They Put Their Faith in a God-Fearing Man Selling Them Tiny Homes. Now They’re Suing Him For Fraud – Christians: Please Learn the Red Flags, Research Cluster B Personality Disorders

They Put Their Faith in a God-Fearing Man Selling Them Tiny Homes. Now They’re Suing Him For Fraud – Christians: Please Learn the Red Flags, Research Cluster B Personality Disorders

Before I get to the links way below about a self-professing, devout Christian man who was allegedly swindling customers out of their very expensive purchases:

For any of you super trusting people out there – especially if you consider yourself kind, decent, empathetic and/or a Christian (though what I say below is also applicable to kind-hearted Non-Christians as well):

Please, please educate yourselves and accept reality.

There ARE people out there with what are called “Cluster B” personality disorders (such as NPD, malignant narcissism, or, they’re on the narcissism spectrum, or they are sociopathic or psychopathic) who cannot, or will not, have empathy (and on top of an empathy-deficit, sociopaths lack a conscience, too).

Not all of these Cluster B personality disordered persons are serial killers, as is often assumed(*) – but they all lack remorse and empathy and will use and abuse those in their paths, even their own spouses and family members! (*Some Cluster B personality disordered persons love to financially scam other people or financially exploit them, for instance.)

The primary drivers and motivations of Cluster B persons are control and dominance of other people.

These people can be your neighbor, sibling, parent, spouse, a friend, your boss, or a co-worker.

These dangerous persons can work as church pastors, doctors, school teachers, veterinarians, psychologists, therapists, plumbers, IT professionals, UPS delivery persons, mailmen, hair stylists – any and every occupation, even “care based,” charity based, or church ministry related ones!

These people have learned to “pass” as normal. They will pretend to be normal. Many will act as though they have compassion and empathy for others, but they do not.

Just because someone is working in a care-based occupation doesn’t mean they have empathy and are warm, nurturing, and have your best interest at heart.

Some narcissistic or sociopathic persons who work as therapists or as social workers INTENTIONALLY undermine their patients or others in their care. That’s one reason you must be careful when shopping around for a mental health professional, should you want to see one for treatment.

Some of these personality disordered persons will do things like say they are a “Jesus-follower,” a Christian, they will even volunteer for charity work, attend church regularly, and “play act the part” of loving, devoted Christ follower while simultaneously committing financial fraud (or other sins and crimes) against you or others.

And they do NOT CARE AT ALL how much it hurts your feelings or hurts you financially.

They are not sorry, and they never will be. They do not experience remorse or sorrow for how they hurt others.

Even the non-personality disordered abusive persons out there have very large entitlement attitudes, so their view on relationships is that being mean, lying, nasty, and controlling of or to you is getting THEIR needs met for them, their abusive behavior of you is working well for them, so why bother to care about you and your needs and how YOU are being hurt by them in the process?

They feel they have no reason to change for the better (this is from their perspective).

There is nothing you can do to fix, change, save, or help such persons (even most therapists agree such persons are beyond help or fixing), nor is it your responsibility to fix or change them.

Avoid them as much as possible. No amount of compassion, love, attention, pity, or empathy from you or someone else will change or fix such persons.

No amount of church attendance, Bible reading, or exposure to the Gospel or the teachings of Jesus will heal, change, or fix them.

This includes the marriage context: a wife being “more submissive” or “loving” towards a narcissistic or sociopathic husband will not “heal,” change, or fix the husband and cause him to stop hurting his wife.

Please do some research, and stop allowing people to take advantage of you! Look for the red flags.

Perhaps start out by reading books such as “The Sociopath Next Door” by Stout

(though, caution: in an otherwise very good and educational work, I think she sugar coats her descriptions of narcissism in her book too much – narcissists, especially at the moderate to high end of the spectrum, are essentially watered-down sociopaths, so far as I am concerned,
but, in her book, Stout makes narcissists sound more lovable, redeemable, reachable, and friendly than they actually are,
which contrasts what I’ve read in a lot of research by other mental health professionals and accounts by narcissistic abuse survivors who all specialize in the topic of narcissism),

or “Husband, Liar, Sociopath – How He Lied, Why I Fell for It & the Painful Lessons Learned” by O. N. Ward,
or “Becoming the Narcissist’s Nightmare: How to Devalue and Discard the Narcissist While Supplying Yourself” by Shahida Arabi.

There are many other books – and free online articles and videos – that describe all these issues.

Just because someone claims to be a Christian and acts really sweet, caring, and nice does NOT mean they will NOT abuse you financially, or will not abuse you physically, verbally, or sexually in private.

Because such people do exist, and they will abuse or exploit you.

Stop thinking the best of people, stop being so trusting, stop assuming that because someone talks favorably of Jesus that this must mean they are trust-worthy, and stop giving people third, fourth, and more chances if they’ve already hurt or lied to you twice!

Stop rationalizing their behavior, stop excusing it on the basis they told you they are having a bad day, they’re under stress, or they were abused as a child (whether they were or not still does not excuse their abusive or dishonest behavior).

Such attitudes and behaviors on your part, where you keep forgiving, pitying, trusting, and grant repeated chances and do-overs, is what enables alleged frauds like the guy in the article below to scam you in the first place.

I am not victim blaming anyone who has been abused or targeted by any of these abusers or scammers.

Here is where I am coming from:
I just want to pull my hair out in frustration in particular at how Christians, in their sermons, books, social media, blogs, and their attitudes, frequently encourage or pressure behaviors or attitudes in believers that encourage them to be very susceptible to attracting abusive people or con artists, or from eliminating them from their lives once they encounter them.

Christians are setting other Christians up to be attractive and easy targets and prey for sociopaths, narcissists, and other troubled and dangerous people.

Misguided Christian teachings about grace, forgiveness, compassion, helping one’s neighbor, turning the cheek, the “no divorce for any reason” teachings, and giving second chances, and Christian complementarians especially are really bad about this.

Christian gender complementarians promote “gender complementarianism,” where they strongly condition girls and women to adopt beliefs and actions that are indistinguishable from Codependency (ie, which includes things like lacking boundaries, being passive, etc), which makes girls and women reluctant to engage in perfectly healthy and normal actions, such as standing up to abusers or bullying behavior, and leaves them vulnerable from recognizing abusive behavior as being abusive in the first place.

Secular culture of course also re-enforces such harmful beliefs and behaviors in girls and women as well, via traditional gender stereotypes (see the book The Gift of Fear by Gavin de Becker for some examples; research by others has also been done in this area going back years with the same results being shown).

(Link): They Put Their Faith in a God-Fearing Man Selling Them Tiny Homes. Now They’re Suing Him For Fraud

People around the country who have paid Matt Sowash thousands of dollars for the small dwellings after seeing him on TikTok say he never delivered on his promises.

by Sept 20, 2022

By Deon J. Hampton

DENVER — A man who had been convicted of bilking investors out of thousands of dollars and who professed his love for God while selling tiny homes online swindled homebuyers out of their life savings for dwellings that were never delivered, three alleged victims said in lawsuits filed in federal and state courts.

Developer Matt Sowash, founder of the Colorado-based nonprofit Holy Ground Tiny Homes, promoted the small residences on social media, including to his 80,000 TikTok followers, with short videos portraying an upbeat, God-fearing man selling the American Dream — affordable homes with financing and no credit checks.

“For people that can’t pay for a house all at once, we can finance you. Holy Ground Tiny Homes. Get yours today,” Sowash said in one TikTok video.

“Great house, available now, around $45,000 is what this goes for. Come in and take it away,” he said in another video, wearing a T-shirt adorned with “Faith Over Fear.”

Sowash said in an interview that he never set out to take advantage of homebuyers, but he’s not sure he’ll be able to build the 250 homes already paid for, in full or in part.

…A plaintiff in one of three lawsuits filed against Sowash said in an interview that the builder’s persuasiveness and Jesus-loving persona convinced her to part with her hard-earned cash.

“That’s part of what sold me. He’s charming, convincing and I believe in God,” said Clara Virginia Davis, 24, an elementary schoolteacher in upstate New York.

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Former Deacon at Douglas Wilson’s Church, Alex Lloyd, Indicted for Possessing Child Pornography

Former Deacon at Douglas Wilson’s Church Indicted for Possessing Child Pornography 

That so many self professing Christian men are deviants and perverts rips to shreds the complementarian position (men are not fit to be in leadership), and it also disproves the “equally yoked” rule.

If you’re a single Christian woman, you are really risking dating or marrying a male pedophile who claims to be a Christ follower, especially if you meet him at a church – of course, you could meet the same guy on a dating site, if he’s on one and claims to be a Christian on a dating site profile.

(Link): Former Deacon at Douglas Wilson’s Church Indicted for Possessing Child Pornography 


May 4, 2022
By  Jessica Lea

Alex Lloyd, a former deacon at Douglas Wilson’s church in Moscow, Idaho, has been indicted in federal court for possessing child pornography. Lloyd, who according to Christ Church was a deacon until January 2022, has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Christ Church and its pastor, Douglas Wilson, have generated controversy for reasons that include Wilson’s interpretation of complementarianism, his book “Southern Slavery As It Was,” and for how the church has handled allegations of sexual abuse. Christ Church also made headlines in the fall of 2020 for holding “psalm sing” events in protest of Moscow’s COVID-19 restrictions.

Alex Lloyd was indicted on April 19. Court documents state that “On or about the dates of March 22, 2021 through January 12, 2022, in the district of Idaho, the Defendant, ALEX LLOYD, did knowingly possess materials…which contained child pornography.” According to the documents, these materials were on an Apple iPhone 8.

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Marriage is Not A Cure For Pedophilia, Making a Joke of Marriage: Christian Preacher Marries A Known Pedophile To Young Woman, Pedophile Then Apparently Molests His Own Biological Infant Son By That Woman

Marriage is Not A Cure For Pedophilia, Making a Joke of Marriage: Christian Preacher Marries A Known Pedophile To Young Woman, Pedophile Then Apparently Molests His Own Biological Infant Son By That Woman

How many ways can Christians, many of whom claim to support traditional marriage, manage to undermine and make a mockery of it? Here’s one more way.

(Maybe I should come up with some kind of Bingo card for this.)

Doug Wilson, who is a preacher of his own church (Christ Church), married a known pedophile, Steven Sitler, to a young lady named Katie Travis. (This is the (Link): same Doug Wilson who believes that celibacy is impossible for adults.)

A news story was published a few days ago which explains that Sitler and Sitler’s wife, Katie, had a baby boy together, and Sitler apparently (if I am understanding the article correctly) sexually abused his own biological infant son.

Here is one link about that:

(Link):  Idaho sex offender allowed to return home with child


  • September 2015
  • By Samantha Malott
    Moscow-Pullman Daily News
  • MOSCOW, Idaho — A Latah County 2nd District Court judge ordered Tuesday that a convicted sex offender, Steven Sitler, must continue to have an approved chaperone present, within his direct line of sight, at all times he is around his infant child in the wake of new disclosures of “contact resulting in actual sexual stimulation.”

The Free Jinger forum has some background information on all this:

And (more background):

Said Annie B Good in that thread:

  • What gets me is that he [Douglas Wilson] married this desperate girl [Katie Travis], who felt she was an old maid at 23, he’s barred from contact with children, and yet he [Sitler] may be going to father children with a woman he’s not attracted to. Just a total mess. Christ Church should be ashamed of the behavior of their so called leaders.

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Odd For a Christian Culture That Worships Kids

Odd For a Christian Culture That Worships Kids / Parenting/ Nuclear Family

(Link): Why Fewer Churches Offer Vacation Bible School

American Christians, especially the fundamentalists, Baptists, and evangelicals, have spent the last few decades opining about the great importance of the traditional family and the value of children.

Some very aberrant, cultic groups (such as Reconstructionists and Quiverfull) have sprung up in Christianity. They feel a woman should never use birth control but that married Christian women should have as many children as possible, and they even maintain a pregnancy that may cause the mother’s death should not be ended – at least some of these groups feel this way in regards to Christian women within their own cults (I may edit this post later to add some links about that).

(Link): Is Wilson Pro-Abortion or Just Following Multi-Generational Faithfulness? – page about men who claim to be Christian but who support the deaths of Non Christian babies and Non Christian children. Excerpt:

    So all that to say, Doug Wilson is not “technically” pro-abortion. He’s just pro-death for anyone outside the covenant community.

Your more mainstream groups, though, such as Southern Baptists, and run of the mill evangelicals, while not going quite as far as the cultic groups, still place family and children on a pedestal.

Sometimes they do this in the midst of speaking out in alarm, hatred, or fear of a secular culture that no longer idealizes the 1950s nuclear family, but also in part because they seem to honestly feel that the Bible upholds that ideal.

When I saw this story on Christianity Today, (Link): Why Fewer Churches Offer Vacation Bible School, I found it strange.

Most churches in the United States worship family, marriage, and children, or at least offer constant rhetoric that indicates they do, such as preachers and conservative Christian groups frequenlty saying children are a blessing from God, abortion is terrible, etc.

But here we have a decades-old, child-centric practice, VBS (Vacation Bible School, usually held during summer months), that is getting cut from church programs.

Birth rates have been on the decline for I don’t know how many years now. Maybe part of the reason VBS is not being offered as much is that there aren’t enough children to justify it – this article though says one reason is lack of funding, but after skimming it some more, it does note lack of children being another reason.

Maybe Christians who bray tirelessly about being committed to children and what a blessing they are, really don’t mean it, just like a lot of conservative Christians claim to support sexual purity / virginity but in practice actually do not (see this link for more on that subject: No, Christians and Churches Do Not Idolize Virginity and Sexual Purity).

Here are excerpts from (Link): Why Fewer Churches Offer Vacation Bible School:

    VBS began in a beer hall more than 100 years ago. Here’s what it looks like today.
    Abby Stocker [ posted 7/31/2013 07:31AM ]

    If you attend a church that has more than 250 Sunday worshipers, or an annual budget of $500,000 (or more), or a pastor between 30 and 48 years of age, odds are good that your congregation offers Vacation Bible School (VBS) during the summer months.

    Your church, however, would be in an increasingly selective group, according to a (Link): recent Barna Group study. VBS programs have declined 16 percent in the last 15 years, from 81 percent of American churches in 1997 to 68 percent in 2012.

    Summer church education “isn’t going away anytime soon,” notes Barna, given that the current two-thirds of churches hosting VBS has been stable in recent years. But what has changed is the reasons why churches choose to drop such programs.

    The biggest change: busyness. “In 2001, only 5% of churches who did not offer VBS stated their reason as not having enough time, or wanting to devote such time to more pressing needs,” writes Barna. “In 2005, this number of time-pressed churches more than doubled (13%), and nearly quadrupled just last summer (19%).”

    Overall, the biggest reasons why former VBS churches have skipped out in recent years are: lack of volunteers (cited by 3 in 10 pastors), lack of children (cited by 1 in 4), and lack of time (1 in 5).

    …On balance, the larger a church (and its budget), the more likely it is to offer VBS. More than 90 percent of churches with budgets of $500,000 or more offer VBS, as well as 86% of churches with more than 250 adult worship attenders.

    Regionally, churches in the South (nearly 3 out of 4) are most likely to offer VBS, whereas churches in the West (nearly 1 out of 2) are least likely.

Related links this blog

(Link): Why all the articles about being Child Free? On Being Childfree or Childless – as a Conservative / Right Wing / Christian

(Link): I’m Childless, Not Child-Incompetent (editorial by G. Dalfonzo) – The Christian Tendency to Worship Family, Motherhood, and Children

(Link): Jesus’ Family Values by Deirdre Good challenges conservative Christan emphasis on “family” (copy)

(Link): Cultural Discrimination Against Childless and Childfree Women – and link to an editorial by a Childless Woman

(Link): The Child Free City

(Link): Childfree Christians / Childfree childless

(Link): Do You Rate Your Family Too High? (Christians Who Idolize the Family) (article)

Douglas Wilson and Christian Response FAIL to Sexual Sin – No Body Can Resist Sex – supposedly – Re Celibacy

Douglas Wilson and Christian Response FAIL to Sex / Sexual Sin – No Body Can Resist Sex (Part 2)


If anyone is far more qualified than Douglas Wilson to speak of adult celibacy, and what it takes to be and live celibate, it’s me – someone who is, you know, an actual lifelong adult celibate.

Christians harbor many unbiblical, false, and mythical views about adult celibacy, and Wilson is no exception. I don’t have to assume anything about celibacy, since I am living it first hand.

This post has been updated below regarding Wilson’s comments about Celibacy vis a vis the Steven Sitler situation (SEPTEMBER 2015) 

At the other end of the spectrum are nominal Christian bloggers, authors, or preachers such as Douglas Wilson, who write false nonsense such as:

(Link): Sex and Smithereens (posted in March 2013)

Pertinent excerpts (emphasis added by me):

by Douglas Wilson

The men who drafted the Westminster Confession believed, as do I, that a lifetime of celibacy for a man not specially gifted by God for that calling is an impossibility.

In short, a man may not lawfully vow to do something forbidden by the law of God. Neither may he bind himself with a vow to a sin of omission — as when men dedicated as Corban the resources needed to take care of parents (Mark 7:11).

To vow celibacy outside the will of God is to wrong a future spouse. And last, he may not vow beyond his abilities to fulfill. It is a superstititous snare for a man to believe he can get along without a woman, absent an unusual gift from God.
— end excerpts —

As I was saying in my previous post in regards to recent comments by another Christian personality regarding a similar topic as Wilson’s:

There [is usually an underlying] vibe in [Christian response to sexual topics – if not an out right declaration on occasion] that all humans are going to slip and literally sin sexually (i.e., actually engage in physical acts, not just engage in sexual fantasy). However, this is simply not true.

There are some [Protestant] Christians who remain virgins past their 20s [and it is not because they have a “special gift or calling” in this area; that itself is superstitious hog wash].

It is a very damaging assumption and fallacy to keep suggesting, as evangelicals, Neo Calvinists, Baptists, and fundamentalists do, that nobody can resist sexual desires for years or forever.

People can in fact resist giving in to sexual desires and acting upon them- but they choose not to.

I am a Baptist woman who is a virgin at age 40+, and I did not take a ‘vow of celibacy.’

Nor did God gift me with celibacy.


—1. [This is the Correct view, Wilson adheres to the opposite of this]:


God did not grant me any “special gifts” or magical powers to remain chaste, nor did God remove my desire for marriage or sexual urges. I still desire marriage and to have sex.



Protestants and Baptists who do not marry are called to remain celibate – this teaching that celibacy is only for Roman Catholics, or an institution peculiar to them as Wilson portrays, is false.

The Scriptures call all unmarried people to celibacy, for however long they remain unmarried.

It is also false to assume that people remain unmarried due to “God’s Will” (or from deliberate choice of theirs.)

There is an epidemic among Christian women today of unwanted, protracted singlehood.

These are women, such as myself, who want marriage, but who are remaining single in to their 30s and 40s because there are not enough eligible, unmarried Christian men to go round, and many of these ladies took the “do not be yoked to an unbeliever” teachings seriously.



I see similar attitudes from the likes of preacher Mark Driscoll, and others, that I do in Doug Wilson, which is:

Because they themselves are horny horn dogs who feel that they cannot live without sex for three days in a row (or even for five seconds), they assume this must mean that all other Christians are equally weak in the area of sex and cannot remain abstinent for more than a few days or months.

This is wrong. There are plenty of Christians past the age of 40 who are still virgins.

Just because you cannot fathom or picture yourself abstaining from sex over your lifetime, does not mean it is impossible for other people.

I also find it interesting, and a little sexist, that Wilson’s page focuses on the male gender (Roman Catholics have female nuns who abstain from sex, you know), as if to say males cannot live without sex – as if to assume or imply women do not have libidos.

That women supposedly have zero interest in sex or hate sex, is another falsehood among conservative Christians, particularly the males. Christian women- and secular ones- can get just as randy and horny as men do.

But I suspect that Wilson, who is an extreme gender complementarian, like many in Christianity, has a hard time thinking of women as truly wanting sex, or having an interest in sex.

Sex is considered “man’s territory,” while women are thought to be interested only in house cleaning, being protected, sewing, and baking cookies. -Men who think that way are incredibly naive.

But this notion that no human can live without sex for more than five days/ months/ ten or thirty years / a life time, that abstaining for years is an impossibility, as Wilson assumes, is one of the very, precise reasons Christians are having sex outside of marriage these days: there is no expectation that they can indeed control their sexual lusts and desires.

While it is true that most humans experience sexual urges, it is a false hood that they have to be acted upon or that they cannot be resisted.

The Bible says that the Holy Spirit gives self-control to each believer.

But the Doug Wilsons, Pat Roberstons, Mark Driscolls, and other Christians of the world want to keep spreading the false teaching that a person cannot control him- or her- self sexually, and that the Holy Spirit is incompetent in this area.



If Wilson is operating under the assumption that marriage keeps a person from sexual sin, he’s very wrong on that score as well. Married Christian couples commit sexual sins OFTEN.

Married Christian couples have dirty magazine addiction, dirty web site addictions, dirty movie addictions, and married Christians, even preachers, are having extra- marital affairs and are also looking at X-rated material online.

Here are a few links about married Christian problems with sexual sin:

(Link): Pastor Comes Clean About Porn Addiction

(Link): Porn to Purity: Christian Couple Bares All

(Link): It Won’t Happen in My Home And Other Myths About Internet Pornography [Christian women talk about their Christian husbands porn habits]

(Link): Christian men get honest about porn addiction

(Link): Barna survey: Baptists have highest divorce rate

(Link): Christian Swingers: Body-building Christian Couple Advocates and Practices Wife Swapping – and the wife calls this lifestyle “pure”

(Link): Christian Family Values Activist Josh Duggar [who is Married] Had a Paid Ashley Madison Account

(Link): Study: Christian Divorce Rate Identical to National Average

Excerpt from “Pastor Comes Clean About Porn Addiction”

Pastor Jones knows he is not the only person in church leadership that deals with a porn addiction. The statistics are startling.

Fifty percent of Christian men and 20 percent of Christian women admit that they are addicted to pornography ( June 07).

Fifty-one percent of pastors say cyber porn is a possible temptation; 37 percent say it is a current struggle (Christianity Today Leadership Survey, December 2001).

Of Promise Keepers attendees, one of the largest Christian men’s conferences in the U.S., 53 percent admitted to viewing pornography regularly (Internet Filter Review, 2006).

Forty million adults in the U.S. regularly visit porn sites on the internet (Internet Filter Review). Forty-seven percent of families say pornography is a problem in their home (Focus on the Family Poll, October 2003).

—September 2015 Update—

Doug Wilson is, once more, (in context of the Steve Sitler uproar), insisting that God “gifts” certain people with celibacy, and he seems to maintain that celibacy that lasts for more than a month or ten years is an impossibility for any mere mortal to achieve.

Steve Sitler, by the way, is a serial pedophile, and Wilson oversaw his wedding ceremony (more about that (Link): here).

Wilson thinks it is impossible for anyone, unless they are “gifted” with celibacy, to remain sexually inactive. He is totally incorrect and informed.

I am over 40, still a virgin, a heterosexual, and I still have a healthy, normal sex drive: God did not gift with me celibacy. God did not decrease my sex drive or remove it altogether.

Celibacy over a period of months or decades is entirely possible if a person is devoted to obeying God and God’s word, and if one practices self-control.

Quoting Wilson via Love, Joy, and Feminism‘s blog, (Link): Doug Wilson Explains Why He Oversaw Wedding of Serial Child Molester by Libby Anne:

[excerpts here by Douglas Wilson]

Now because he [a pedophile] has been welcomed into your fellowship, as he ought to have been, he meets a Christian woman whom he would like to marry, and she would like to marry him. He manifestly does not have the gift of celibacy. Do you bless it? Do you okay it, but make him get married by the justice of the peace? Or do you forbid it?

…Then there is another thing. If you forbid marriage to someone who is not gifted with celibacy, under pain of excommunication if he marries, then you have painted yourself into quite a medieval corner.

If you forbid it, one reason might be because you think he should live as a celibate because he did things that would have resulted in his execution under Moses.

…But if we are to use equal weights and measures, there are other offenses like that in your church also. Must adulterers live in perpetual celibacy? Homosexuals?
— end excerpts —

There are in fact some Christians of homosexual orientation who are living celibate lives; I have blogged about them before on this blog.

And yes, I think that a serial pedophile and one who finds his own infant son sexually stimulating and enticing, such as Sitler does, should remain a celibate so long as he should live.

I myself am a hetero woman, attracted to men, was engaged to a man for several years before breaking off that relationship, get very randy at times, yet I have controlled my libido well past the age of 40 – if I can do so, and I have, I know that Steve Sitlers and those like him can as well. And no, I do not have a “gift of celibacy.”

There is no such thing as a “gift of celibacy” – the Bible does not teach this concept at all.

Being celibate does not mean that one does not get or will not have sexual desires and urges.

Asking a pedophile, or any adult single of any orientation, heterosexual or homosexual, to remain celibate over a life time is not asking the impossible.

For someone who heads some church in Iowa (or where ever it is), Wilson sure doesn’t know anything about celibacy.

Celibacy is a CHOICE a person makes, and an exercise of self control; it is not a divinely appointed orientation, nor in celibacy are sexual urges removed or diminished in a person by God.

Please see Part 1 to this post:

(Link to Part 1): Christian Response FAIL to Sexual Sin – Easy Forgivism

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Topics Preachers Should or Shouldn’t Mention When Discussing Singlehood

Here are a few suggestions as to what I think Christian pastors and Christian talk show hosts should (or should not) preach or discuss when addressing Christian singlehood.*

Sex, Sex, Sex and More Sex

I think sex is one topic that Christian pastors need to stay away from when talking to or about singlehood, or they need to stop lecturing about it as often as they do.

Anytime pastors or Christian personalities (such as people who host Christian television shows) do bother to address singles (usually they’re fixated on married life, unfortunately), it’s usually nothing more than to issue dire warnings about not giving in to sexual sin.

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