Church Allows Pedophile To Lead Bible Studies – Meanwhile, Many Churches Refuse to Allow Non-Pedophile, Celibate, Single Adults to Hold Any Sort of Leadership Positions (Re: Steve Furtick’s Elevation Church)

Church Allows Pedophile To Lead Bible Studies, Hails Pedo as a “Hero” – Meanwhile, Many Churches  Refuse to Allow Celibate, Single Adults to Hold Any Sort of Leadership Positions

Because many flavors of American Christendom – everything from evangelical to Reformed to Baptist and everything else – continues to harbor this completely un-biblical and insulting perception that marriage and parenthood are necessary rites of adulthood, and because many Christians assume that married persons are above sexually sinning, they continue to prohibit single, celibate adults from holding leadership positions in church.

I have blogged before anecdotes by other celibate, single adults who express pain, shock, hurt, indignation or frustration because their church automatically limits them from doing things such as teaching Sunday school because singles are either regarded as immature or as more liable to sexually sin.

In this story, from the Watch Keep blog, we have an example of a mega-church, Steve Furtick’s “Elevation” church, that not only allows a known pedophile, a Norm Vigue, to lead a Bible study class at their church, the preacher, Furtick, refers to the pedophile as his “personal hero.”

You can read more about that in this post at the Watch Keep blog:

(Link): Steven Furtick and Elevation Church publicly support, celebrate, and elevate a convicted child sex offender before, during and after federal prison: registered sex offender Norman Vigue now leads Elevation Church Bible study (on the Watch Keep blog, by Amy Smith, in conjunction with Wartwatch Blog – a few excerpts, with commentary are farther below)

That is baffling, alarming, and shocking in and of itself, of course, but consider another point or two I’ve raised in my writing before:

  1. Churches are reluctant to utilize adults who are actually sexually pure as role models or as leaders or as teachers (they will not even permit adult celibate singles to teach other adult singles in church).
  2. Churches continue to buy into and promote the stereotype that all adult singles are sexually sinning

If you are a virgin over the age of 30, churches do not want you to speak about sexual purity; their preference is to hire or utilize known or self-professing fornicators as role models, teachers, or speakers.

On her Watch Keep blog, Amy Smith mentions how preacher Furtick has two or three blog posts on his blog describing the child molestor, Vigue, as his hero, and how Vigue will be available after some church service to sign autographs on a book he wrote.

While it is certainly true that God will forgive a repentant child molester, it is shocking that some Christians think the way to express this truth is to promote a child molester as a hero, or as some sort of teacher the rest of us can learn from.

And again, churches are double-minded and hypocritical in these issues two fold:

Point 1: in that they will not only heap praise on a convicted child molester or child rapist but refuse to utilize adult celibates or virgins as examples of sexual morality and God’s grace.

Point 2: pedophiles are permitted to teach and lead in churches, but not non-pedophile, virgin, celibate adults.

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Gross Guy Roy on Dating Site, Wife #2 Was A Stripper – Says He’s a Protestant Christian

Gross Guy Roy on Dating Site, Wife #2 Was A Stripper – Says He’s a Protestant Christian

Well okay then.

One of my friends told me to sign up for a dating site a few years ago. So I did.

This was my second attempt at using a dating site, as I had used one a few years prior, gave it up, then rejoined after my friend egged me on. I’ve had no intention of dating the last few years, so it’s not a site I visit often.

I do get e-mail notifications from this site almost daily about men who view my photos and profile, and they send me flirts and “like” my photos and so on. I did visit this site today.

I logged in and looked at my member page.

First of all, upon visiting the site today (my first time in months), one of the guys I was sent in my in-box is 60 years old, which is way over my age limit.

Even though I specify I will only consider men ages “X to Y,” these sites will send me men either way too old or too young… or, the site will allow men much older / younger to hit on me. No thanks.

(By the way, related post this blog: (Link): Ageism Vs. Age Preferences and Creepy Older Men (critique of post at another blog))

Some other guy on there who was flirting me up? Oh what a loser…

Dude is in his 50s, has been divorced twice. I think his name was Roy. Continue reading

Spiritual leader allegedly manipulated 400 men into removing testicles to be ‘closer to God’

Spiritual leader allegedly manipulated 400 men into removing testicles to be ‘closer to God’

I almost did not blog at all today, until I saw this…

There are times I am glad to be a lady. And somewhat agnostic. And not the member of any church. This is one of those times.

(Link): Spiritual leader allegedly manipulated 400 men into removing testicles to be ‘closer to God’

  • March 1, 2015
  • The castrations allegedly started happening from 2000
  • A man has been accused of encouraging hundreds of followers to be castrated in a promise for them to become closer to God.

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Twenty Year Old Mother Admits to Boyfriend She’s Been Having Sex With Family Dogs Since She Was 13 Years Old

I do not go looking for these stories. This one turned up on one of my social networks, someone else linked to it.

Once more: most conservative Christians – your evangelicals, Baptists, fundamentalists, and your Reformed – hold nauseating, UNBIBLICAL views about sex, dating, and marriage. They wrongly teach that marriage, sex, and parenthood are the only real measures of maturity or godliness. The fact is, a lot of married parents are immature, un-godly, and irresponsible. Here is another example.

This woman is a MOTHER. She has a kid.

(Link): Brittany Sonnier Accused Of Engaging In Illicit Acts With Family Dogs

  • The police report further alleges that Sonnier told her boyfriend that she has had “vaginal and oral sex with the dogs” and has trained the animals so they “don’t act strange” around other people.
  • …Sonnier’s ex told police he first approached her father and informed him of her alleged bizarre sexual preferences. Sonnier’s dad, according to the police report, allegedly told him that his daughter had in the past admitted to him that “she has been having sex with the family dogs.” Her dad also allegedly said he is in the process of trying to gain custody of his grandson.

(Link):  Mother, 20, ‘told boyfriend she has been having sex with her dogs since she was 13 and often fantasizes about incest’

Related posts

(Link):  Man who had sex with CHIHUAHUA (small pet dog) jailed after wife spots him abusing family pet on security camera

(Link):  Pervert Who Regularly Has Sex With Horses is Married to Human Woman

(Link): Married Couple Charged With Making Dog Porn (wife had sex with dogs while husband filmed it)

Teen Girl Willingly Loses Her Virginity to Her Biological Father Knowing He Is Her Biological Father ~ They Plan to Marry and Have Kids

Teen Girl Willingly Loses Her Virginity to Her Biological Father Knowing He Is Her Biological Father ~ They Plan to Marry and Have Kids

(Link):   Teenager loses virginity to her estranged DAD and now plans to marry him

This story is so gross.

I think the young lady in the story – who was about 17 years of age when the “relationship” (as in sex and dating) started with her biological father – bears a tiny bit less of the responsibility in this than her father, who was about 35 or 36 when this began. But she should still know better, so I’m not giving her a pass.

I think the girl is an idiot, in addition to being a sexual deviant.

Due to immaturity, insecurity, admitted sexual and relationship confusion on her part, and lack of life experience, she is being made a fool of.

Her father, who was mid 30s when this began, is exploiting her. I do not even care if, from the girl’s view, that this is “consensual”.

It is so damn easy for anyone over the age of 25 to emotionally manipulate someone who is under age 25 – and make that double if the older person is age 35, 45, or older. Older adults can manipulate and scam the hell out of you if you are below 25, and you won’t even notice it at the time.

I don’t think this girl understands she cannot trust her father. She thinks he is more trustworthy to date precisely because he is her dad (you can read her rationale below).

That her father is willing to have sex with his own biological daughter indicates he is a predator, not a trustworthy father. A real, caring father is NOT going to step over this line and have sexual dealings with his own kid.

But she confuses things, to thinking, well, this is the man who gave me Barbie dolls and teddy bears when I  was a girl, ergo, it’s safer for me to enter a romantic relationship with him than with a guy I’m not related to.

She has it all wrong. If her dad was truly a stand up guy, he would never, ever have touched her sexually, and it is irrelevant if she agreed to it or not.

When asked about these issues in the interview, she says no worries, her mother taught her self defense, like how to kick a man in the crotch.

She is so effing naive… she is being EMOTIONALLY (as well as sexually) manipulated and exploited and does not even recognize it; she equates being abused only with PHYSICAL abuse. Her father just wants in her pants, like any horny boy her own age who she’s not related to, and she’s permitting it. She doesn’t even see what is happening.

As someone on another site astutely observed, sex before marriage is now considered even more passe’ since this girl says in her interview about the incest that she and her biological father began having sex and THEN afterwards began dating.

Yes. So. People are having sex first and THEN dating and THEN marrying.

One of the interesting or amusing things I see in some articles that are critical of her relationship (and under comments about the story of the man who is married to a woman, but he claims to have sex with a horse regularly), are the number of pro-homosexuality persons who get upset by this.

By the way, in the interview with the man who has sex with a horse, he says that his horse consents to the sex. He claims that. Go read the article, don’t ask me to explain or defend it. I don’t agree that a horse can give consent to having sex with a person.

It angers homosexuality advocates that the men who want to have sex with horses, or their own daughters, use the same, exact claims and arguments that the pro homosexual lobby does, such as, “I was born this way,” and, “as long as its consensual, it’s okay,” and, “who are you to judge.”

As for the idiot who left a comment under the Science of Us article: that the Bible mentions incidents of incest does not mean that God approves of incest. Duh.

I also think this story goes to once again show that the Christian propaganda that being married or a parent makes a person more mature and godly is false. Being married or a parent is not an indication of someone’s morals or ethics or maturity. Here you have a man who has been married, has a biological daughter, and is having sex with her.

Also, if, as Christians maintain, married sex is so “mind blowing,” why did the father in this story divorce the mother and end up having sex with his own daughter? If the “mind blowing” propaganda were true, would this man not have been sexually satisfied with his wife, (or later, with the adult girlfriend he had) – why is he having sex with his biological daughter?

Before proceeding reading this, you may want to have a trash can handy so you can throw up.

(Link):  What It’s Like to Date Your Dad – from Science of Us site


  • By Alexa Tsoulis-Reay / Jan 15, 2015
  • …Consensual incest between fathers and their daughters remains the least reported and perhaps the most taboo sort of GSA relationship. Keith Pullman, who runs a marriage equality blog, has personally talked to over 20 GSA couples and notes that he’s only had a few father-daughter couples speak out, speculating that many of them fear that others will assume the daughter must have been abused in childhood (it should be said that when these unions lead to children, those children can face potentially serious difficulties as a result of the genetic implications of incest, even if some online communities downplay these risks).Here, an 18-year-old woman from the Great Lakes region describes her romantic relationship of almost two years with the biological father she met after 12 years of estrangement.
  • What was your family like when you were growing up?

  • My parents had me when they were 18 — they met in high school and I was conceived on prom night. They were serious for about six months but broke up while my mom was still pregnant with me. My dad wasn’t there when I was born. [Her dad had hardly any contact with her as she grew up because her mother would not permit it]
  • …. Can you remember much from your time with your dad when you were little?

  • I have some memories. He spoiled me rotten. I had this giant storage tote of Barbie dolls and I had my own Mary-Kate and Ashley bedroom. It was a little girl’s dream. We’d sit in the yard blowing bubbles together, and he took me to the zoo where he bought me a stuffed animal that I kept until I was 16. I ended up washing it and stupidly put it in the dryer, which melted all its fur. I remember he gave me a miniature tea set. I still have it.
  • Do you think it triggered the abandonment you felt from your own dad?

  • Yeah. I think I was subconsciously replaying what I’d been through.
  • Did you date when you were a teenager?
  • I didn’t really have a social life. I stayed home a lot because my mom didn’t trust me, and most of the kids my age were hooked on heroin, so it was hard to find friends. I lived in such a small town where there was nothing to do. In fifth grade I dated a boy for two years.
  • But one night he got drunk and had sex with a girl who ended up pregnant. It f-cked everything up. I told him he had to go and be with this girl and take care of the kid.
  • Did you have sex with that boyfriend?

  • No. I had a girlfriend in middle school and that was the most major sexual experience I’d ever had. But she was very religious and every time we were intimate she would sob and read me verses out of the Bible.
  • It made me feel like I’d hurt her. The second time we did it she cried and said we’d done something wrong and she was worried her grandmother would find out.
  • I was done after that. No more crying, and no more Bible transcripts. She had me in tears because I felt so guilty.
  • How do you define your sexuality?
    I’ve always identified as bisexual.
  • So can you remember what it was like the moment you and your dad were reunited? Was there an instant attraction?
  • It was so weird and confusing. I was seeing my dad for the first time in forever but it was also like, He’s so good-looking! And then I was like, What the hell are you thinking? What is wrong with you? I saw him as my dad but then also part of me was like, I’m meeting this guy who I have been talking to over the internet and really connecting with and I find him attractive.


  • Was there a single moment you realized that you were sexually and romantically attracted to your dad?
    After I had stayed with him for about five days.

    What happened?
    He was living with his girlfriend. On the first night he slept on the couch and I slept on the floor, just to make sure that I was okay.

  • …That night we were play-wrestling in the room I was going to sleep in and I bit him. He was wearing a pair of basketball shorts and a tank top and after I bit him I could see goose bumps pop up from his toes to his shoulders. Then he pinched my inner thigh and I got goose bumps.We stopped and said that we didn’t know what was going on but admitted that we had strong feelings for each other. We discussed whether it was wrong and then we kissed. And then we made out, and then we made love for the first time. That was when I lost my virginity.
  • Did you tell him you were a virgin?
    Yes. I told him I wanted him to be the first person I made love to. We talked about how it could be awkward if it didn’t end up working out. He also said that if I didn’t feel comfortable at any point I should tell him.

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Older Pervy Dudes Hitting on Younger Women – and they meet them at church

Older Pervy Dudes Hitting on Younger Women – and they  meet them at church

A few years ago, I found an online article where some guy was advising other guys how to “pick up women” at churches.

If I remember correctly, this guy was promoting the idea of being deceitful and tricking and manipulating Christian women into casual relationships and sex.

I don’t think the author or the men he was advising were even Christians (not that it would be okay if they were Christians, it would actually be worse, IMO). If I can find that article again, I’d like to place it here on this blog.

I think Christian women should be aware not to let their guard down in a church environment just because it’s church. Don’t be trusting of a man just because he claims to be a Christian and has the external trappings of a Christian.

If secular men are targeting Christian women to take advantage of them, they need to learn what tricks these men are using. (I hope I can find that article again and post it.)

To Christian ladies: you are no more safer in a church or around church-goers than you would be at a night club, walking down a city street, among a group of Satanists chanting to Satan in the woods at midnight, or anywhere else.

You can be taken advantage of by church men, in a church, or outside of a church.

Men you meet at a church are not necessarily more safe, ethical, reliable or honest than guys you meet on dating sites or in bars.

Guys at your church may be drug addicts, child molesters, or whatever, but are very good at hiding these things and wearing a mask and saying all the Christian lingo so they can pass as Christian when they are around church people.

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Pervert Who Regularly Has Sex With Horses is Married to Human Woman

Pervert Who Regularly Has Sex With Horses is Married to Human Woman

Evangelicals and other types of Christians frequently like to teach or assume that being married makes a person impervious to sexual sin (they assume singles are harlots), and that being married makes a person more mature and responsible.

Apparently, the pervert featured in this story is married to a woman, and he also had sexual contact with men at one time. He said his sexual orientation changed – he used to consider himself homosexual but says he is now “90% hetero.”

My feelings about people who have sex with animals: Anyone who has sex with animals should be hanged. Ditto for people who fondle or rape children, or who sexually assault adults.

I’d also like to mention this story points to another flaw in Christian teachings about marriage.

Often times, Christians will present marriage as though it’s only conferred by God on to people who achieve some sort of standard in life – which may be holiness, selfless-ness, maturity, whatever.

Some Christians will teach if you want marriage but are still single, you must be “making marriage into an idol,” and until you want God more than you want marriage, God will with-hold marriage from you.

None of these teachings are biblical. But other than that, they do not fit reality. I constantly see people who do not deserve to be married who are married. I have posted time and again on this blog news stories of married people who murder their spouses, who view child pornography, whatever.

You cannot possibly expect me to believe that God only rewards the holy and upright with marriage when I see news items like the one below about perverts who are married despite being absolute deviants.

(Link):  Horse Genitals Taste of Hay and More Curious Delights from a Horsef*cker WARNING: page has very graphic content (no photos, only text of sexual acts described in graphic detail)

That page is on Gawker, which in turn references this page (which I assume also has graphic content)

(Link): What It’s Like to Date A Horse – GRAPHIC SEXUAL CONTENT (TEXT NO PHOTOS) From “Science of Us” site.

I feel a more adequate headline for that page would be: “What it’s like to Rape an animal and how I am disgracing myself by performing an evil, unnatural sex act”

You’ll notice that this sicko’s narrative is very similar to that of homosexuals and child molestors – he claims he was always attracted to horses sexually; he feels he was “born that way.”

I’ve often read in online news stories and seen on TV shows that many homosexuals claim they always knew they were homosexual, and believe they were “born that way,” and I’ve read interviews with child molesters online who say they’ve always felt attracted to children and feel they were born that way.

Excerpts from Science of Us site (I’ve omitted some of the more tawdry quotes from the interview):

  • Here, a 42-year-old man from Canada describes his life as a zoophile attracted to female horses.
  • So the  [horse] book aroused you? Did you masturbate over the images of horses?
    Oh, yes. And later I’d go to pre-internet online dial-up forums and that’s where I came across bestiality porn. And I didn’t realize it was abnormal at that time, but the comments attached to those pictures were all going on about how disgusting it was. I was 13. So that would be when I was first aware that I was different.
  • ..When was your first kiss?
    My first kiss was from a man named Mark. He was aware of my sexual preference and interested himself in dogs after a fashion. That was about two months after I lost my virginity, so I was about 22. In all honesty, I’ve never liked kissing men; rough beards do not turn me on.
  • So you had your first kiss after you lost your virginity? Did you lose your virginity to a horse or a human?
    A horse.

As to this next bit – these doctors and vets, who are aiding this sicko to rape horses, and who are okay with this – should be hanged. I’m completely serious. Anyone who condones this, covers for people who do this, who are involved in any way, should be hanged, or shot in the face.


  • Are there health and safety concerns? How did you know how to do it [sexually assault an animal] safely — did you educate yourself first?
    There are a lot of things to think about. I’ve had the luck and the privilege to know two veterinarians and a doctor who were open to the idea, so I talked to them and I investigated zoonosis — the transference of diseases from animals to people.

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Italian nurse who took photos of herself with patients she had murdered is flooded with fan mail in prison – including marriage proposals

Italian nurse who took photos of herself with patients she had murdered is flooded with fan mail in prison – including marriage proposals

So, you murder a bunch of people because you “find them annoying” and take a few photos of yourself with the corpses and the marriage proposals flood in? People are disturbing.

(Link):  Italian nurse who took photos of herself with patients she had murdered is flooded with fan mail in prison – including marriage proposals 

by Steve Hopkins

  • Nurse Daniela Poggiali will stand trial over 38 unexplained deaths
  • Since her arrest the 42-year-old has been flooded with fan mail
  • The letters have described Poggiali as ‘pretty and good looking’
  • And one or two contained proposals of marriage, prison officials said 
  • An Italian nurse who took photos of herself with dead patients she had murdered is being flooded with fan letters from male admirers, including some containing marriage proposals.
  • Daniela Poggiali, 42, from the town of Lugo, in the Emilia-Romagna Region of central Italy, was arrested after police investigating the mysterious death of a 78-year-old patient stumbled upon 38 other unexplained deaths on her shifts.
  • Rosa Calderoni, 78, was admitted with a routine illness but died after being injected with high levels of potassium – the compound used in lethal injection executions in the U.S.
  • …A prison spokesman said: ‘Over the last few weeks since she was placed here there has been a steady stream of letters from males.

    ‘Most of them say how pretty and good looking they think she is, and one or two have even contained proposals of marriage.’

  • …According to investigators the nurse had found the dead patients ‘annoying’ or that they had ‘pushy relatives’.

    During their investigations they discovered pictures of Poggiali grinning alongside the dead bodies.

    The lead magistrate investigating the case, Alessandro Mancini said: ‘We believe she is sound of mind, but simply took satisfaction, and real pleasure in killing.

Ohio Preacher Asked Men if they Performed Oral Sex on Spouses, Asked Males if they Had Large Penises, Asked to Look at their Penises, Asked One Actor if He Shaved His Pubic Hair, Encouraged Women Congregants to Get Abortions, Males to Get Vasectomies / Another Blow to “Be Equally Yoked” Christian Teachings

Ohio Preacher Asked Men if they Performed Oral Sex on Spouses, Asked Males if they Had Large Penises, Asked to Look at their Penises, Asked One Actor if He Shaved His Pubic Hair, Encouraged Women Congregants to Get Abortions, Males to Get Vasectomies / Another Blow to “Be Equally Yoked” Christian Teachings

(Link):  Ohio televangelist ‘forced members to have vasectomies and abortions, told women to treat pregnancies as tumors and allowed children to be sexually abused’

  • Vasectomies and abortions encouraged to save offspring from today’s evils 
  • A pregnant woman was told to treat her fetus as if it was a tumor
  • Abuse victims claim Ernest Angley told them to keep their allegations secret

Before I paste in a bunch more links to this news story, here are some of my thoughts about it:

Yet another shining example of why Christian women should not even bother with “being equally yoked,” as some church-going, self professing Christian men, some of whom work as elders or preachers, are perverts who molest people or overstep their bounds.

I am surprised at how many Christians went along with this perverted preacher and for how long. Some of them went to this guy’s church for months or years before working up the courage or disgust to walk out.

Christians are some of the biggest, passive wimps I have ever met.

Many Christians are severely codependent – they routinely take Bible verses about “being meek” and “turning the cheek” and “loving your enemy” to wrongly assume the Bible is teaching them to be doormats and to tolerate evil and idiots – but it’s not teaching you to put up with any of that, or to be a doormat.

What I am trying to say is that if you are a grown man (or woman) attending a church where the pastor tells you to get an abortion, or asked you to drop your drawers to look at your penis, or he asks if you perform oral sex on your wife, or whatever inappropriate action or remark he makes, you should respond in one of several ways to these scenarios:

  • 1. Punch him in his disgusting face
  • 2. Tell him none of his damn business, and that he is a pervert
  • 3. Extend your middle finger to his face and tell him to F*CK OFF
  • 4. Stop attending his church the first time such a situation occurs

What is not an option: complying with his disgusting wish. This dude is just some old perverted coot. He has no authority over you, NONE.

Assuming you work at a secular job (not at the same church where the abuse is going down):

Just like your boss at your job has no right to threaten your ass with firing if you don’t sleep with him or show him your nude penis, and just as your boss at your job has no right to ask about your sexual habits, you are under no obligation to go along with bat sh*t insane requests like, “so, tell me, do you have a big penis,” or, “hey, drop your pants and underwear so I can check out your genitals” from your preacher.

Christians of the world, being a “good, biblical Christian” has nothing to do with being a doormat.

Stop allowing people to exploit you.

Never participate in something that makes you feel uncomfortable, such as telling your pastor how big your penis is, or what your sex life is like. Those subjects and ones like them are NONE OF YOUR PREACHER’S BUSINESS, not even in the guise of “men’s accountability” meetings or groups.

Seriously, go out and get a copy of the books,

  • Boundaries” by Christian psychiatrists Cloud and Townsend,
  • No More Christian Nice Guy” by Paul Coughlin,
  • The Disease to Please” by Dr. H. Braiker

-and read them, read those books! If money is an issue, perhaps your local library has copies you can check out.

The first two books will explain to you why being a Christian does NOT MEAN having to take sh-t off other people (God does not expect, command, or demand that you permit yourself to be abused or used by other people), the third is a general book not necessarily written from a “Christian” view but it is invaluable to Christians who are too terrified to say “no” to people and who believe that having limits is selfish, mean, or unbiblical.

Christians: You have a right to say “no” to gross or weird questions or requests, even from your church preacher.

Also: as much as I cannot stand the extreme emphasis most churches put on marriage, natalism, and parenting, which alienates singles, widowers, and the infertile – I do NOT condone the extreme opposite: a church where the pastor and/or other members pressure people to NOT marry or NOT have children.

Whether you marry or not or have a kid or not is YOUR CHOICE, and your church should shut their pie holes about it.

The Bible defends all situations: having a kid, not having a kid (whether by choice or by circumstance); being single OR being married.

There is nothing sinful or shameful about getting married OR being single, or with having children or NOT having children.

(Link):  Ohio televangelist ‘forced members to have vasectomies and abortions, told women to treat pregnancies as tumors and allowed children to be sexually abused’

  • Vasectomies and abortions encouraged to save offspring from today’s evils 
  • A pregnant woman was told to treat her fetus as if it was a tumor
  • Abuse victims claim Ernest Angley told them to keep their allegations secret

(Link):  Televangelist pastor accused of forcing vasectomies and abortions on church members

  • Former members of Grace Cathedral in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio have accused church leader and televangelist Ernest Angley of demanding they have abortions or vasectomies, and that he would both engage in and turn a blind eye to sexual abuse in the church.

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Ask Men site’s Woman Virgin Shaming Editorial, entitled, Five Reasons Not To Sleep With A Virgin

Ask Men site’s Virgin Shaming Editorial, entitled, Five Reasons Not To Sleep With A Virgin

I guess the writer of this piece (I am assuming this was written by a male), or most men today, would be fine with having sex with Bambi, Tiffani, or Brittney, all of whom have banged hundreds of men in one night stands ever since they were fifteen years of age, because they “have experience” and “won’t become too attached.”

Here’s the link to the bigoted, gross, virgin-shaming editorial – which is, wait for it: written by a woman, supposedly, I just notice her name, a “Sarah Stefanson” (it could be that is a pen name, and the person who wrote this is a man) :

(Link):  5 Reasons Not To Sleep With A Virgin (link is to page two of the article)


  • by Sarah Stefanson
  • 1- There’s extra prep work
  • Unlike a more experienced woman, a virgin really doesn’t know what to expect. This means that you’re going to have to put in some effort before the deed is done and plan ahead to make sure that she’s comfortable and completely willing.
  • It may take some considerable convincing on your part to get her into bed, and while that isn’t one of our five reasons not to sleep with a virgin, your seduction skills will certainly be put to the test when it comes to taking a girl’s virginity.
  • Also, the older she is, the harder it will be.
  • If she has managed to protect her virginity all through high school and into her 20s, it will be that much more difficult to persuade her that she should give it up to you.
  • 4- She lacks skills
  • Since she’s inexperienced, she’s probably not going to be that good in bed, and that’s a big reason not to sleep with a virgin.
  • There are exceptions to this rule, of course, since there are plenty of skills a girl can learn before she loses her actual virginity.
  • If, however, she has little experience with sexual activity in general, the encounter is not going to be all that pleasurable for you.
  • If all you want is the power trip that comes from taking her virginity, then you’re golden, but if you want a mutually satisfying sexual experience, you should look for someone who has had time to develop some sexual skills.
  • 5- It could get messy
  • There is a possibility that having sex with a virgin could literally make a mess of your sheets. Being penetrated for the first time is likely to hurt her and it could result in some bleeding. If the sight of blood makes you squeamish, devirginizing a girl is not for you. A woman’s first sexual experience can leave a very unsexy mess to clean up.

Notice in much of this list, all the emphasis is on the man and what the man wants, and how having sex with a female virgin may inconvenince him in some manner. My god, the entitlement. The lack of concern for another human being. People today are incredibly self-absorbed.

Notice also, under point 2, which reads (see the portion in bold face):

  • 2- There’s a freak-out potential
  • When it comes to having sex with a virgin, the potential for her to freak out before, during or after the sex act is quite high. She may decide at the last minute that she doesn’t want to go through with it or she may feel massively guilty afterward for having done it. Because so much importance is put on her virginity, her first time is bound to be an emotional experience, which means that you might have to deal with panic, sadness, guilt, and other unpleasant reactions….

Secularists cannot make up their freaking minds on this.

I just reviewed a Hollywood film (link to that review) about female virginity several months ago, and the new narrative being put out by Non-Christians in movies is that a woman giving up her virginity is no longer considered special or important by women any longer – but this writer is saying, yes, it is.

According to one article I linked to months ago, most women do NOT bleed or feel pain when they lose their virginity – the article said some do, but some don’t.


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Kevin Davis, 18, Admits Killing His Mother & Losing His Virginity To Her Corpse (GROSS)

Kevin Davis, 18, Admits Killing His Mother & Losing His Virginity To Her Corpse


One reason I support the death penalty? Stories like this one.

(Link):  Son, 18, who beat his mother to death with a hammer, SMILES as jury hears how he sexually abused her to lose his virginity

(Link): Texas Teenager, Kevin Davis, Commits Horrific Crime Against Mother

(Link): Texas man gets life sentence for killing mother with hammer, defiling her corpse

(Link):  DISTURBING! Texas man tells detectives he killed his own mother…and that’s not all! [He had sex with his mother’s dead body]

(Link):  Teenager ‘lost virginity to mother’s corpse’ after killing her with a hammer

(Link): Kevin Davis, 18, Admits Killing His Mother & Losing His Virginity To Her Corpse

  • A teenager has been jailed for life after admitting to killing his mother and then raping her corpse.
  • Kevin Davis murdered Kimberly Hill, 50, in her Texas apartment on 27 March.
  • In a filmed interview obtained by KZTV, the 18-year-old explains to detectives  how he at first attempted to strangle her with a cord from a video game console.
  • …When that didn’t work, he fetched a hammer and hit her on the head.The footage sees Davis claim to have reached into his mother’s skull to “grab her brain”.When he is asked what he did next, Davis replies: “Then I had sexual intercourse.”

    The detective asks if it was his “first time”, to which Davis says: “Oh yeah, I lost my virginity to a corpse.”

    Davis pleaded not guilty to murder in June but admitted his crime just as his trial began on 6 October.


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(Link):  Married Stepfather Arrested for Incest with Stepdaughter

(Link): Apparently Marriage and Parenting Turns Adults Into Incestuous Child Rapists

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Church Youth Pastor Puts Peanut Butter on His Arm Pits and Between Toes and Tells Kids to Lick it Off – other gross, inappropriate youth group activities

Church Youth Pastor Puts Peanut Butter on His Arm Pits and Between Toes and Tells Kids to Lick it Off

I first became aware of this on Janet Mefferd’s show (link). The story is several years old. It appears to have taken place around 2009.

Here are some links about it (I am not taking the time to vet each site I am linking to here; I am only linking to these sites for their reporting on this peanut butter story, or similar stories).

(Link): Peanut Butter Passion

  • Someone a few months ago sent me this article about a youth leader who likes to provoke his students to a state of screaming enthusiasm with gross-out games. (Warning: the article itself and the other links in the following paragraph are extremely gross. Home-school moms might want to look away.)
  • The article describes how this youth leader had a teenager with hairy armpits smear gobs of peanut butter on his underarms; then the youth pastor asked for volunteers to lick it clean and swallow the peanut butter.
  • The youth leader uses skits like that to “shock and astound.” (Those are his exact words.) He told that secular reporter that he does things like that all the time to get the students excited, so that they will talk about the church.

(Link):  Don’t Read This If You Have a Weak Stomach… (examples of disgusting youth group activities)

This comes from a site advertising itself as a tool for youth pastors. This page advises getting the teens to rub the bread on someone’s arm pits before eating it:

(Link):  Youth Ministry Games : P,B & J (submitted in 2000)

  • Submitted by: on August 1, 2000
    Materials: Peanutbutter, Jelly, and Bread, 2 dufflebags…
    Messy Rating: Special Considerations     Duration: 5-20 minutes    Cost: $5.00

    Two guys are geting ready for their dates, after working out at the gym. (Have to be really sweaty. Need two volunteers who are not afraid of anything.) The thing is, they don’t have any deoderant, hair gel, and did not have time to eat. They then pull out the PB and put it under their arms for deoderant.

  • Next they pull out the jelly for the hair gel. Now they are ready for their dates. But one thing remains, they are still hungry.
  • They then pull out the bread, taking one slice and rubbing their armpits. Taking the other slice and rubbing their head. Then putting the two pieces of bread together for their sandwhiches. But that’s not all. They switch snadwhiches and have a bite or two!!!!
  • This will gross out anybody, kids or adults!!! This is an awesome ice breaker for new groups!

In the course of looking up the peanut butter in the armpit story, I found this page:

(Link):  Peanut butter salvation and other stupid church tricks.

  • Four sets of parents are suing a church in Indiana for what happened at a New Year’s Eve lock-in. A youth leader chewed up a mixture of dog food, sardines, potted meat, sauerkraut, cottage cheese, and salsa, topped off with holiday eggnog. As if this spectacle were not disgusting enough (let the reader beware), he then spit out the mixture into a glass and encouraged the members of the youth group to drink it!
  • Some of those who did, of course, became sick, whereupon their parents sued the church.
  • ….Then there are games designed to appeal to adolescents’ hormones. These include kissing games like “Kiss the Wench.”
  • “Leg Line Up” has girls feel boys’ legs to identify who is who.
  • Some of them have odd homosexual subtexts, like “Pull Apart,” in which guys cling to each other, while girls try to pull them apart.
  • Another has girls putting make-up on guys, leading to a drag beauty show. Then there is the embarrassingly Freudian “Baby Bottle Burp,” in which girls put a diaper (a towel) on a boy, then feed him a bottle of soda, and cradle him until he burps!



(Link):  Preachers Who Use Strippers, Hula Girls, Topless Hunky Men, and Strip Poles During Church Services and Give Sex Diplomas to Teens – Yes, Really

(Link): Want To Grow Your Church? Advertise Sex. (story via A Little Leaven blog)

(Link):  Church’s Bizarre Sermon To Singles About Singlehood – With Spiderman Theme

(Link):  Ignatius the Ultimate Youth Pastor & Teaching Christian Singles About Sex (parody)

Christian Swingers: Body-building Christian Couple Advocates and Practices Wife Swapping – and the wife calls this lifestyle “pure”

Christian Swingers: Body-building Christian Couple Advocates and Practices Wife Swapping – and the wife calls this lifestyle “pure”

I first saw this article mentioned via Janet Mefferd (on her Twitter).

(Link): Swinging towards God! Body-building Christian couple spread the word about religion via their WIFE-SWAPPING network

My comments about this article:

The swinging wife of the married couple says she is living a “pure” lifestyle.

No, lady, no, you’re not. It’s the opposite of “pure.” You and your husband are total sluts. (Slut shaming is sometimes a good thing, link on that. It sure comes in handy on occasions like this one.)

What this couple is doing is classified as “fornication” or “adultery” in the Bible, so yes, God would have a problem with what they are doing.

It does not matter if the couple practicing are both fine with it; it matters what God has to say on the matter, and God says sex is to be between one man and one woman who are married to each other.

In teachings on sexual morality and marriage in the Bible, nowhere does God tack on this qualifier: “unless both partners agree to it, then, in which case, hey, I’m fine with it, too.”

The woman in this article arguing as she does would be like a Christian saying that her preacher is fine with her stealing candy from babies, and as she agrees it is fine too, it does not matter if God says in the Bible that stealing is sinful.

If we all just agree with each other that stealing is acceptable, or murder, or incest, or whatever, then it’s not a sin! What wonky reasoning. It’s still considered a sin by God, regardless if humanity is fine with it.

Note also that this story flies in the face of common Christian propaganda about sex and marriage, e.g.,

  • -that marriage makes a couple sexually pure (they are getting their sexual needs met via a spouse so they will not commit fornication, so the thinking goes), and that
  • -married people are more godly and mature than adult singles
  • -married sex is “mind blowing”
  • -(married) women want emotional intimacy only or primarily and hate sex or are un-interested in sex

Note also that these deviants met on a dating site.

I’ve had several married friends aggressively push “use a dating site, Christian Pundit!!” line on me when I have mentioned wanting to be married. Look at the kind of crack pots are on dating sites.

I wonder if on those dating sites this “swinging” Christian couple were members of, if they classified themselves as Christian?

If so – again, Christians, tell me why Christian single women should only marry another Christian, when there are atheists out there who have better sexual morals than this?

The people in the photos (IMO – and I refer to the photos on the page of the swinging body builder couples) are terribly unattractive. I don’t know how people that are so physically unappealing manage to get married and have sex, let alone get a date. Yikes.

(Link): Swinging towards God! Body-building Christian couple spread the word about religion via their WIFE-SWAPPING network

  • Cristy and Dean Parave, from Florida, run a Christian swingers network
  • They say God ‘wouldn’t mind’ what they do because it’s all for a good cause
  • Cristy, 44, and Dean, 50, met through a dating website eight years ago
  • The pair, who love body-building, now run a website called FitnessSwingers
  • Mr Parave found religion while in prison and has a 40ft cross in his garden
  • Sept 25, 2014
  • Swinging might not be the obvious way to spread the word about religion but for Cristy and Dean Parave, from Florida, it is ideal.

    The couple, both of whom are devoted Christians, have even set up a website called which enables them to meet couples who, like them, are both religious and fans of keeping fit.

Continue reading

Incest a ‘fundamental right’, German committee says

Incest a ‘fundamental right’, German committee says

Wow, Germany. Wow.

(Link): Incest a ‘fundamental right’, German committee says 

  • Anti-incest laws in Germany could be scrapped after a government-backed group said relationships between brothers and sisters should be legal
  • “Criminal law is not the appropriate means to preserve a social taboo,” the German Ethics Council said in a statement. “The fundamental right of adult siblings to sexual self-determination is to be weighed more heavily than the abstract idea of protection of the family.”

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Christian Janitor of Church Secretly Videotapes Christian Women in Bathroom

Christian Janitor of Church Secretly Videotapes Christian Women in Bathroom


  • “No one ever had any suspicions, he’s been a loved member of our congregation, San Pablo and St. Paul, and has worked here for many years,” Reverend Jim Ezell said of Daniel Murguia, according to local Fox News affiliate KSWB 8.
  • SALINAS, Calif. —A longtime maintenance employee at a Salinas church hid a camera inside the church’s bathroom and secretly recorded women, police said.
  • Investigators discovered at least 20 instances when women were unknowingly recorded at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church on Pajaro Drive.
  • “The investigation revealed Murguia was the owner of the camera and had placed the camera in various bathrooms within the church to record unsuspecting females,” Gomez said.

(Link):  Hidden cameras found inside church bathroom in Salinas

(Link): Police say church employee recorded women in bathroom



(Link): A Man Recognized His Church in a Porn Flick

(Link): Woman charged with raping boy inside church

(Link):  Sex Makes People Do Stupid Things – New Jersey brokers accused of using client home for sex fests

(Link):  Having Sex in Restaurant Bathrooms is Now A Thing

(Link):  HIV Infected Homosexual Guy Secretly Video Taped Himself Having Unprotected Sex With Over 30 People – Times You Are Glad You Are Celibate

Stolen Baby Photo Role Playing – weird internet trend

Stolen Baby Photo Role Playing – weird internet trend

My fellow conservatives like to get worked up over how “the family” is supposedly under attack, and how women aren’t having as many children anymore, and other such related topics. I’m sorry, but in light of stories like this one, it looks like our culture is just as obsessed with children, babies, and the nuclear family as ever, and weirdly so.

This is weird.

People are taking photos of other people’s babies from other sites and passing them off as their own on sites such as “Instagram.” Some even pretend to by the baby and type messages as though they are the baby when people leave them comments.

(Link): Stolen Baby Photo Role Play


  • …Fast Company (Link): has a report on the practice, leading with the story of North Carolina mom Jenny, who discovered someone called “Nikki” was stealing Instagram photos of her son, assigning him a new name and claiming as her own, offering fabricated details about his birth weight, for instance.
  • ….But it can get much, much darker. The Toronto Star and Daily Dot (Link): both covered the trend back in December 2013, when several moms banded together and launched a petition calling on Instagram to take action. (They also launched @babyrp_revealed and @stop_babyrp to report specific accounts.) And (Link): according to the Star:
  • “As time went on the posts we were seeing went from disturbing to vile. Some were being abused both physically and sexually and some were being even killed off,” says Corinne Chaimovitz, a Toronto-area mother who started a campaign last month against the practice using the hashtag #downwithbabyrp. “When this began, we just wanted to get the stolen pictures removed. None of us ever expected any of this.”


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(Link):  Single Woman Photographer Opposes Societal Marital Pressure with Mannequin Family

Ageism Vs. Age Preferences and Creepy Older Men (critique of post at another blog)

Ageism Vs. Age Preferences and Creepy Older Men

Here is a critique of a blog page by a self identifying, 50- something year old, celibate, Christian by the name of John Morgan (who I had to ban from my blog months before. See other, older posts on this blog for details about that).

Here’s his (J. Morgan’s) blog page about ageism, as it pertains to celibacy and singleness.

(I find it strange that while this guy doesn’t understand women, seems to harbor hostility against them, yet thinks he understands them, so he writes material such as this):

(Link):  Ageism’s Effect on Virtuous Women


  • Isn’t it odd that virginity is not supposed to exist today after 30, especially for guys? The result is a lot of lonely girls looking for Mr. Right and the typical “I’m too good for you” man-hating language infiltrating the internet dating profiles. How does the virtuous guy interpret that?
  • Not too good. Here’s a sample from a 23 year old girl:
  • ““I’m a virgin and plan on staying that way till I get married. You shouldn’t message me if you’re older then 28. I’m not gonna date you. I’m really not even comfortable being your friend at that point. You better be ready for a conversation. None of this 20 question crap. It’s uncomfortable. I won’t play. You best be ready for a friendship first. That’s right, I only date from my friend zone pile. That’s how I know your character.
  • /end quote by 23 year old woman
  • I guess in her world those of us over 28 and waiting don’t exist. This is what happens when even the eyes of decent girls get fogged over with the ways of the world, when they spend so much time in front of TVs watching the rape and murder stories on the local news that they can’t discern reality.
  • Fornication becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy. If you expect no better than that, you will see no better than that. If you expect all Mr. Wrongs, you will see only Mr. Wrongs.

Here he goes again, blaming women.

He seems to have some real issues with women, and blaming them.

Who runs churches and much of Christian culture? Men, that’s who – especially married men.

Most churches do not permit women to teach or lead or to make decisions about anything beyond what type of casserole to bring to the church potluck.

So I’d say married men in churches, or who are otherwise very influential figure heads in Christian culture (e.g., male Christian authors), are in large measure to blame for how Christian singles are dysfunctional in how they deal with each other and with dating, as they are the ones dictating to everyone else in society how Christian singles “should” be relating to each other. Stop laying that mess at the feet of unmarried Christian women.

(Some married Christian women are to blame for this situation as well, such as author Debbie Maken. However, the ladies are outnumbered by the men who preach, lecture, and crank out books by ten to one.)

At any rate, let’s examine the content of Morgan’s comments and the woman’s quote again.

Where Morgan writes,

  •  Isn’t it odd that virginity is not supposed to exist today after 30, especially for guys?

No, it’s not considered “especially” odd by some in our culture for men to be virgins past 30. It’s considered equally odd by our culture for women to be so past their mid 20s, see this post for an explanation:

(Link): Male Entitlement and Adult Virginity: Who has it worse, Male Vs. Female? (critique of post at other blog)

Quoting Morgan:

  • Fornication becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy. If you expect no better than that, you will see no better than that. If you expect all Mr. Wrongs, you will see only Mr. Wrongs.

It’s not a question of women seeing Mr. Wrongs, as though Mr. Wrongs exist only in their imaginations. There are in fact a ton of Mr. Wrongs in existence, even among self professing Christian males. I have documented many examples, see this page.

See also these pages (some of these links are off site) for more examples of the sexist bullsh-t women have to deal with routinely on dating sites:

Getting back again to the commentary Morgan says he got from a 23 year old woman’s dating profile (question: he told me in the past he’s over 50. What in the hell is he doing looking at the profiles of 23 year olds? Or is he getting her information elsewhere?)

Anyway, she says she is 23 and has an age cap of 28 on men she is willing to date. If you are a man past 28, she says no gracias to you, get lost.

Do you know why she has an age cap of 28?

It’s not necessarily because she assumes all men over 30 are fornicators, but that she would feel more comfortable dating a man within five years of her age.

And that is a perfectly normal, reasonable preference.

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Single Woman Meets Stalker Guy at Church – letter to “Ask Amy” Advice Columnist

Single Woman Meets Stalker Guy at Church

Growing up, I heard from my Mom and Dad, who were both Christians, that church is the ideal place for a Christian, single gal to attend if she wants to meet a decent, single, Christian man – if her goal is to marry. Church was supposed to be the primary husband hunting ground for women. That may have been true in the 1950s, but no more.

For one thing, most churches lack single males past 30, and the few who do attend regularly, from what I’ve seen myself, and have read other women discuss online and in books of their church going experience, tend to be weird, terribly over-weight, have severe mental health issues, smell bad, etc. and so on.

The kind of men who do show up to church are often not date-able men.

The solution to how to attract more men to church has nothing to do with women, with what women do or do not do for men, single or married.

Women, single or married, do not owe adult, single, celibate or non-celibate men ego-stroking or emotional support for being celibate singles (see this post for more on that, and I may write another post on this topic in the future).

I do think the church as a whole – that is, church culture – needs to be affirming of lifelong or adult celibacy and singlehood overall, including everyone from the male pastor to the male deacons, elders, and women who teach Sunday School, because God knows they have made marriage, “the family,” and natalism into idols that they never shut up about, but to “single” the single women out for this purpose is sexist and odd.

Yes, really and truly, there are some self-identified adult, Christian, celibate single men who believe that male church attendance would sky rocket if only the mean, horrible, heartless, single adult women would pile on the affirmations to the single, celibate men and sing the praises of adult celibate men.

Oh please. You’re not five years old. Motivate yourself. Single, celibate adult women are not to blame for churches who ignore single, celibate men. Churches ignore both genders, not only the single men. They ignore single women too.

If you’re an adult over 25, stop demanding, like a petulant, whiny, demanding teenager, that adult, unmarried women stroke your ego for being celibate or single.

A lot of adult, single women are finding most churches irrelevant to their needs, so more and more adult single women are dropping out of church. I don’t see celibate, single men or churches in general making single, celibate women feel more welcome.

On the contrary, churches continue to marginalize single, celibate women by continually harping on how God’s only role for women is to marry and have babies.

Anyway. This single, 25 year old woman mentioned in the letter below that she met a single guy at church who is around 35 (I may have gotten his age wrong, I thought I saw the mom say he is ten years older than the daughter), and he turned out to be a stalker – and I have a few more comments to make below these letters:

  • DEAR AMY: My 25-year-old daughter briefly dated a man she met in church last December.
  • After one month, she ended the friendship (he was too emotionally needy).
  • He continues to pursue her by constant texting and e-mailing. She says he alternates between “saying mean things” and then apologizing and begging her to give him another chance.
  • She does not respond and blocked his phone, but he continues to text from different numbers. She does not reply to his e-mails. She moved to a different side of town, and so far he has not shown up at her work.
  • We’re very worried about this. What steps can she take to be safe and get this man to stop contacting her? Should her father confront him? So far we have not gotten involved.
  • — Very Worried
  • DEAR WORRIED: I shared your question with Michele Archer, an expert on stalking with the victim’s advocacy group Safe Horizon, (Link): Archer has some suggestions for your daughter: “Keep a stalking log of all incidents, including the date, time, location and a brief description of the incident. Save and print out the e-mails. Save all text messages and document them in the log.
  • “I would suggest not changing her e-mail address, but she may want to open another account and give that to people she trusts. Changing her e-mail address may escalate his behavior, and the e-mails he is sending become evidence of stalking, which she can use if she goes to the police.
  • “If she has concerns about him showing up at her work, she should let her place of employment know. If she has a photo of him (look on the Internet) she can make a color copy and give it to her workplace.
  • “If she uses any social networking sites, make them private and be mindful of what she posts.
  • “If this continues, she may want to contact police. The stalking log is useful for this, and she should also show them the text messages. She can also reach out to a domestic violence organization in her community for support or help advocating with the police (if needed) or the district attorney’s office.”
  • Archer adds, “I can’t comment on whether the father should confront him because I do not have enough information about the individual pursuing her. In general, this is not recommended.”
  • In addition to the above actions, I’d like to encourage your daughter not to let this isolate her. The more support she has from friends, colleagues, family members and local law enforcement, the more secure she will feel — and the more secure she will be.

Whether this guy the 25 year old woman met is a “true” Christian or not is beside the point. Only God can see into someone’s heart.

If a man is play acting and putting on all outward appearances of being an upstanding Christian – he’s in church weekly, reads his Bible regularly, doesn’t use vulgar language, etc, and so forth – a woman may very well assume that the guy is a “true” Christian.

If something looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, you’re going to feel safe assuming it’s a duck – only to find out later it’s a turkey in a duck costume.

This gets back to a point I’ve mentioned time and again on this blog: single, Christian ladies need to give up the “be equally yoked” evangelical understanding of marriage, where they feel confined to only marrying another Christian.

Other than the sheer fact that there are not enough Christian men for Christian women, a lot of the men who are Christians are pigs and dogs.

I’ve chronicled on this blog links to numerous stories about preachers and other Christians who have been arrested for wife beating, murdering their wife, owning or producing pedophile pornography, etc. (you can view examples in this thread and also do a search on this blog for the term “equally yoked”).

A man can believe in Jesus, confess Jesus is Lord, believe in the Bible, give money to charity, attend church weekly, and yet be a “slime ball” or an abuser.

Confession or actual possession of Christian faith is not a guarantee that the guy is going to treat you any better than the atheist down the street.

Just because you meet the guy in a church, and you see he’s there weekly, doesn’t mean he’s not a pervert or a nutso stalker guy. Just see the example above – the young lady met the guy at church, and he is at times hostile towards her in texts or at other times, too clingy. He’s stalking her. You can meet nuts and abusers in churches, too.



(Link): Male Entitlement and Adult Virginity: Who has it worse, Male Vs. Female?

(Link): Christian Husband Raped, Beat His Wife, Made Her Sign “Slave Contract” – Why Christian Single Women Should Not Date or Marry Christian Men

Necrophiliac Charged With Banging Three Dead Women, Admits to Doing 100+ Corpses – Are We Allowed to Necrophiliac-Shame?

Necrophiliac Charged With Banging 100 Corpses – Are We Allowed to Necrophilia-Shame?

Some guy was caught having sex with corpses, and admitting to having sex with like 100 dead bodies at some morgue on night shift. This happened over a period of months, not that he boinked all 100 dead people the same night.

(Link): Morgue Employee Admits To Having Sex With Up To 100 Corpses While Working Night Shifts

I still believe it’s okay to have sexual standards and judge things like this as being wrong, but all the weepy, touchy feely folks, or the outraged progressive Christians, traitor conservative Christians, and secular feminists who rant against “sexual purity culture,” or anyone choosing to stay a virgin until marriage (see previous post for just such an example of that) might tell us that to shame a man for having sex with a corpse is a form of “Necrophilia shaming,” and so we shouldn’t say a peep about it.

One article says this guy is MARRIED. So much for the evangelical, fundamentalist, Reformed, and Baptist position that marriage makes a person
1. more godly
2. mature
3. immune from sexual immorality or perversion

Some Christians teach that God will not send you a spouse unless you clean yourself up first and become good, or God has to clean you up… that is you have to be godly to merit a spouse. Say what you will about a lot of Christian singles over the age of 30, but I doubt any or most are having sex with corpses. Yet, this guy who gets a stiffy in his pants for stiffies has a living wife at home. Looks to me like a person doesn’t have to be perfect or godly to get a spouse.

(Link): Morgue attendant had sex with up to 100 dead women

    PUBLISHED: 01:25 EST, 17 August 2014
    UPDATED: 08:23 EST, 17 August 2014

    Kenneth Douglas worked as an employee for Ohio’s Hamilton County

    He admitted to having sex with the bodies of April Hicks, Karen Range and Charlene Appling

    Speaking about Appling, Douglas said ‘I do remember going in the freezer, pulling her in one of the rooms in the back’

    Douglas attributed his behavior to drug and alcohol abuse in a deposition

    The county employee’s DNA was connected to Range in 2008, and later Appling and Hicks
    Hamilton County is facing a lawsuit from their families

    An Ohio morgue employee revealed he may have had sex with ‘a hundred’ corpses and continued to do so even after his wife had tipped off authorities.

    Speaking about the incidents in deposition audio obtained by WCPO, Hamilton County employee Kenneth Douglas said ‘I would get on top of them and pull my pants down.’

    When talking about the body of victim Charlene Appling, Douglas said ‘I do remember going in the freezer, pulling her in one of the rooms in the back’ before he told an investigator he ‘had sex with her.’

    When asked about the number of corpses he had sex with, Douglas answered ‘It could have been a hundred’ in the deposition audio.

    Douglas attributed his behavior to drug and alcohol abuse in the deposition.

    ‘If I wasn’t drinking, or hadn’t had anything to drink when I went to work, it wouldn’t happen. I would do crack and go in and I would drink and go in,’ he said.

    His wife was featured in a deposition video obtained by WCPO, in which she said she tried to contact someone about her husband’s behavior – but she was dismissed.

    At the time, she also said her husband ‘gets undressed and he reeks of [expletive].’

    WCPO said Douglas admitted to having sex with the bodies of April Hicks, Karen Range and Charlene Appling. Both Appling and Range were murder victims.

    ‘[In 2008] DNA connected him to semen found in Range,’ the affiliate station said. ‘[…] In 2008, Douglas pleaded guilty in the Range case and was sentenced to three years in prison. In 2012, he pleaded guilty again in the Appling and Hicks cases. Their families sued that year.’

(Link): Court: Families can sue county after morgue worker had sex with corpses

(Link): Pervert morgue assistant admits to having sex with up to 100 bodies

    A man in Ohio has admitted in court to having sex with up to 100 corpses while he worked at a morgue.

    The shocking admission by Kenneth Douglas has send shockwaves around the community in the town of Hamilton.

    Depraved Douglas told a court he was usually high or drunk and would “just get on top of them and pull my pants down”.

Brazilian Woman Discovers Her Husband Is Also Her Brother

Brazilian Woman Discovers Her Husband Is Also Her Brother

Yikes. And “ew.”

(Link): Brazilian Woman Discovers Her Husband Is Also Her Brother

    by Bijan Stephen

    The two have been together for 10 years

    A Brazilian woman on a quest to find her long-lost birth mother recently received the shock of her life: after locating her parent with the help of a radio program that specializes in finding lost relatives, she found out that her husband of seven years was actually the brother she never knew she had.

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(Link): Apparently Marriage and Parenting Turns Adults Into Incestuous Child Rapists

(Link): Six Christian Homeschool Brothers Some of Whom Attended a FIC (Family Integrated Church) raped their kid sister over ten year period