Accusations That Jerry Falwell Jr. and His Wife Becki Are Kinky Perverts Who Sexually Abused College Aged Men

Accusations That Jerry Falwell Jr. and His Wife Becki Are Kinky Perverts Who Sexually Abused College Aged Men

I’ve not had a lot of time to write blog posts the last few months. These news stories that the Falwells were sexual deviants and sexual abusers who hit on young men started popping up a few weeks ago.

I finally have a little time now to blog about it.

The first guy who talked about this in the news says he was working as a pool cleaner, and that the wife had sex with him while the husband, Falwell Jr. watched. He says this ‘relationship’ went on for a few years.

A few days later, another news story broke where a different guy says that when he was in his twenties that Becki Falwell began grooming him for sexual abuse.

He says he was in Becki’s son’s college-aged rock band, and that every time he would go over to the Falwell property to practice music, that Becki would “hit” on him.

It ended with Becki performing oral sex on him unexpectedly as he was in bed, staying over at the Falwell property over night after a band practice.

The guy says the sexual abuse troubled him for years after.

It’s been noted in some reports that Liberty University – where Falwell Jr worked – has clauses stating that the school expects single adults (i.e., the students) to abstain from having sex outside of marriage.

But here we apparently (and allegedly) have married couple Becki and Jerry Falwell engaging in kinky sexual antics with third parties – talk about hypocrisy, expecting your students to live by one standard while you’re living by another.

You can read more about all this at the links below.

I know this gets repetitive at my blog, but here it is again:
Christians continue to disrespect adult singles and mock or dismiss adults (such as myself) who remain celibate, but they are constantly “hyping” marriage as being preferable to singleness.

Many conservative and Christian groups are regularly marketing a message that a decline in marriage rates will ruin the nation, that marriage (and being a parent), is necessary to “fix” our culture.

The marriage-pushing Christians further state that single adults are not as mature, godly, or responsible as their married counterparts. Al Mohler went so far as to say in one of his blog posts or podcasts that childless adults are not fully human.

In my years of running this blog, and prior, I’ve seen too many news stories published of married Christian pastors who are pedophiles or who are committing adultery to believe that marriage causes a person to behave in an ethical manner.

I am more than fed up with the evangelical, Baptist, Protestant Christian propaganda, the steady drumbeat, that married people are somehow “better” than singles, and that singleness is not as good as marriage. I’m not seeing the proof of that.

I do not want to see yet ANOTHER “marriage is better for society and for adults than remaining single is” from Al Mohler or Brad Wilcox, or any of these other marriage-pushing, anti-singles bigots, especially not in light of these news stories that come out every few months about yet ANOTHER well-known Christian personality who has been discovered to be engaged in sexual misbehavior.

It’s strange that this news story has gone quiet the last week or so. Not even the usual spiritual abuse blogs are discussing this – it’s as though they’ve all moved on or forgotten.

Both Jerry Jr. and Becki sound like disgusting, perverted deviants. I don’t have respect for either one.

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A former Liberty University student who played in a band with Becki Falwell’s  son claims she performed oral sex on him when he was 22, in 2008

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