Musical Interlude to Celebrate this Blog’s 1400th Post!

Musical Interlude to Celebrate this Blog’s 1400th Post!

This is post #1401. The previous post Word Press told me was #1400.

For the tiny number of folks who subscribe to this blog, you’re like, “Oh hell no, lady!! Some days, you publish up to 15, 20 posts!!! I’m tired of all the e-mail notifications showing up in my e-mail box, you wacko!!!”

I’m sorry about that.

But here below is Kool and the Gang singing “Celebration,” to celebrate 1400 posts of me laughing at evangelical Christianity’s weirdo, unhelpful, stupid teachings on marriage, dating, and gender roles!

And me ranting and spewing anger at Baptist, evangelical, and other Christian stupidity over marriage, having kids (or not having kids), teachings on dating… me posting about being single, being tired of the church scandals and Christian hypocrisy.

Me deleting most critical comments that tell me I’m bitter in the blog’s moderation queue area. Me telling creepy stalker guys to bug off and get off my blog and leave me alone on Twitter.

Good times, good times.

Here we go! CELEBRATE!!!! Kool and the Gang singing “Celebrate”

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Nick Jonas Losing Christian Image as ‘Racy’ Music Video Set to Release

Nick Jonas Losing Christian Image as ‘Racy’ Music Video Set to Release

Didn’t we just go through this about six months ago with Hannah Montana? (See link at bottom of this post under “Related Posts” for more on that.)

In the future, if we get anymore teen or 20 something pop singers, I hope music journalists ask them,

    “Look, you are only 14 years old now, you have a wholesome image, and you claim to be a virgin and sexually pure now…
    Is this just an act? Five or six years from now, can we expect you, like 99% of teen singers before you, to say all the “sexually pure” stuff was a put-on, that you found it restrictive and you were really just dying to pose half nude for magazines and grab your crotch in music videos?”

Because this crap seems pretty par the course now.

Why, why, does our culture – or kids in the culture – equate being sexy, or having sex, with full-fledged adulthood? (And… See link at bottom of this post under “Related Posts” for more on that.)

More accurate barometers of adulthood:

    -Having a tedious 9 to 5 office job with an incompetent boss and annoying co-workers and not hanging yourself or losing your sanity from it

    -(if you have your own home) paying a mortgage

    -realizing some of your dreams and goals, held since childhood, may never come to pass -and learning how to cope with that

    -learning to accept yourself, flaws and all, and not to care so much what other people think about you

If you’re over 40, you can probably come up with a few more things to add to that list.

I am going to guess (and I may be wrong, I’m just guessing based on this news story below), that the upcoming Jonas music video will include scantily clad females with really big, silicon-enhanced boobs (ie, standard video vixens), dancing around this Jonas guy, and him looking all “come hither” into the camera and possibly grinding on the next- to- nude models?

Being “skanky sleazy = adult” to this Jonas guy and to a lot of these Miley Cyrus types, sadly (see the article below for more on that).

Conversely, these guys think
being civilized, having standards, being respectable = “in chains, repressed,” etc.

I would like to inform folks who think like Jonas does that tarting yourself up and being overly sexual in music videos is not going to make you happy or bring you instant maturity.

Movie actress Marilyn Monroe, who died in 1962 and is still widely regarded as the world’s utmost sex symbol, grew to detest being known only, or primarily, as a sex kitten.

Monroe wanted to be taken seriously; it’s a theme that came up every so often in her interviews. She took acting classes at the prestigious Actor’s Studio at one point, in a bid to be taken seriously by everyone.

After years of making films in Hollywood, Monroe moved to New York and started her own production company to get out of the dumb and sexy roles Hollywood studio executives kept forcing her into. Her production company allowed her to take on slightly deeper, or more varied, movie roles.

Another funny observation here of how being skanky, sleazy, and sexy – or having a sexy public persona – won’t bring you the gravitas and “grown up” image you think it will:

If you paid attention to pop culture back in the 1980s (or, if you weren’t even born yet, pay attention and learn something), you may recall that George Michael, who was once the lead singer of the Brit pop duo “Wham!” and who later became a solo act – was so tired of being thought a dirty sexy sex symbol poster boy, he released the song “FREEDOM,” which included the lyrics expressing his desire to be taken seriously and his despair of being thought nothing but a pretty, sexy face:


    Heaven knows I was just a young boy
    Didn’t know what I wanted to be
    I was every little hungry schoolgirls pride and joy
    And I guess it was enough for me
    To win the race? a prettier face
    Brand new clothes and a big fat place
    On your rock and roll TV
    But today the way I play the game is not the same
    No way
    Think I’m gonna get me some happy

    I think there’s something you should know
    I think it’s time I told you so
    There’s something deep inside of me
    There’s someone else I’ve got to be
    Take back your picture in a frame
    Take back your singing in the rain
    I just hope you understand
    Sometimes the clothes do not make the man

    … Well it looks like the road to heaven
    But it feels like the road to hell
    When I knew which side my bread was buttered
    I took the knife as well
    Posing for another picture
    Everybody’s got to sell
    But when you shake your ass
    They notice fast
    And some mistakes were build to last

Yeah, see, that whole pop song was an expression of how empty it was to be a public sex symbol.

And in the 1980s, George Michael was pretty popular, especially with the young teen ladies (this was years and years before his homosexuality became public).

Yet, these teeny bopper, or young 20 somethings of today, think if they show some skin, sleep around, that this will make them feel or look like an adult. It won’t. They should learn from people such as Marilyn Monroe and George Michael who went down that road and found out it’s unsatisfying.

By the way, I’m tired of the Virgin Shaming and Celibacy Shaming inherent in such moves by these entertainers.

These pop singers, who are now about 25, are basically saying they resented once having stood for sexual purity. After marketing themselves as sexually wholesome stage acts when they are 13 or 16 years old, they turn around when they are 23 or 24, when they are about to drop a new album or video, and say how much they actually despised the virginity shtick in their younger days – well thanks so much, pal!

(Link): Nick Jonas Losing Christian Image as ‘Racy’ Music Video Set to Release

    Nick Jonas, the youngest sibling of former pop band The Jonas Brothers, is set to release a new solo music video and sources say it might destroy his Christian image.

    The Jonas Brothers dissolved in Oct. 2013 as the brothers decided to go their separate ways in the professional world. Now the youngest brother is preparing to release a single of his own called “Chains.”

    According to, the new music video is going to express his dissatisfaction with the years spent as the wholesome “character” of Nick Jonas.

    A source told the New York Post that Jonas “has emancipated himself from the squeaky-clean shackles of former purity ring-wearing boy band The Jonas Brothers.”

    “Nick has spent years experiencing a burden that’s hard to explain. He feels free now for the first time in his life. He’s making music he believes in. He’s done saying sorry for everything and trying to be perfect. He’s just going to be himself. If people like him, great. If not, he’s done giving a [expletive].”

    The Jonas brothers were previously known for their Christian upbringing; the group wore purity rings and spoke openly about their decisions to wait until marriage to have sex, but discarded the rings later on.

    An official release date for the music video has yet to be set.

I haven’t watched the video preview yet, which seems to be mentioned here:
(Link): Exclusive: We’ve Got Your First Look At Nick Jonas’ ‘Chains’ Music Video

(Link): Nick Jonas Disses The Jonas Brothers In New Single ‘Chains’

Freedom, by George Michael:

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Christian Tingle – The Christian dating site for those saving hand-holding for marriage (parody)

The Christian dating site for those saving hand-holding for marriage

This has been making the rounds on several sites that lampoon or criticize Christianity.

I truly think this parody nails the insanity of Christian teaching about stuff like dating and modesty.

(Link): The Christian dating site for those saving hand-holding for marriage

    MAY 1, 2014 | BY JOEY WHITE

    After failed attempts to find love on other dating sites, John and Rebecca Esther Sara Bathsheba met one another on Christian Tingle. They both love the same famous pastor, their favorite “secular band” is Switchfoot, and — most importantly — they love Jesus…

    Update: There’s a second Christian Tingle ad from Tripp & Tyler out now. It might be even better than this one.

    Oh, and make sure to share this with your single friends…obviously. They’ll be so blessed…

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Pole Dancing Robots At Tech Fair in Germany (Video)

Germany: Poledancing robots sleaze up CeBIT (Video)

(Link): Germany: Poledancing robots sleaze up CeBIT

(Link): Germany’s CeBIT Has Robot Strippers, Judgment Day Draws Near

    In a move that would make Dr. Evil proud, Germany’s Tobit Software has created pole-dancing robots as their own personal “booth babes” at the CeBIT computer expo at the Hanover fairground in Lower Saxony, Germany. You can watch them creepily swivel their metal hips and probably give our future robot masters a good reason to start their uprising.

(Link): Technology gets sexy: Robot strippers take center stage

(Link): Pole-dancing robots wow at high-tech fair

The pole dancing robot video reminds me of (Link): Rock It by Herbie Hancock.

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Christian Bishop Fired Over Sex Orgy Video

Bishop Fired Over Sex Orgy Video

Standard disclaimer: Being married and a parent, or saying you are a Christian, does not automatically make you more godly, ethical, or loving than anyone else.
And single Christian ladies who’d like to get married: time to give up on the “be equally yoked” teaching, since so many Christian men are rapists and perverts.

All these post-evangelicals, ex Christians, feminists, and liberal Christians like to say that Christians worship virginity and celibacy – really, because I’m not finding many who respect the concept and lifestyle, let alone who “worship” it. Here’s another example of what I mean:

(Link): Bulgaria bishop stripped of job after taking part in orgy

(Link): Bulgarian bishop fired after video emerges of him enjoying an orgy with four women

    -Bishop Boris was sacked after appearing in a sex tape with four women
    -Bulgarian headed the second largest monastery in the country
    -The ‘orgy film’ leaked online and made its way into the media

    PUBLISHED: 11:44 EST, 21 February 2014 | UPDATED: 14:33 EST, 21 February 2014

    A Bulgarian bishop has been sacked from his post after video emerged of him taking part in an orgy with four women.

    Bishop Boris, who headed the second largest monastery in Bulgaria, was filmed frolicking at a sex party with four women, which then leaked online and subsequently to the media.

    Bishop Boris was forced to step down after being found guilty of acts ‘incompatible with his office’, a statement from the Holy Synod, the Orthodox Church’s supreme clerical body read.

    Boris, who was known for his weakness for earthly luxuries such as cars, women and fine wine, risks excommunication.

    The case must now be examined by the ecclesiastical court. The Holy Synod is also expected to rule on the case of the monastery of Troyan, central Bulgaria, where the monks were were caught having gay orgies.

    Bishop Boris headed Bachkovski Monastery, located about 117 miles from the Bulgarian capital Sofia.

    It is one of the oldest monasteries in the country, founded in 1083 as a Byzantine Iberian Orthodox monastery.

    It draws thousands of visitors every year and is considered one of the main tourist attractions in the area.

    The sex party is only the latest scandal to hit the Bulgarian church, which counts 80 per cent of the population as followers, after revelations last year that senior clergy had been agents of the former communist regime.

(Link): Bulgaria’s Bishop Boris fired over sex orgy video

    The Orthodox church bishop heads up the second biggest monastery in the country — he was allegedly seen in the online video having sex with four women.

    SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 2014, 10:35 AM

    A Bulgarian priest has been sacked after a video was posted online allegedly showing him at an orgy with four women.

    Bishop Boris headed the second largest monastery in the country.

    He was sacked by Bulgarian Orthodox Church bosses for acts “incompatible with his office,” reported the Bulgarian daily, Trud, which also revealed the existence of the sex video.

Weird Mormon Anti Masturbation Video – It’s War

Weird Mormon Anti Masturbation Video

I first read about this at the Jezebel site about a week or two weeks ago. News of it then made it to the Facebook group Stuff Christian Culture Likes about two days ago.

Some people are mistaking the video for being by evangelical Christians, but one of the earliest reports I saw said it is by Mormons.

It was shown to Mormons at some university, to kids maybe in their teen years or early twenties.

I can’t blame people for mistaking it for an evangelical or fundamentalist Christian production, since many Christians have weird, unbiblical views about sex (and specifically masturbation), and tend to make odd videos (or books and blogs) about stuff such as this. (Which is why I have tagged this under “Christian” and “Christianity” on my blog.)

At this point, I have not watched the video myself. I have read summaries about it from others.

The video starts out with a kid viewing porn on the computer (or about to), to fap off (masturbate).

He is magically transported into World War 2 (or 1?) where he is a wounded soldier and helped by another solider. This scene later morphs into him being delivered to a clergy person to discuss his masturbation.

Some have joked that they have found homo-erotic undertones to the whole thing.

The original video was removed at one point (or set to private), but one or two atheists or liberals had saved copies and uploaded the copies to their You Tube accounts.

(Link): Mormon anti-masturbation message compares self-pleasuring to wounded warriors (VIDEO)

(Link): Mormon anti-masturbation video: Jerking off is pretty much like being gunned down in war

(Link): This Mormon Video on Masturbation is So Homoerotic (has screen captures taken from video)

This if from a rabid left-wing site (they obviously do not like right wingers; I am right wing myself, or at least, not in agreement with liberals on most topics):

(Link): Bizarre Christian [note the video is MORMON, not Christian] Anti-Fapping Video Compares Self-Pleasurers to Wounded Soldiers, Codenamed: Wounded on the Battlefield (Video)
“Fapping” or “Fap” = slang meaning masturbation.

Excerpts from that page:

    • Yes, it’s that time again! Yet another deluded religious group has decided to tackle a moral issue plaguing our nation: a lot of people are *GASP* pleasuring themselves.

The video, which refers to the “temptation” of self-pleasure as “The Great War,” begins with a man innocently browsing through “online por-no-graph-ia” and apparently enjoying himself with the door wide open (because people do that).

As the video explains, all of this “confused” man’s roommates know about his habit (probably because he leaves the door wide open) but do nothing to “help” him. His addiction has led him to cease going to church, and there is “darkness” in his eyes.

Somehow, his immersion into the seedy world of self-pleasure transports him to a battlefield, where he lies (spiritually) wounded, alone, and desperate for somebody to help him.

Most pass by him, most ignore his plight — but one brave soldier dashes over to rescue him.

”How does he rescue him,” you ask? Why, he spreads the fact that he touches himself all over God’s creation and turns him into the church, that’s how! Only by performing this heroic action can you be sure to shame your friends into not self-pleasuring anymore.

(Link): Christian [Note again: it’s a MORMON video, not Christian] Anti-Masturbation Video Encourages You to Lend a Hand

I am in the process of watching the video as I type this part of the post.

The video actually contains the phrase “Wounded on the great battlefield of war.” I do think they’re overstating their case.

More of the video has progressed. There is some really maudlin, overly dramatic music going on towards the end, as if to say how terribly tragic masturbation is. Oh please. LOL. 😆

If the embedded video below is removed, the video is hosted on various accounts, including:

(Link): Masturbation = Dead Soldiers (Real Christian Anti-Masturbation) [Note: It’s MORMON, not Christian – video has commentary by guy who screams, yells, and uses lots of vulgarity. He says he is a “ninja of masturbation”]

(Link): Wounded on the Battlefield BYU Idaho Short Film Anti Masturbation

(Link – video also embedded below): Hilarious Anti-Masturbation Campaign Waged By BYU

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Instone-Brewer: Ancient Jews Expected All to Marry, Was Illegal to Remain Single in Ancient Rome

Instone-Brewer: Ancient Jews Expected All to Marry, Was Illegal to Remain Single in Ancient Rome

The Apostle Paul affirms singleness in the New Testament, but in ancient societies, as today in American secular and evangelical Christian society, singleness is frowned upon.

Instone-Brewer said the question of early Christians was, “Are we allowed to stay single?,” not “May we remarry.”

Instone-Brewer says it was illegal to be single in ancient Roman society. Your neighbor could sue you if you divorced and did not remarry. Watch the video:

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Old School Cheesy ‘True Love Waits’ Video and Non-Christian Reaction (Christian video about Virginity and Sex)

Old School Cheesy ‘True Love Waits’ Video and Non-Christian Reaction

The reason I have stayed a virgin, and I’m past 40, is due to several reasons, but one of them is not due to cheesy videos such as the one below, which appears to have been filmed in the 1990s, or possibly the 1980s, judging upon the appearance of the clothing, music, and bands interviewed.

TLW (“True Love Waits”) is a little after my time. I was in my twenties when TLW started. I found it a little odd at the time and still do.

Support for celibacy/virginity comes by treating singles (celibates) as equals, and doing things such as inviting lonely, adult singles over for holiday dinners, permitting them equal leadership positions in churches, and not by gimmicky, schlocky TLW videos.

If you look at the comments left by visitors below the video on the You Tube page, most people are scoffing at the video for one reason or another.

I first became aware of this video on a page that found it via the CN -“Christian Nightmares” – blog.

It’s been a while since I’ve read about the CN blog, but if memory serves, the person behind it is either an atheist who never was a believer, or is an ex Christian (I don’t remember which).

But the point is that this video below is on a blog conducted and usually visited by people who are hostile towards Christianity or towards Christians, who feel that most Christians are unloving, hypocritical, or judgmental.

Sometimes I do think that critics of Christianity have valid complaints about the faith or how Christians in general behave, and at other times, I find their complaints unfair or exaggerated.

Most people leaving comments under the video on the video’s You Tube page make fun of the clothing of the people in the video or what have you, but there are attitudes such as this:

    l8 months ago

    Brilliant scam for controlling people. First, go after teenagers because their mental faculties aren’t fully formed yet and they long for acceptance and approval. Then take one of their natural impulses and build all kinds of taboos around it. Then force it into a tiny, restrictive box and heap guilt and shame upon any expression that falls outside the box. Then use that guilt and shame to coerce them into a lifetime of unthinking conformity and, incidentally, ten percent of their income.

Granted, having a cheese-ball video like this TLW video may not do much to foster positive attitudes towards virginity and celibacy, but I feel “MisterIndidel8” and those like him toss the baby out with the bathwater.

I am so tired of living in a culture that holds certain attitudes, such as, all Christian kids (or adults) who abstain from sex are only doing so because they were brainwashed or are too ignorant to know better.

I made a decision for me when I was a kid to wait until marriage, largely based upon reading what the Bible had to say about sexual morality, so it’s not entirely true that I was “brainwashed.”

I do think Christian culture left me with some warped ideas and broken promises, though, which I’ve mentioned in previous posts.

Those warped ideas (about sex, marriage, dating) I was presented with as a teen and early 20 something have played a partial role in why I have now reconsidered some of my views pertaining to Christianity in general and sexuality in particular, now that I am over age 40.

The fact that this TLW video was even on a site such as “Christian Nightmares” tells me that more than likely, some ex- Christians (or atheists) think the concepts of virginity and celibacy are naive, stupid, and idiotic.

It also teels me that there is possibly a lack of respect for an individual having strong sexual boundaries and choosing to abstain, which I find hypocritical, since often times, Non Christian society expects every one not only to tolerate the sexual choices and behaviors of Non Christians, but to CELEBRATE those choices and behaviors, or risk being thought a homophobe, repressed, or a prude.

While I am not necessarily a supporter of phenomenons such as “True Love Waits,” or gimmicks shown in the video, such as having teenagers drive pegs into the lawn as a gesture representing their commitment to hold on to their virginity, I also can’t get on board with people who would ridicule or joke about those people’s decisions to abstain.

Non-Christians, and some Christians (such as liberals, anti virginity conservatives, feminist Christians, and emergents), do not want to be judged for their sexual actions and sexual choices, or those of their friends, but they sure as hell have no qualms about mocking or judging the sexual choices of virgins or celibates. This is a double standard I see time and again.

My one other criticism of the video or entire TLW movement is that you’ll notice that it is youth-focused. Not that I’m saying I’m in agreement with the TLW approach (eg, making videos), but it’s another bit of evidence of ageism in the church that there are no similar programs or videos giving encouragement for adults past 30 who are holding on to their virginity.

It is always assumed by the majority of Christians that everyone will marry by the age of 25 or 30 and start having sex, when some adults find ourselves unwillingly still single past our mid 30s, and yes, some of us are still virgins.

In the video, I heard several comments by various adults that sounded suspiciously close to the usual propaganda and platitudes Christians give teens about sex (ones which I’ve blogged about before), such as one adult in the video who says something such as, “waiting for marriage is worth it!,” which is a variation on the Christian line, “married sex is mind blowing, so wait until you get married, kids!” As I’ve posted about several times, people who are virgins until marriage don’t always have a spectacular sex life.

(Link): True Love Waits video, Million Virgin March (on You Tube)

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Some Advertisers Have Caught on that Women are Visually Oriented

Some Advertisers Have Caught on that Women are Visually Oriented

I’ve been seeing more of these kinds of commercials the last few years; these commericals of sexy and/or shirtless men are being directed towards women…. some advertisers have figured out something that most Christian and secular dating advice books, blogs, and magazine columns have yet to admit to….

The Zesty Guy Says Hey – KRAFT Dressing Commercial

Velveeta Cheesy Skillets

Liquid Plumbr commercial:

Flushing horny housewive’s drain: a plumber’s dream

“I’m hear to snake your drain”

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Weird Ass Farmer’s Dating Site Commercial

Weird Ass Farmer’s Dating Site Commercial

I wrote about these guys before (Link): here.

I just saw a new commercial for their dating site:


“City folks just don’t get it.” I’m a suburban girl, and no, I don’t get it, I guess, because that is one weird ass commercial and dating site niche.

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Too Many eHarmony Commercials

Too Many eHarmony Commercials

I’m one of those people who keeps the television set on while I’m working or playing on the computer, so I hear a lot of TV commercials. I have basic cable and watch a lot of AMC, History channel, and other channels.

For the last 2 to 3 months, it seems like eHarmony commercials have been on more and more often. Not a day goes by I don’t see ol’ Neil Warren Clark peddling “eHarmony.” (I also see commercials quite a bit. And I don’t like those either, but they don’t seem as annoying as eHarmony spots.)

I tried eHarmony some time ago, and it didn’t work for me.

I hate eHarmony and am tired of their stupid commercials.

Neil Warren Clark and eHarmony can go suck on a rock.

I might consider posting a link to an actual recent eHarmony commercial, but here’s a parody video or two:

eHarmony spoof commercial:

Spoof by MAD TV

Video: Dating Advice for Single Christian Guys (satire)

Video: Dating Advice for Single Christian Guys (satire)

At least I’m assuming this is satire. I hope to goodness it’s satire.

(Link to video): 10 Dating Tips For The Christian Man