She Married A Christian Psychopath She Met Via A Dating Site

She Married a Christian Psychopath She Met Via a Dating Site

There are times I am reading articles, not intending to make any blog posts here, but there’s something in the article that fits with this blog.

In this article, for example, which discusses how experts can spot psychopathy in children as young as age 3, there is a story about a psychopath named Carl.

(The link to the article that mentions the psychopath named Carl is much farther down the page. I wanted to talk about it first before linking to the page.)

The article says that as Carl gets older – around his 20s, I think – he becomes a Christian, meets a woman on a dating site, marries her, has a son with her, and has a few affairs on her, and later gets arrested.

I don’t think the wife in the story realized that the guy she was marrying was a psychopath, not at first.

Using dating sites can be scary – I’ve featured several articles on my blog of women who met men on dating sites who later raped, robbed, or murdered those women. (Sometimes, though not as often, some women use dating sites to rob or kill men.)

Next up, I don’t see the point in Christians promoting the “Equally Yoked” teaching any longer.

I know I have no desire to marry a guy who has been diagnosed to be a psychopath, and who will have affair after affair on me.

A guy who says he’s a Christian or who goes to church regularly is not any better than a guy who is not a Christian or who doesn’t go to church.

In my younger slightly more naive days, I know I likely would’ve given a man such as Carl more benefit of the doubt, had I seen him on a dating site and he proclaimed himself to be a Christian.

I now realize a man saying he’s a Christian doesn’t indicate much of anything. A man who says he’s a Christian can be a rapist, serial killer, or serial adulterer.

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Female Dragonflies Are Pretending to Die in Order to Avoid Irritating Males

Female Dragonflies Are Pretending to Die in Order to Avoid Irritating Males

(Link): Female Dragonflies Are Pretending to Die in Order to Avoid Irritating Males (on Twitter)

by  Harriet Marsden / April 2017

Women throughout history have been forced to some extreme lengths in order avoid an aggressive male. 

Running away, using a fake name, playing dumb…but playing dead seems intense, no?

Not for these dragonflies.

A new scientific study has observed one species of female dragonfly plummeting to the ground and playing dead, in order to avoid male suitors.

Published in the journal Ecology, the study is entitled: Faking death to avoid male coercion: extreme sexual conflict resolution in a dragonfly.’


Rassim Khelifa, an entomologist from the University of Zurich, Switzerland and the study’s author, first observed this phenomenon in 2015 when he was collecting larvae in the Swiss Alps.

… Female moorland hawkers, unlike other species of dragonflies, aren’t protected by their male mates when they lay their eggs, leaving them vulnerable to harassment.

Because her eggs can be fertilised by just one sexual encounter, mating again right afterwards could potentially damage their reproductive systems.

…According to Khelifa, feigning death to avoid sexual harrassment is almost unique: this would probably be “the fifth in the animal kingdom after a nuptial gift-giving spider, two species of robber fly, and a European mantis”.

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Dog Saves Boy (Aged 9) After Kid’s Mother Tries to Drown Him In River – Parenthood Does Not Make People More Mature, Loving, or Moral

Dog Saves Boy Aged 9 After Kid’s Mother Tries to Drown Him In River – Parenthood Does Not Make People More Mature, Loving, or Moral

Well looky here. This dog makes a better “parent,” or guardian, than the kid’s own parent!

Some Christians and my fellow conservatives like to go on and on about how marriage and parenthood are supposedly necessary to make a person more godly, mature, ethical, responsible, and loving – but this is not so.

I have many examples of my blog of married people and/or parents who are arrested or get into trouble for things ranging from, but not limited to, having affairs, buying child pornography, having sex with animals, raping their own children, etc (view those examples (Link): here and (Link): here).

Conservatives need to learn and remember that the Bible itself says that….

-a person being single and celibate is preferable to being married (start with 1 Corinthians 7),

-the Bible does NOT say that God has “called” anyone to be single (being single is a choice, or a matter of circumstance, it’s not based on divine providence),

-nor does the Bible say that (Link): only a “few will be single,”

-nor does the Bible ever try to promote marriage by denigrating singleness!

And to my fellow pro-lifers out there: STOP disparaging animal welfare or people who care about animal welfare!

Stop griping and complaining that people care more about animals than they do human babies – so what if they do? It’s a good thing if people support animal welfare, even if they are pro-choice, uncaring, or ambivalent on the abortion topic.

People should sure as hell NOT support animal cruelty or animal abuse, REGARDLESS of where they stand on other topics such as abortion or whatever else.

But secondly, it’s (Link): not a mutually exclusive proposition – a person can be anti-abortion as well as being anti-animal abuse!

(Link): Pitbull saves boy, 9, after ‘mum tries to drown him in river’ by T. Mann

March 4, 2017

The mother, who cannot be named for legal reasons, is said to have told a friend, ‘I have to drown my babies’ before taking them to the Murray River, in New South Wales, Australia.

The 27-year-old then allegedly took her eldest son, 9, into the river and held his head under the water while her five-year-old son looked on and screamed, Bendigo Magistrates heard.

Her younger son, who has a different father to his brother, was then allegedly brought into the water.

A distressed emergency service worker told the Riverine Herald: ‘He was so little, it was awful, the whole thing has been awful, and everyone here is devastated,” he said.

‘All of us have been hit so hard.’

But his elder brother managed to survive after a dog intervened and attacked the woman, the Herald Sun reports.

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In a First, Alaska Divorce Courts Will Now Treat Pets More Like Children

In a First, Alaska Divorce Courts Will Now Treat Pets More Like Children

(Link):  In a First, Alaska Divorce Courts Will Now Treat Pets More Like Children

 / January 24, 2017

…That’s why an amendment to Alaska’s divorce statutes, which took effect last week, is making waves in the world of animal law. It makes Alaska the first state in the country to require courts to take “into consideration the well-being of the animal” and to explicitly empower judges to assign joint custody of pets. In a blog post, the Animal Legal Defense Fund called the well-being provision “groundbreaking and unique.”

…As animals’ social status has evolved, courts nationwide have struggled with the pets-as-property idea, said Kathy Hessler, director of the Animal Law Clinic at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Ore. The parties involved often want decisions on custody, visitation and even monetary support for a pet, she said. But existing statues that guide such matters are designed to address children, not animals (which some courts think is just fine, at least in Canada).

Love Is Patient: Rare Snail Finally Meets Mate Willing to Accept His Differences by K. Bender

Love Is Patient: Rare Snail Finally Meets Mate Willing to Accept His Differences

I think there may be a lesson in here somewhere for humans.

(Link): Love Is Patient: Rare Snail Finally Meets Mate Willing to Accept His Differences


by K Bender, Nov 11, 2016

To the human eye, Jeremy doesn’t look that different from most snails, but to other snails he is rather unique.

Due to a genetic mutation, Jeremy’s shell swirls counterclockwise and his sex organs are located on the left side of his head, the opposite arrangement of most snails. According to (Link): NPR, this rare “lefty” look has made it nearly impossible for Jeremy to find a mate, because his sex organs don’t align with those of other snails.

Luckily, Jeremy found a friend in Angus Davison of the University of Nottingham, who is working with a team to find out what gene creates this one in 100,000 anomaly. One of the best ways to do this is to study Jeremy’s offspring. But first the snail has to have offspring, which requires another counterclockwise snail. 

To find a mate for the lovelorn snail, Davison asked the public for help on Twitter, attaching the hashtag #snaillove to his plea.

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Tolerance, Compassion, and Knowing People Personally

Tolerance, Compassion, and Knowing People Personally

I keep running into politically left wing types or touchie-feelie Christians (some of whom may be somewhat conservative, which surprises me) on social media who assume the reason I must oppose certain things, such as–

-Mass Muslim immigration
-Allowing biological men into women’s bathrooms and fitting rooms under transgender laws

is due to some kind of personal animosity towards these groups of people.

The reason I object to, or am concerned about, things such as mass Muslim immigration or transgender bathroom bills has NOTHING to do with personal hatred on my part towards Muslims or transgender people.

I find this so frustrating that this is assumed about me from the start, and this assumption occurs constantly on Twitter and other blogs.

If you bother to get to know me, or read many of my blog posts on this blog, or stop and ask me my feelings about things (instead of JUST ASSUMING you know why I must hold thus- and- so an opinion on a given topic), you would discover I’m pretty laid back about things, more so than the people who yell at me online.

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Pro-Life Groups Pit Abortion Against Animal Cruelty – How Much People Care Outrage

Pro-Life Groups Pit Abortion Against Animal Cruelty – How Much People Care Outrage

A brief recap, if you are new to my blog:

  • I am pro-life on the abortion topic, I am right wing, pretty socially conservative, and have voted Republican my entire life. None of which is to say I always agree with how social conservatives and Republicans handle or speak about every issue.

I follow a few pro-life accounts on Twitter, because I am pro-life.

Though I am pro-life, I do not always agree with every last stance of pro-life groups, or how they choose to speak out on the topic.

Unfortunately, Pro-life organizations and individuals tend to idolize the nuclear family and shame or criticize women who are infertile, who use IVF, who are child free, or who never marry, for whatever the reason.

Some of them do this in part because they wrongly assume the Bible or God commands all, or prefer for most, to marry and have children,  and they also assume God feels that a woman’s only supreme purpose in life is to have children. I have written of these issues before (Link): here and (Link): here, among other posts.

I recently “got into it” with a pro-life Twitter account, again. More about that in a few moments.

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Let’s Hear It For Family Values – Man who had sex with CHIHUAHUA (small pet dog) jailed after wife spots him abusing family pet on security camera

Man who had sex with CHIHUAHUA (small pet dog) jailed after wife spots him abusing family pet on security camera

The article says this guy is married with two or three children, and was caught having sex with the family dog, who sustained injuries.

This man’s penis and nuts should be slowly sawed off with a rusty, ragged saw.

The dog should be adopted out to a family who won’t abuse him.

And who would want to be married to this kind of guy?

At any rate, many conservative and evangelical Christians like to harbor an illusion that by mere virtue of marrying and/or cranking out a few children, a person automatically becomes mature, responsible, godly, and loving.

In contrast, Christians teach that people who do not marry, or who are still single into their late 20s, and/or who are without children are immature, selfish, and/or sexual deviants.

Stories such as this once more prove that there is nothing intrinsic about parenting or marriage that causes a person to behave with compassion and dignity.

(Link): Man who had sex with CHIHUAHUA jailed after wife spots him abusing family pet on security camera

  • Marc Gonzalez, 61, from Palm Beach County, to spend 100 days in jail
  • Abused dog on patio of house he shared with wife and three children
  • Dog bore ‘physical trauma’ from attack and repeatedly tried to escape 
  • A Florida man who was caught on tape having sex with his family’s chihuahua has been jailed.
  • Marc Ramon Gonzalez, 61, from Palm Beach County, was found out by his wife after she looked at security camera footage of her husband abusing the pet near the patio door.
  • He pleaded guilty to animal cruelty and sexual activity with an animal and received 100 days in jail along with 12 months’ probation, the county clerk’s office told Daily Mail Online.
  • Gonzalez shared his Wellington home with his wife and three young children and would often go out into their backyard .

    A police report about the incident, in November 2013, included testimony from a dog expert who said that the dog was constantly in an uncomfortably submissive posture, with his head and ears down while Gonzalez abused him and touched himself.

    Gonzalez’s wife then rushed outside and confronted her husband.

    The animal, which bore marks of physical trauma afterwards, tried to escape multiple times unsuccessfully and ‘did not like what was happening’.

  • The man originally pleaded not guilty before striking a deal with prosecutors.

    Sexual activity with an animal is a first degree misdemeanor in Florida, punishable by up to a year in prison or a $1,000 fine.

    Animal cruelty is also a first degree misdemeanor and punishable by a year in prison or up to a $5,000 fine.

    Cruelty that ‘results in the cruel death, or excessive or repeated infliction of unnecessary pain or suffering’ is a third degree felony and punishable by up to five years in prison.

    ‘We wish there was stronger laws. We wish people would immediately go to jail and stay there,’ Capt. Dave Walesky, Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control, told WPEC.

    ‘It just doesn’t make sense why people do things like that. There’s no reason to justify something like that,’ he said.

    Florida is the number one state for animal abuse crimes, according to

    The state officially passed a law banning bestiality in 2011, after many years without one.


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Father Has Sex With His Own Children, Forces Them to Have Sex with Dog, His Wife and Ex Wife Participate

Father Has Sex With His Own Children, Forces Them to Have Sex with Dog, His Wife and Ex Wife Participate

Conservative Christians really need to drop the insistence that marriage and parenthood are necessary to make a person more godly and mature – because they are not. Here’s another perverted example of that.

One of these articles says that this guy portrays himself as a “devoted family man” on his Facebook page.

I hope the dog is doing okay and was removed from this pervert’s home and that this pervert is never allowed around animals again. (And he should never be around children again, obviously.)

(Link):  Mother-of-four, 43, her ex-husband and his current wife who all live together arrested as cops crack ‘one of the most horrific sex rings in memory’ involving at least eight children, incest and bestiality’ (Link):  Woman accused in sex abuse case a licensed CCSD sub (Link):  The Father Who Made His Kids Have Sex With a Dog

  • Christopher Sena presented himself as a loving husband and father but he stands charged with incest, felony child abuse and other horrific crimes.
  • Readers of Christopher Sena’s Facebook posts would be forgiven for thinking he was a real family guy. A loving husband and responsible father: That’s the image the Las Vegas resident presented on social media.
    • In reality, authorities believe, Sena was a perverted monster who practiced child abuse and incest in what the Los Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is calling “one of the most horrific sex rings in memory.”
    • A 23-count amended criminal complaint alleging incest, bestiality and felony child abuse filed against Sena, sources said, only begins to illustrate the scope of the evidence Metro detectives have gathered. Sena was first arrested on a sexual assault charge in September.
    • His wife Deborah and ex-wife Terri, the biological mother of his three sons and one daughter, were arrested December 11 in Las Vegas. Among the evidence recovered: A videotape of two Sena children having sex with the family dog.
    • A preliminary hearing set for Tuesday morning in Clark County Justice Court is expected to reveal some of the voluminous and revolting material in evidence against the defendants.
    Authorities allege that Sena was a perverted monster atop “one of the most horrific sex rings in memory.”

(Link): Las Vegas father, wives filmed themselves having sex with children in ‘one of the most horrifying sex rings in memory’: cops  Excerpts:

  • Christopher Sena faces numerous charges with his wife and ex-wife after police say the trio filmed themselves abusing eight kids over a 12-year span. Among the sickening allegations against the father of four are claims he forced two of his children to have sex with a dog, according to one report.
  • Published: Tuesday, December 16, 2014, 4:25 PM
  • A Las Vegas father of four is behind bars while accused of incest, felony child abuse and reportedly bestiality involving his children. Christopher Sena, who presented himself as a devoted family man online, is facing numerous sexual assault related charges with his wife Deborah Sena and ex-wife Terrie Sena after police say the trio filmed themselves abusing at least eight children over a 12-year span.
  • Those sex acts allegedly included Christopher Sena filming two of his children having sex with the family dog, the Daily Beast reported citing a criminal complaint.

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Where have all the TV dogs gone? – indication of the decline of the nuclear family

Where have all the TV dogs gone? – indication of the decline of the nuclear family 

(Link): Where have all the TV dogs gone?


  • People love dogs as much as ever. So why have sitcoms abandoned them?
  • Name a dog who’s famous for appearing on television. No, not Lassie — a dog who’s on TV today.Got one? Good. You might be thinking of Isis, the Earl of Grantham’s yellow Lab on Downton Abbey, or possibly Stella, the French bulldog spoiled by patriarch Jay on Modern Family. Digging deeper, on Parks and Recreation there’s Andy and April’s three-legged mutt, Champion, who can claim maybe five minutes of total screen time over six seasons. We’re also told that Mike’s mother on Mike & Molly owns a Brussels Griffon named Jim, whom we’d describe in further detail if we could ever bring ourselves to watch Mike & Molly.
  • ….As Robert Thompson, a professor of television and film at Syracuse University, tells us, “The family dog has fallen upon hard times.” But it wasn’t always this way.
  • In the 1950s, dogs weren’t just obligatory members of seemingly every TV family — they actually anchored their own iconic shows, like The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin and, yes, Lassie. And the ’90s saw a veritable TV dog renaissance, with beloved canine characters prominently featured in network staples like Empty Nest, Married With Children, The Drew Carey Show, Spin City, 7th Heaven, Dharma & Greg, and Full House.
  • …The dogs of ’90s television, Thompson argues, offered a “retro feel” audiences craved, in direct reference to the comedies that came before. On Mad About You and Frasier, the foregrounded presence of dogs made unconventional family situations feel more, well, familiar.
  • ….Over the last two decades, we’ve experienced what Thompson calls a “complete shriveling up of the traditional family sitcom.” The root of the problem, he suggests, is that there can be no family dog without a family.
  • “The style of so many of these shows has infantilized the characters themselves so that you no longer need a dog to stand in for an infant or child,” he says. “Everyone on Two and a Half Menand The Big Bang Theory is in a state of arrested development. On Arrested Development, it’s right in the title.”


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