For Japan’s ‘Stranded Singles’, Virtual Love Beats the Real Thing

For Japan’s ‘Stranded Singles’, Virtual Love Beats the Real Thing

(Link): For Japan’s ‘Stranded Singles’, Virtual Love Beats the Real Thing


Multimillion-pound industry caters for young people enamoured of fictional computer characters

Japan’s apparently waning interest in true love is creating not just a marriage crisis but a relationship crisis, leading young people to forgo finding a partner and resort to falling for fictional characters in online and video games.

New figures show that more than 70% of unmarried Japanese men and 75% of women have never had any sexual experience by the time they reach 20, though that drops to almost 50% for each gender by the time they reach 25.

According to Professor Masahiro Yamada, a sociologist at Chuo University in Tokyo, who has coined the phrase “stranded singles” for the phenomenon, the rise in virginity rates is matched by a rise in the lack of interest in having any kind of “real” relationship.

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More Than 40 Per Cent of Japan’s Adult Singles are Virgins, Says (2016) Study

More Than 40 Per Cent of Japan’s Adult Singles are Virgins, Says Study

Cue all the left wing wackos, 99% of whom think pre-marital sex should be the norm, who will say these guys are all “repressed,” and cue the 99% of conservatives and conservative Christians in America who will say these singles are weirdos who should be marrying young and popping out tons of rug rats. Nobody but nobody respects the choice of adults to remain virgins (or be celibate).

By the way, American Christians should stop relying on “bedroom evangelization” to increase Christian numbers, as the New Testament does not teach this concept: the Bible teaches that converts are to be made by Christians sharing the Gospel with Non-Christians, not by Christians marrying each other and having children.

I’d like to offer another view about this news story.

American Christians (and their secular counterparts) tend to assume that most people, or everyone, is having sex prior to the age of 25 or 30 (see this link).

Many Christians wrongly assume that remaining a virgin into adulthood is a (Link): “heroic” or (Link): “impossible” feat, and is only possibly by a (Link): tiny fraction of super holy adults that God “gifted” with celibacy. This story shows all that to be bunk. Single adults in Japan are staying virgins in droves!

Now, being celibate when you’d rather be having sex can be difficult at times – it’s not always an easy task – but, contrary to secular assumptions and idiotic teachings put out by most conservative (and some liberal) Christians, it is NOT an impossible deed only a tiny percentage of adults are capable of. It does not take a “special gifting of God” to be celibate, either – I don’t think many Japanese in Japan are Christian, are they?

(Link):   More Than 40 Per Cent of Japan’s Adult Singles are Virgins, Says Study

By Our Foreign Staff – 

More than forty per cent of young singletons in Japan are virgins, according to a new study that highlights concerns about the country’s demographic challenges. Japan already suffers from the world’s oldest population and a shrinking birthrate, with the government struggling to incentivise marriage and parenthood.Now a survey of unmarried people aged 18 to 34 found that around 42 per cent of men and 44.2 per cent of single women had never had sex.The study is carried out by Japan’s (Link): National Institute of Population and Social Security  every five years…. The new data however indicates, that, if anything Japanese men and women are growing apart.

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Meet the Most Vitriolic Valentine’s Day Haters Around the World

Meet the most vitriolic Valentine’s Day haters around the world

Happy Valentine's Day from Forever Alone Meme Guy!
Happy Valentine’s Day from Forever Alone Meme Guy!

If you are single and bummed out over being single on Valentine’s Day, I’ll share one thing with you that makes it easier.

In my family, Valentine’s was never presented as a “romantic” holiday. My mother used to give me candy in a heart shaped box on Valentine’s when I was a kid, I usually got a card from her, and my father sometimes gave me cards.

Over the years, I’ve sent Valentine’s Day cards to an Aunt of mine (she lives alone), my sister, and I’ve bought flowers for friends. In college, a platonic buddy of mine gave me red roses and a Valentine’s Day card.

Valentine’s Day does NOT have to be about erotic or romantic love, I don’t care WHAT Hallmark cards say.

If you view February 14th as a day to express your fondness of, or non-romantic love for, friends, co-workers, and family, it’s not so bad. I actually kind of like Valentine’s Day. It’s a sweet little holiday without the stress of major ones, like Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Ironically, the only aspect of Valentine’s I’ve hated in the past was the insistence of OTHERS to hype it into a romantic holiday.

I remember in high school, I never got any flowers from guys. I always felt bad when the schools I went to had a flower drive, and in every class, at least one girl would get dozens of them (presumably from male admirers), which made you feel terrible if you got zero.

All the commercials showing a husband buying his wife a diamond pendant for Valentine’s Day and that sort of advertising – that is what rubs me the wrong way.

I wasn’t really planning on doing a Valentine’s Day post this year, as I’ve done the last couple of years. But I saw this:

(Link): Meet the most vitriolic Valentine’s Day haters around the world


Tongue-in-cheek “Anti-Valentine’s Day” parties are de rigueur in cities from (Link): Los Angeles to  (Link): Singapore these days. But in some other parts of the world, opposition toward the holiday runs much deeper and is tangled up in politics, religion, and national identity.


A Marxist group called Kakumei-teki himote doumei (“Revolutionary Alliance of Men That Woman Are Not Attracted To”) is calling on supporters to march against the holiday in Tokyo’s Shibuya district.

The group, founded in 2006 by a man named Katsuhiro Furusawa after he was dumped by his girlfriend (Link): states on its website: “The blood-soaked conspiracy of Valentine’s Day, driven by the oppressive chocolate capitalists, has arrived once again. In order to create a brighter future, we call for solidarity among our unloved comrades, so that we may demonstrate in resolute opposition to Valentine’s Day and the romantic industrial complex.”

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