35” view, either. It’s ridiculous.

(Link):  The real truth about sex: What we’re not telling our kids


  • By Marcia Segelstein
  • Published June 05, 2015
  • ….Here are some cold, hard facts to consider.  Every year there are ten million – ten million! – new cases of sexually transmitted diseases among our sons and daughters who are 15 to 24 years old.  As of 2008, one in four teenagers already had an STD, according to the Centers for Disease Control.
  •   The most commonly transmitted STD is HPV, or human papillomavirus.  We now know that certain types of HPV cause cancers of the head and neck.  Think Michael Douglas.  Others cause cervical cancer.
  • Another “common STD,” according to the CDC, is chlamydia.  In 2013, there were nearly a million cases among 15- to 24-year olds.  If our daughters are among that million, it could mean they’ll never be able to have kids of their own.
  • ….As for getting pregnant, the CDC reports that nearly half of all pregnancies in this country are unintended.  For women 19 and younger that rises to four out of five.  What’s not to understand here?  Sex makes babies!
  • According to the Guttmacher Institute, at 2008 rates, one in ten women will have an abortion by the time she is 20 years old.
  • Even if you’re morally neutral on the subject of abortion, the image of your  daughter crying in her college dorm room as she contemplates the possibility of aborting your grandchild can’t be a pretty one.
  • And even if you believe abortion is the equivalent of getting a tooth pulled, how could you not worry about the possibility of some psychological fallout.
  • Then there are the emotional consequences of sexual intimacy.  Studies have linked sexual activity with depression in teenage girls.
  • We now know about oxytocin, a hormone released in the female brain during sexual activity.  Among other things, it promotes feelings of bonding and trust.
  • Like it or not, sex comes with emotional strings attached.  Dr. Miriam Grossman is a psychiatrist who worked in the campus counseling center at UCLA.
  • She recounted the devastating effects of casual sex among her patients in her book, Unprotected.  “Almost daily, I prescribe medication to help students, mostly women, cope with loss and heartbreak.”  Are we willing to live with the prospect of our kids suffering from depression?  Depression that was preventable?

    As parents we spend our lives trying to protect our kids.  So here’s a radical thought.  How about urging them to wait till they’re married before having sex?  If we really want what’s best and safest and healthiest for our kids, let’s start a sexual revolution.  Hey, it’s been done before.


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Marriage, Parenthood, Judgment by Christians and Non Christians – You Can’t Win No Matter What Choice You Make

Marriage, Parenthood, Judgment by Christians and Non Christians – You Can’t Win No Matter What Choice You Make

I have noticed in the past several years, since visiting Christian forums about marriage, parenting, and singles, and even in reading secular articles about these topics, that while there is pressure applied to people to marry and have children, that having kids or getting married is still not enough for some people.

I can’t begin to tell you the number of times I have been to blogs or forums where single adults – sometimes, some of whom are celibate and hence have no children – try to explain the stigma they face by churches (or wider culture) over being single or childless or child free.Invariably, a married person or two will jump in to such comments to say, “If you think that is bad, it does not let up after you marry.

If you marry and have no children, you will be criticized for that too.” Some married people say the criticisms and unsolicited advice doesn’t stop there.

Even though they have ONE child, they have been pressured by society, parenting articles, or by family and friends, to have another child. I blogged on a similar topic several months back:

It’s not enough you marry and have a child. Oh no, you have to have the EXACT right number of children, according to some people. Your Reformed Christian guys, Southern Baptists, and conservative evangelicals are not satisfied with people marrying, oh no. It’s not good enough you marry at all, but that you have to get married by a CERTAIN AGE. Continue reading “Marriage, Parenthood, Judgment by Christians and Non Christians – You Can’t Win No Matter What Choice You Make”

China’s Brutal One-Child Policy Ruins Men’s Marriage Prospects, Resulting in Human Trafficking

China’s Brutal One-Child Policy Ruins Men’s Marriage Prospects, Resulting in Human Trafficking

(Link): China’s Brutal One-Child Policy Ruins Men’s Marriage Prospects, Resulting in Human Trafficking

  • by SARAH ZAGORSKI   JAN 23, 2015   |   10:29AM
  • (Link): According to the Chronicle Independent, China’s brutal one-child policy is ruining young men’s marriage prospects. This isn’t surprising considering that (Link): 400 million children have been aborted since the policy took effect 34 years ago.In 2013, Adam Minter, a writer for (Link): Bloomberg View, said that the Chinese government reported that 117.6 boys were born for every 100 girls. The normal ratio is 103 to 106 boys per 100 girls.Kinter writes, “In China, daughters are expected to marry up — and in a country where men far outnumber women, the opportunities to do so are excellent, especially in the cities to which so many of China’s rural women move. The result is that bride prices — essentially dowries paid to the families of daughters — are rising, especially in the countryside. One 2011 study on bride prices found that they’d increased 70-fold between the 1960s and 1990s in just one representative, rural hamlet.”
  • …Valerie Hudson, a professor at Texas A&M and Andrea den Boer, a lecturer at the University of Kent in the U.K., also explained how the one-child policy is affecting society.
  • …In the case of China, the fact that a sizeable percentage of young adult males will not be making that transition will have negative social repercussions, including increased crime, violent crime, crimes against women, vice, substance abuse and the formation of gangs that are involved in all of these antisocial behaviors.”
  • …. Additionally, (Link): as LifeNews previously reported, China accounts for 60% of the world’s sex trafficking. Statistics show that in Asian American populations, if a family’s first child is a girl, the gender imbalance ratio is the same for the second child as it is for the first child in China. In the end, the only reason baby girls are not allowed to be born is because they are girls.

Click link at top to read the rest of the article


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Christian Man to Pregnant Girlfriend: Convert to My Religion or Have an Abortion

Christian Man to Pregnant Girlfriend: Convert to My Religion or Have an Abortion

I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep saying it: there is no advantage or benefit to Christian single women to keep following the “Be Equally Yoked” teaching in regards to dating and marriage when so many (I did not say ALL but MANY, or a significant portion of) Christian men turn out to be so deviant.

I would hope and assume if a man claims to follow the teachings of Jesus, he would be a person of integrity, compassion, and grace, but more often than not, that does not seem to be true. Here is another example.

(Link): Christian Man to Pregnant Girlfriend: Convert to My Religion or Have an Abortion

  • Jan 23, 2015
  • A Christian man got his girlfriend pregnant and urged her to have an abortion. He said that he would marry her and let her have the baby only if she would convert to Christianity for him.
  • However, she was hesitant, not wanting to embrace a religion for the wrong reasons. Therefore, he continued to pressure her to have an abortion. He was afraid, he said, what his church would think. And even though he was fine having sex with her, he would not marry a woman who was not a Christian.
  • [long quote by the woman about the situation]
  • Sadly, she had an abortion.


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Manly Christian Bros ‘Apologize’ for Letting Their Women Get Abortions / Bro Choice Men – Abortion Benefits Men Who Want No – Consequence – To – Men Sex With Women

Manly Christian Bros ‘Apologize’ for Letting Their Women Get Abortions / Bro Choice Men – Abortion Benefits Men Who Want No – Consequence – To – Men Sex With Women

This is from a left wing, secular feminist site (“Jezebel”), which is usually quite hostile towards Republicans and traditional values:

(Link): Manly Christian Bros ‘Apologize’ for Letting Their Women Get Abortions

This is one of those topics where I’m not particularly on either side of the debate.

I am pro-life, right wing, and don’t generally agree with left wing feminists often.

While I think I understand the motives behind this pro-life video (which I have not watched, I’ve only read the summary of it by the secular feminist author), I think it was maybe not thought out well (again, going by the feminist’s description of it).

I can’t say as though I agree with feminists that men should have no say at all in abortion.

Continue reading “Manly Christian Bros ‘Apologize’ for Letting Their Women Get Abortions / Bro Choice Men – Abortion Benefits Men Who Want No – Consequence – To – Men Sex With Women”

Single, Pregnant Mother Fired From Church For Not Being Married (2015)

Single, Pregnant Mother Fired From Church For Not Being Married (2015)

This is very similar to a post I did several months ago. You can read my opinions about story like the one below in (Link) this post here.

By the way, note that this woman is considered single by her church because she did not go to a courthouse and obtain a marriage license, contra to blogger John Morgan, who has the weirdo idea that this woman is already married to the baby daddy because the two had sex at one time.

Well, as far as this woman’s church employer is concerned, she is SINGLE (as in shacking up), since she is carrying a baby but not legally wed (by her state). If you would like to know more about that, please see these posts at this blog:

(Link):  Church Fires Pregnant, Unwed Mother

(Link):  Baptist church fires engaged and pregnant employee ‘for not being married’

Apryl Kellam, 21, was employed at the daycare center at Staples Mill Road Baptist Church in Henrico County in Virginia since September

She lost her job Monday for ‘violating policies’ she told Daily Mail Online

Miss Kellam lives with her fiancé, James, five-year-old stepdaughter and two-year-old daughter

The daycare worker, who is 25 weeks pregnant, said it would ‘stressful’ for the family to live off one salary

(Link):  VA woman says she’s being fired because she’s single and pregnant

(Link):  Single, pregnant mother fired from church for not being married

Jan 13, 2015

A single, pregnant mother is considering legal action after apparently being fired from her job at a Virginia baptist church.

Apryl Kellam is engaged to her fiancé, James Coalson, but church leaders allegedly demanded she get married after falling pregnant.

Kellam began working at Staples Mill Road Baptist Church in September, but claimed she never received or signed a copy of the employee handbook.The handbook allegedly said that church daycare employees must be married, although Kellam insisted she never hid her personal life.

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Pro-Life, Christian Sites that Flirt With Denigrating Singleness and Childlessness In Their Quest to Argue Against Abortion / Re Eric Metaxas etc

Pro-Life, Christian Sites that Flirt With Denigrating Singleness and Childlessness In Their Quest to Argue Against Abortion / Re Eric Metaxas etc

If you are new to this blog: I am pro-life. I do not support abortion.

I have traditional values, and was completely a Christian up until a couple years ago; I currently reside somewhere between being a Christian and being agnostic. I am not hostile towards traditional marriage or “the family.”

I do, however, object to the fact that many conservative Christians have turned marriage and family into deity, and they marginalize and shame anyone who has not married or had children.

One troubling aspect I see in Christian sites or blogs that champion traditional values, or ones that argue against abortion, is a propensity to equate adult singleness, celibacy, and remaining childless to being selfish, to being opposed to God, the Bible, or biblical values.

Many times, these sites that argue for the nuclear family and against abortion do not take into account that many adult singles are remaining single not by choice, but due to circumstance.

See, for example, this post on this blog:

(Link):  Want To But Can’t – The One Christian Demographic Being Continually Ignored by Christians Re: Marriage

I myself had wanted to marry, but my relationship with my fiance did not work out so I had to break up with him, and I have not met anyone suitable since.

I cannot put a gun to a man’s head and force him to marry me, nor do I want to order a male-order mail groom, nor do I have a magic wand where I can wave it about and make a man appear out of thin air.

I don’t think Christians who obsessively advocate for marriage, natalism, and the nuclear family, appreciate that getting married is not as simple or easy as they seem to think it is.

For more on that typical mindset among Christians, please see this post at this blog: (Link):  Typical Conservative Assumption: If you want marriage bad enough (or at all), Mr. Right will magically appear

I follow the site “Life News” on Twitter, and I tend to agree with many, though not all, of their views. I am not sure, but I think Life News is a Roman Catholic based organization, but many of their view points sound similar to Protestant or Baptist positions on marriage, abortion, and other topics.

Life News is a very pro-life site, which I am fine with. However, today, they tweeted a link to this page, and I do have some misgivings by how they have represented singleness and the state of being childless, via this editorial by Eric Metaxas:

(Link): “Choice,” Abortion Behind Worldwide Demographic Spiral by Eric Metaxas

I’m not sure, but I believe that Metaxas is Protestant. At any rate, here are some excerpts:

  • by Eric Metaxas
  • As you might suspect, this pro-choice “age of possibility” has room for almost anything—except children. Brooks notes: “The number of Americans who are living alone has shot up from 9 percent in 1950 to 28 percent today. In 1990, 65 percent of Americans said that children are very important to a successful marriage. Now, only 41 percent of Americans say they believe that.
  • And here’s the kicker: “There are now more American houses with dogs than with children.”

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Planned Parenthood Tells Teenagers “It’s Great to be a Slut”

Planned Parenthood Tells Teenagers “It’s Great to be a Slut”

There is about no support in today’s culture – secular or Christian – for adult virginity and adult celibacy. None.

Rather than encouraging people to abstain, rather than applauding or supporting adults who remain virgins or who are celibate, our culture (and yes, this includes, to a degree, Christian culture) tells people that it is strange, repressive, or defective to sexually abstain.

Secular culture -and a lot of liberals- in particular heaps on the idea that there is something empowering or good about having sex outside of marriage and with lots and lots of people.

(Link):  Planned Parenthood Tells Teenagers “It’s Great to be a Slut”

by Steven Ertelt | Washington, DC | | 11/7/12 5:07 PM

“There’s tons of ways that people define ‘slut.’ Most, though, are f’d up.” That’s the lead in for an MTV video targeting teens and tweens on Planned Parenthood’s Info for Teens Facebook page.

This denigrating instructional video takes place in a classroom setting and encourages young girls to become promiscuous and emphasizes that others should respect them because, as sluts, they are “confident in their sexuality.”Francisco, the young, attractive sex “Savage U” sex instructor, stands in front of a chalkboard showing one large stick figure and many small ones. He says, “Let’s say this guy [the big one] has hooked up with all these [little] people. Whoa! What a stud.”

Cheering is heard in the background. “But let’s say this is a girl,” he says, drawing a skirt on the large stick figure. “Is the situation any different? Yes or no? NO!” he says.

Attempting to convince students that anyone who judges someone because they are sexually promiscuous is bad, this “Sextra Credit” video portrays being a slut as a very desirable thing.

However, since some might take offense at the word, Francisco says, “Be careful when you throw a word like ‘slut’ around. It should only be used for good.”

The video ends with a pop quiz. The upshot of the quiz is that if you don’t believe what Francisco says about his assertion that being a slut is a positive, healthy thing, “Sorry—you fail!”Of course, nothing could be further from the truth.

In an article entitled (Link):  “Misery U: Hook-up culture leaves casualties,” Dr. Miriam Grossman, a campus psychiatrist at UCLA, points out some of the more grisly surprises that await young women who have promiscuous sex.

Addressing healthcare professionals and organizations in general, and in particular “Ask Alice”—a promiscuity promoting website that emanates from Columbia University and is linked from Planned Parenthood websites—Dr. Grossman says:OK, hold on a minute.

As a health expert, Alice, aren’t you forgetting a few things?

Let’s start with this: These young women who have turned to you are adolescents, and that likely means their cervix is immature and more vulnerable to infection.

Surely you’ve studied basic gynecology and know about the transformation zone, where human papillomavirus (HPV) has infected about half of sexually active college women, usually from one of their first encounters. Did you forget that this area shrinks with time, making infection less likely? This fact alone behooves you to urge these women to wait.

You must know, as well, that early sexual debut and multiple partners are risk factors in the development of infertility as well as cervical cancer. When you encourage your readers to “experiment” and “explore,” Alice, they are more likely to have more total lifetime sexual partners than if they delay those relationships.

You know that herpes and HPV are transmitted skin to skin and can be passed even when there are no visible lesions, and that even with latex—recent surveys show a minority of college students used a condom during their previous encounter—the “protection” is incomplete.

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Ohio Preacher Asked Men if they Performed Oral Sex on Spouses, Asked Males if they Had Large Penises, Asked to Look at their Penises, Asked One Actor if He Shaved His Pubic Hair, Encouraged Women Congregants to Get Abortions, Males to Get Vasectomies / Another Blow to “Be Equally Yoked” Christian Teachings

Ohio Preacher Asked Men if they Performed Oral Sex on Spouses, Asked Males if they Had Large Penises, Asked to Look at their Penises, Asked One Actor if He Shaved His Pubic Hair, Encouraged Women Congregants to Get Abortions, Males to Get Vasectomies / Another Blow to “Be Equally Yoked” Christian Teachings

(Link):  Ohio televangelist ‘forced members to have vasectomies and abortions, told women to treat pregnancies as tumors and allowed children to be sexually abused’

  • Vasectomies and abortions encouraged to save offspring from today’s evils 
  • A pregnant woman was told to treat her fetus as if it was a tumor
  • Abuse victims claim Ernest Angley told them to keep their allegations secret

Before I paste in a bunch more links to this news story, here are some of my thoughts about it:

Yet another shining example of why Christian women should not even bother with “being equally yoked,” as some church-going, self professing Christian men, some of whom work as elders or preachers, are perverts who molest people or overstep their bounds.

I am surprised at how many Christians went along with this perverted preacher and for how long. Some of them went to this guy’s church for months or years before working up the courage or disgust to walk out.

Christians are some of the biggest, passive wimps I have ever met.

Many Christians are severely codependent – they routinely take Bible verses about “being meek” and “turning the cheek” and “loving your enemy” to wrongly assume the Bible is teaching them to be doormats and to tolerate evil and idiots – but it’s not teaching you to put up with any of that, or to be a doormat.

What I am trying to say is that if you are a grown man (or woman) attending a church where the pastor tells you to get an abortion, or asked you to drop your drawers to look at your penis, or he asks if you perform oral sex on your wife, or whatever inappropriate action or remark he makes, you should respond in one of several ways to these scenarios:

  • 1. Punch him in his disgusting face
  • 2. Tell him none of his damn business, and that he is a pervert
  • 3. Extend your middle finger to his face and tell him to F*CK OFF
  • 4. Stop attending his church the first time such a situation occurs

What is not an option: complying with his disgusting wish. This dude is just some old perverted coot. He has no authority over you, NONE.

Assuming you work at a secular job (not at the same church where the abuse is going down):

Just like your boss at your job has no right to threaten your ass with firing if you don’t sleep with him or show him your nude penis, and just as your boss at your job has no right to ask about your sexual habits, you are under no obligation to go along with bat sh*t insane requests like, “so, tell me, do you have a big penis,” or, “hey, drop your pants and underwear so I can check out your genitals” from your preacher.

Christians of the world, being a “good, biblical Christian” has nothing to do with being a doormat.

Stop allowing people to exploit you.

Never participate in something that makes you feel uncomfortable, such as telling your pastor how big your penis is, or what your sex life is like. Those subjects and ones like them are NONE OF YOUR PREACHER’S BUSINESS, not even in the guise of “men’s accountability” meetings or groups.

Seriously, go out and get a copy of the books,

  • Boundaries” by Christian psychiatrists Cloud and Townsend,
  • No More Christian Nice Guy” by Paul Coughlin,
  • The Disease to Please” by Dr. H. Braiker

-and read them, read those books! If money is an issue, perhaps your local library has copies you can check out.

The first two books will explain to you why being a Christian does NOT MEAN having to take sh-t off other people (God does not expect, command, or demand that you permit yourself to be abused or used by other people), the third is a general book not necessarily written from a “Christian” view but it is invaluable to Christians who are too terrified to say “no” to people and who believe that having limits is selfish, mean, or unbiblical.

Christians: You have a right to say “no” to gross or weird questions or requests, even from your church preacher.

Also: as much as I cannot stand the extreme emphasis most churches put on marriage, natalism, and parenting, which alienates singles, widowers, and the infertile – I do NOT condone the extreme opposite: a church where the pastor and/or other members pressure people to NOT marry or NOT have children.

Whether you marry or not or have a kid or not is YOUR CHOICE, and your church should shut their pie holes about it.

The Bible defends all situations: having a kid, not having a kid (whether by choice or by circumstance); being single OR being married.

There is nothing sinful or shameful about getting married OR being single, or with having children or NOT having children.

(Link):  Ohio televangelist ‘forced members to have vasectomies and abortions, told women to treat pregnancies as tumors and allowed children to be sexually abused’

  • Vasectomies and abortions encouraged to save offspring from today’s evils 
  • A pregnant woman was told to treat her fetus as if it was a tumor
  • Abuse victims claim Ernest Angley told them to keep their allegations secret

(Link):  Televangelist pastor accused of forcing vasectomies and abortions on church members

Former members of Grace Cathedral in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio have accused church leader and televangelist Ernest Angley of demanding they have abortions or vasectomies, and that he would both engage in and turn a blind eye to sexual abuse in the church.

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Christians Who Support Same-Sex Marriage More Likely to Support Other Types of Sexual Immorality, Data Shows

Christians Who Support Same-Sex Marriage More Likely to Support Other Types of Sexual Immorality, Data Shows


(Link): Blogger Guy,  John H. Morgan, Who Accused Me Of Being Untrustworthy Apparently Finds My Blog Trustworthy Enough to Use As A Resource


(Link): Does Supporting Same-Sex Marriage Lead Christians to Accepting Adultery?

Doesn’t this report kind of conflict with a recent editorial by Russell Moore, or some other SBC talking head, that assured us that Christians are not more slutty than Non Christians? I did a blog post about that a couple weeks ago.

Yep, here’s the post:

(Link): A Sexual Revolution for Young Evangelicals? No. (from NR, by Russell Moore)

That was from July 2014, this is from August 2014:

(Link): Christians Who Support Same-Sex Marriage More Likely to Support Other Types of Sexual Immorality, Data Shows

  • New survey research shows that Christians who support same-sex marriage are more likely to hold permissive views on other sexual morality issues, such as divorce and pornography, similar to the general population and far different from Christians who support traditional marriage.
  • The “Relationships in America” survey, conducted by University of Texas sociologist Mark Regnerus, interviewed 15,738 Americans between the ages of 18 and 60.
  • info
    Survey Information
  • From that sample, Regnerus compared the average views on a range of sexual morality issues of churchgoing Christians who oppose same-sex marriage (2,659 in the sample) and churchgoing Christians who support same-sex marriage (990 in the sample).
  • On the question of whether “premarital cohabition is good,” the difference between opponents/supporters of same sex-marriage among churchgoers was 26 percentage points (11 percent and 37 percent, respectively).

    Few churchgoing Christians who are opposed to same-sex marriage agreed that “it is OK for two people to get together for sex and not necessarily expect anything further” (five percent), “it is sometimes permissible for a married person to have sex with someone other than his/her spouse” (one percent), “it is sometimes permissible for a married person to have sex with someone other than his/her spouse” (one percent), and “it is OK for three or more consenting adults to live together in a sexual/romantic relationship” (one percent). Churchgoers who support same-sex marriage were much more likely to say those things were OK (37 percent, 33 percent, 8 percent and 16 percent, respectively).

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Some evangelicals in Republican Party are feeling left out (via Washington Post)

Some evangelicals in Republican Party are feeling left out, see no standard-bearer

(Link): Some evangelicals in Republican Party are feeling left out, see no standard-bearer

    Many social conservatives say they feel politically isolated as the country seems to be hurtling to the left, with marijuana now legal in Colorado and gay marriage gaining ground across the nation.

    They feel out of place in a GOP increasingly dominated by tea party activists and libertarians who prefer to focus on taxes and the role of government and often disagree with social conservatives on drugs or gay rights.

    …“Values voters have been treated as the stepchildren of the family, while the party has wanted to get on with so-called more electorally popular ideas,” Bauer said. “The Republican base will not tolerate another candidate foisted upon us as a guy who can win.”

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Stop Pretending Sex Never Hurts, by D.C. McAllister

Stop Pretending Sex Never Hurts, By D.C. McAllister

This is the sort of editorial that would be mocked at Stuff Christian Culture Likes group (you can read my review of that group here).

But I agree with some aspects of it. (Please see March 2019 update below.)

(Link): Stop Pretending Sex Never Hurts


Every day we hear about something that is harmful to us, something the government needs to regulate or outlaw, something for which an avalanche of public service announcements must be unleashed on the American people as they drive home from work, watch television, or scan their favorite websites.

Don’t eat sugar. You’ll get diabetes and die.

….Meanwhile there’s not a peep about one of the most dangerous activities people engage in all the time—premarital sex. Or extramarital sex.

Or, dare I say the word—fornication?

Or does that make me sound too judgmental? Probably, but the word fits because sex is loaded with moral implications: The possibility of dysfunctional relationships, of sexually transmitted diseases, of an unwanted pregnancy or abortion.

The possibility of guilt, shame, depression, and suicide.

… When I hear people talk about sex as if it’s no big deal, as if it’s no different than eating a steak or going for a drive on the freeway, when I see ads comparing voting to losing your virginity, or when I hear social conservatives slapped down when they voice their objections to a licentious culture, my heart grieves.

That’s because I’m picturing the girl walking home alone after having sex on the beer-drenched floor of a fraternity house with a guy too drunk to remember her name. The tears on her cheeks. The tightness in her chest, the sick feeling deep inside, and the already-hardening effect of knowing she will do it again.

The Stats Are No Joke

An estimated 8,300 young people between 13 and 24 reported to the Centers for Disease Control in 2009 that they had been diagnosed with the HIV infection.

From 2008 through 2011, among adult and adolescent males, the annual number of diagnosed HIV infections attributed to male-to-male sexual contact increased. At the end of 2010, nearly 873,000 people reported having HIV.

…Women who abort are four times more likely to die within a year than women who don’t get an abortion.

Women who aborted in the year before their death were 60 percent more likely to die of natural causes, seven times more likely to die of suicide, and 14 times more likely to die from homicide.

Abortion is linked to smoking, drug abuse, suicide, violent behavior, and eating disorders.

….People Have a Right to Know

Yes, a woman has a right to do what she wants with her body. Yes, men and women can engage in all kinds of sexual behavior if they want to.

But does that mean we should ignore the consequences? Remain silent to the costs? Refuse to issue warnings because we’re afraid we’ll be called judgmental or worse?

…If we’re going to warn people of the perils of Big Gulps and French fries, shouldn’t we warn them of the dangers of sex?

(((click here to read the rest)))

March 2019 update:

Please note: I agree with this McAllister person on some topics, but not all. She was recently fired from one or two outlets that she wrote for.

McAllister was unnecessarily rude to a homosexual journalist because he made an innocuous comment on one of her tweets which made her angry, and I don’t agree with her reaction.

Additionally, I don’t support McAllister’s views on marriage, in which she seems to believe that the only acceptable alternative to secular, liberal feminism is for all women to be subservient to men, especially within a marriage context.

I was raised in such an environment but rejected it a long time ago (see link here for more on that if you choose).

So, where McAllister defends more traditional mores regarding sexual behavior and criticizes a hedonistic view of sexuality that exists in culture, I am in agreement, but I’m not with her in her attitudes of women acting as doormats to husbands, or in her cussing out and insulting a homosexual journalist for politely commenting on one of her Tweets.

More on her firing here:

(Link): Conservative Denise McAllister fired from The Federalist after attacking gay journalist


(Link): No Christians and Churches Do Not Idolize Virginity and Sexual Purity – Christians Attack and Criticize Virginity Sexual Purity Celibacy / Virginity Sexual Purity Not An Idol

(Link): The Myth of Safe Sex by D. Foley

(Link): Celibate Shaming from an Anti- Slut Shaming Secular Feminist Site (Hypocrisy) Feminists Do Not Support All Choices

(Link): A Day In The Life Of An Abstinence Ed Teacher by S. Gomez

(Link):  Some Researchers Argue that Shame Should Be Used to Treat Sexual Compulsions

(Link):  Our Bodies Were Not Made for Sex by T. Swann

(Link): Why Sexual Desire is Objectifying and Hence Morally Wrong by R. Halwani

(Link):  An Example of Mocking Adult Virginity Via Twitter (Virginity Used As Insult)

(Link):  Syphilis Sparks Concern in Popular Vacation City

(Link): Inconsistency on Feminist Site – Choices Have Consequences

(Link): Slut Shaming and Virgin Shaming and Secular and Christian Culture – Dirty Water / Used Chewing Gum and the CDC’s Warnings – I guess the CDC is a bunch of slut shamers ?

(Link): I Shouldn’t Need An Excuse To Be A Virgin – (Secular Editorial Defends Virginity – More Rare Than a Unicorn Sighting)

(Link): Theologian Says ‘Love’ Is the New Cultural Apologetic Affirming Immoral Activities – Theology of Hurt Feelings – Why Christians Are Reluctant To Call Out Sexual Sin

(Link): Christian Preacher Admits He Won’t Preach About Sexuality For Fear It May Offend Sexual Sinners

(Link): Stop Rewarding People For Their Failure – Christians Speaking Out of Both Sides of Their Mouths About Sexual Sin – Choices and Actions and How You Teach This Stuff Has Consequences – Allowing Sinners To Re-Define Biblical Terms and Standards

Liberals, Border Issues, and Hypocrisy About Children

Liberals, Border Issues, and Hypocrisy

I don’t normally tackle purely political topics on this blog, but I wanted to say something about this:

From left wing, secular feminist site Jezebel:
(Link): Colbert Perfectly Calls Out Conservatives’ Hypocrisy on Child Refugees

    by Madeleine Davies

    Conservative pundits are very concerned about the well-being of child refugees who are fleeing to the U.S. borders from Central America in droves right now.

    Why, they say, will no one think of the children during these times of crisis? At least the heroes of the right are considering these poor kids…mostly by clamoring for their deportation and complaining about the cost of their barely humane treatment while on U.S. soil.

Hmm, okay, but…

Most left wingers are rabidly pro-abortion. I will return to this in a moment.

So. Left wingers think the American tax payer should take in, pick up the tab for, and care for, all foreign children who cross the American border illegally, and they have the audacity to represent the natural, perfectly understandable tendency of most Americans, including conservatives, to disagree with this as being hypocrisy.

However they themselves, who believe the government (U.S. tax payer) should buy sandwiches for these kids, are fine with with unborn, American children being slaughtered in the womb via legalized abortion. (Some of them are fine with this even up to the third tri-mester.)

Liberals hate American, unborn babies who are still in the womb and don’t want to protect them, but think Uncle Sam should shower love, money, and protection on the children of other nations who arrive in our nation illegally?
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(Link): Hypocrisy of Left Wingers and Atheists and the #NotAll Hash Tag or Rhetoric

(Link): Liberals on Paranoia: Right Wing Concern is Simply Paranoia and Hence Supposed Evidence of Conservative Lunacy but Same Behavior Totally Acceptable and Non-Loony from Liberals

(Link): Celibate Shaming from an Anti- Slut Shaming Secular Feminist Site (Hypocrisy) Feminists Do Not Support All Choices