Church-Sponsored LGBTQ Pride Event Promotes ‘Kid’s Activities,’ ‘Drag Shows’

Church-Sponsored LGBTQ Pride Event Promotes ‘Kid’s Activities,’ ‘Drag Shows’

I don’t have an issue with churches (or whatever group) making homosexual people feel welcome, that’s all find and dandy, but there’s a line there between welcoming someone, and celebrating, endorsing, or affirming everything they say, think, or do, and also involving children in whatever that is.

(Link): Church-Sponsored LGBTQ Pride Event Promotes ‘Kid’s Activities,’ ‘Drag Shows’

Church sponsoring LGBTQ pride event says, ‘We mean it about inclusivity’

By Jessica Chasmar | Fox News

A church-sponsored LGBTQ pride event in Kentucky is advertising “kid’s activities” and “drag shows” in the state’s capital this weekend.

Capital Pride Kentucky is hosting a festival on Saturday at the Old Capitol Lawn in Frankfort, where children can partake in activities like jewelry making and a scavenger hunt.

Banners advertising the event posted on the LGBTQ group’s Facebook page list a number of activities for attendees, including “drag shows,” “vendor fair,” “kid’s activities,” “entertainment,” “food & beer,” and “fun for everyone.”

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‘Gays Against Groomers’ Vows to Push Back Against Radical LGBTQ Activists Who Target Children

‘Gays Against Groomers’ Vows to Push Back Against Radical LGBTQ Activists Who Target Children

Online, I’ve seen some homosexual people react in annoyance, disgust, or anger in the last few years over how extreme the far left has become in promoting LGBTQ views or causes, including shoving sexuality or sex acts into the faces of children, even ones as young as kindergarten, and some of them have had enough.

As a conservative, I could’ve told you we’d arrive here.

A lot of us conservatives did say so (the slippery slope argument), back when debates about the legalization of homosexual marriage were at fever pitch.

A lot of conservatives back then pointed out that today it’s two men wanting to marry, tomorrow, it will be a guy wanting to marry his pet dog, or pedophiles openly arguing that sexual attraction to children is just another sexual orientation, they were “born” that way, so society should accept it – but we conservatives were ridiculed for those warnings. But now, here we are!

(Yes, there are actually people arguing that pedophilia should be legalized, that it’s another legitimate sexual orientation, bestiality is just another sexual orientation, (Link): incest should not be illegal, etc)

I personally never cared much if two men (or two women) wanted to date each other – where I got annoyed in years past was how liberals or some homosexual persons themselves weren’t content to live and let live (even after culture caved in and legalized homosexual marriage),
but the left went on to vilify and harass anyone who didn’t, or wouldn’t, agree with homosexuality, who would only tolerate it but not “celebrate” it, or that anyone with a religious conviction didn’t feel right about baking a wedding cake for a homosexual wedding.

Today’s trans-activists are like yesterday’s super pushy, obnoxious homosexuality advocates.

Today, we now have trans-activists absurdly complaining that biological women who are lesbian should have sexual relations with biological men who identify as women. Trans-activists are also harassing biological men who identify as homosexual into having sexual relations with biological women who identify as men (transmen). It’s ridiculous.

Maybe many of the homosexuals from 10 – 30 years ago who screamed and pitched fits about how conservatives or conservative Christians wouldn’t approve of homosexuality or act OK about the legalization of homosexual marriage have started to realize,
in light of today’s progressive, excessive push for trans rights and hosting drag queen shows for children – that there should be some limits on sexuality, or that it’s a good idea, after all, in allowing your neighbor to disagree with your choices without harassing them for not openly affirming your lifestyle.

I do think it’s good to see LGB persons standing against exposing children to sexual / age-inappropriate material and speaking up against the far left bullies on this.

(Link): ‘Gays Against Groomers’ vows to push back against radical LGBTQ activists who target children

June 29, 2022
by Jarryd Jaeger

A new coalition, “Gays Against Groomers,” aims to push back against those who have hijacked their community to target and sexualize children.

Through social media, the group is raising awareness of the fact that most people who fall under the LGBTQ umbrella are not on board with the (Link): ideas espoused by radical activists.

The group outlined their mission in a (Link): recent Twitter thread.

“Our community that once preached love and acceptance of others has been hijacked by radical activists who are now pushing extreme concepts onto society, specifically targeting children in recent years,” they wrote.

The group pointed out that the overwhelming majority of gay people do not accept the radical movement being pushed by activists in their name, accusing school boards, governments, the “woke media,” and corporations of being complicit in spreading the ideas the activists espouse.

“Gays Against Groomers directly opposes the sexualization of children,” they reiterated. “This includes drag queen story hours, drag shows involving children, the transitioning and medicalization of minors, and gender theory being taught in the classroom.”

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Drag Queen Pastor Declares ‘God is Nothing’ in Blasphemous Profanity – Laced Video (Hey, Complementarians: The Real Problem is Progressives of Either Sex, and Not Equality For Biological Women in Church, Culture, or Marriage)

Drag Queen Pastor Declares ‘God is Nothing’ in Blasphemous Profanity – Laced Video (Hey, Complementarians: The Real Problem is Progressives of Either Sex, and Not Equality For Biological Women in Church, Culture, or Marriage)

Laughably, Christian gender complementarians continue to depict allowing women – actual, biological women – into preacher roles in the church, via cherry picked, time-sensitive (ie, not- for- us- today) Bible verses as wrong, bad, or unbiblical, when the reality is the actual danger are progressives of ANY sex being in leadership or influential positions.
(Example below – a biological man wearing a flaming hot pink wig and mascara who works as a preacher who spouts off obviously unbiblical nonsense.)

This is a biological man playing dress-up as a woman.

It’s a man wearing mascara, eye shadow and lip stick – and he’s sitting around in a church saying things like, “God is nothing.”

And yet, your average Southern Baptist, or complementarian or patriarchalist of whatever denomination, continues to bray and bleat about women getting into leadership roles, or women gaining equality in marriages and elsewhere in society or the church.

Complementarians and Christian Patriarchalists are aiming at the wrong target.

Caveat: I am not a full supporter of Jordan Peterson, who one of the articles below favorably quotes. (Peterson, like Matt Walsh, is like a broken clock – maybe correct twice a day, but usually wrong quite often on other subjects.)

With its over-emphasis on sex, the far left, when it mentions God, or tries to worm its way into churches, ends up alienating celibates such as myself.

I am not having sex, and I know who I am (I am not under an identity crisis), so far left hobby-horses don’t interest me and are not applicable.

I don’t need these leftist idiots trying to brain wash me into thinking being a “cis” (biological) woman isn’t good enough, or that because I don’t fully fit sexist, complementarian (or secular) tick boxes for the category of “woman,” (nor am I interested in filling them), I must be a “trans-man.”

As I am sexually abstinent and opposed to sexism and am an ex-complementarian, the far left liberal obsession with sex, sexuality, and stereotypical gender roles doesn’t speak to me, doesn’t speak for me, it doesn’t help me, and it’s the flip side of the coin from the conservative Christian complementarian obsession with sex (sex acts) and traditional gender roles.

The Bible teaches that God – God the Father of the Trinity – does not have a physical body, and while God chooses to refer to himself with male pronouns, or as “Father,” and he and/or God the Son sometimes uses female analogies or metaphors to refer to himself (such as, “…as a mother hen gathers chicks to her…” etc),  he doesn’t have a male body.

Jesus incarnate took on a physical male body, but he did refer to himself using female terms at times (again, see Matthew 23:37-39).

However, I believe it is in gross error and very inaccurate for progressives to view such things through a progressive lens of “queering” or “queer theory.”  I don’t think the Bible is teaching that Jesus, God, or the Holy Spirit are advocating for “queering” or supporting that garbage.

(Link): Methodist Church’s First Drag Queen Pastor [Isaac Simmons]:  ‘God Is Nothing’


by John Knox
June 8, 2022

… Simmons has published a new video of himself performing slam poetry in what may be his most provocative repudiation of traditional Christianity and embrace of queer spirituality.

“God is nothing,” the self-described “dragavangelist” repeats throughout the poem, adding, “the Bible is nothing” and “religion is nothing.” In the end, he concludes God and the Bible are nothing “unless we wield it into something.”

(Link): Drag queen pastor declares ‘God is nothing’ in blasphemous profanity-laced video

by Phil Shiver
June 1, 2022

Isaac Simmons, a United Methodist Church candidate for ordination and associate pastor at Hope UMC in Bloomington, Illinois, recently spewed blasphemy in a new slam poem ode to the LGBTQ+ movement.

The drag queen pastor and self-styled “drag-evangelist” who goes by the stage name, Ms. Penny Cost, declared over and over again that “God is nothing,” “the Bible is nothing,” and “religion is nothing” in the profanity-laced video posted on his website.

Yet while the God of historic Christianity is but a farce, according to Simmons — who repeatedly refers to the Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as female — queer spirituality and LGBTQ+ identity are, in fact, the true expression of divinity.

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