Southern Baptist Church Music Minister in Kentucky, Age 62, Pays Father of 11 Year Old Girl For Sex Several Times

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This news story touches on two common themes I comment on here.

First of all, many conservative Christians harbor this unbiblical, untrue idea that marriage and being a parent somehow makes a person more loving, godly, ethical, or compassionate than someone who never marries, or is not yet married, or who is childless.

Secondly, Christians will tell you that you are in sin or in error if you are a Christian and marry a Non-Christian (the be equally yoked teaching).

The problem with this yoked teaching is that there are not enough Christian men for the ladies who wish to marry, leaving the ladies to go through life single unless they are willing to marry Non Christians.

Secondly, many Christian men are perverts – they are porn addicts, wife abusers, they rape children and so forth, so that I see no advantage in a Christian woman holding out for a Christian mate, all based on one or two Bible verses that mention in passing “equally yoked” and “a woman should only marry in the lord when husband number one dies.”

I firmly believe a Christian woman, or any woman, needs to consider a man’s character, his past, and his actions more so than any professed belief in Jesus, or whatever other deity. You cannot be guaranteed of getting a steady, reliable, loving partner just based on the fact if the guy says he believes in Jesus, reads the Bible, prays, or teaches Sunday School at the local church.

Another example below.

(And notice the reactions of the people who went to church with this pervert, who were interviewed: they say they are stunned, because the information that he is a deviant “does not fit with the man they knew at church.”)

And what kind of father sells his 11 year old daughter for sex at $100 a pop (or at any amount, or hey, giving her away for sex for free would also be reprehensible)? See, being a parent does not make a person necessarily more “godly” or responsible than being a non-parent.

(Link): Southern Baptist Church Music Minister in Kentucky, Age 62, Pays Father of 11 Year Old Girl For Sex Several Times

Excerpts (to read the full article, please use the link above):

  • A Southern Baptist music minister in Kentucky faces federal charges stemming from alleged sexual exploitation of a 10-year-old girl.
  • By Bob Allen
  • A Southern Baptist music minister remains in custody after his Oct. 16 arrest by the FBI’s Child Exploitation Task Force in LaGrange, Ky.
  • Howard Key Chambers, 62, minister of music at DeHaven Baptist Church in La Grange, Ky., was (Link): denied bail Oct. 22 in U.S. District Court.
  • …At last week’s hearing in Louisville, prosecutors claimed Chambers posted an ad describing a sex fantasy on Craigslist, and through it met a man who offered to let him pay to have sex with his 10-year-old daughter. Chambers allegedly engaged in sex acts with the girl, now 11, seven or eight times during the past year, paying $100 to $200 to the father in exchange.

    … The father also faces federal charges, but he is not being identified out of concern for the child.

    Members of DeHaven Baptist Church said the allegations against Chambers don’t match the man they know.

  • “This kind of thing just really took the wind out of us,” church member Gary Rawlings told WDRB. Rawlings said he usually ate dinner with Chambers at the church on Wednesday night. “Really a fine, fine fellow,” he said, “was doing a great job as a music minister.”

    DeHaven Baptist Church is affiliated locally with Oldham-Trimble Baptist Association and nationally with the Southern Baptist Convention.

Article: 30 And Single? It’s Your Own Fault

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I disagree with some of the positions of the “marriage mandate” crowd, including those of Debbie Maken, who wrote a book about the issue.

I intend on posting more content about the ‘marriage mandate’ perspective in the future but thought I’d start with excerpts from a good review of Maken’s book and view.

(Link): 30 and Single? It’s Your Own Fault [ by Camerin Courtney]

There are more unmarried people in our congregations than ever, and some say that’s just sinful.

From Ms. Courtney’s article:

By that October, they were engaged.

Following the path afforded by her ethnicity (she’s Indian), she [Debbie Maken] signed up with an Indian Christian Web agency to find a suitable suitor and, aided by her parents’ watchful care, started e-mailing a man in July 2001.

Now happily married and the mother of two young girls, Maken drew a map—in the form of her book, Getting Serious About Getting Married—to the Land of Marital Bliss. She hopes to prevent her daughters and countless single women across the country from having to experience any more “unnecessary protracted singleness.”

….In later chapters, she addresses the well-meaning advice handed to singles in Christian circles—such as “just wait on the Lord to bring a mate to you” or “Jesus is all you need”—and deftly explains some of the erroneous thinking and theology surrounding each.

At her best, in passages such as these, Maken gives platitude-battered single women needed permission to admit, “I’d like to get married, and that’s okay.”

Unfortunately, these bits of trend-spotting and balanced synthesis are drowning in a sea of shame and blame.

Maken seems to think a vast majority of singles view their solo status as a special gift from God (a stance I’ve seen in only a fraction of the thousands of e-mails I’ve received as a columnist for, a CT sister publication), a notion the very subtitle of the book urges them to reconsider.

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