Spain Decriminalizes Sexual Relations with Animals as Long as There is No Physical Injury that Requires a Veterinary Visit

Spain Decriminalizes Sexual Relations with Animals as Long as There is No Physical Injury that Requires a Veterinary Visit

So, Spain is legalizing animal abuse. Any person that has sex with an animal should be put to death immediately by the state (or the state should permit everyday citizens to put them to death – let them form mobs with pitch forks, for instance).

Governments should not be protecting this deviant behavior, this form of animal cruelty.

My fellow conservatives should probably be way less concerned with criticizing single, childless women for being happy about being single and childless and more so with obvious sexual sin and deviancy, such as nations legalizing animal sexual abuse.

(Link): Spain decriminalizes sexual relations with animals as long as there is no physical injury that requires a veterinary visit

by Mister Retrops

In case you didn’t think the world was sinking low enough with all the gender/pedophilia craziness, I give you Spain’s new Animal Welfare Law that decriminalizes having sex with animals because zoophiles are just another spectrum on the trans flag.

Here’s a link to a zoophilia march [their link does not work – this alternative video link, on You Tube, appears to show one such march] in Germany if you’re a moral human being having trouble believing this is a thing. It’s age-restricted on Youtube, so I’m not going to embed it here.

The Spanish zoophilia-affirming law was pushed by Ione Belarra Urteaga, the Minister of Social Rights and 2030 Agenda.

Now, let’s pause a moment and think about that. There’s an actual ministry of the Spanish federal government with the words “2030 Agenda” in its official title.

In addition to championing human/animal love the 2030 Agenda ministry also oversees family affairs, minors protection, disability and prevention of youth crime, adoptions and foster care, and the promotion of cultural communication and youth association.

You’ll note that there’s nothing climate related in the list, and it’s mostly related to children.

But back to the topic at hand: what exactly is in the new Spanish Animal Welfare Law that’s so problematic?

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Indiana Man Sentenced to 70 Years for Torturing His Four Year Old Son to Death

Indiana Man Sentenced to 70 Years for Torturing His Four Year Old Son to Death

Does parenthood make society better, or make adults into better, more ethical, loving, responsible, mature, or godly, as so many social conservatives maintain? No, no it does not.

The mother of this kid also sounds like a total piece of garbage; one of the articles says she was also a child (and animal) abuser.

(Link): LaPorte man sentenced for killing son: “One of the most tragic cases”

(Link):  Man Receives 70 Year Sentence for Death of Four Year Old Son

Nov 29, 2022

…According to the charging documents, Judah would be sent to the basement for not being potty-trained, where he would then be neglected and abused for days at a time.

At Tuesday’s sentencing, the forensic pathologist who did Judah’s autopsy says this was one of the worst cases of blunt force trauma to a child he’s seen in his almost 30 year career.

The lead investigator from the LaPorte County Sheriff’s Department testified about surveillance camera footage from Alan’s phone that captured extensive physical abuse and strangulation of Judah in the last five days of his life.

“One of the most tragic cases that I’ve had personally,” said Det. Jacob Koch. “I feel for the family and everything they’ve gone through this last year, and I’m glad that justice was served today.”

(Link): Records: Surveillance video showed Indiana mother beating son, spurred new charges in Judah Morgan’s death

The father of Judah Morgan, 4, previously pleaded guilty to murdering his son in Oct. 2021. Court records claim his wife kicked and beat another child in the home.

…Surveillance footage from inside the home captured the afternoon of October 6, 2021 showed Yoder, 27, grabbing one of her sons by the arm and throwing him onto the floor court records show.

Once the child was on the floor, Yoder was seen kicking him and grabbing his arm once again. She was then seen yanking him toward the side of the couch, at which point the child fell back onto the floor.

Yoder was seen kicking him several more times before the child got up, and ran crying to his bedroom at the end of the hall, according to court records.

House of horrors 
Court documents show Morgan and Yoder had a kitchen fridge with a cord attached to a key-style lock, “so no one could open it,” detectives said in an affidavit.

Filth, garbage and animal feces were found throughout the home. Investigators also discovered a starving dog in a cage.

More disturbing, though, was what police reportedly found in the basement.

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Regarding Serial Killer Jeff Dahmer – and Including the Three Part Dahmer Series on Dr. Phil

Regarding Serial Killer Jeff Dahmer – and Including the Three Part Dahmer Series on Dr. Phil

The parents of Jeff Dahmer say they always called him “Jeff,” not “Jeffrey,” as the media always did, so I’ll try to remember to call him “Jeff” too.

I was in college, a 20-something college student, when news of police having found human remains in Dahmer’s apartment first broke.

I watched days of unfolding TV news coverage about Dahmer, as well as read about the case daily in the printed news paper of the city I lived in at the time.

(I was a little kid when the John Wayne Gacy story broke – I was a kid watching daily news coverage of that story.)


I’ve always been interested in psychology on and off over my life, and I took psychology courses when I was a college student (though I went on to get a degree and career in a totally different field).

I’m interested in learning why people behave as though they do, and with serial killers, that’s no exception.

When television shows and documentaries began airing again the last  several months about Dahmer, I watched a lot of them.

I also watched all of the Netflix dramatization about Dahmer starring Evan Peters. I watched it twice.

The NetFlix show either omitted a few details here or there, and conflated a few real life people into one or two fictional characters, but the show, the overall picture it painted of Jeff, was pretty accurate – I think the show maker was striving combine being factual with being entertaining, or using art to make a point, so maybe a few details here or there were wrong, but my sense is that the overall story was fairly accurate.

I am not claiming to be a Jeff Dahmer expert, but I’ve read enough about the guy (including first-hand, 1990s era police, psychiatry examination, or court documents in pdf format), and seen enough news coverage (both then and now) to get an idea.

I’m not an expert on the matter, but I am also not an un-educated dunce.

Some of the newer Dahmer documentaries I’ve seen via streaming services, many of which seem to be British-produced, contain errors, as do some recent American internet based articles.

A few days ago, Dr. Phil, of the Dr. Phil television program, did a three part series about Jeff Dahmer on his show, and clips of most of those are on Dr. Phil’s You Tube channel, such as (Link): here, Dr. Phil Interviews Jeffrey Dahmer’s Father – Full Interview (14 minutes long).

There are more video clips than that on Dr. Phil’s You Tube from his Dahmer series, but I don’t feel like linking to them all right now.

Steven Hicks, Dahmer’s First Victim, Was Not Homosexual

One falsehood I keep seeing repeated on these documentaries and some of the online articles is that Dahmer’s first victim, Steven Hicks, was either a homosexual or willingly participated in homosexual sex acts with Dahmer.

Both claims are false.

Hicks was not homosexual, and he did not engage in consensual sex acts with Dahmer.

Dahmer even said, during the interview process (with either one of his defense attorneys or the police detectives, I don’t recall which), that in the course of getting to know Hicks, he clearly learned that Hicks was a hetero guy, which Dahmer said disappointed him, but even though Hicks was hetero, he was going to get what he wanted from Hicks regardless.

In some other interview or line of questioning, I remember Dahmer saying his obsession got to the degree he no longer cared if a man he found physically attractive was hetero-sexual or homo-sexual.

Even if a man was hetero, Dahmer said he didn’t care, that he would still try to drug the guy, knock him out through drugs, and fondle him.

But I periodically see recent Dahmer documentaries or online articles state that Hicks was gay – Hicks was NOT gay.

The only “sex” Dahmer had with Hicks was after Dahmer murdered Hicks – Dahmer admits after killing Hicks that he stood over Hicks’ body and masturbated to the sight of the dead body.

I don’t recall after that if Dahmer committed more sex acts with Hicks’ corpse or not, but regardless, Hicks was DEAD after Dahmer did anything sexual to him.

You can read a little more about Hicks here, if you like.

I am not saying it is acceptable for Jeff Dahmer to have killed homosexual men (which he did in fact later go on to do), because quite obviously, that was not okay or moral behavior.

I just cringe at inaccurate reporting about this topic (or any other topic). Journalists and television producers should get their facts correct, even if it’s merely a schlocky, cheaply made documentary they’re contributing to.

No Animal Abuse or Animal Cruelty

Some documentaries, shows, or online articles incorrectly state that Dahmer abused or tortured animals, which is false.

Some shows – such as Dr. Phil’s recent three part Dahmer series – implied at one point that Jeff Dahmer killed a dog and put the dog’s head on a pike.

That is false.

Unless Jeff was lying about the incident to police and later to his father, he did not kill the dog and then decapitate it;
he found the dog already dead and then decapitated it – which still is disturbing and disrespectful behavior, but he didn’t kill the dog in order to dissect the animal, which is the point.

Dahmer is the rare serial killer (similar to Dennis Nilsen) who apparently did not torture or hurt animals.

(I am open to new information on this topic, but again, from what I have read and seen over the years, Dahmer was not known to have engaged in torturing animals or killing them.)

However, Dr. Phil and his guest on the show, a lady (I forget her name) who is an ex psychiatric nurse and ex FBI profiler, kept incorrectly referring to Dahmer as having the Dark Triad (read more about that on Wikipedia) and as having the Macdonald triad.

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Dog Gets Monkeypox From Non-Monogamous Homosexual Couple

Dog Gets Monkeypox From Non-Monogamous Homosexual Couple

Just think, if more people practiced self control, chastity, this type of nonsense and depravity would not be an issue.

(Link): [Homosexual] Owners Spread Monkeypox to Their Dog, CDC Warns of Human-to-Animal Transmission

(Link): I’m just gonna (heaven help us) leave this right here as the CDC updates its monkeypox guidance to include dogs

12 days after the men were diagnosed, their 4-year-old male Italian greyhound began presenting symptoms, including “mucocutaneous lesions, abdomen pustules and a thin anal ulceration.”

(Link): Italian greyhound belonging to gay couple in Paris catches monkeypox ‘after sharing bed with its infected owners’

by Tom Brown
August 14, 2022

A dog in Paris has caught monkeypox after sharing the bed with its gay owners who were infected with the disease.

The two Parisians developed symptoms at the beginning of June before they developed the lesions showing a monkeypox infection.

The two men aged 44 and 27, who live together in a non-monogamous relationship, developed sores a week after having sex with other men.

They went to the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital in Paris with their symptoms after twelve days — but there was one patient the doctors had forgotten about.

Their Italian greyhound had also developed ulcerations and pustules on its stomach.

A PCR test confirmed the canine had also come down with monkeypox, confirming the first case of a domestic pet contracting the virus.

Further genetic sequencing showed the strain of the disease was an identical match with the disease that had infected its owners.

The 44-year-old, a Latino, lived with HIV – according to The Lancet Journal –  was in a ‘non-exclusive’ relationship with his partner, who was HIV negative.

The disease is often spread through prolonged close contact with the monkeypox lesions.

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Man Paid to Have His Wife Killed Over Lack of Sex: Lawyers – Husband Also Had Hitman Kill the Man’s Pet Pug Dogs, Beat Dogs to Death With a Hammer

Man Paid to Have His Wife Killed Over Lack of Sex: Lawyers – Husband Also Had Hitman Kill the Man’s Pet Pug Dogs, Beat Dogs to Death With a Hammer

Basically, a lot of complementarian Christian men feel the same way this man, Edward Heck, does: they feel entitled to sex from their wives.

The erroneous biblical interpretations that lead men (and some women) to support “gender complementarianism” lead to these types of views about marriage, sex, and women.

I can see Christian persons like Lori Alexander (of “The Transformed Wife”), Mark Driscoll, John MacArthur, John Piper, Owen Strachan, Denny Burk, Douglas Wilson, and many members of “CBMW” defending this man’s actions and blaming the (murdered) wife.

(We also have problems with unmarried men, of whatever religious beliefs, who feel entitled to sex from any woman, and they go on murderous rampages when women refuse to date or to have sex with them).

The hired hit man not only killed the man’s wife, but one article also says that he “brutally murdered” the husband’s (who hired the hit man) pet dogs by beating them to death with a hammer – one article says that killing the dogs was also part of the plan by the husband – so the husband approved of the dogs being killed by the hit man.

I despise animal abusers, and yes, he and the husband should pay for killing the wife (obviously), but that both men also killed dogs means their death by the state should be very, very extra painful – perhaps shoving them alive, awake, into a wood chipper could be one possible solution to that.

This news story also goes to contradict the dating advice articles I used to see by Christians years ago that conveyed the notion that a single adult has to achieve some level of perfection or godliness or else God won’t send the person a spouse. If dirt bags like this loser can get married, anyone can – obviously if there is a deity, He is not expecting moral perfection or some other quality to be achieved before He permits people to marry.

Also note that contrary to Christian and secular conservative pro-marriage groups and persons – such as Al Mohler, Brad Wilcox, and Focus On the Family – that marriage does not make people more godly, loving, responsible, ethical, or loving.

Aaaannnnd… married sex is not a guarantee for great or frequent sex, as so many Christian sexual purity material insists. I am not against sexual purity, but I do think a lot of Christians have “over-promised” in this area.

(Link): Pa. man admits hiring hit man to kill his sleeping wife, is sentenced to life in prison

(Link): Man Paid to Have His Wife Killed Over Lack of Sex: Lawyers

May 2, 2022
By Genevieve Gluck

A Pennsylvania husband who hired a hitman through a porn site to kill his wife, allegedly because she wasn’t sexually available enough, is now claiming “diminished mental capacity” at his trial for her murder.

Edward Heck, 56, paid Kenneth Wayne Smith $10,000 to kill his wife, Sonja Rowe-Heck, in August of 2018.

Smith and Heck met on Motherless, a site which hosts extreme fetish pornography and snuff videos. Smith had posted in the comment section to a video that he had a fetish for killing, and Heck replied, “How about my wife?”

(Link): According to local news, the two men had been conversing on social media for about 18 months before the planned murder.

Text messages reviewed by authorities included those in which Heck said he fantasized about someone raping and strangling his wife. In messages to Smith, Heck stated that he hated his wife, called her offensive names, and complained about the fact the two did not share a bedroom.

On the day of the murder, Heck brought Smith to his home and helped him hide in the cellar. While there, Smith brutally murdered Heck’s two dogs. At about 1:50 a.m. on August 16, Heck texted Smith saying, “the time has come.”

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Virgin Mouse Gives Birth After Gene-Editing Experiment: Scientists 

Virgin Mouse Gives Birth After Gene-Editing Experiment: Scientists 

People should not perform experiments on animals, even if the intent is to help humans in some capacity, such as trying to find cures for diseases – it’s unfair to the animals. It’s unethical. It’s immoral.

(Link): Virgin Mouse Gives Birth After Gene-Editing Experiment: Scientists


By Jona Jaupi, The Sun
March 9, 2022 4:33pm  Updated

A virgin mouse has given birth to babies that were conceived from an unfertilized egg, as part of a groundbreaking new study.

The experiment, which was conducted by researchers at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, was published on Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The researchers promoted asexual reproduction in the mouse by altering the DNA in 200 unfertilized eggs.

The researchers altered genetic markers which require a genome from a second parent.

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Dutch Sociologist Promoted Pedophilia, Bestiality by Genevieve Gluck

Dutch Sociologist Promoted Pedophilia, Bestiality by Genevieve Gluck

It seems as though a lot of people – usually college professors – have been coming out of the woodwork lately to normalize sexual perversions and sexual sins such as pedophilia and bestiality.

When you little to no boundaries on sexual behavior, you end up with sicko garbage like what follows….

(Link): Dutch Sociologist Promoted Pedophilia, Bestiality


A widely-cited academic and former professor at the University of Amsterdam has written extensively in support of pedophilia, even once interviewing with a pro-pedophile rights organization during which he called children “sexy.”

Gert Hekma, a Dutch sociologist and former professor in the fields of gender studies and sexuality, has a long history of framing paraphilias such as pedophilia and bestiality as “sexual variations” rather than as forms of abuse.

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Why Are the Media Referring To This Dog-Sexual-Abusing Pervert As A Woman?

Why Are the Media Referring To This Dog-Sexual-Abusing Pervert As A Woman?

This is the news story of a biological man who identifies as a woman who sexually abused a dog.

If you’re progressive and defending “trans rights,” there’s a good chance you’re defending this deviancy, this evil, this immorality – this is part of what comes with being a “trans ally,” and what comes as a result of cramming “transgenderism” down everyone’s throats.

(Link): The Curious and Disgusting Case of Claire Goodier


Why are the media referring to this dog-abusing pervert as a woman?

by Jo Bartosch
December 23, 2021

….The latest creep is particularly charming: a lovely be-penised lady who, having previously downloaded images of child abuse, was found to have engaged in group sex acts with a dog.

Footage of the crime was discovered on a memory stick alongside a stash of cocaine, both of which were stored in the most ladylike of places – the offender’s handbag.

The crimes came to light when 60-year-old Claire Goodier, who previously went by John, was subject to a routine police check, as he was already listed on the sex offenders’ register.

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Cops: Portland Man Raped Child, Sexually Assaulted Dog, Deer

Cops: Portland Man Raped Child, Sexually Assaulted Dog, Deer

This news story is wrong on 20 different levels.

People on our culture like to ridicule celibates – and specifically, voluntary ones, ones who willingly opt out for various reasons (moral conviction, religious, wanting to avoid STDs, etc) – but then I see these awful news stories where the person has no boundaries at all on their sexual behavior, and I find it very disturbing.

This guy was also hurting other people and animals in the process, which is not morally acceptable.

The left often goes along with this laissez faire attitude about sexual behavior, which can result in adults molesting or raping children and animals – it’s appalling.

(Link): Damon Cervantes: Portland man, 32, accused of sexually assaulting child, dog and deer


PORTLAND, OREGON: Damon Cervantes believed his mobile phone data would exonerate him, but instead it only put him in more trouble. The 32-year-old was being interviewed by police over accusations of raping a three-year-old when he consented to police reviewing his phone data.

That revealed videos of him having sex with a dog, and a “dead or heavily sedated deer”.

He now faces 25 charges and is in jail with bail set at over $1.5 million.

(Link): Cops: Portland Man Raped Child, Sexually Assaulted Dog, Deer

by Zane Sparling
Nov 6, 2021

Portland resident Damon Cervantes faces 25 counts for various sex crimes in Multnomah County Circuit Court, records show.

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Transgender Activists Terrorize Women’s Rape Crisis Center with Hateful Graffiti by Matt Margolis

Transgender Activists Terrorize Women’s Rape Crisis Center with Hateful Graffiti by Matt Margolis

There are a few reasons I cannot support Transgenderism across the board, this is one of them: the harassment of, and misogyny against, actual (“cis”) girls and women in the name of Transgender activism
(and, if the trans activist killed the animal mentioned in this report to nail the animal to the door of this shelter, that makes this person an animal abuser as well, and all animal abusers are absolute scum – edit; second report says a dead skunk was also placed at the shelter by the trans rights group – again, if you kill animals, especially just to make a statement over something like this, you are a demented pervert and sicko, and no, I do not support your “cause”):

(Link): Transgender Activists Terrorize Women’s Rape Crisis Center with Hateful Graffiti by Matt Margolis


August 2019

Why would anyone vandalize a rape crisis center? What kind of a twisted mind would do such a thing? In this “brave new world,” where the feelings of transgender individuals trump commonsense and the privacy of everyone else, it appears that transgender activists have decided to oppose offering relief services for victims of rape, and shelters for women and children because of the strict “women only” policies that exclude men who claim to be women.

….[Editorial quotes from (Link): Trans activism’s latest trick: vandalizing women’s shelters by Meghan Murphy]

On Tuesday, Vancouver Rape Relief & Woman’s Shelter (VRRWS) tweeted images of vandalism left on their storefront — a space used for meetings, events, and support groups. ‘Kill TERFs,’ ‘F**k TERFs,’ ‘TERFs go home, you are not welcome,’ ‘Transwomen are women,’ and ‘Trans Power’ had been scrawled across the windows and door in black marker.

‘ TERF,’ for the blissfully ignorant, is an acronym that stands for ‘trans-exclusionary radical feminist.’ This is, of course, a misnomer.

Radical feminists are not interested in ‘excluding’ trans-identified people from anything.

What they  are interested in is protecting certain spaces designated for women and girls. Continue reading “Transgender Activists Terrorize Women’s Rape Crisis Center with Hateful Graffiti by Matt Margolis”

Abused Baby Boy Is Fitted With Artificial Anus ‘After His Parents Inflicted Horrific Injuries on the Six-Week-Old Child For Sexual Gratification’, German Prosecutors Claim

Abused Baby Boy Is Fitted With Artificial Anus ‘After His Parents Inflicted Horrific Injuries on the Six-Week-Old Child For Sexual Gratification’, German Prosecutors Claim

As you can see, there is nothing about Parenthood that makes a person more godly, loving or ethical, as so many conservative Christians I’ve seen have claimed in their blog posts, sermons, books and so on:

(Link): Abused Baby Boy Is Fitted With Artificial Anus ‘After His Parents Inflicted Horrific Injuries on the Six-Week-Old Child For Sexual Gratification’, German Prosecutors Claim

March 2019

A couple in Germany have been charged with child sex abuse after their baby son suffered injuries so severe surgeons had to fit him with an artificial anus.

The parents, named as Ismail S., 23, and Nina R., 26, allegedly abused the tot at their home in the city of Ludwigshafen in the western German state of Rhineland-Palatinate.

Nina R., a saleswoman, is accused of causing the severe injuries to the child when he was just six weeks old.

Chief prosecutor Hubert Stroeber said: ‘She wanted to get sexual satisfaction.’

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Texas Zoo Will Name Roach After Your Ex, Feed It To Live Animal by A. Klausner


Texas Zoo Will Name Roach After Your Ex, Feed It To Live Animal By A. Klausner

The Bronx zoo has a deal where you can pay them some money and they will name one of their hissing roaches after whomever you want. They do not kill the roach; the roach remains in their exhibit, is my understanding.

As to this stunt, based out of Texas: I am not comfortable with them feeding a live roach to another animal. That seems cruel. I hope they reconsider.

(Link): Texas Zoo Will Name Roach After Your Ex, Feed It To Live Animal

Feb. 2019

Give your ex a dozen roaches this Valentines Day!

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