Pastor ‘Directed by God’ to Burn ‘Harry Potter,’ ‘Twilight’ Books

Pastor ‘Directed by God’ to Burn ‘Harry Potter,’ ‘Twilight’ Books

Why are so many Christians always 10 years behind the times? Harry Potter (by author J. K. Rowling) and Twilight were both pop culture things around 15 years ago.

If this pastor wants to be reflective of pop culture at the moment, he should consider burning albums (if they make them for) Korean boy band BTS, or forthcoming dvd copies of the movie “Spiderman: No Way Home.”

(Link): Pastor ‘Directed by God’ to Burn ‘Harry Potter,’ ‘Twilight’ Books

Feb 4, 2022
By Hannah Sparks

A Tennessee church leader who fears “witchcraft” has befallen his church claimed that God “directed” him to lead a book burning event to rid the world of “Harry Potter,” “Twilight” and other such best selling fantasy books.

He also invited them to destroy “tarot cards, Ouija boards, healing crystals, idol statues, spell books and everything else tied to the occult.”

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Self Professing Christian Guy, Closeted Homosexual, Apparently Killed His Wife (or had her killed) – Also: Christian Group IHOP Sexualizes Jesus Christ and God

Christian Guy, Closeted Homosexual, Apparently Killed His Wife (or had her killed)

Another splendid example of why Christian single women are just as well off dating and marrying Non Christians guys as they are Christian males.

    Disclaimer: I am not suggesting by posting such stories that ALL Christian males are closeted homosexuals, abusive, killers, perverts, crack pots, or weirdos, but enough of them are in the news stories I see to have convinced me by now that Non Christian males are no more a risk to date or marry.

Found via “Stuff Christian Culture Likes” Facebook group:

(Link): Love and Death In the House of Prayer

    Tyler Deaton, a self-appointed apostle in one of the fastest-growing evangelical movements, loved Jesus, Harry Potter and, much to his dismay, other men. When his wife turned up dead, the secrets began to spill out

According to this article from Rolling Stone, Deaton became a member of something called IHOP (International House of Prayer) founded by another guy who sounds equally crack-potish, Bickle. The article described some of the group’s beliefs – many of which are nutty and have zero biblical support.

The following is from page two, referring to the girl (Bethany) who this Tyler person later married and, according to the article, either killed or had killed:

    She [Bethany] could also be lavishly, almost immoderately romantic. She imagined herself as a novelist and professor at a small university, living in a cottage in the woods. “The dream of her heart was to be married,” Herrington recalls. “We used to stay up late talking about it, night after night. She had been praying for her husband since she was a teenager. She had written him letters, before they even met.” She found herself “fiercely attracted” to Deaton and was convinced that God had ordained their union. She was aware of his struggles with homosexuality but believed that God would use her to heal his heart.

There you have it, Christian ladies: you can pray and rely on God to send you a spouse – as so many Christian leaders, dating books, and preachers advise – and end up marrying an apparently violent, psychotic, closeted homosexual, instead of the hetero, Christian White Knight on a Steed you were hoping for and expecting.

One wonders why God, if he exists, would allow a Christian young woman, who was trusting him in this area of her life, (and as Christian girls are heavily encouraged to do by leaders and parents), only for God to let her down in such a spectacular fashion?

The founder of the IHOP group to which Deaton belonged appears to have sexualized Jesus Christ, and the relationships Christians have with him, though he claims this is not so:

Notice to American Pastors Who Like to Criticize American Pop Culture

Notice to American Pastors Who Like to Criticize American Pop Culture

A quick note to American preachers:

You guys are always 10 to 20 years behind the popular culture times. (I’m amazed some of you even have web sites, really, or have even heard of Twitter, Facebook, and You Tube.)

Since you are hell-bent on ignoring Christians in your viewing audience or congregation who do not fit the “married with kids” demographic and actually addressing the needs of never-married adults over the age of 30, (or the divorced, widowers, or Christians with other problems that do not pertain to marriage or parenting), all so you can either sermonize repeatedly about

  • marriage;
  • parenting;
  • wifely / female submission to men; (*barf!*)
  • Bible prophecy and Israel;
  • the supposed need to tithe;
  • the evils of liberalism, homosexuality, Democrats, and abortion;

… and one of your other frequent, other favorite topics to rant about, the downfall and coarsening of American popular culture

At least. At least. At least KEEP CURRENT WITH POP CULTURE. Please at least keep current with what it is you criticize.

Pastor John Hagee of San Antonio Cornerstone Church in Texas is particularly bad about this. I’ll use him as an example.
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