This is Why You’re Single – The Top Dating App Dealbreakers Revealed, by M. Notkin

This is Why You’re Single – The Top Dating App Dealbreakers Revealed, by M. Notkin

(Link): This is why you’re single — the top dating app dealbreakers revealed

by Melanie Notkin
May 5, 2023

…A sizable number of single females have had their fill of tofu nibblers. A new study on dating app dealbreakers reports that 1 in 5 women will summarily reject a man who indicates he’s a vegan on his dating profile.

The study was conducted by Alexander, also known as @Datepsych on Twitter, a behavioral and cognitive neuroscience graduate student with a passion for information gathering. He keeps his last name private, he told The Post, due to his sometimes controversial research into topics like incel culture, promiscuity and facial attractiveness.

For this study, Alexander collected 130 different dealbreakers from his 18,500 Twitter followers, coding them into a survey for a social media “convenience sample” — meaning easily accessible dating app users on Twitter — of 438 men and women, with a mean age of 32.

He then asked participants to imagine a dating profile with a photo they found physically attractive enough to consider accepting. (Or, in app speak, swiping right.)

Next, the respondents scored each dealbreaker from one to five, with one being something they could overlook, and five being an absolute no-no that would lead to an immediate rejection, or a swipe-left, no matter how attractive the profile photo. Alexander then shared the absolute 5/5 guaranteed dealbreakers in his report.

The dealbreakers with the highest percent of fives were not shockers. For example, the overwhelming majority of women say they reject male profiles that exhibit violence, or sexual and bigoted content.

Men, on the other hand, were highly unlikely to want a date with a woman who uses her dating profile to promote her OnlyFans.

But that’s where the survey responses stopped being predictable. Turns out, when it comes to dating apps, the dealbreakers are not always the ones you’d expect.

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We Married as Man and Wife – Now We’re Renewing Our Vows as Two Women After I Transitioned and I Can’t Wait To Wear A Dress by C. Toureille

We Married as Man and Wife – Now We’re Renewing Our Vows as Two Women After I Transitioned and I Can’t Wait To Wear A Dress by C. Toureille

What I say here I may copy and paste into a new, separate post at a later date, because the observations I raise below bears repeating.

I’m a conservative who is not against marriage or the nuclear family, but I do disagree with how obsessed other conservatives are with promoting marriage and the nuclear family and criticizing or shaming any adult who hasn’t married and had children.

Growing up, I was hearing from conservative Christians regularly about how marriage supposedly makes a person more mature, responsible, or godly, and even today, conservative think tanks publish such bogus rhetoric.

Conservatives like Matt Walsh ridicule women for “pushing 50” (his terminology) and still being childless and single.

Speaking of Walsh – he recently criticized a man for going trans, the sidekick to a You Tube star named “Mr. Beast.” Walsh criticized the man for “transitioning,” because, Walsh said, the man’s wife would now be without a husband, and their son would be without a “masculine father.”

Okay, well, here’s my problem with Walsh and marriage-pushers like him (first let me give some background):

I’m in my 50s, and I never did get married. I tried to get married. I went to church singles classes, I prayed and asked God to provide me with a spouse, I tried dating sites in my mid 30s, etc, etc.
None of that worked, as I remain single by circumstance. (Christian dating advice on how to get married is dumb and incompetent, and many Christians will criticize you for pointing that fact of life out;
it makes Christians angry when they are confronted with the fact that their stupid dating advice, specifically of the “how to get married” variety, does not work. They prefer to victim-blame you or scream at you when you point out that Christian “how to get married” advice didn’t work and in some cases even played a role in holding you back from getting married.)

How can the Matt Walsh conservatives (the guys who hyper- market marriage) keep doing so, when so many marriages either end in adultery, divorce, verbal abuse, physical abuse, or in the creation of “Trans Widows?”

Trans widows are women who marry men, and the men later become crossdressers (who claim to be trans).

What is the frikkin’ point of getting married if the man you marry ends up “transitioning” into a fake woman (or he ends up neglecting your emotional needs, or he’s abusive)?

It’s better off for a woman to remain single than to marry some man who first more or less acts and dresses like a normal man, but then, after so many years of marriage says, “Honey, I feel like a woman trapped in a man’s body,” so he either starts perversely wearing women’s clothing and/or gets his penis chopped off?

A normal woman who wants a normal marriage is not going to want that. Some such women may not have a choice but to stay married to the guy if they’re financially dependent on him.

I have more comments to make below this:

(Link): We married as man and wife – now we’re renewing our vows as two women after I transitioned and I can’t wait to wear a dress

A married couple who wed as man and wife plan to renew their vows as two women – with the bride insisting ‘it’s the person I fell in love with – not the body.’

Jae Harvey, 32, met her partner Rayna, 35, on Myspace in 2009 but after two years in a long-distance relationship the couple broke up.

The couple rekindled their romance and got married – as man and woman – in Jae’s hometown – Dallas, Texas, in March 2018 before returning to the UK, where Rayna is from, later that year.

However, Rayna was struggling with her identity and confided in Jae on their honeymoon – who vowed to stick by her and helped her through her transition.

Five years on, the couple who are based in Somerset, plan to renew their vows with Rayna now living as her authentic self, and are trying to get a  gender recognition certification from the British government for her.

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Nearly Half of Single People Receive Unsolicited Nudes, Get Ghosted: Poll – and a Few Dating Tips

Nearly Half of Single People Receive Unsolicited Nudes, Get Ghosted: Poll – and a Few Dating Tips

The page I’ve linked to below has some “first date dating tips,” a few of which I’ve included in my post.

May I add another tip or two (this is especially for single women), and this is also applicable to friendships, family relationships, and any job you have (your co-workers or bosses):
Please spend time researching Narcissistic Abuse and Cluster B personality disorders (which includes but is not limited to Narcissism and Sociopathy).

Particularly if you are a woman, and you’re a shy, people pleasing or codependent woman, you may be prone to over-sharing when you meet someone new (whether a date, a co-worker, etc) because you mistakenly think that sharing personal details when you first meet someone will establish intimacy.

You need to throw that thinking, assumption, and behavior into the trash can immediately.

One reason you do NOT want to overshare early in a relationship (as one of the tips gets into below – and remember, this is applicable to friendship and co-workers too, not JUST dating) is that the person you are dating might be a Cluster B,
and a Cluster B person will exploit any personal information or weaknesses you admit to, or that they can pick up from observing you, to control or manipulate you as the relationship progresses.

Such persons (especially Vulnerable Narcissists) will get you to talk about yourself WAY too much on a first or second date (and of course psychopaths and sociopaths will use this strategy too, but it seems to be a little more of a classical move that Vulnerable Narcissists play).

They may start out acting very, very interested in you, asking you all sorts of questions about what makes you “tick,” about your background, what kind of family you come from, etc.

You need to be careful how much or what type of that information you share.

You can also choose to refuse to answer any questions out-right, just tell the person, “I choose not to answer that question.” If they keep pressing or nagging you into giving an answer, just keep repeating over and over (however many times necessary), “I decline to answer that question.”

You do not always owe other people answers (not all the time with all people in every situation – this is highly context specific, but on a first, second, third, fourth, etc., date, NO, you do NOT owe your date answers to any or all questions!), nor do you owe people justifications or explanations for whatever choices you make in life, either.

Vulnerable (also known as Covert) Narcissists (and other Cluster B persons) try to pry into your personal business and learn about weak areas and regrets as much as they can, not because they truly care about you or your background, or your likes, your triggers, or your vulnerabilities, but they want that information so that they can use it to exploit and control you with later on.

They will eventually intentionally bring up your triggers, your weak spots, and/or shame you with painful or embarrassing things you admitted to them on a first or second date.

For example, if you admit early on in a relationship to always having had body issues and insecurities, to feeling embarrassed about not being stick thin, then as time moves on, they will more than likely start mocking you about your weight, or making thinly veiled insults
– like if they walk in seeing you eating a slice of pie, they may make a low key snide dig like, “Oh, is that your second piece of pie today?,” or, “Do you really think with your weight issues you should be eating that?”

They are doing that kind of thing on purpose. It’s calculated to make you feel shame. It is deliberate.

They want to chip away at your self esteem so that you are easy to control, abuse, and manipulate.

Some of them, especially the Covert Narcissists, will sometimes feign innocence and act as though they really and truly DO care about your weight and your health when they make comments about you eating another piece of pie. But they don’t actually care about your health or your weight.

Their end goal is to shame you more so they can control you, and you unknowingly tipped them off early in the dating stages that they can use your sensitivity about your body image / weight to clobber you with down the road.

One good book on this topic to get you started, what to look for early on in dating (or in forming friendships, or what to look for on job interviews to make sure you’re not walking into a toxic work environment with an abusive boss or co-workers),
and to learn about some of the typical emotionally manipulative games Cluster B persons play on their targets, is this book:
“Psychopath Free” by Jackson MacKenzie.
The book “The Gift of Fear” by Gavin DeBecker also offers a few similar insights. 

(Link): Nearly half of single people receive unsolicited nudes, get ghosted: poll

by Jack Hobbs
March 28, 2023

Single people who’ve been ghosted or sent an unsolicited nude photo — you’re not alone.

A new poll revealed that nearly half of the single people asked have been victims of nasty dating etiquette.

The dating app Plenty of Fish created a survey along with a dating guide in partnership with life coach Michelle Elman to help single people avoid “undesirable dating behaviors and engineer more positive experiences.”

“Helping daters understand and navigate different behaviors on their dating journey is something I’m really passionate about, which is why I’ve partnered with Plenty of Fish to create the Desirable Dating Guide,” Elman told the Sun. “The guide highlights some of the negative behaviors and experiences that can occur in the dating world, while also shining a light on how singles can enact some positive change.”

According to the survey, which sampled nearly 4,000 British singles, 48% of respondents said that they received unsolicited nude photos from a match or date — with 45% of the 48% revealing that it made them feel disgusted.

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Dear Abby: I Lost My Ability to Walk and Now My Boyfriend Treats Me Like Garbage – (Common Behavior of Pathological Narcissists & Other Abusers – They Resent Care Taking)

Dear Abby: I Lost My Ability to Walk and Now My Boyfriend Treats Me Like Garbage – (Common Behavior of Pathological Narcissists & Other Abusers – They Resent Care Taking)

Before I paste in a copy of the woman’s letter, I wanted to say the following:

I’m surprised that this lady had to write in to an advice columnist about this.

After all, it’s common knowledge in content about domestic violence and Narcissistic Abuse that abusive persons – and not all abuse is physical, sometimes it’s emotional or financial – will isolate you.

Abusers will try to cut you off from your friends and family.

Or, if you get into a position where you become isolated over the course of the relationship (ie, due to physical health problems, you cannot walk any more), some abusers will use that to abuse or manipulate you further or to start abusing you if they haven’t previously.

Sounds to me like this woman who wrote in to “Dear Abby” is married to a Cluster B personality disordered person, probably a Covert Narcissist, though her partner could just as well be a Sociopath, Malignant Narcissist, Communal Narcissist, or a Psychopath.

Narcissists are notorious not just for loving to sue people, or threatening to sue them (as I said in an older post), but they will quickly show resentment to a partner who is having health problems.

If you are in the hospital sick recovering, or if you need transportation to a doctor’s appointment, if you are at home recovering,
if you so much as have menstrual cramps, are in bed with a bad case of the Flu, whatever sickness it is,
if you’re dealing with any illness or physical health problem from mild to severe, please realize that you cannot count on your Vulnerable (also known as Covert) Narcissistic partner to be your care-taker.

They resent it. They find it annoying.

Narcissists have low to no empathy.

From their way of thinking, you being sick (whether the sickness is mild or severe) takes attention OFF OF THEM (which they despise), and because they have low empathy, they do not care that you feel sick or need a drive to the doctor’s appointment.

I have more to say below this letter:

(Link): Dear Abby: I lost my ability to walk and now my boyfriend treats me like garbage

March 18, 2023

I have been with my boyfriend for 11 years. In all this time he has never once asked me if I’m OK whenever I have gotten hurt.

I got used to it, you might say. Well, I recently lost the ability to walk, and ended up in a nursing home for rehabilitation.

My boyfriend would come to visit, but would never ask about progress. Furthermore, when I would show him my progress he wouldn’t act happy.

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Horrible Dating Experiences Leave 44% of Single Adults Doubting They’ll Ever Meet ‘The One’

Horrible Dating Experiences Leave 44% of Single Adults Doubting They’ll Ever Meet ‘The One’

(Link): Horrible dating experiences leave 44% of single adults doubting they’ll ever meet ‘the one’

March 31, 2023
by Study Finds

LONDON — More than half of single adults feel empowered to call out bad dating behavior, as they find it frustrating and exhausting. A poll of 4,000 British singletons, who are actively dating, reveals that 28 percent are tired of negative experiences when looking for love, while 33 percent get easily irritated.

Being ghosted without explanation (43%), getting stood up on a date (40%) and receiving unsolicited nude pictures (40%) are some of the main irks of those polled.

This has led to 44 percent doubting they will ever meet that someone special, while 35 percent say their confidence is negatively impacted.

…And 26 percent will be un-matching or unfollowing any potential love interests if they don’t fit the bill.

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Remote Kissing Simulation Device Invented at Chinese University – So Creepy and Gross

Remote Kissing Simulation Device Invented at Chinese University – So Creepy and Gross

(Link): Remote Kissing Simulation Device Invented at Chinese University

by Michael Foster

A Chinese researcher has invented a device to allow long-distance couples to simulate kissing using censors and silicon “lips.”

The device, patented at Changzhou Vocational Institute of Mechatronic Technology in East China’s Jiangsu Province, is shaped like a human mouth and can “transfer the kiss gesture” by linking to a cell phone via blue tooth, Chinese state media outlet the Global Times reported.

The South China Morning Post reported the device can “simulate the actual pressure, movement and heat of a kisser’s lips using sensors, allowing the device to send an exact replica of the smacker to the recipient’s device.”

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Well Known Trans Buffoon Who Makes Mockery of Womanhood Wonders Why Nobody Wants to Date Him

Well Known Trans Buffoon Who Makes Mockery of Womanhood Wonders Why Nobody Wants to Date Him

Dylan  Mulvaney, a biological man who LARPs as a woman,  who has been consistently mocking womanhood for some time now, who was also granted spokeswoman role (though he’s, again, a man) for feminine products – such as Tampax Tampons, if I recall correctly – recently got FFS (female facial surgery) and was wondering online why nobody wants to date him.

I have to at least give Mulvaney a point or two for not screaming in anger, demanding that women (or men?)  date him, but some of this other behavior or comments have been obnoxious.

And no, referring to Mulvaney as “he” or “him” is not misgendering. He’s a natal male who wears dresses and got some cosmetic surgery.

He’s not a woman because he says so, because he says he feels like one, or because he’s not comfortable being in a man’s body.

(Link): Dylan Mulvaney Can’t Get a Date

March 8, 2023
by Lincoln Brown

Dylan Mulvaney wuz robbed. After undergoing multiple drastic and probably painful surgeries to make him look more like a woman, Mulvaney is discovering that no one is interested in going out with him. According to the Daily Caller, Mulvaney told People in March that he feels like someone who should not be single. Well, we’re all entitled to feel how we want. Reality frequently has other plans.

According to Mulvaney, “I’m getting a little impatient because, especially when you’re feeling yourself and even looking at that Grammys picture, I’m like, that’s somebody who should not be single. But then you’re like, wait, why is no one in the DMs?”…

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Study Finds that 60% of Young Men Are Single (2023 Study), Many Are Lonely, Not Interested in Dating or Marriage, Articles Say

Study Finds that 60% of Young Men Are Single (2023 Study) – Many Are Lonely, Not Interested in Dating or Marrying, Articles Say

I first saw headlines about this study a few weeks ago but was too busy to blog about it then.

I don’t find this surprising.
About once every other year the past several years, more articles and studies keep being published about how more people (men and women) are either giving up on sex, not dating, not marrying, or deliberately putting off marriage.

I wouldn’t be surprised that if my fellow conservatives take note of this study and comment on it, hypocritically and infuriatingly,  it will be done with the utmost concern – conservative commentators and hosts, such as Matt Walsh, Al Mohler, and Tucker Carlson – will fawn all over today’s single, 20-something men, expressing all sorts of worry for men today.

Why do I say this is hypocritical and infuriating?

Whenever these same conservative groups or persons comment on women being single, they always criticize the hell out of single women for being single (and/or for being childless), all nuance is stripped away, for these conservative commentators to make all sorts of sexist, negative, sometimes simplistic, assumptions about why women are single.

Some women are single by circumstance, not from choice, but that fact is often overlooked by the Tucker Carlsons, Al Mohlers, Abby Johnsons and Matt Walshes, who love to assume all women deliberately choose career over marriage.

The single men won’t get the same insulting, sexist treatment, for the most part for being single. Conservatives like Mohler, Carlson, etc, will actually find a way to blame all women, or blame feminism, for why so many of today’s men are passing up marriage.

Churches Need to Meet the Needs of Adult Singles, Stop Focusing on Dwindling Number of Married Persons with Kids at Home

American churches (as I’ve been saying forever on this blog) need to step up and start offering true community to any and all adults in their areas, including single (never married) or divorced or widowed adults – they need to stop pandering to married couples with children still living at home, which is what they keep doing.

Church attendance is dwindling in the United States. People are losing interest in the Christian faith. Maybe if churches got out of their “Nuclear Family” niche and attempted to meet the needs of single and childless adults, they could increase their numbers.

Some of the following articles say that young, single men today are lonely. Not only do they not have girlfriends or wives, the articles say, but they have little to no friends, either.

Marriage- and Nuclear-Family- obsessed Christians and churches have totally dropped the ball on ministering to single, childless adults.

And you’ll notice that conservatives will NOT mock single men for being single, like they do with single women, when they make their ageist and sexist jokes about single women dying alone in a house full of cats, or saying that single women over 30 have “hit the wall,” or tweeting photos of empty egg cartons.

They won’t tweet parallel, insulting, misandrist or ageist comments about single men dying alone clinging to a life-size anime doll, a toy stuffed shark, while previously having had watched porn on their computer, while having had to urinate 50 times a night due to an enlarging prostate. The effing, sexist hypocrites.

(Link): Study finds more than 60 percent of young men are single: ‘Who are all the young women dating?’

February 23, 2023

Sixty-three percent of men and 34 percent of women under 30 report being single, according to a Pew study

(Link): Most young men are single. Most young women are not. 

More than 60 percent of young men are single, nearly twice the rate of unattached young women, signaling a larger breakdown in the social, romantic and sexual life of the American male.

Men in their 20s are more likely than women in their 20s to be romantically uninvolved, sexually dormant, friendless and lonely. They stand at the vanguard of an epidemic of declining marriage, sexuality and relationships that afflicts all of young America.

(Link):  Six out of 10 young men are single — the disturbing reasons why


They’re not getting jerked around by dating anymore.

New Pew Research Center data has found that nowadays, 63% of men under 30 are electively single, up from 51% in 2019 — and experts blame erotic alone time online as a major culprit.

“[Young men] are watching a lot of social media, they’re watching a lot of porn, and I think they’re getting a lot of their needs met without having to go out,” psychologist Fred Rabinowitz told the Hill.

“I think that’s starting to be a habit.”

The new, post-COVID numbers would surely back up previous research that the pandemic has made men prefer an evening alone instead of actually meeting a partner.

Just half of single men as a whole responded that they are “looking for a committed relationship and/or casual dates,” a decrease compared to 61% four years ago.

But these statistics tell a sadder truth about this generation of men, NYU psych professor Niobe Way told the outlet.

“We’re in a crisis of connection,” Way said. “Disconnection from ourselves and disconnection from each other. And it’s getting worse.”

The male numbers come sharply juxtaposed to the 34% of women under 30 who now say they’re single — which has seen only a slight pandemic rise in that age group.

Another factor at play might be the interests of women changing — especially as suitors of the same age are becoming apparently less desirable, experts said.

“[Women would] rather go to brunch with friends than have a horrible date,” LA couples and family psychologist Greg Matos said.

The expectations of American men are also rising in the minds of women, according to masculinity expert and University of Akron professor Ronald Levant, who added that “unfortunately, so many men don’t have more to give.”

But perhaps the largest issue now with young men — one highly impacting their social abilities — is that they are, as a whole, more lonely people than women, a recent study showed.

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Beware Men (especially Hetero): Men Masquerading as Women are Lying to Have Sex with You – A Few Tips on How Men Can Spot the Imposters

Beware Men (especially Hetero): Men Masquerading as Women are Lying to Have Sex with You – A Few Tips on How Men Can Spot the Imposters

 ⚠️ The following blog post contains some very vulgar language and frank discussion of sex and sex acts.  ⚠️

I follow a few social media accounts whose owners lurk at Transgender forums, Reddit areas, and so on.

Most of these Transgender spaces discussed on those social media accounts are MtF (male to female – biological males – people who were born male – who want to transition to be women, mostly by wearing dresses; these would be “transwomen”).

From what I’ve seen, there is a percentage of these men (I’m not going to call them women) who want to have relationships and sex with hetero, natal men, and most of them claim in their forums that they do not divulge upfront to the men they approach in bars or over dating apps that they too are men (transwomen).

Many of these guys seem to be homosexuals – they are men who are attracted to other men. They should’ve just stayed as regular men, skipped the mascara and skirts, and tried to date other homosexual males.

Then there is a smaller percentage of these guys who seem to be hetero – they’re normally attracted to biological women, but their desperate, pathological need for validation, to be seen as a ‘real’ woman (something they will never, ever be) runs so disturbingly deep that they think the only way they can receive validation is if a straight, biological man will have sex with them, and/or date them and view them as being the same as what they call “cis” (biological) women.

Some of these trans deviants are admitting in their online spaces to one another to already having engaged in one night stands with a lot of straight men already.

Some of them get quite descriptive with all the kinky, weird sex acts they performed on the straight, biological men they fooled into having sex with them.

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Singles Will Ditch a Bad Date in a Surprisingly Short Time, Study Says

Singles Will Ditch a Bad Date in a Surprisingly Short Time, Study Says

(Link): Singles will ditch a bad date in a surprisingly short time, study says

By Adriana Diaz
Feb 2, 2023

The countdown to having your best friend call you faking an emergency starts now.

Singles will ditch a bad date in less than an hour, a recent study from roadside assistance provider Britannia Rescue found.

The research found that daters only need 25 minutes to decide whether or not they’re enjoying themselves, but they will wait an average of 51 minutes before faking a call from an overbearing boss or a desperate friend.

A fifth of singles who know what they want — or conversely don’t want — have left halfway through a date.

But not everyone is so decisive. It turns out that 58% of love-seekers have sat through a bad date; they did so because they felt the need to be polite (72%), thought it might get better (37%) or felt too uncomfortable saying anything (36%).

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Police Warn That Elderly People Are Getting Scammed On Dating Sites – 2023 – Perennial Problem Gets Reported Like It’s New Every Other Year, Weird!

Police Warn That Elderly People Are Getting Scammed On Dating Sites – 2023 – Perennial Problem Gets Reported Like It’s New Every Other Year, Weird!

I’ve been running this blog for 13 years now. And I can say that this is a thing and has been a thing for a long time – that is to say, at least once a year, or every other year, I see headlines in the news heralding that senior citizens are being scammed on dating sites, and they’re being scammed more than ever.

This is not new information.

I don’t know why almost every year (to two years) police start announcing to the world that elderly people are getting ripped off on dating apps and sites. This is like telling the public every year that water is wet or the sky is blue.

Elderly people getting scammed on dating sites and apps goes together like peanut butter and jelly or salt and pepper. pbJelly

We’re now in 2023. Who are these elderly people being scammed these days, older Baby Boomers – I doubt it’s Silent Gen? At this time of writing, most of Gen X is not old enough to have dementia yet, so it’s definitely not Gen X, and most of Gen X is still considered middle-aged, not “elderly.”

I’m sorry if I sound victim blame-y here, but I don’t understand how in this day and age there are still some people who do not understand that you never, ever give or send money to anyone you meet online, especially not via a dating site.

I would maybe understand Silent Gen doing this, but most of them are octogenarians and are probably not dating, or even know what a dating app is.

I would assume that Baby Boomers would not be naive or foolish enough to fall for dating scams, so who are these elderly people these days being duped?

Public Service Announcement to anyone currently over age of 64:
You should already know this: if anyone asks you for money on any site, especially a dating site, even if they claim to be a Prince from Nigeria or a famous movie actor, do NOT send them any money! It’s a SCAM!

This type of news story is so common any more, that for however long I continue to run this blog, if I see any more of these “Elderly Folks Getting Scammed on Dating Sites” news headlines, I may not blog on them further.

Yes, elderly people get scammed on dating sites and apps, see also: the sun rises in the east, grass is green, and cats cough up fur balls. We know.

(Link): Police Warn That Elderly People Are Getting Scammed On Dating Sites

by J. Clinton
Feb 2, 2023

Oklahoma City Police reported that elderly people are more likely to be scammed than ever before.

Scams always start out with the scammer asking for money, (Link): Oklahoma News 4 reported.

“There’s so many scammers out there that will get online and many of them tell very believable stories and they will meet people on these dating sites in hopes that they’re lonely and they will do just about anything to keep a connection with someone, including send them cash and you really fall right into their hands,” Gary Knight, an employee of the Oklahoma City Police Department, explained.

One victim in particular, an elderly woman, reportedly paid $56,000 through cashier checks, cash, and gift cards to an anonymous scammer she never met, the outlet noted.

Many are reportedly approached by scammers on online services like Facebook Dating.

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For Valentine’s Day, 5 Facts About Single Americans – from Pew Research

For Valentine’s Day, 5 Facts About Single Americans – from Pew Research

(Link): For Valentine’s Day, 5 facts about single Americans


By Risa Gelles-Watnick

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, single Americans have a range of hopes when it comes to their romantic lives. Some dream of serious relationships, some are looking for casual dates and some are avoiding dating altogether.

valentines2023 Here are five findings about single Americans, based on a Pew Research Center survey of U.S. adults conducted July 5-17, 2022.

2. The majority of single adults are not interested in being struck (or even grazed) by Cupid’s arrow. Among Americans who are single, the largest share – 57% – say they are not currently looking for a relationship or casual dates.

(In a February 2022 Center survey, single adults who were not looking for a relationship or dates identified a variety of reasons as to why, but enjoying being single and having other priorities topped the list.)

Even among adults who are “single and looking,” not everyone is interested in the same type of relationship.

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