Trans-Identified Male Charged on 13 Counts of Sexual Abuse of Children

Trans-Identified Male Charged on 13 Counts of Sexual Abuse of Children

This is a news story about a biological man who claims to be a woman (transwoman), and he is a pedophile.

(Link): Trans-Identified Male Charged on 13 Counts of Sexual Abuse of Children

by Genevieve Gluck
May 10, 2022

A trans-identified male who pleaded not guilty to attempted child sexual abuse in March is facing additional charges.

Jude ‘Babs’ Longmire, 41, of Billings, Montana, pleaded not guilty last Friday in Yellowstone County District Court to sexual abuse of children, attempted sexual abuse of children, and 11 alternative counts of sexual abuse of children.

On March 15, Longmire was arrested for having been in contact with someone online who he had believed was trafficking a 12-year-old girl for sexual abuse.

Longmire attempted to schedule a meeting with the child. Court documents state that during this exchange, Longmire shared a video of a man raping a child.

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Former Deacon at Douglas Wilson’s Church, Alex Lloyd, Indicted for Possessing Child Pornography

Former Deacon at Douglas Wilson’s Church Indicted for Possessing Child Pornography 

That so many self professing Christian men are deviants and perverts rips to shreds the complementarian position (men are not fit to be in leadership), and it also disproves the “equally yoked” rule.

If you’re a single Christian woman, you are really risking dating or marrying a male pedophile who claims to be a Christ follower, especially if you meet him at a church – of course, you could meet the same guy on a dating site, if he’s on one and claims to be a Christian on a dating site profile.

(Link): Former Deacon at Douglas Wilson’s Church Indicted for Possessing Child Pornography 


May 4, 2022
By  Jessica Lea

Alex Lloyd, a former deacon at Douglas Wilson’s church in Moscow, Idaho, has been indicted in federal court for possessing child pornography. Lloyd, who according to Christ Church was a deacon until January 2022, has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Christ Church and its pastor, Douglas Wilson, have generated controversy for reasons that include Wilson’s interpretation of complementarianism, his book “Southern Slavery As It Was,” and for how the church has handled allegations of sexual abuse. Christ Church also made headlines in the fall of 2020 for holding “psalm sing” events in protest of Moscow’s COVID-19 restrictions.

Alex Lloyd was indicted on April 19. Court documents state that “On or about the dates of March 22, 2021 through January 12, 2022, in the district of Idaho, the Defendant, ALEX LLOYD, did knowingly possess materials…which contained child pornography.” According to the documents, these materials were on an Apple iPhone 8.

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Thousands Question 63-Year-Old Pentecostal Bishop’s Marriage to Teen in His Church (There is a 43 Year Age Gap)

Thousands Question 63-Year-Old Pentecostal Bishop’s Marriage to Teen in His Church

 April 20, 2022

I actually meant to blog about this earlier. I saw a few people mention this on Twitter about two or three (or more??) weeks (or months?) ago, I guess it was.

This is gross. I have never, ever agreed with “may-december relationships,” where someone is more than 5 or 6 years older than their partner. I think they’re nasty. 🤮🤢

Creepy doofus mentioned below has been divorced THREE TIMES. Three. 

Let this go to show you that Christian dating and advice books from years past (I don’t know if they still do this) that advise singles who want marriage that God won’t permit you to marry until you achieve some level of godliness, maturity, or perfection are obviously in error, since creepy perverts like this guy manage to make it to the altar THREE TIMES (or, I guess four, if this is wife four?)

(Link):  Bishop, 63, defending marriage to teen in Iowa court


DES MOINES, Iowa — Bishop Demetrius Sinegal, the founder of an advocacy organization that works to expose clergy abuse, flew in from Texas and called for a full investigation into the November 15th marriage of Des Moines Bishop Dwight Reed and Jordan Reed of the Christ Apostolic Temple. Dwight is 63-years-old and Jordan is 19.

“This marriage tears at the very fiber of the social construct of the African American family. Children are taught to respect their grandparent contemporaries not to marry them,” said Sinegal.

Iowa law states the minimum age to marry without parental consent is eighteen but Bishop Sinegal claims Jordan’s paternal grandfather came on one of Sinegal’s many online platforms alleging clergy abuse. “He came on and emphatically condemned this marriage. His words and I quote were ‘Her father sold his daughter out and pimped her out for his own self-gain.’”

(Link): Thousands Question 63-Year-Old Pentecostal Bishop’s Marriage to Teen in His Church


April 20, 2022
By Josh Shepherd

Thousands are calling for an investigation into a Pentecostal church bishop in Iowa who married a teen in his church.

An outside clergyman accuses the bishop of “gross abuse of power” and years-long “grooming” of an underage congregant. And some of the teen’s family members and fellow church members also say they’re concerned she is a victim of clergy abuse.

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 “The Family Sex” Show – Nude Sex Show For Children (as Young as Five) at Theater

 “The Family Sex” Show – Nude Sex Show For Children (as Young as Five) at Theater

Post Updated Below

Okay, then, the left and the right clearly have vastly different understandings of “Family Values.”

The right can sometimes be hypocrites and not abide by the standards they have in place, but at least the right has some normal, healthy, baseline standards on some sexual subjects.
(Where conservatives lack: conservatives need to be teaching boys and men that they are not entitled to sex from girls and women, and they need to be taught more often about consent.)

The left, though, just wants to normalize pedophilia and all manner of perversion and immorality across the board.

Progressives  want everyone to consent to EVERYTHING and never, ever judge, not even humans engaging in sex acts on children, teens, or with animals. They want to legalize incest, too.

I’d say that conservatives, (those on the right side of the political spectrum), would say allowing children to attend a stage play with lots of adult nudity and overly frank talk of sex acts would be inappropriate. Highly inappropriate. And they’d be correct on that.

(Link):  UK Theatre Company Staging “Family Sex Show,” Invites Children As Young As 5

April 9, 2022

A theatre company in the United Kingdom is facing backlash after announcing it was staging a production aimed at children as young as 5 which would feature full-frontal nudity and offer an “alternative to porn.”

ThisEgg, a production company run by Josie Dale-Jones, is set to put on The Family Sex Show at the Royal Theatre in Bath, United Kingdom this coming May. The show is being run as part of the Theatre’s “incubator program,” a creative center within the facility intended to support projects aimed at young people.

…“I’m sorry but I am going to say it. This reeks of grooming. I’m horrified… 5 year olds… this can’t go ahead,” one Twitter user wrote in reply to a post putting the production on blast by journalist Sonia Poulton.

Another user tweeted, “Can I please vote for bringing back shame, thanks!” in response to The Family Sex Show’s claim that it sought to “imagine a future where there is no shame.”

Many mothers and women’s rights activists took particular issue with what they called a “safeguarding nightmare.”

One user looked into the show’s claim about its appropriateness for children aged as young as 5, writing that the guidelines the show was pulling were from the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) — a UK-based children’s charity.
— end excerpts —

(Link): When is sex not sex? When it’s agenda, by Corisande Pick


… Parents thinking of taking their 5-year old to a show that explores “boundaries, pleasure, consent, queerness, sex…” and which ‘contains nakedness’, are invited to click through to see still photos of the performance.

Only there aren’t any. In their place, a message that they are not ready.

…By contrast, the Family Sex Show talks about “using pleasure to explore consent”.

If that means anything other than “try it and see if you like it” (a standard technique used to override a person’s boundaries), it means consent to the thing that might (or might not) “give pleasure” is already assumed. Because until the thing is actually occurring, the issue of pleasure (or its opposite) doesn’t arise.

It’s also a common trope, when sexual abuse is reported, to claim it wasn’t abuse if the victim enjoyed it (or appeared to, or if they were unable to indicate that they did not enjoy it). This puts the onus for stopping abuse on the victim.

… And now consider a family where abuse is already happening, or where a groomer is moving towards Child Sexual Abuse.

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Man Charged with Child Sexual Assault Targeted Single Moms on Dating Apps to Get Close to Their Kids: Police

Man Charged with Child Sexual Assault Targeted Single Moms on Dating Apps to Get Close to Their Kids: Police

If you’re a single adult with children, be careful who you date – this guy was targeting single women with children, so he could gain access to their children to molest or rape their children.

I remember when dating sites began getting more acceptable (now, people have moved on to apps), Christians would regularly advise their lovelorn single adult friends to “just try a dating site, that’s how my cousin Pam met her spouse Hank!” – er, no.

Your cousin’s luck not with standing, there are a lot of kooks, crazies, abusers, and selfish asshats on dating apps and sites of all ages (contrary to some 20 something lady’s post I recently saw, it’s not just today’s 20-something men who are selfish, rude, and sexist – this is true of men of all ages, and it was true of 20 something men on dating apps around the early to mid 2000s, back when I was using such sites).

So, to the married couples out there, please stop telling your single, lonely friends who want a spouse (or steady squeeze of some kind) in your perky, overly-optimistic voice, “Just try a dating site; it worked for my mailman Frank!”

The article says that this pervert is married!
I apologize for being so repetitive on this blog, but as so many social and religious conservatives continue to promote marriage, parenthood and The Nuclear Family to such an unhealthy degree, I have to remind them: marriage and parenthood do not make people more godly, mature, loving or ethical, nor will any of that “fix” sin in a culture.

This also goes against all the Christian guidance I read about dating and marriage in the 1980s and 1990s, which portrayed marriage as some kind of lofty achievement that one will only be granted by God if and when one reaches some level of spirituality, or maturity, or whatever.

The fact that so many jerky, abusive, loser, wacko Christian and Non-Christian people manage to get married goes to disprove those earlier Christian teachings that God will with-hold a spouse from you until you achieve perfection, when obviously less-then-perfect people manage to get married on a regular basis.

Now, I will say – the healthier you become (psychologically speaking), you will likely attract more healthy people in your life. If you continue on through life being a huge people pleasing, codependent doormat, you will likely attract narcissists, abusers, weirdos, the emotionally needy, and exploiters.

There are perverts like this guy on these dating sites and apps:

(Link): Accused sex predator targeted single mothers in Texas via dating apps, sheriff says 

March 30, 2022

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office is asking for potential victims who may have interacted with a suspect in an aggravated sexual assault of a child to come forward.

Epifanio Adolfo Jimenez has been arrested in connection to the case.

During the investigation, deputies learned Jimenez was targeting women with children through dating apps using the alias “Harley.”

The suspect allegedly asked to spend time with the women and their children.

(Link): Authorities seeking victims of man who targeted women with children through dating apps

According to the investigation, Jimenez is accused of targeting women with children through dating apps and then asking to spend time with their children under the alias “Harley.”

(Link): Man used dating apps to target single moms to get to their children, police say

(Link): Man Charged with Child Sexual Assault Targeted Single Moms on Dating Apps to Get Close to Their Kids: Police

Authorities say that 42-year-old Epifanio Adolfo Jimenez went by the name “Harley” on dating sites and specifically looked for women with children

By Steve Helling
March 31, 2022

A Texas man has been charged with sexual assault of a child — and authorities allege he has been targeting single moms through dating apps, then asking to spend time with their children.

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Italy: Muslim Migrants Rape Teen, Force Him To Take Them to His Home, Where They Rape His Mother, Too by R. Spencer

Italy: Muslim Migrants Rape Teen, Force Him To Take Them to His Home, Where They Rape His Mother, Too

I sometimes blog about the problems within American Christianity, but good lord, the Muslims sure have their problems, rather perverted ones, that are baked into their religion and their respective cultures.

You won’t see many liberals calling Islam out over any of this, because of “Intersectionality.” (You gotta know your far left liberal pecking order, and Judeo-Christian persons, values, and white people always come in last.)

(Link): Italy: Muslim Migrants Rape Teen, Force Him To Take Them to His Home, Where They Rape His Mother, Too by Robert Spencer


March 25, 2022

Why does this keep happening? In France, a Muslim quoted Qur’an while raping his victim. A survivor of a Muslim rape gang in the UK has said that her rapists would quote the Qur’an to her, and believed their actions justified by Islam.

Thus it came as no surprise when Muslim migrants in France raped a girl and videoed the rape while praising Allah and invoking the Qur’an.

…The Qur’an teaches that Infidel women can be lawfully taken for sexual use (cf. its allowance for a man to take “captives of the right hand,” 4:3, 4:24, 23:1-6, 33:50, 70:30). … The implication there is that if women do not cover themselves adequately with their outer garments, they may be abused, and that such abuse would be justified.

However, anyone who points all this out will be excoriated as a “racist” and an “Islamophobe,” and accordingly ignored.

“Violence in Rome, 17-year-old boy kidnapped and raped: ‘Abuse of his mother, too”. Two Tunisians arrested,” translated from “Violenza a Roma, ragazzo di 17 anni rapinato e violentato: “Abusi anche sulla madre”. Arrestati due tunisini,” (Link): Il Tempo, March 21, 2022:

Nightmare Saturday for a 17-year-old Roman boy and his mother: they were allegedly robbed and raped by two minors. The terrible story began in a street in Centocelle, Rome.

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Baptist Pastor Arrested for Child Porn Possession After Authorities Search Parsonage

Baptist Pastor Arrested for Child Porn Possession After Authorities Search Parsonage

I bet this pastor is married. (Probably has kids, too.) They usually are married.

Many men are not fit or moral enough to serve as pastors. Complementarians have no leg to stand on, not even with their cherry-picked, ‘I forbid a woman to teach’ verses they always like to harp on.

(Link): NH pastor charged with child pornography possession after 5-year investigation 

by A. Conklin, March 19, 2022

A New Hampshire pastor has been charged with multiple counts of possessing child pornography after a five-year investigation, according to court documents.

Nashua police arrested Stephen Bates, 46, on March 15. The Bible Baptist Church pastor is now facing five counts of possession of child sexual abuse material (CSAM) and is being held on $3,000 cash bail.

“I think this case is particularly concerning because he is a pastor and somebody that’s involved in the community here,” Nashua Police Lt. Brian Trefry told WHDH.

The Nashua Police Department has been investigating Bates since 2016, when the department received 14 tips from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children alleging that a user at the church had uploaded CSAM from an IP address leading back to the church.

…On March 15, police executed a search warrant and contacted Bates, who gave police two flash drives from his back pocket. The USBs showed various child sex abuse images, according to the affidavit.

(Link): Nashua, NH Pastor facing child pornography charge 

NASHUA, N.H. — A pastor in Nashua, NH has been arrested and charged in connection with an extensive child pornography investigation.

Police in Nashua Tuesday arrested 46-year-old Pastor Stephen Bates at the Bible Baptist Church.

Investigators say that church has been connected to several investigations beginning in 2016, when they were contacted by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children with a cybertip indicated child pornography had been accessed by an IP address at the church.

(Link): NH Pastor Faces New Charges in Investigation Dating Back Over 5 Years

A pastor at a New Hampshire church now faces five felony charges of possession of child sexual abuse images after investigators said they found five graphic videos showing child sex abuse images on a flash drive in his pocket.

Stephen Bates, 46, was arrested Tuesday morning at the Bible Baptist Church on Caldwell Road, where he lives, on a felony charge of possession of child sexual abuse images. Court documents released Thursday show he is now facing five charges of possession of child sexual abuse images, instead of just one.

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Barry Evans, Atheist and pro-LGBT Wacko Who is Obsessed with Hating Christians and Leaves Comments Under Every Third Christian Post Tweet – List: Gay on Gay Crime

Barry Evans, Atheist and pro-LGBT Wacko Who is Obsessed with Hating Christians and Leaves Comments Under Every Third Christian Post Tweet – List: Gay on Gay Crime

After a further exchange with this Barry Evans person today on Twitter, I have edited this post below to add more copies of my tweets to this person

I’ve no idea who this guy is. I began noticing him leaving tweets under every few Christian Post tweets I don’t recall exactly how many months ago. You can count on Barry to leave a comment under a sexually-related Christian Post tweet like clock work. You can take it to the bank, baby!

Like the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, if Christian Post tweets any thing about some preacher speaking out against the trans-agenda or whatever subject like that, you WILL see Barry Evans leave a bitchy, snarky comment criticizing Christians for being Christians. It never fails.

I wonder if Evans also tweets under Christianity Today tweets, or no? Christianity Today may not be moderate to conservative enough to draw Evans’ ire, perhaps. Hmm.

Here’s how his (Link):  Twitter bio reads:

BSc from The Open University. TV, Sci-Fi & Formula One fan, Amateur Photographer, British Ex-Pat, Atheist, warped sense of humour, nerd boy.
— end —

Evans says he’s a “nerd boy.”

Well, his progressive politics have been killing wonderful, long established sci-fi franchises, see (Link): this post towards the bottom for more about that.

Pro-identity politics, and all that leftist “woke” garbage (CRT, Queer Theory, BLM, equity, black washing, gender swapping legacy male characters, etc), has been ruining and destroying what was once formerly fun and entertaining movies and shows, such as Dr. Who, Star Trek, MARVEL characters, and Star Wars.

If you’re an actual nerd, you’d abandon leftist politics immediately, recognize how hideous it is for 20 different reasons (one of which is that it’s killing good sci fi entertainment) and apologize for ever having supported it and stop harassing moderate to conservative Christians or anyone else online who doesn’t support that shit.

Evans doesn’t seem to have a sense of humor (the British spelling is awful, the extra “u” isn’t necessary!), warped or otherwise.

Evans seems to especially target any sexual related Christian Post tweets (the Christian Post Twitter account is (Link): here).

Evans has an irrational, drooling, weird hatred of, and fixation upon, Christians, I guess just because some of them don’t agree with far left perversion (e.g., trans activism, allowing biological men into women’s locker rooms, forcing Christian bakers to bake wedding cakes for homosexual weddings, etc). bakeTheCake - Copy
It’s like Trump Derangement Syndrome (which he probably also has too) but Christian Derangement Syndrome.

As anyone who’s ever been to my blog here knows, I regularly discuss topics pertaining to dating, singleness, marriage, and sexuality, and occasionally other topics, which is one reason I sometimes notice the same Tweets from Christian Post that this Evans person does.

On March 17th, The Christian Post made this tweet about a sting in Florida, in which hundreds of people (mostly men) were arrested, including some Disney employees. Evans, of course, couldn’t resist.

Evans left this comment below that Christian Post tweet (source link):

Barry Evans @bazblackadder
Replying to@ChristianPost
How many of your community were in there too? Dozens, I would imagine
— end quote —

Evans skims Christian Post tweets often enough that he should be aware that Christian Post regularly tweets about news stories where Christian pastors or Christian personalities – usually of the hetero and evangelical or Baptist variety – have been exposed or arrested for child porn, affairs, hiring prostitutes, and so on, yet he doesn’t seem to acknowledge that.

It’s quite possible he put me on “Mute” weeks ago, so he may not be seeing any of my comments. I don’t know.

I’ve tweeted at this Evans person before, once or twice a few weeks ago, that he has a very biased take on Christians, to the point that some of the comments he leaves below their articles aren’t accurate in their criticisms.

Evans regularly exaggerates or misrepresents what the articles say or report, to make the Christians in the report sound worse than what they actually were or are.

Today, I left him several comments in tweets, such as (source link):

The Christian Post does often tweet headlines about evangelical Christians who have been caught having affairs or molesting children. Too bad secular humanists, progressives, and LGBT advocates aren’t as even handed.
— end —

Which is true. I used to follow left wing rags (such as Raw Story and so on) much more closely than I do now.

The left wing sites are happy to publish any headline that makes Republicans, Christians, conservatives, Trump, or Trump voters look bad, but they don’t seem to publish material that makes their “own side” look bad.

I have to find those stories (like stories about Democrats, such as Cuomo) raping or sexually harassing women on other news outlets that are conservative or more mainstream (like, say, maybe ABC or NBC news), because the very hard left ones, such as Raw Story, won’t touch those.

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Disney Employees (and one married man, father to eight children) Among 108 Arrested in Florida Human Trafficking Sting: Police

Disney Employees (and one married man, father to eight children) Among 108 Arrested in Florida Human Trafficking Sting: Police

I haven’t read any of the articles about this sting yet, I’ve only seen the headlines. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were some married guys involved and a pastor or two.

Yes, as I read along, at least one of the articles says one guy was a married father.

Looks like perverts and pedophiles love to obtain victims in Florida. No wonder the left is in a tizzy over DeSantis’ bill that stops the grooming of children from K – third grade by leftists (what progressives mistakenly refer to as “the don’t say gay” bill).

Lessons one can take away from this news story:

Marriage and Fatherhood do not make a man more godly, loving, responsible, or ethical (note to Al Mohler and other conservatives who keep promoting that un-Biblical and over-reaching, unfounded view about marriage and parenthood).

It is not absolutely necessary to “improve yourself” or have to “earn” a spouse from God by “fixing” yourself or achieving some state of godliness or perfection before God will grant you or send you a spouse, if you’re a single adult who’d like to marry (note to all the Christians who’ve ever said as such in their sermons about marriage or in dating advice books and blog posts).

(Link): 108 People, Including Several Disney Employees, Arrested in Human Trafficking Operation

March 18, 2022

One-hundred and eight people were recently arrested in a six-day undercover human trafficking operation in Florida. Among those arrested were several Disney employees and a retired judge. Four child predators were also arrested in the operation.

…Four of the men were specifically targeting children, including Xavier Jackson, 27. Jackson had previously worked as a lifeguard at Walt Disney World’s Polynesian Resort.

…Other arrests in the operation included a married father of eight who left his child at a soccer game to meet a prostitute, a 66-year-old former judge, and a woman who threatened another woman if that woman did not prostitute herself.

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How ‘Undercover Underage’ Star Roo Powell Busts Sex Predators

How ‘Undercover Underage’ Star Roo Powell Busts Sex Predators

Note that some of the perverted men mentioned in these stories below were MARRIED. Married men. Marriage does not make people responsible, ethical, godly, loving, or mature – contrary to what the marriage-obsessed, nuclear-family-obsessed persons and groups out there keep writing in their articles and blog posts.

(Link):  Catfishing for good: Connecticut mother-of-three, 38, reveals how she pretends to be a teenage girl to chat up online sex predators and help put them behind bars

Feb 2022

A new docuseries explores how a 38-year-old mother-of-three from Connecticut uses costumes, makeup, and other tricks to convince online sex predators that she is a teenager – so she can track these men down and turn them over to the authorities.

Roo Powell, from New Haven, has dedicated her life to helping law enforcement catch predators who pray on underage girls through her nonprofit organization, SOSA (Safe from Online Sex Abuse), which she launched in 2020.

She has created over a dozen aliases, each one with its own fake name and background story – and at any given time, she might be talking to 30 ACMs (Adults Contacting Minors).

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Georgia Man Gets Life for Molesting, Raping Three Generations of Same Family

Georgia Man Gets Life for Molesting, Raping Three Generations of Same Family

While I am not anti-Nuclear Family, nor am I anti-parenthood, or anti-marriage, I don’t buy into the rhetoric by other conservatives that the Nuclear Family or marriage or parenthood will or can save a culture or that any one of those things is necessary to make a person ethical, responsible, compassionate or godly.

I’m a middle aged adult who never married and who never had children, but – I also have never raped any one, nor do I have the intent on doing so. A person doesn’t have to be married or be a parent to live a moral life and not rape people.

Did this guy discussed below being a grandfather make him godly, loving, or compassionate? No.

Did being a grandfather stop him from molesting or raping his own family members for years and years? No.

If you’re a Christian who cares about American culture or people, you probably should be encouraging individuals to pattern themselves after Jesus of Nazareth, and be less fixated on a person’s marital status
(or on gender roles;  the Christian gender complementarians are un-biblically fixated upon biological sex and how men and women “ought” to live life; I will grant that the left is just as bad on this matter, in that some of them do things like deny the reality of sex to assert untrue, absurd notions, such as “women have penises!” or “men menstruate”).

(Link): Grandfather Sexually Assaulted 3 Generations in Family, Learns Fate as Judge Hands Down Life Sentence

(Link):  Cobb man, 66, gets life in prison after molesting 3 generations of same family

A 66-year-old Mableton man was sentenced to life in prison for molesting three generations of the same family, the Cobb County district attorney said Tuesday.

Bennie Frank Johnson was convicted of rape, aggravated child molestation and two counts of child molestation late last month, DA Flynn Broady said. On Monday, Johnson was sentenced to two life terms, plus five years.

…In May 2018, Johnson was arrested after being accused of multiple sexual assaults on an 8-year-old, according to investigators. The victim’s mother told investigators she had also been abused by Johnson when she was a child.

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“Sexy Summer Camp” Led by Witch Teaches Children to Masturbate

“Sexy Summer Camp” Led by Witch Teaches Children to Masturbate

Members of the religious and secular left really do want to groom children! 

If you’re a progressive, a believer in CRT, “woke” culture, Democrats, and/or a (reasonable) liberal, you really need to occasionally take a break from criticizing perceived or real sexual abuse or sexism among conservatives, Christians, evangelicals and Republicans, to point out and correct the perverts in your own political groups. 

I myself am not going to make a lot of hay out of this woman using the words “matriarchy” (which I know will send anti-feminist, pro-patriarchy, pro-complementarian Christians into a tail spin),
and I wouldn’t even say I’m against masturbation (but I don’t agree with teaching it to little children, as this woman below does),
and I don’t even particularly care that she practices witch craft (though, again, I can imagine all non-progressive Christians  will care very much, and they will be citing Old Testament verses about, “I suffer not a witch to live!” in their reaction to this, and so on). 

I don’t really have a lot of the same objections to what follows as most conservatives (secular and Christians) will have with this (in the areas of witch craft, “matriarchy,” etc, as I don’t care about that), but I do think it’s highly questionable to be emphasizing sex as much as some segments of culture do, in particular to children who are not even out of elementary school yet. 

Oh, LOL, I just saw in this article below where it’s mentioned that this woman uses “visual aids” to accompany her sex talks to children – I just did a post a couple weeks ago about an atheist lady in an atheist video who was mocking or criticizing Christians for using visual aids in Christian-based sexual purity lectures. Here’s another example where Non-Christians seek to propagandize sex with children by using visual aids. 

(Link): “Sexy Summer Camp” Led by Witch Teaches Children to Masturbate

The camp featured classes like “Sex with ME – Self pleasure workshop,” which teaches participants how to “make the most out of their masturbation experience,” and featured “hands on practice” on a person’s hands.

Mach 8, 2022
by Hannah Nightingale

A virtual summer camp aimed at people of all ages in the rural Appalachia region of the eastern US has been revealed to have taught people, including children, about masturbation, gender diversity, “self-managed abortions,” and more over the summer of 2021.

The Sexy Summer Camp, put on by Sexy Sex Ed, was held in July and August of last year on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Sexy Sex Ed puts on workshops that they say “compels teenagers and people of all ages to openly discuss personal and political consent, sexual safety, and anatomy.

Using visual & performance art, open dialogue, and popular education methods, Sexy Sex Ed fills a vital gap in reproductive education as a creative, cultural healing solution in rural Appalachia.”

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