Death, Grief, Marriage, Single Again, Soul Sleep, Christianity, Obnoxious Male Fixation on Female Looks

Death, Grief, Marriage, Single Again, Soul Sleep, Christianity, Obnoxious Male Fixation on Female Looks

I have several topics I’d like to address here. I’m going to discuss death, grief, dating, how men are too fixated on women’s looks, etc, and so on, all in the same post.

I learned from watching the Christian program “It is Written” today (Feb 2017) that the wife of Christian TV host Mike Tucker, Gayle, died. I’m not sure when the episode was first filmed or first aired.

You can read a transcript of that episode, “From Grief To Hope” (Link, off site): here.

You might be able to watch that very episode or one like it here: (Link, off site): Coping with Grief.

I see from an online obit that Gayle Tucker passed away in April 2016.

I am sorry for his loss.

I lost my mother, and it hurt a lot.

(Link, off site):  Gayle Tucker, Beloved Marriage Counselor on Faith For Today TV, Dead at 60

April 2016 –  The prominent Adventist television personality dies after a brief struggle with pancreatic cancer.

(Link, off site):   Beloved Christian TV Host, Couples’ Counselor Dead at 60

I learned a few years ago that the hosts and backers of “It Is Written” are SDAs (Seventh Day Adventists).

I also learned from a glance over google search results that Mike Tucker is a Seventh Day Adventist.

Part of SDA theology is something called “Soul Sleep,” a view that I totally disagree with and find discouraging and cruel.

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Stuff Christian Culture Likes Facebook Group Yukking It Up By Mocking Todd Burpo’s Book

Mocking Todd Burpo’s Book

Sometimes I agree with the posters at SCCL Facebook group, sometimes not. This evening, the lady who runs the group published a graphic someone made, changing Burpo’s book cover to ridicule the kid and/or the concept of faith or Heaven. So far, all the responders below the doctored image are yukking it up, declaring it’s the hee haw damn funniest thing they’ve seen all week.

Me? 1. Who knows, maybe the kid did die, go to Heaven, and is telling the truth about it all
2. I think making that graphic and laughing at it is a shitty thing to do.

You can view the image I’m talking about here, (Link): (Stuff Christian Culture Likes Facebook Group) Doctored Todd Burpo Book “Heaven Is For Real”

Even me, in my half Christian, half agnostic stage of faith right now thinks that is a mean-spirited thing to do. Not funny, not even remotely. At least one or two juveniles in the thread were also making fun of the kid’s last name, “Burpo.” Real mature.

SCCL is usually a group where I can agree on some of their views or enjoy some of their pot shots at evangelicalism, but they occasionally pull nonsense like this that is disappointing.

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Contemporary American Christianity’s Fascination with NDE Stories

I am not necessarily in complete agreement with all views expressed in blog pages, radio programs, or other sites I link to.

Sites discussing the popularity of stories about NDEs (Near Death Experiences) or visits to heaven or hell appear much farther below.

As I find more of these accounts or editorials from a Christian perspective that analyzes them, I shall add those links at the bottom of this page.

The second link is to a page by Christian commentator Phil Johnson, who expresses much doubt over NDE stories being true and laments the biblical ignorance of Christians today.

I am in agreement with Johnson that people’s stories of supposedly visiting heaven or hell should be measured against the Bible, but I think Johnson seems a little close-minded to it being a possibility at all, which I find off putting.

Perhaps I am wrong, and he would concede that such events can and do occur, but based on what I saw in the interview and web page, he appears totally opposed to it being a possibility at all, or he thinks all such accounts are demonic (i.e., Satan ‘appearing as an angel of light’ to deceive).

I also find his apparent wholescale rejection of NDE testimonies strange on account of them being supernatural (or, maybe he would say that the supernatural elements in the NDE stories don’t fully match the Bible?), considering that the supernatural is an aspect of Christian faith.

Our Lord and Savior was dead for three days and arose from the dead. Christ raised Lazarus from the dead, as well as a few other people. Stephen claimed to have a vision of Christ standing by the Father as he stood dying. One of the Old Testament prophets was taken alive into Heaven on a chariot of fire. Christ walked on water. Moses, thanks to God’s ability, parted the Red Sea.

To express extreme skepticism of all NDEs, or visions of the afterlife, as Johnson does, or to believe that such supernatural occurrences could never, ever happen in our day and age, or to ascribe every single last one of them to Satanic deception, is, to me, a little strange and narrow-minded.

I understand wanting to be cautious about such NDE stories, but Johnson acts as though supernatural activity stopped as soon as the last book of the New Testament was written.
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