Woman Book Author – Andrea Tantaros – Suggests That Single Women Are Miserable And Can’t Get Husbands Because Feminism. My Critique of Her Article / Book

Woman Book Author – Andrea Tantaros –  Suggests That Single Women Are Miserable And Can’t Get Husbands Because Feminism. My Critique of Her Article / Book

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Aug 2017 – (Link): Author Claims Andrea Tantaros’ Book About How Feminism ‘Made Women Miserable’ Was Ghostwritten by a Man

If you are new to my blog: I am right wing, I don’t agree with most secular feminism, but I do think secular feminism is correct on a point here or there.

This article I link you to farther below is about a book a woman wrote (I believe she is right wing), and it reads like one of those “blame feminism” type works. The book is by Andrea Tantaros, and its title is “Tied Up in Knots: How Getting What We Wanted Made Women Miserable.”

I have not read the book; I have only read the author’s article about the book, which you see linked to farther down the page. I take it that her article is a sort of preview about what one can expect to see in the book.

This article argues that most women got what they wanted (via feminism), and they are miserable as a result: they are not getting men. Women want marriage and are not getting married. The women want to have great careers, but they also want a manly- man who will marry them and sometimes take care of them; they want a partner to share life with.

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Hollywood Men: It’s No Longer About Your Acting, It’s About Your Abs (article about how male actors are now valued for being eye candy)

Hollywood Men: It’s No Longer About Your Acting, It’s About Your Abs

If society is not going to stop being so judgmental against women in regards to their physical appearance, I am happy to see that the same pressure is being applied to males now.

This actually is a trend that is several years old. Several years ago, I started seeing more and more articles about how men are being judged almost as harshly as women are in regards to looks, age, and weight.

More males are going in for cosmetic surgery, and not just on their faces, but they are doing things like getting “pec implants.” More and more males are developing eating disorders at younger and younger ages.

(Link): Hollywood Men: It’s No Longer About Your Acting, It’s About Your Abs

    But what’s really interesting is the fact that for decades in the entertainment industry, women were the ones expected to be the eye candy. Years and years and years of young, thin but curvy starlets draped over leading men. Somehow, though we’ve made progress in terms of using ladies for window dressing, instead of arriving in a place where it’s less about aesthetics, it’s men who are being held to new, unrealistic standards. Hill says that recently, “a major production was pushed back several weeks when the star told producers he needed more time before he could go shirtless.”

(Link): Building a Bigger Action Hero

    By Logan Hill May 2014
    A mere six-pack doesn’t cut it in Hollywood anymore. Today’s male stars need 5 percent body fat, massive pecs, and the much-coveted inguinal crease – regardless of what it takes to get there.
    Acting skill – even paired with leading-man looks and undeniable charisma – is not enough to get you cast in a big-budget spy thriller or a Marvel Comics franchise.

    For much of Hollywood history, only women’s bodies were objectified to such absurd degrees. Now objectification makes no gender distinctions: Male actors’ bare asses are more likely to be shot in sex scenes; their vacation guts and poolside man boobs are as likely to command a sneering full-page photo in a celebrity weekly’s worst-bodies feature, or go viral as a source of Web ridicule.

    A sharply defined inguinal crease – the twin ligaments hovering above the hips that point toward a man’s junk – is as coveted as double-D cleavage.

    Muscle matters more than ever, as comic-book franchises swallow up the box office, in the increasingly critical global market. (Hot bodies and explosions don’t need subtitles.)

    Thor-like biceps and Captain America pecs are simply a job requirement; even “serious” actors who never aspired to mega-stardom are being told they need a global franchise to prove their bankability and land Oscar-caliber parts.

    …To get that hungry look, trainers stress calorie-conscious diets and exercises that pump up fat-burning metabolism. No actor can gain 10 pounds of muscle in a six-week period, but he can lean down to reveal the muscle underneath.

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Superman, Man Candy -and- Christian Women Are Visual And Enjoy Looking At Built, Hot, Sexy Men

Superman, Man Candy -and- Christian Women Are Visual And Enjoy Looking At Built, Hot, Sexy Men

Christian women, including the married ones, are visually oriented and enjoy looking at good-looking male celebrities, a fact which most Christians, especially males and preachers, are uncomfortable about, or unwilling to admit to themselves or to their audiences.

Henry Cavill, filming Man of Steel
Movie Actor Henry Cavill, filming “Man of Steel”

So male Christians, and the occasional Christian female, keep subjecting single (and occasionally married) Christian women to propaganda in sermons and books that only men are “visual,” or “visually stimulated,” so that they, the Christian females, should stay reed thin, have big boobs, and work out several times a week, and have long hair (because supposedly all men love long hair. Having medium or short length hair means you will be single forever).

Note the hypocrisy and double standard in this perspective: Christian males get no pressure or expectation (and not by Christians) to stay in shape as nearly as much as Christian women do, and certainly not from Christian quarters. (Christian women are also told by secular media that their worth is in their physical appearance).

The fact is, women (and yes, this includes Christian females, even married ones) are “visually oriented” and “visually wired,” not just males.

Now, I don’t have any stats about the percentage of Christian women who are drooling over actor Henry Cavill, who is portraying Kal-El (Superman) in the recently released film “Man of Steel,” but I’m willing to bet that more than one Christian woman has taken a glance at Cavill and swooned over the guy, or at least thought, “Lord have mercy, is that ever a perfect specimen of manliness, ooohhhh yes, baby!”

Actor Henry Cavill as Superman
Actor Henry Cavill as Superman

I suppose Cavill is good-looking, but he’s not my speed (I prefer actor Hugh Jackman myself).

In the past few weeks, a lot of women have taken to blogs and Twitter to gush and swoon about how in-shape, studly, and sexy Cavill is. This has caught the attention of other sites, which have been covering this (links below).

Interestingly, when trying to find photos of Cavill to illustrate this post, as I typed in his name in Google images, Google automatically filled my search out to say “Henry Cavill shirtless.” Meaning, a lot of women out there (and maybe some homosexual guys, who knows?) have been specifically searching for photos of Cavill without a shirt on.

Women want to see Henry Cavill topless. Because the man works out and is in shape and looks very appealing to hetero-sexual women.

(Link): Hilarious Tweets About Henry Cavill’s Superman Hotness

Someone needs to give the Internet a cold shower!

Henry Cavill is the earnest new Superman in Man of Steel, but he’s inspiring some impure thoughts on Twitter. Entertainment Weekly rounded up a ton of tweets from drooling fans who want him to … basically do what Christian Grey does in Fifty Shades of Grey.

Here’s just a sample of the tweets in EW’s roundup:

[Tweet by Audrey Roberts ]

Henry Cavill. I want him, like chained to my body por favor #damn #manofsteel #superman

[Tweet by Tiffany Sullivan]

I have to say, seeing Henry Cavill’s Superman with his shirt off gives me the special chills.

[Tweety by a woman named nice sedonio]

Henry Cavill. On my bed every night before I sleep and every morning when I wake up. Zipping and unzipping my dress❤😍💋

(There are more examples on the page above.)

(Link): Man Of Steel (And Sex Appeal): A Henry Cavill Hotness Timeline

(Link): Man of Steel’: Day 3 of inappropriate tweets about Henry Cavill — with polls!

The above page contains tweets by ladies who think Cavill is attractive and sexy. And more here:

(Link): Today in inappropriate ‘Henry Cavill is Hot’ tweets…

(Link): Today in (even more) inappropriate ‘Henry Cavill is Hot’ tweets: Day 2

Women are going crazy for this Cavill guy. Especially Cavill shirtless. They are admiring his face and his outstanding physique.

None of these ladies (that I’ve seen so far) are stopping to ask themselves what kind of personality Cavill has, how smart he may be, does he have a good sense of humor, does he read a Bible daily, does he believe in God?

No, these women are not concerned with Cavill’s intellect, personality, hobbies, political opinions, or spirituality – but these women are acting purely on a visual basis, something conservative Christians say women just do not do. Christians should stop being naive about female sexuality.
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