American Public School Teachers Seeking Validation For Their Sexuality From Students, Propagandizing LGBT Sexuality – Students Don’t Need To Know Your Sexuality or About Your Romantic Life, or if You Have One

American Public School Teachers Seeking Validation For Their Sexuality From Students, Propagandizing LGBT Sexuality – Students Don’t Need To Know Your Sexuality or About Your Romantic Life, or if You Have One

A lot of progressive American school teachers (and I guess some European ones, if British reporting is accurate) feel this intense need to brainwash their young students (and I’m talking including pre-junior high age children) into agreeing with, accepting, and celebrating LGBT sexuality or causes.

Adults should not be relying on children for validation, for whatever reason.
(Actually, it’s not entirely healthy for adults to continually rely on other adults for validation, but that’s another topic for another day.)

There is a non-stop list daily to weekly of these progressive school teacher freaks being reported in my social media who are cramming their progressive LGBT garbage down the throats of their students. This needs to stop.

These teachers need to realize their job is to teach the fundamentals to children, such as reading and writing, not telling them about their LGBT lifestyles, or discussing their dating or sex lives, or their sexuality preferences.

There was a video of a teacher posted to social media the other day about a LGBT teacher who said her kindergarten (or was it first grade? They were quite young) students who cheered for her when she announced to them that she is LGBT, and she said their acceptance made her happy, and she seemed to tear up in this video as she recounted this.

This is wackadoodle, disgusting, and unhealthy for several reasons. One of which is, you’re a freaking adult trying to get affirmation from CHILDREN.

Do not look to children to receive affirmation for yourself, your lifestyle, or your choices in life.

Secondly, she is their teacher. It’s not her place to use other people’s children to look for affirmation (or her own, if she has any – that would be what is called “parentifying” the child).

That LGBT teacher (or whatever other type of teacher) is there to teach the students the alphabet, or how to count to ten, and not to have them applaud being a lesbian or pan-sexual, or whatever the hell she identifies as.

There was a video recently where a male grade school (or kindergarten?) teacher was lamenting that under Florida’s new parental rights bill that he may no longer be allowed to tell his students about the kayaking trips he takes with his male partner in the summers, and he seemed upset by this.

FFS, dude, your students don’t need to know about your home life, your dating life, your marriage – you are there to teach them mathematics or reading. (They don’t even to know that one of your hobbies in your personal life is kayaking.)

Also, from my understanding of the Florida parental rights bill, I’m going to guess that it wouldn’t take issue with a gay teacher mentioning off hand to his class that he went kayaking with his male partner on vacation,
but again, this begs the question, as why would you find it necessary, whether homosexual or hetero, to tell your students about your vacation with your partner?

There’s no reason to mention it.

If you feel you absolutely must, you could mention you went kayaking if you feel the need to but not mention that you went with a romantic partner.

I’m a hetero, celibate adult (and I blog about celibacy on a regular basis on this blog), but if I taught a class, I would not bring those facts up. Those facts would not be pertinent to whatever class I am teaching, whether reading, mathematics, music, or art, especially for younger students.

There are so many of these examples being shared on social media, I cannot keep up with them all.

What you see below is just a small sampling.

This may be a post I come back to in the future to add more examples to. It never ends. (Or, I may do a Part Two – another new, separate blog post.)

(Link): Arizona Department of Education Invites 10-Year-Olds to Talk With Strangers Online About Their Sexual Identities 

May 24, 2022
by Alex Parker

Arizona is making sure its children understand their options.

Toward that end, the state’s Department of Education points 10-year-olds to chatrooms to discuss their sexual identities with unknown pre-teens, teens, and adults — facilitated by “trained volunteers.”

(Link): Freak of the Week: Another Woke Teacher Abandons His Subject to Talk to 5th Graders About Being Gay

BY MEGAN FOX APR 04, 2022 2:17 PM ET

The number of teachers posting crazy crap on Tik Tok about what they do during class time when they should be teaching students is so numerous that a weekly segment might be necessary to keep up. This newest member of the “I have to tell little children I’m gay or I’ll cease to exist” club is “Mr. E.”

I spent way more time than I wanted to on Mr. E’s channel on Tik Tok trying to identify the school in which he works. Unfortunately, the name of the school was not visible in any of the hundreds of videos he’s made inside his alleged classroom.

Mr. E says he teaches fifth grade. Libs of Tik Tok found a video of Mr. E claiming to have “come out” to his students about being gay. It appears that he has deleted this video from his Tik Tok.

“I ended up telling my students that I was gay,” he said. “How it came up is one of the students [said] ‘My mom thinks you’re gay because of your voice.”

This would have been the perfect moment for Mr. E to tell that student, “Gossiping about teachers at home is unkind and that’s none of your or your mom’s business.”

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Many Liberals Support Cultural Appropriation When It Suits Them: The Liberal Support of Sexist ‘Woman Face’

Many Liberals Support Cultural Appropriation When It Suits Them: The Liberal Support of Sexist ‘Woman Face’

I’ve seen many liberals in the last few years complain about something they call “cultural appropriation.”

They get perturbed any time someone from one culture or group) wears, eats, cooks, or uses anything from another culture (or group).

One of the dumber examples I’ve seen of this was an instance from a couple of years back where a Latina lady wrote an  editorial where (Link): she slammed black pop singer Rihanna for using “chola” eye make-up and eyebrows – eyebrows which are plucked very thin.

Now, I found this to be a very strange complaint, because, first of all, who cares?, if Rihanna wants to wear thin eyebrows, that’s her choice – but, I do recall that American film actresses back in the 1920s to 1940s used to wear really thin eyebrows, such as Jean Harlow and Marlene Dietrich.

Even more bizarre, as I read along, the Latina who wrote the editorial admitted that Latinas were not among the first to pluck their eyebrows really thin. She acknowledged that models and actresses of the 1930s were known to pluck their eyebrows beyond belief. Yet, she went on to criticize Rihanna over this in the year 2017 or 2018.

I’ve seen liberal “people of color” ladies who are into ranting about Cultural Appropriation getting steamed at non-black ladies, especially white ones, for wearing corn rows or spit curls or baby curls.

(Side note here: early versions of Superman had him in a spit curl, and it apparently was a fashion among all sorts of people back in the 1920s and 30s, among white and black ladies. But I digress.)

Years ago, a white college or high school aged girl was criticized all up and down social media for wearing a dress with a mandarin collar. She was going to wear this dress to her prom, if I remember correctly, and she posted a photo of herself in said dress to her Instagram account or Facebook.

What makes this even more bewildering and funny is that when a journalist reached out and asked Asians living in Asian nations if they found this offensive, they said NO, they found it FLATTERING that an American of any skin color would like their traditional fashion styles enough to wear them!

As I learned as a kid, one of the unique and wonderful things about the United States is that our nation was known as a “melting pot,” where legal immigrants would bring with them the music, fashions, foods, make- up, dances, and hair styles, and other customs of their nations of origin – and other Americans were usually glad to adopt some of these styles or practices themselves.

Of course, it is (and should be) taboo for white Americans to wear “black face,” since that is a practice that started with white performers using black (or dark) make-up, to mock black people during their stage shows.

Further, we do have a history in this nation of black people once having been bought and sold and objects in slavery.

But as to the rest of it – such as, white people wearing spit curls, black women wearing thin eye brows, and all the rest of it – most criticisms of “cultural appropriation” have grown beyond ridiculous.

Transwomen = “Woman Face”

I’ve noticed that the Liberals who are obsessed with finding Cultural Appropriation behind every rock and tree, are not consistent about it.

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