Biblical Balance in Teaching About Sexual Sin – don’t white wash and downplay sexual sin, but don’t continually beat people up over it

Biblical Balance in Teaching About Sexual Sin – don’t white wash and downplay sexual sin, but don’t continually beat people up over it

In this podcast (see link below), beginning around 17 minutes, Chris Rosebrough, the host, starts reviewing a video or podcast by some woman of a show called “Religish,” who is telling people how to get over the feelings of shame their conservative churches instilled in them about their sexual sin.

I have seen mostly the opposite problem in Christianity these days: people who have watered down the fact that sexual sin is bad and is, in fact, sin.

I too often see preachers on TV and every day Christians on blogs, and emergent / liberal Christians on their blogs (and even some supposed conservative Christians), take an attitude of “oh, everyone sexually sins, it’s not that bad, just forgive yourself for it, God does!”

Christian attitudes toward pre-marital sex, adultery, and homosexual sex is very laissez-faire to the point these people sometimes mock or ridicule sexual purity, and virginity (well, I suppose that is redundant, as I regard them as being one and the same).

There may be some quarters of the faith that are very legalistic and damming about sexual sins, but most churches and Christians these days are the total opposite, they are too, too laid back and accepting.

Some Christians today, especially the feminist Christians and emergents / liberals (and a few conservatives – makes me want to puke), argue that because teaching Biblical standards about sex – i.e., that pre-marital or homosexal sex is sinful – hurts the feelings or shames fornicators (or of homosexuals), that Christians should either deny these teachings, or stop mentioning them.

The woman on this “Religish” show also seems to take the position that you should not feel shamed over sexual sin if you have committed it, or, she seems to feel that there is not even such a thing as sexual sin.

Chris Rosebrough addresses those topics on this pod cast (starting at around 17 minutes into the show).

He also discusses how people who have been hurt by legalistic, conservative churches usually end up drifting into liberal theology or self made, cafeteria styled (pick your own beliefs) religion:

(Link): Attack of the Liberals (discusses how Christians and Non Christians address sexual sin)

    • Relig-ish Advice for Recovering Conservatives

I on occasion disagree with Rosebrough on some issues, but I think he’s pretty much on the money with that segement of the show.
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Book Review of Not A Fan a book by Kyle Idleman

PDF Format:
(Link): Book Review of “Not A Fan” by Kyle Idleman (review by J. O. Hosler)

The book reviewer believes that Idleman’s book contains a  Lordship Salvation slant; Lordship salvation teaching seems to distort the gospel of Grace the Bible teaches.

I really wish there was an HTML version of the review available; the review is only available in PDF format.

I have seen Idleman on a television series of the same name (“Not A Fan”), which airs on network TBN at times, and while I do believe the man is sincere, I am sometimes a little put off by his emphasis upon works or performance.

Life is difficult enough as it is without a preacher trying to tell me I’m not doing enough for Christ, I’m failing at my faith walk, or implying I’m selfish if I’m not giving up every single material possession I own to work in a homeless shelter 24 hours a day seven days a week or to go serve as a missionary in the deepest jungles of Africa.

There are different, and equally valid ways, of serving the Lord, and not all of them have to involve missionary work in Africa or working in a soup kitchen.
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