Article: Our Born-Again Virgin Bachelor – Secondary or Spiritual Virginity

Article: Our Born-Again Virgin Bachelor

Link: Our Born-Again Virgin Bachelor

I’ve written about this issue before, this easy-forgivism regarding sexual sin, the terms “secondary virgin” etc. (see this link)

I hate to have to add this disclaimer every time I write on this issue, but there are some very sensitive, ardent feminists who dress you down if you do not…

Disclaimer: I am addressing women (and men) who engage in consensual sex in this post. I am not discussing women who are manipulated into sex or who are molested or raped. Yes, I agree that some segments of fringe Christianity put way too much emphasis on a female’s sexuality, virginity, modesty, and apparel. Yes, people who engage in sexual sin can experience God’s grace and be forgiven.

Now that I have that out of the way. And I have nothing new to say about this, really.

This “born again virgin” article I linked to is just another example I’ve seen of Christian culture cheapening true, actual virginity.

Those of us who refrained from sex and remain virgins into our 30s and older get no respect or encouragement, and no props, from Christian culture.

Conversely, and very hypocritically, a man like the one in the article (name: Sean Lowe) who engaged in fornication (sex outside of marriage), but who then declares he is abstaining now and who dubs himself as a “born again virgin,” gets immense kudos from Christian media.

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