She Married A Christian Psychopath She Met Via A Dating Site

She Married a Christian Psychopath She Met Via a Dating Site

There are times I am reading articles, not intending to make any blog posts here, but there’s something in the article that fits with this blog.

In this article, for example, which discusses how experts can spot psychopathy in children as young as age 3, there is a story about a psychopath named Carl.

(The link to the article that mentions the psychopath named Carl is much farther down the page. I wanted to talk about it first before linking to the page.)

The article says that as Carl gets older – around his 20s, I think – he becomes a Christian, meets a woman on a dating site, marries her, has a son with her, and has a few affairs on her, and later gets arrested.

I don’t think the wife in the story realized that the guy she was marrying was a psychopath, not at first.

Using dating sites can be scary – I’ve featured several articles on my blog of women who met men on dating sites who later raped, robbed, or murdered those women. (Sometimes, though not as often, some women use dating sites to rob or kill men.)

Next up, I don’t see the point in Christians promoting the “Equally Yoked” teaching any longer.

I know I have no desire to marry a guy who has been diagnosed to be a psychopath, and who will have affair after affair on me.

A guy who says he’s a Christian or who goes to church regularly is not any better than a guy who is not a Christian or who doesn’t go to church.

In my younger slightly more naive days, I know I likely would’ve given a man such as Carl more benefit of the doubt, had I seen him on a dating site and he proclaimed himself to be a Christian.

I now realize a man saying he’s a Christian doesn’t indicate much of anything. A man who says he’s a Christian can be a rapist, serial killer, or serial adulterer.

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Dog Saves Boy (Aged 9) After Kid’s Mother Tries to Drown Him In River – Parenthood Does Not Make People More Mature, Loving, or Moral

Dog Saves Boy Aged 9 After Kid’s Mother Tries to Drown Him In River – Parenthood Does Not Make People More Mature, Loving, or Moral

Well looky here. This dog makes a better “parent,” or guardian, than the kid’s own parent!

Some Christians and my fellow conservatives like to go on and on about how marriage and parenthood are supposedly necessary to make a person more godly, mature, ethical, responsible, and loving – but this is not so.

I have many examples of my blog of married people and/or parents who are arrested or get into trouble for things ranging from, but not limited to, having affairs, buying child pornography, having sex with animals, raping their own children, etc (view those examples (Link): here and (Link): here).

Conservatives need to learn and remember that the Bible itself says that….

-a person being single and celibate is preferable to being married (start with 1 Corinthians 7),

-the Bible does NOT say that God has “called” anyone to be single (being single is a choice, or a matter of circumstance, it’s not based on divine providence),

-nor does the Bible say that (Link): only a “few will be single,”

-nor does the Bible ever try to promote marriage by denigrating singleness!

And to my fellow pro-lifers out there: STOP disparaging animal welfare or people who care about animal welfare!

Stop griping and complaining that people care more about animals than they do human babies – so what if they do? It’s a good thing if people support animal welfare, even if they are pro-choice, uncaring, or ambivalent on the abortion topic.

People should sure as hell NOT support animal cruelty or animal abuse, REGARDLESS of where they stand on other topics such as abortion or whatever else.

But secondly, it’s (Link): not a mutually exclusive proposition – a person can be anti-abortion as well as being anti-animal abuse!

(Link): Pitbull saves boy, 9, after ‘mum tries to drown him in river’ by T. Mann

March 4, 2017

The mother, who cannot be named for legal reasons, is said to have told a friend, ‘I have to drown my babies’ before taking them to the Murray River, in New South Wales, Australia.

The 27-year-old then allegedly took her eldest son, 9, into the river and held his head under the water while her five-year-old son looked on and screamed, Bendigo Magistrates heard.

Her younger son, who has a different father to his brother, was then allegedly brought into the water.

A distressed emergency service worker told the Riverine Herald: ‘He was so little, it was awful, the whole thing has been awful, and everyone here is devastated,” he said.

‘All of us have been hit so hard.’

But his elder brother managed to survive after a dog intervened and attacked the woman, the Herald Sun reports.

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Tolerance, Compassion, and Knowing People Personally

Tolerance, Compassion, and Knowing People Personally

I keep running into politically left wing types or touchie-feelie Christians (some of whom may be somewhat conservative, which surprises me) on social media who assume the reason I must oppose certain things, such as–

-Mass Muslim immigration
-Allowing biological men into women’s bathrooms and fitting rooms under transgender laws

is due to some kind of personal animosity towards these groups of people.

The reason I object to, or am concerned about, things such as mass Muslim immigration or transgender bathroom bills has NOTHING to do with personal hatred on my part towards Muslims or transgender people.

I find this so frustrating that this is assumed about me from the start, and this assumption occurs constantly on Twitter and other blogs.

If you bother to get to know me, or read many of my blog posts on this blog, or stop and ask me my feelings about things (instead of JUST ASSUMING you know why I must hold thus- and- so an opinion on a given topic), you would discover I’m pretty laid back about things, more so than the people who yell at me online.

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Pro-Life Groups Pit Abortion Against Animal Cruelty – How Much People Care Outrage

Pro-Life Groups Pit Abortion Against Animal Cruelty – How Much People Care Outrage

A brief recap, if you are new to my blog:

  • I am pro-life on the abortion topic, I am right wing, pretty socially conservative, and have voted Republican my entire life. None of which is to say I always agree with how social conservatives and Republicans handle or speak about every issue.

I follow a few pro-life accounts on Twitter, because I am pro-life.

Though I am pro-life, I do not always agree with every last stance of pro-life groups, or how they choose to speak out on the topic.

Unfortunately, Pro-life organizations and individuals tend to idolize the nuclear family and shame or criticize women who are infertile, who use IVF, who are child free, or who never marry, for whatever the reason.

Some of them do this in part because they wrongly assume the Bible or God commands all, or prefer for most, to marry and have children,  and they also assume God feels that a woman’s only supreme purpose in life is to have children. I have written of these issues before (Link): here and (Link): here, among other posts.

I recently “got into it” with a pro-life Twitter account, again. More about that in a few moments.

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Pervert Who Regularly Has Sex With Horses is Married to Human Woman

Pervert Who Regularly Has Sex With Horses is Married to Human Woman

Evangelicals and other types of Christians frequently like to teach or assume that being married makes a person impervious to sexual sin (they assume singles are harlots), and that being married makes a person more mature and responsible.

Apparently, the pervert featured in this story is married to a woman, and he also had sexual contact with men at one time. He said his sexual orientation changed – he used to consider himself homosexual but says he is now “90% hetero.”

My feelings about people who have sex with animals: Anyone who has sex with animals should be hanged. Ditto for people who fondle or rape children, or who sexually assault adults.

I’d also like to mention this story points to another flaw in Christian teachings about marriage.

Often times, Christians will present marriage as though it’s only conferred by God on to people who achieve some sort of standard in life – which may be holiness, selfless-ness, maturity, whatever.

Some Christians will teach if you want marriage but are still single, you must be “making marriage into an idol,” and until you want God more than you want marriage, God will with-hold marriage from you.

None of these teachings are biblical. But other than that, they do not fit reality. I constantly see people who do not deserve to be married who are married. I have posted time and again on this blog news stories of married people who murder their spouses, who view child pornography, whatever.

You cannot possibly expect me to believe that God only rewards the holy and upright with marriage when I see news items like the one below about perverts who are married despite being absolute deviants.

(Link):  Horse Genitals Taste of Hay and More Curious Delights from a Horsef*cker WARNING: page has very graphic content (no photos, only text of sexual acts described in graphic detail)

That page is on Gawker, which in turn references this page (which I assume also has graphic content)

(Link): What It’s Like to Date A Horse – GRAPHIC SEXUAL CONTENT (TEXT NO PHOTOS) From “Science of Us” site.

I feel a more adequate headline for that page would be: “What it’s like to Rape an animal and how I am disgracing myself by performing an evil, unnatural sex act”

You’ll notice that this sicko’s narrative is very similar to that of homosexuals and child molestors – he claims he was always attracted to horses sexually; he feels he was “born that way.”

I’ve often read in online news stories and seen on TV shows that many homosexuals claim they always knew they were homosexual, and believe they were “born that way,” and I’ve read interviews with child molesters online who say they’ve always felt attracted to children and feel they were born that way.

Excerpts from Science of Us site (I’ve omitted some of the more tawdry quotes from the interview):

  • Here, a 42-year-old man from Canada describes his life as a zoophile attracted to female horses.
  • So the  [horse] book aroused you? Did you masturbate over the images of horses?
    Oh, yes. And later I’d go to pre-internet online dial-up forums and that’s where I came across bestiality porn. And I didn’t realize it was abnormal at that time, but the comments attached to those pictures were all going on about how disgusting it was. I was 13. So that would be when I was first aware that I was different.
  • ..When was your first kiss?
    My first kiss was from a man named Mark. He was aware of my sexual preference and interested himself in dogs after a fashion. That was about two months after I lost my virginity, so I was about 22. In all honesty, I’ve never liked kissing men; rough beards do not turn me on.
  • So you had your first kiss after you lost your virginity? Did you lose your virginity to a horse or a human?
    A horse.

As to this next bit – these doctors and vets, who are aiding this sicko to rape horses, and who are okay with this – should be hanged. I’m completely serious. Anyone who condones this, covers for people who do this, who are involved in any way, should be hanged, or shot in the face.


  • Are there health and safety concerns? How did you know how to do it [sexually assault an animal] safely — did you educate yourself first?
    There are a lot of things to think about. I’ve had the luck and the privilege to know two veterinarians and a doctor who were open to the idea, so I talked to them and I investigated zoonosis — the transference of diseases from animals to people.

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