Bankruptcy – Divorce – Liquor

Bankruptcy – Divorce – Liquor

I did not take this photo. It’s one that’s been floating around on the internet for over ten years. This is a far more accurate representation of marriage than anything any Christian has ever written or said about the topic, LOL:

Divorce Photo


(Link): People Who Get Divorced Are More Likely To Die Early Than Those …  Who Never Got Married In the First Place, Study Shows (2020)

(Link): Widows and Childless and Childfree Have Better Well Being Than Married Couples and Parents says new study

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Fifty Times People With No Kids Had Something Sassy To Say

Fifty Times People With No Kids Had Something Sassy To Say

Visit page below to see a lot of screen caps of funny tweets by childfree people:

(Link): 50 Times People With No Kids Had Something Sassy To Say

….But in order to find out why exactly so many people make the decision of a childfree life, we have to look at what these people have to say themselves. So we rounded up some of the most illuminating tweets on the joys of life without kids that will surely give everyone a lot to think about.

A few samples from their page:

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The ‘Let’s Have Intercourse’ Song

The ‘Let’s Have Intercourse’ Song

(Link): Let’s Have Intercourse (song on You Tube)

Partial Lyrics:


Youtubers Taste-Test Disgraced Evangelist Jim Bakker’s $175 ‘End-Times’ Food Bucket – And It’s Hilarious

Youtubers Taste-Test Disgraced Evangelist Jim Bakker’s $175 ‘End-Times’ Food Bucket – And It’s Hilarious

There is a video embedded on this page below (on Raw Story):

(Link): Youtubers Taste-Test Disgraced Evangelist Jim Bakker’s $175 ‘End-Times’ Food Bucket – And It’s Hilarious

by Bob Brigham

Disgraced televangelist Jim Bakker’s doomsday buckets of food received a culinary review from Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal of Good Mythical Morning, the Friendly Atheist reported.

“Today, we taste the apocalypse,” the review began. “When we heard televangelist Jim Bakker was selling doomsday food stored in buckets, we knew we had to get our hands on it.”

“He went to prison for accounting fraud, but now he’s back and selling giant buckets of non-perishable apocalypse food,” they continued. “I just want to say, we do not endorse Jim or his food, but we sure do want to eat it and rank it.”

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Artifacts of Failed Relationships on Display in Museum

Artifacts of Failed Relationships on Display in Museum

(Link): Artifacts of Failed Relationships on Display in Museum by H. Hanks

  • March 3, 2016
  • (CNN) Is your home cluttered with items that remind you of an ex? Now you can donate them instead of burning or throwing them out.

    The (Link): Museum of Broken Relationships is located in Zagreb, Croatia, and is dedicated to those trinkets and gifts that had special meaning, specifically due to a relationship.

    Soon, Americans will have their very own museum: a second location is scheduled to open in Los Angeles.

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This Man Took Engagement Photos With A Burrito And It Was Burrito-ful

This Man Took Engagement Photos With A Burrito And It Was Burrito-ful

This guy’s sense of humor is pretty similar to mine (really stupid at times). This looks like something I might have done. If this guy is close to my age, he and I should totally marry.

Marry me, burrito guy! My other selling points: Not only do I like burritos, but I also like chimichangas and tacos.

Oh wait, I see from reading more that he’s only in his 20s. Ah well.

(Link): This Man Took Engagement Photos With A Burrito And It Was Burrito-ful

  • by B. Wong
  • There’s no greater love than that between a man and his burrito.
  • In response to the countless engagement and wedding photos on his Facebook newsfeed, San Francisco-based writer David Sikorski recently took some engagement pics with the love of his life: the carne asada burrito from Taqueria La Cumbre in the city’s Mission District.
  • “I’ve reached the age where my Facebook is now filled with engagement and baby photos; back in 05/06, it was filled with incriminating photos of my friends’ weekend escapades,” the 28-year-old told The Huffington Post. “I already had a strong burrito love so I called one of my music photographer friends [Kristina Bakrevski] and naturally she jumped at the idea.”
  • With that, Bakrevski, Sikorski and burrito set off to take photos in some of San Francisco’s most iconic and beautiful locations.

  • They took a long, languid stroll along Ocean Beach as local lovers do.
  • …They snapped some obligatory couple pics in front of the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • …At some point, a second burrito had to be swapped in. “I got hungry from running around the city all day and dealing with the intoxicating aroma of my favorite burrito,” Sikorski explained. No matter; his love for burrito #2 was just as intense. (Fun fact: Sikorski said the couple’s first dance at the wedding will be “I’ll Make Love To You” by Boyz II Men.)


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Childless Women: Are They Safe? (Parody, Humor)

Childless Women: Are They Safe?

The following is PARODY. It’s not to be taken seriously.

It’s actually poking fun at the stupid stereotypes that pro-natalist types have against the childfree and childless.

I’d like to point out, for the billionth time on my blog, that it’s WOMEN who bear the brunt of this crap! Men seldom to never get beat up, interrogated, or shamed for not having children.

By mere fact of owning a vagina and a uterus, women are expected by almost everyone in every culture to get pregnant and have a kid – for Christians, this is not cool, because the Bible is fine with people being single and celibate.

Anyway, the following is parody; don’t get offended by it. It’s a round-about way of mocking the stereotypes people have against the childless and childfree.

(Link): Childless Women: Are They Safe? by Becky Brown


  • It’s a common misconception that women without children are just like other people. Wrong! Childless women choose not to have children deliberately to make moms feel uncomfortable with our choices. It’s time we take a “pregnant” pause and ask the question: Are childless women safe?
  • I had cocktails with my co-worker recently, and, being the caring and sensitive person I consider myself to be—qualities a mother has naturally—I wanted to get to know her better. When I asked her if she had any children, she said “No.” This was an awkward moment because I spit out my drink all over her, but also because I saw my co-worker for who she really is: childless, and currently putting me in danger.
  • …I came up with a few safe assumptions:
  • Childless women have more time to become dangerous criminals.
  • Women usually have reasons for not having children. Whatever their reasons may be—whether it’s a demanding career or simply because their womb was cursed by a witch—they’re just not spending any time raising children, which leaves them with excess leisure time. That leaves a lot of time for criminal activities such as using illegal drugs and participating in organized crime, for all we know!

  • Childless women are probably in a cult.

  • It’s safe to assume that childless women are likely part of some extremist cult that celebrates their bizarre life choices. Only some kind of weird mind control could keep a woman from the incredibly natural urge to procreate and mold a young person in her image. Keep this in mind if you allow your children to interact with these women. Kids are extremely impressionable, and you want to avoid questions about “where Debbie went” when she dies in a mass suicide. Children are extremely delicate and good.

Father Teaches Son To Fly Into Rages Over Inconsequential B.S. (parody, funny)

Father Teaches Son To Fly Into Rages Over Inconsequential B.S. (parody, funny)

Oh my goodness. This is too funny.

And this comes just right after I did a blog the other day about (Link): my hot head ex-friend Ellen who treated me like trash.

Both Ellen and my sister “Shirley” fly into rages and usually over very inconsequential bull crap.

Maybe someone at The Onion read my blog about Ellen? My sister is ten times worse than Ellen, though. I don’t know if I’ll do a post about my sister Shirley or not. If you thought Ellen was bad, my sister really takes the cake.

(Link). Father Teaches Son To Fly Into Rages Over Inconsequential B.S. (parody, funny)


  • RAPID CITY, SD—Saying that he always strives to set a strong example for his son to follow, local father Gary Dalton told reporters Tuesday that he has been carefully teaching his 9-year-old boy Zachary how to overreact with blind rage to completely irrelevant bullshit.
  • “Now that Zach’s getting older, it’s important for me to show him how to deal with the minor inconveniences in life by blowing them totally out of proportion,” said Dalton, noting that he frequently tries to demonstrate to his son the proper way to fly off the handle both at home and in public. “Zach should know that small, trivial irritations, like misplaced keys or having to relight the pilot light in the basement, should trigger an unbridled anger inside him.
  • And that’s not something he can fully learn from his friends at school or by watching TV—he needs a father figure right there, blowing up in his face about never, ever messing with the DVR again for him to see exactly how it’s done.”
  • “It’s up to me as a parent to become unsettlingly irate over something as small as letting the screen door slam shut, so that Zach learns to never let even the most petty, negligible nuisance slide,” Dalton added. “He’s an observant kid and he really looks up to me, so I’m sure he’ll catch on quickly.”


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Women in Art Turning Down Marriage Proposals (Humor)

Women in Art Turning Down Marriage Proposals (Humor)

Click these images to view them at larger sizes 

Women in Art Rejecting Marriage Proposals
Women in Art Rejecting Marriage Proposals – click to view larger

Women in Art Rejecting Marriage Proposals

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23 Headlines That Will Make All Single People Say “And Yet I Still Can’t Find Love?”

23 Headlines That Will Make All Single People Say “And Yet I Still Can’t Find Love?”

From Buzz Feed:

(Link): 23 Headlines That Will Make All Single People Say “And Yet I Still Can’t Find Love?” by D. Cashin

Hey, if these people can find someone, there’s hope for you yet. Maybe.

1. Thanks to this news, you no longer have the comfort of telling yourself, “Well, at least I won’t be the last person on earth to get married.”

[photo of newspaper headline announcing the marriage of murderer Charles Manson to a 26 year old woman]

2. Single homosexuals, even a guy who spent years hating on gays got married TO A MAN before you did.
[screen shot announcing the marriage of homosexual former leader of an ex-homosexual ministry gets married to another man]

6. Even this charmer managed to find a wife

Wife Called 911 on Husband
Wife Called 911 on Husband

8. Jeez, some of us haven’t even had our starter tree marriages yet.


11. How lovely that they found one another.


15. Idiot Husband Calls 999 (police -911) Because Wife Won’t Give Him the TV Remote

(Link): Idiot husband dials 999 because his wife wouldn’t give him the remote

  • Think of the guy in Shropshire, who recently dialed 999 because his wife wouldn’t hand over the remote.
  • ‘My wife won’t give me the remote control,’ he told the weary operator.
  • Unfortunately, jilted couch surfers aren’t the only time wasters the West Mercia Police have to deal with.
  • The department recently revealed the area’s biggest brain donors, and it makes for a fairly depressing read.
  • Like the person who requested emergency services because they couldn’t find their wallet.

Click here to See the Entire List



(Link): Single at Thansgiving -humor

(Link): How Did This Idiot Get A Wife? 

(Link):  *They’re Married?!?* (Part 3) Does God Require Singles to Be Perfect Before He Will Send Them a Spouse

Single At Thanksgiving (humor)

Single at Thanksgiving
Single at Thanksgiving

I’m sure Christian sociologist Mark Regnerus would cheer the idea of a Christian woman marrying a mass murderer!

For more on that please see:

(Link): Male Christian Researcher Mark Regnerus Believes Single Christian Women Should Marry Male Christian Porn Addicts – another Christian betrayal of sexual ethics and more evidence of Christians who do make an idol out of marriage

Where I mentioned….

Did you know that infamous, jailed mass murderer Charles Manson recently announced plans to get married? True. Here are some off site news reports about it:

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(Link): The Holy Spirit Sanctifies a Person Not A Spouse – Weekly Christian Marriage Advice Column Pokes Holes in Christian Stereotype that Marriage Automatically Sanctifies People

(Link): A Grown-Up, Not Sexed-Up, View of Womanhood (article) – how Christian teachings on gender and singlehood contribute to raunch culture and fornication etc

(Link): Lies The Church Tells Single Women (by Sue Bohlin)

Homosexual Rights Groups Angered After Two Hetero Men Marry to Win Sports Tickets

Homosexual Rights Groups Angered After Two Hetero Men Marry to Win Sports Tickets

It’s not too often I discuss homosexual marriage on my blog. If I do, I usually try to limit my discussion of the topic to how it inter-sects with Christian views about fornication and stuff like that.

But I saw this last night and thought it was odd and amusing. I do sometimes post about weird marriages on this blog, and I feel this one fits.

(Link):  Fury of gay community after two heterosexual men marry in New Zealand… so they can win tickets to Rugby World Cup

I think homosexual marriage in and of itself makes a mockery out of traditional marriage, so I find it rather rich some of the homosexual rights groups are screaming about two heteros marrying being a mockery of homosexual marriage.


  • Got engaged for a radio competition to win Rugby tickets
  • Married this morning under New Zealand’s liberal marriage laws
  • Gay rights groups have spoken out against the couple
  • Gay host of radio show supports the couple
  • Insist life won’t change too much now they’re married 
  • |
  • Two heterosexual men have tied the knot on Friday morning under New Zealand’s liberal marriage laws.

    Marrying not for love, but for Rugby World Cup Tickets, the two men from Dunedin in the South Island of New Zealand officially said ‘I do’ in front of 60 family and friends.

    The ceremony was live broadcast by Edge Radio, who’s ‘I Love You, Man’ competition was launched earlier this year in a bid to find two straight men willing to wed for the sought after tickets.

    ‘It’s official folks, Travis and Matt have just said ‘I do’! Congrats to the happy couple!,’ the station tweeted.

  • Travis McIntosh, 23, and Matt McCormick, 24, won the ‘bromantic’ radio contest in August and are over the moon- not for a life together, but for the opportunity to head to the Rugby World Cup in England next year.

    While some gay rights groups in New Zealand have voiced objections to the nuptials, the pair are content with their reasons for the wedding.

    McIntosh, an engineer, and McCormick, a teacher, have known each other for nearly 20 years, and see the wedding as a celebration of their friendship rather than a political statement.

  • …A spokesperson from The Edge explained that as with any event that pushes boundaries, there was bound to be a bit of backlash.

    Local gay rights groups have condemned the wedding, protesting that it ‘trivializes what we’ve fought for,’ according to the New Zealand Herald.

    LegaliseLove Aotearoa Wellington co-chairman Joseph Habgood said the competition made clear that men marrying each other was ‘something they think is worth having a laugh at.’

    However, McCormick and McIntosh have explained that their friendship was one of the main motivators in the process, and that it has been strengthened through the trials and challenges which lead them to their big day.


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