Did Hell Freeze Over?: Liberal Rag Promotes Idea that Celibacy is Acceptable, and a Valid Life Choice / Re: 2016 Study Says Millennials Aren’t Having Much Sex

Did Hell Freeze Over?: Liberal Rag Promotes Idea that Celibacy is Acceptable, and a Valid Life Choice / Re: 2016 Study Says Millennials Aren’t Having Much Sex

The following editorial comes from left wing site Salon, known for publishing pieces by left wing feminist Marcotte, who likes to insist everyone respect women’s sexual choices except for virginity and celibacy – she thinks it’s okay to mock those (see this link and this link for more on that).

Most of the time, liberals are loathe to admit that it’s okay for adults (or kids) to be virgins or celibates. They often portray the state of being abstinent as being sexually repressed or weird. They get all judgey-judgemental about it, but at the same time ask us not to “slut shame” the people, especially women, who boink around like dogs in heat.

So, I was quite surprised to see this liberal editorial defending the idea that it’s okay for people to be chaste, and that people need to stop pressuring everyone to have sex. This sort of editorial from a left wing site is very, very rare.

(Link):   Millennial Sex Panic! Why are we so worried they aren’t getting enough action? by R K Bussel


Everyone calm down and stop judging young adults for “missing out on a good time”

….While the study’s findings are of cultural interest about changing sexual practices, an unfortunate side effect is the concurrent media sex panic. To wit: a Washington Post headline asked if this means “(Link): the end of sex?” while (Link): The Cut touted “Millennials Confirm That Sex Is No Longer Cool.”

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Brief Critique of the J. Daly editorial: Does Casual Sex Empower Women?

Brief Critique of the J. Daly ed: Does Casual Sex Empower Women?

In the midst of looking up Jim Daly’s contact information (so I could tweet him a link of my previous page), I found this linked to on his Twitter page (he wrote it):

(Link) Does Casual Sex Empower Women? by Daly

Here is the part that caught my attention:

    The cultural impact of casual sex

    Sadly, the cheapening of sex is having a long-term impact on marriage… which, in turn, negatively impacts parenting. It’s a tragic chain-reaction of events that work together to undermine the institution of family.

I know that Focus on the Family has a new family-centric film to promote ((Link): unfortunately), and I see the heading there says “cultural impact,” but Mr. Daly, the fact is, some women never marry and never have children, including Christian women.

The Bible does not say God promises all women a marriage partner not even the ones who pray for one and who want one.

If you see my previous post (link), you can see the stats on the number of singles in America.

Many women today are staying single these days, some against their wishes.

(That’s right, the typical conservative Christian canard that women are choosing to stay single because they hate marriage, hate men, or put career above marriage, or had tons of marriage proposals but turned them all down because they were too picky, are false).

There are plenty of Christian women such as myself (though I am half-agnostic now), who were raised in church and by Christian parents to expect, plan for, and count on marriage.

I had hoped for marriage. I still find myself single. I did not plan on being never-married into my 40s. I may never marry.

I am still a virgin. I have never had children.

The church does not support adult virginity – they ignore or shame adult celibate singles (a few links with examples of that can be found at the end of this post, and all over this blog if you search).

It makes no sense, and I see no biblical support, to suggest the only or main reason to argue against casual sex is on the basis of how it may “impact marriage and family.”

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You Don’t Need to Look Far To Find Hurting People Who Could Use Your Help and Compassion

I was pleasantly surprised to see one or two of Kerry Shook’s sons mention tonight on a Christian program that instead of looking to starving people in Haiti as examples of who to serve, American Christians don’t need to look any farther than the person sitting next to them, or living next door.

What a nice change from the usual “send us funds to build water wells in African villages” spiels one usually hears on Christian shows.

Shook’s sons were saying there might be people you (remember, their primary audience is Americans living in the United States of America) run in to every day, or who live down the street from you, or who work with you, who are going through a difficult time and could use your help.

Ironically, I’ve heard Native Americans and some black people say they regard Christianity as being a “white man’s religion.”

It seems to me that a lot of white, middle- to- upper- class American Christians have turned that upside down, to turn Christianity into a religion only for inner-city, dark-skinned, impoverished, or third- world- nation people.

I don’t recall Jesus Christ saying that His religion, or that care and compassion, are for everyone except for white, sober, middle class Americans – but that is how a lot of white, middle class Americans behave.

The Bible says that Christians are to help other Christians first, not Non-Christians (see Galatians chapter 6, verse 10, also 1 Timothy 5: 8). Most Christians ignore Galatians 6:10, in favor of Matthew 28:19 and James 1:27

In short, if you are a white, sober, middle class American going through some sort of problem, say, you are in grief from the passing of a loved one, you’ve been laid off from your job, your kid is robbing banks, or you’ve been divorced- whatever- and you go looking to another white, middle class Christian for emotional or practical support, you will usually get none.

They will even tell you that because you don’t have life as difficult as Africans who lack in-door plumbing or a homeless junkie down town, you have no right to support, compassion, or encouragement.

Galatians 6:10 and Matthew 7:12 are not in their Bibles.
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Rare Reminders from Christians on Recent Broadcasts that Fornication is Wrong and That Older Celibates Exist

Rare Reminders from Christians on Recent Broadcasts that Fornication is Wrong and That Older Celibates Exist

On tonight’s “Harvest” show, hosted by Greg Laurie, aired on TBN, Laurie told his audience in very strong terms that the Bible does not condone sex outside of marriage. He said it doesn’t matter if you love the other person and practice “safe sex,” that God is still not fine with sexual activity outside of marriage.

A day or two ago, Christian singer CeCe Winans was host of TBN’s “Praise the Lord” program, where she interviewed a married Christian couple (I don’t recall their names).

The wife of the couple said she was a virgin until she got married, and she did not get married until she was 38 or 39 years old.

Not only that, but the audience (which is presumably made up of Christians) applauded her for that admission.

So quite possibly there are at least some Christians out there still who are supporting, and who believe in, refraining from sex until marriage. It was nice to see someone admit to being past age 35 before getting married and then having sex upon marriage, rather than before.

It’s a nice change from the usual testimonies from all the Christians on these shows who admit they “blew it” and slept around numerous times, only for the Christian host to turn to the camera and reassure other fornicators,
“Aw shucks, but don’t feel so bad if you have sex outside of marriage, because God will forgive your sexual sin! Just stop doing it and start practicing secondary virginity! Be a spiritual virgin now!”

Reminder and disclaimer:

As I’ve said NUMEROUS TIMES on this blog before, it’s not that I am hoping for pastors to go all Pharisee on sexual sinners and stone them to death with rocks

– but –

I at least want them to start making it abundantly clear when discussing sexual sin, God’s grace, and God’s forgiveness that the Bible none-the-less still teaches that God expects people to exercise self-control and remain virgins until marriage, even if they are 35, 45, or 75 years old.

No more of this “Laissez-faire,” La-Dee-Da, lukewarm, watered down, ‘every one has sex outside of marriage, so go ahead and do it, and God will forgive you for it, nobody expects you to remain celibate past the age of 17 years old, and hey, we totally understand it and get it if you’ve had sex outside of marriage’ garbage.