Man Who Raped Woman on Train While Others Watched, Taped It, and Did Not Intervene, Is an Illegal Alien

Man Who Raped Woman on Train While Others Watched, Taped It, and Did Not Intervene, Is an Illegal Alien

Do you know who most often defends porous borders and illegal aliens? Most Democrats, liberals, and leftists, that’s whom.

If you’re someone who wants stronger immigration policies – you support LEGAL immigration, which involves checks and procedures – the same Democrat, liberal, and leftists will say you are “xenophobic” or that you “hate brown people.”

Here we have an illegal alien who raped an American citizen on a train (see links below) – since leftists participate in the Oppression Olympics, they will excuse, justify, or downplay this man’s actions, this woman’s rape – it’s disgusting.

Many Democrats, Liberals, and Leftists do not support women.
If they did, they would not prioritize other groups to the point that they excuse or ignore crimes against girls and women by their favorite “pet groups,” such as illegal aliens (or “transwomen”), but they do this consistently.

Some of the liberal to leftist puke faces under the “Exvangelical” tag on Twitter, or on liberal groups – such as, but not limited to – Stephanie Drury‘s “Stuff Christian Culture Likes” group, as well as Nate Sparks, Chrissy Stroop, Jerri Massi, and Melody Kay Young – will absolutely remain silent about cases where Muslims, black men, or illegal aliens attack or rape people – even including the group consisting of biological women and girls, whom they CLAIM to care about – but that’s a lie.

The leftists, Democrats, and liberals are rape apologists. They often accuse Christians or conservatives of maintaining a rape apologia or rape culture, but under “Intersectionalism,” “CRT,” “Social Theory,” and their “Oppression Olympics,” where they deem transgender persons and  black people, for example, of more value than white people, Asians, or biological women, they are participating in and maintaining rape culture.
They are hypocrites.

(Link):  Man accused of raping woman on crowded train was released from immigration detention, never deported

(Link): Illegal Alien, Released into U.S., Charged with Raping Woman on Pennsylvania Train

An illegal alien, released into the United States by the federal government, is accused of raping a woman on a Pennsylvania train as passengers filmed on their cellphones and did not intervene.

Fiston Ngoy, a 35-year-old illegal alien from the Republic of the Congo, was arrested and charged with raping a woman on a Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) train on the evening of October 13.

(Link): REVEALED: Man accused of raping woman on Philadelphia SEPTA train for more than 30 MINUTES as passengers ‘filmed it’ is an illegal Congolese immigrant with sex abuse and drugs rap sheet who should have been deported in 2015

by Harriet Alexander, Keith Griffith

Passengers on board a metro Philadelphia train filmed a man raping a stranger for over 30 minutes, cops said, as its revealed that the alleged culprit has been living in the U.S. illegally since 2015.

Fiston Ngoy, 35, was arrested and charged in the horrifying attack last Wednesday on board a Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) train near the suburb of Upper Darby.

…Meanwhile, a new report revealed that Ngoy, who gave his address as Philadelphia-based homeless shelter the Broad Street Ministry, is a Congolese national present in the US illegally.

He entered the US on a student visa in 2012, but remained after the visa was terminated in 2015 and was protected from deportation by the immigration system despite multiple convictions as recent as this May.

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Washington Post: Why Didn’t Biden Plan to Get Female Activists Out of Afghanistan?

Washington Post: Why Didn’t Biden Plan to Get Female Activists out of Afghanistan?

So, for all the Never Trumpers (which would include former Southern Baptist Beth Moore) and the liberals and leftists who claim to be against sexism, to claim they were repulsed by Trump’s “grab ’em” line, I’d like for you to grapple with Democrat failure of women – this botched withdrawl was carried out under a Democratic Party administration (Joe Biden’s), with the first ever woman Vice President, Kamala Harris.

(Link): Washington Post: Why Didn’t Biden Plan to Get Female Activists out of Afghanistan?

Good question. The need to protect women and children from the depravity of the Taliban’s seventh-century ideology had been one of the driving forces for sustained American engagement in Afghanistan.

That includes Barack Obama as well as the two Republican presidents who bookended his administration.

Now, however, the NGOs and activists encouraged by those policies to work in Afghanistan find themselves stuck in the collapse, the Washington Post reports. It takes quite a few paragraphs to get to the reason why, however:

While the administration in recent weeks has acted to accelerate the processing of SIV applicants and began airlifting applicants and their families out of Afghanistan, it has not done so for others who might be targeted by the Taliban because of their affiliation with international organizations but who are not eligible for the SIV program.

Several people involved in the evacuation effort said they were shocked by the Biden administration’s lack of preparation for the possibility that female activists and other vulnerable Afghans would be at risk and require aid — especially given how central the issue of women’s rights has been to the U.S. project in Afghanistan.

It was an effort cited by successive American presidents as a justification for the U.S. presence. …

Amed Khan, a New York-based philanthropist and human rights advocate who has been working to evacuate at-risk Afghans, said that between the SIV applicants, women’s rights activists and other allies, thousands of people have “risked their lives implementing our agenda for the last 20 years.”

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Outcry Over Plan to Educate ‘Bigoted’ Rape Survivors (biological women) About Trans Rights by Tom Gordon

Outcry Over Plan to Educate ‘Bigoted’ Rape Survivors (biological women) About Trans Rights

After having seen several news reports like the one below, I’ve found that the vast majority of persons – biological males claiming to be women – and the “trans rights movement”
– is about misogyny (biological men and some of their women allies harassing, threatening, and gas-lighting biological women), and also about harassing biological men and women who are homosexual.

In the last few years, I tried telling progressive persons, especially ones who host Facebook groups and so on, that despite the fact they often claim to care about victims of churches and of Christian culture,
that they have become so very partisan about politics,
that they are already excluding or bullying victims of sexual abuse (or other types of mistreatment) caused in and by churches, and they  do not care, all because these other victims don’t share their progressive political views.

That is what you see at work in this article below.
The rights and feelings of biological men who like to pretend to be women are now taking precedent over the rights, feelings, and safety of actual (biological) women. It’s disgusting.

You can see how this biological man who is pretending to be a woman who is at the head of this Rape Crisis Center is valuing “intersectionalism” above the safety of actual women.

With the far left, and “useful idiot” liberals, the politics always comes first and foremost – not the people who may be impacted.

This is no different from conservative Christian churches who teach biological women to stay in abusive marriages to men, and who teach divorce is not permissible, all because the church preachers place respect for the institution of marriage above the safety of the people in the institution. It’s the same thinking.

(Link): Outcry Over Plan to Educate ‘Bigoted’ Rape Survivors About Trans Rights


Aug 12, 2021
by Tom Gordon

The head of one of Scotland’s biggest rape crisis centres has suggested “bigoted” rape survivors should be re-educated about transgender rights as part of recovering from their trauma.

Mridul Wadhwa, a transgender woman, said people would not truly recover unless they addressed their “unacceptable beliefs” because “therapy is political”.

She [he] said: “We will work with you… but please expect to be challenged on your prejudices.”

The comments imply rape survivors may be treated differently according to their political views.

One expert said “pushing a political view onto a woman at a time of profound trauma and crisis” would be “inappropriate, unethical and unprofessional”.

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Harvard Professor Who Refuses to Use the Term ‘Pregnant People’ and Insists on ‘Woman’ is accused of Transphobia By Her Woke Ivy League Colleague

Harvard Professor Who Refuses to Use the Term ‘Pregnant People’ and Insists on ‘Woman’ is accused of Transphobia By Her Woke Ivy League Colleague

If an adult born of one biological sex later in life wants to pretend to be of the other biological sex, I don’t entirely care (so long as it does not negatively impact me or other people), but I DO NOT support this idiocy, where facts of life, like biological sex, are denied!

People should not be hounded online, or banned or suspended from social media, or receive hate mail from people, or face being fired from their job, for knowing and saying that most humans are born one sex or the other, or for stating or acknowledging truisms, such as men don’t get periods or get pregnant, and women don’t have testicles or penises.

Woke-ism does not respect science – but then, I suppose the idiots on the left consider science “whiteness,” and hence “white supremacy” (eye roll), so they’re fine with ignoring it, I suppose.

The far left activist crack-pots (and many in the Democrat Party) are demanding everyone else in society speak in their woke terms and deny scientific realities. This is not okay.

(Link):  WOKE ROW Havard professor Carole Hooven who refused to use term ‘pregnant people’ rather than ‘woman’ is accused of transphobia 

(Link): Harvard lecturer blasted by colleague for defending existence of biological sex

Harvard lecturer Carole Hooven took heat from her own colleague after an appearance on Fox News this week in which she asserted that biological sex is real and defended the continued use of terms like ‘pregnant women’ and “male and female.”

“The ideology seems to be that biology really isn’t as important as how somebody feels about themselves, or feels their sex to be,” Hooven told “Fox & Friends” Wednesday. “The facts are that there are in fact two sexes — there are male and female — and those sexes are designated by the kind of gametes we produce.”

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‘Incel’ Creep, Tres Genco, Planned to Murder 3,000 Women by Kevin Downey, Jr

‘Incel’ Creep, Tres Genco, Planned to Murder 3,000 Women by Kevin Downey, Jr

Aside from the fact that this dude has some serious problems with his attitudes toward women, that he is terribly sexist and has warped ideas about relationships, I just wanted to say that his name – “Tres Genco” – sounds like one of those over-priced shampoo brands one can find at a hair salon.

Also note this guy was apparently a Democrat (details in the articles below).

(Link): Ohio man charged with hate crime related to alleged plot to commit mass shooting of women

(Link):  ‘Incel’ Plotted to Slaughter Thousands of Women at an Ohio University: Police

(Link): Police Foiled An Ohio Incel’s Plot To Kill Women In A Mass Shooting, Prosecutors Say

An Ohio man federal prosecutors say is an “incel” was charged in federal court this week with attempting a hate crime for his plot to kill women.

Tres Genco, 21, was arrested Wednesday and is also facing charges related to illegally possessing a machine gun, according to the Justice Department.

Prosecutors say Genco identified as an incel or an “involuntary celibate,” a community of mostly men who harbor anger toward women who they believe owe them sexual or romantic attention. Some incels seek to commit violence to support this belief.

Genco’s indictment includes startling detail of the months-long efforts prosecutors say he took to plan a mass shooting and to purchase weapons and other equipment to fulfill that goal.

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Richard “Rachel” Levine is a Biological Man Who Makes For One Unattractive Woman

Richard “Rachel” Levine is a Biological Man Who Makes For One Unattractive Woman

My “sololoner” Twitter account was suspended days ago.

(I am on (Link): Gab now  – edit: I don’t agree with all views on Gab; some of the users on there may be into “Q Anon,” of which I am not – I am also NOT an “anti vaxxer,” as some of the other participants are, etc).

I’m not quite sure why I was temporarily suspended by Twitter – but it may have something to do with Richard “Rachel” Levine (more on that below).

I’ve not tried logging in to Twitter for days, on that “soloLoner” account, since the words “this account engaged in suspicious behavior and will be suspended for X hours” appeared on the screen there.

When I checked my e-mail account later that day, Twitter sent some kind of additional commentary saying  that after the temporary suspension is lifted, I can once more visit my account,
they may ask me to do some additional work to make the account fully operational,
(such as possibly delete a tweet someone found objectionable, or something of that nature).

I sat there and thought, well, goodness, just about anything these days will set off the left of center, Critical Race Theory, Democrats, Identity Theory, perpetual victim, Grievance Culture lunatics… so just about anything on my account is ripe for being targeted.

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Forty Women Sue Pornhub For Profiting Off Their Exploitation

Forty Women Sue Pornhub For Profiting Off Their Exploitation

(Link): Forty Women Sue Pornhub For Profiting Off Their Exploitation


by Brandon Showalter

Forty women are suing Pornhub, claiming the pornography site profited off their exploitation as victims of sex trafficking. 

According to (Link): BBC News, the women are all victims of Girls Do Porn, the owners of which have been charged with various sex crimes. 

The 40 women, all of whom are referred to by the pseudonym Jane Doe and are each seeking over $1 million in damages, say in the lawsuit that both the porn site and its parent company, MindGeek, were aware of the allegations against Pornhub and yet continued in a business partnership. 

The United States Department of Justice effectively shut down Girls Do Porn in 2019 when its senior staff were arrested and charged. Until that point, it had been a partner of MindGeek.

“As early as 2009, and definitely by fall 2016, MindGeek knew Girls Do Porn was trafficking its victims by using fraud, coercion, and intimidation,” the complaint reads.

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Many Liberals Support Cultural Appropriation When It Suits Them: The Liberal Support of Sexist ‘Woman Face’

Many Liberals Support Cultural Appropriation When It Suits Them: The Liberal Support of Sexist ‘Woman Face’

I’ve seen many liberals in the last few years complain about something they call “cultural appropriation.”

They get perturbed any time someone from one culture (or group) wears, eats, cooks, or uses anything from another culture (or group).

One of the dumber examples I’ve seen of this was an instance from a couple of years back where a Latina lady wrote an  editorial where (Link): she slammed black pop singer Rihanna for using “chola” eye make-up and eyebrows – eyebrows which are plucked very thin.

Now, I found this to be a very strange complaint, because, first of all, who cares?, if Rihanna wants to wear thin eyebrows, that’s her choice – but, I do recall that American film actresses back in the 1920s to 1940s used to wear really thin eyebrows, such as Jean Harlow and Marlene Dietrich.

Even more bizarre, as I read along, the Latina who wrote the editorial admitted that Latinas were not among the first to pluck their eyebrows really thin. She acknowledged that models and actresses of the 1930s were known to pluck their eyebrows beyond belief. Yet, she went on to criticize Rihanna over this in the year 2017 or 2018.

I’ve seen liberal “people of color” ladies who are into ranting about Cultural Appropriation getting steamed at non-black ladies, especially white ones, for wearing corn rows or spit curls or baby curls.

(Side note here: early versions of Superman had him in a spit curl, and it apparently was a fashion among all sorts of people back in the 1920s and 30s, among white and black ladies. But I digress.)

Years ago, a white college or high school aged girl was criticized all up and down social media for wearing a dress with a mandarin collar. She was going to wear this dress to her prom, if I remember correctly, and she posted a photo of herself in said dress to her Instagram account or Facebook.

What makes this even more bewildering and funny is that when a journalist reached out and asked Asians living in Asian nations if they found this offensive, they said NO, they found it FLATTERING that an American of any skin color would like their traditional fashion styles enough to wear them!

As I learned as a kid, one of the unique and wonderful things about the United States is that our nation was known as a “melting pot,” where legal immigrants would bring with them the music, fashions, foods, make- up, dances, and hair styles, and other customs of their nations of origin – and other Americans were usually glad to adopt some of these styles or practices themselves.

Of course, it is (and should be) taboo for white Americans to wear “black face,” since that is a practice that started with white performers using black (or dark) make-up, to mock black people during their stage shows.

Further, we do have a history in this nation of black people once having been bought and sold and objects in slavery.

But as to the rest of it – such as, white people wearing spit curls, black women wearing thin eye brows, and all the rest of it – most criticisms of “cultural appropriation” have grown beyond ridiculous.

I’ve noticed that the Liberals who are obsessed with finding Cultural Appropriation behind every rock and tree, are not consistent about it.

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Families Marry off Daughters to Ease Finances Amid COVID-19

Families Marry off Daughters to Ease Finances Amid COVID-19

(Link): Families Marry off Daughters to Ease Finances Amid COVID-19


by Krista Larson
December 2020

KOIDU, Sierra Leone (AP) — The man first caught a glimpse of Marie Kamara as she ran with her friends past his house near the village primary school. Soon after, he proposed to the fifth-grader.

“I’m going to school now. I don’t want to get married and stay in the house,” she told him.

But the pressures of a global pandemic on this remote corner of Sierra Leone were greater than the wishes of a schoolgirl. Nearby mining operations had slowed with the global economy. Business fell off at her stepfather’s tailoring shop, where outfits he had sewn now gathered dust. The family needed money.

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The “Dating Market” Is Getting Worse by A. Fetters and K. Tiffany

The “Dating Market” Is Getting Worse b A. Fetters and K. Tiffany

For anyone who cannot wait to get to it, here’s the link to the piece on The Atlantic:

(Link): The ‘Dating Market’ Is Getting Worse

Some of my comments about that piece before I put in some excerpts from it:

About the only “numbers approach” I have ever mentioned on my own blog here is that Christian women really do unnecessarily limit themselves if they try to live out the “Be Equally Yoked” philosophy in regards to dating and marriage, because the reality is, yes, the math is that there are not enough single, Christian men to go around for all the Christian single women who’d like to marry.

So, it makes sense to forgo the “equally yoked” rule, if one is a Christian, to date outside the Christian faith.

At the same time, though, I have seen other adults singles make much too much out of the “numbers game” philosophy on dating sites or comments sections on blogs about dating, where they make finding a romantic life partner sound so cold, or as though they’re shopping for a car.

There’s nothing wrong with having standards, but I am afraid there is a category of single adult who is too stringent or unrealistic with their lists of “must haves.”

I am personally turned off by anyone dispensing dating or “how to get married” advice who behave  as though there is a sure-fire guarantee way to land a spouse – because (Link): there is no such thing.

So, I’m really turned off by the many (sexist) attitudes and lists out there telling women if only the women do X, Y, and Z, they will absolutely get married to a great guy.

One problem is that most of these lists (which go viral on Twitter) are predicated on the notion that all men want and prefer 1950s, submissive, uber-feminine women.

Well, I lived that way for many decades – I was raised in a very traditional family that was into conservative values – so I had many of those prized traits sexist men online say will grant a woman a husband, but I remain never-married into my late 40s.

I was a very meek, docile, passive, sweet woman with traditional values, and no, it didn’t get me a husband.

(As I’ve aged, I’ve realized that it’s not a healthy or safe dating strategy for a woman to fit the picture of docile, overly feminine, passive, etc, that the “dating advice” gurus suggest on twitter and elsewhere, because many abusive, selfish, or controlling men intentionally seek out women with such qualities so that they can control, abuse, or take advantage of them.)

There are many conservatives – including women authors, unfortunately – who keep writing dating advice books for women, or who go on to FOX cable news morning shows, who keep encouraging women to engage in these dangerous dating strategies (of being a doormat, where being “feminine” is associated with doormat behaviors), which I’ve written about before (Link): here and (Link): here, among other blog posts.

The article below states at one point that men out-number women on dating sites. That may be so on some sites, but certainly not all.

Years ago, I had a paid membership on a dating site, and the site was forever claiming they could find no matches for me, most of the time.

For the four or five month paid subscription I had, I was only linked up to a total of about three men in that time.

My research on that particular online dating company found it’s the same with a lot of women, as it had been for me: that site tends to only “dribble out” a tiny number of matches for women, while they send male members more matches per month, every month.

Here are excerpts from…

(Link): The ‘Dating Market’ Is Getting Worse

The old but newly popular notion that one’s love life can be analyzed like an economy is flawed—and it’s ruining romance.

It’s understandable that someone like Liz [a 30 year old single who is using dating apps to find dates] might internalize the idea that dating is a game of probabilities or ratios, or a marketplace in which single people just have to keep shopping until they find “the one.”

The idea that a dating pool can be analyzed as a marketplace or an economy is both recently popular and very old:
For generations, people have been describing newly single people as (Link): 
“back on the market” and (Link): analyzing dating in terms of supply and demand.

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A Man Allegedly Shot A Baby In The Head After Her Mom Rejected Him At A Party by B. Sacks

A Man Allegedly Shot A Baby In The Head After Her Mom Rejected Him At A Party by B. Sacks

Here is an example of Toxic Masculinity – a phenomenon that many conservatives either misunderstand or believe does not exist. (Note to any new-comers: I am a conservative. I am not a liberal, but I do agree with liberals and feminists that Toxic Masculinity is real.)

(Link) A Man Allegedly Shot A Baby In The Head After Her Mom Rejected Him At A Party

June 2019

The 10-month-old girl had surgery Sunday to remove bullet fragments from her skull. The suspect has been charged with attempted murder.

A man allegedly shot a 10-month-old baby in the head after her mother rejected him at a party, police said.

Officials in Fresno, California, say 23-year-old Marcos Antonio Echartea had continuously hounded Deziree Menagh at a party Saturday night.

Echartea allegedly met the 18-year-old woman the week before and, when he ran into her at the gathering, tried to grab her hand.

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Problems With the Article ‘Tony Evans warns Satan attacking biblical manhood; society on ‘precipice’ of disaster’

Problems With the Article ‘Tony Evans warns Satan attacking biblical manhood; society on ‘precipice’ of disaster’

The article I will be addressing in this post:

(Link): Tony Evans warns Satan attacking biblical manhood; society on ‘precipice’ of disaster


Evans told CP that until manhood is properly defined, culture cannot be saved.

I am a (Link): former gender complementarian, so I understand the outlook of a Tony Evans and guys like him, and many of the assumptions that are made about culture and gender roles, but these are views that I no longer share.

Gender Role malarky aside, one of my biggest problems with the views of Tony Evans brought forth in this article is that he is of the mindset -like many Christians are- that culture can or should be saved.

He further thinks that teaching Christian gender roles is the way to go about it.

As I’ve stated many times previously in other posts, the Bible says that Jesus Christ alone saves, and he saves on the individual level.

He doesn’t save groups or cultures.

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